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Pokemon: Kanto Legends

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by infernape100, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Okay, so this is my first fan fiction and it is about a young trainer, his friends and rivals' journey through the kanto region. Hopefully, it won't be just another same old trainer story. Reviewers, and any sort of readers who want to post comments are more than welcome and I will be very greatful!! So here it is:

    Joe: ;173; ;209;
    Adam: ;007; ;013;
    Etick: ;069;
    Azim: ;046;
    Sammy: ;048;
    Ben: ;004; ;056;

    1: A Brilliant Beginning
    2: Beginner's Bad Luck
    3: Trouble Time
    4: Disaster Strikes
    5: A Hero's Reward
    6: Small Battle, Huge Destruction
    7: Spooktacular Showdown
    8: Fierce Fighting
    9: This Time it isn't a Dream

    Chapter 1: A Brilliant Beginning

    The stadium lights now shone even brighter than before, this was it! As the mighty battle came to an enthralling climax, Joe’s bright blue eyes twitched, his pale fists clenched and his harsh breathing rocked. Across the battlefield, however, his opponent remained completely cool, “Well, what are you waiting for?” he chuckled. The thousand of spectators laughed with him.

    “We’ll show him, pal,” Joe whispered as he looked down. His breathing steadied, eyes widened and hands opened. With a quick flick of his long brown hair, he regained focus and reached for his final Pokeball. Determination now oozed out of his body, “Go, Charizard!” he proclaimed. A Charizard soared out of the Pokeball with upmost confidence. Charizard stared straight past the opposing Dragonite, into the familiar eyes of Joe’s opponent.

    High up in the stands of the colossal stadium, sat Lance – the dragon champion – with his striking red hair and oversized cape. He was perched on the edge of his seat with a microphone in one hand, “What a great spectacle this is, two childhood rivals, Joe and Ben, fighting for the Indigo League title with only one Pokemon remaining each. I just can’t take this anymore!”

    Ben’s short and spiked blond hair sparkled in the lights and his red jacket flexed in the slight breeze. His face was perfectly still. Then, with no command or warning, Dragonite’s fist glowed yellow and began to eject sparks. It charged at Charizard through the air at great speed.

    “Charizard, use Fire Blast!” Joe yelled. Upon this command Charizard sent a huge ball of fire flying at Dragonite, but Dragonite flew straight through the inferno unharmed! Joe gritted his teeth and commanded Charizard to use slash. The two tyrants charged at each other and met with a mighty explosion that silenced the entire stadium…

    “Poli, Poli, Poliwhirl. Poli, Poli, Poliwhirl.”

    The stadium began to fade into a cramped room filled with toys and posters. An arm swung across and onto a Poliwhirl alarm clock, smashing it into two with a huge crack. “Honey, did you just break another alarm clock?” yelled a soft voice from outside the room.

    “Urgh, sorry Mum,” Joe rumbled, with his face planted in a Raticate pillow and the rest of his body covered by a Mew duvet.

    “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter I suppose. After all you begin your journey today!” Joe’s mum sniffed. With that Joe leaped out of his bed, eager to get a Charmander with which his journey will begin.

    Moments later, Joe threw himself out if the front door and into the heart of Pallet Town. Around him there were several flowers, plants and trees; which had benefited from a summer of beautiful weather. The streets were not lined with people as in many busy towns; instead it was rather tranquil place with only the odd gardener for conversation when walking down the street. In the very distance, on the top of the largest hill in town, Joe spotted Professor Oak’s lab. “I’m coming to get you Charmander,” Joe smiled and began to run towards the lab.

    However, little did Joe know that on the other side of the hill, Adam had the same idea. His blue hair waved in the wind, whilst his mind pictured himself and a young Charmander playing blissfully in the hills. Adam and Joe had gone to the same trainer school before Adam moved away and were very good friends. The two old friends met halfway up the hill. “Hey there, Joe” Adam said.

    “Adam? What are you doing here?”

    “My mum said I could come over to Kanto to go on my journey, after all I was born here.”

    The boys began to walk up the hill together. “So, how was Hoenn?”

    “It is great! There are so many Pokemon you don’t find in Kanto.”

    “So I take it all you did was study them, after all you’ve always been a bit of a nerd”

    “I’m not a nerd!” Adam’s face lit up red with fury.

    “Okay then, whatever you say.”

    “I do still want to be a breeder, though.”

    “So anyway, what starter are you going to choose?”

    “Charmander! What about you?”

    Joe stopped, suddenly. “No way. Charmander is mine!” He began to run up the hill once again, followed by Adam. However, when they got to the top they were both shocked.

    “Cheers, Professor. I promise to make Charmander the strongest in all of Kanto,” said a familiar figure in the shadow of the lab.

    “I’m sure you will Ben, bye,” said a surprisingly young figure with spiked brown hair in a white lab coat.

    “Huh? That’s not Professor Oak,” cried Adam.

    “No, it is his grandson Gary. He took over a while ago when Oak got too old. But that’s not the issue here, Ben has my Charmander!”

    “No, Ben has MY Charmander!” The boys sprinted to the lab.

    “Gary, please tell me you have an extra Charmander,” Joe begged, now panting for breath.

    “Or two,” Adam added.

    “Sorry boys, there’s only a Squirtle left,” Gary said leading the boys inside to a large, open room full of gadgets and scientists working.

    “Hmmmmm, I’ll take it!” Joe and Adam both replied looking at Gary with puppy dog eyes.

    “Well, I guess Squirtle should be the one to decide,” Gary held out a Pokeball and Squirtle popped out.

    “Squir – Squirtle?”

    “Come here, Squirtle. We can take part in loads of Gym battles all across Kanto!” Joe reached out his arm to the Squirtle who was mindlessly spinning on its shell.

    “Hey there, Squirtle.” Adam laughed, tickling Squirtle’s neck as it spun, “Do you want to travel with me?”

    “Squiiiiir,” Squirtle stopped spinning and looked and the two trainers who had now bent down. “Squiiiiir, Squirtle, Squirtle” Squirtle said joyously, as he danced over to Gary and took hold of its own Pokeball and rolled it towards Adam.

    “You want to come with me, Squirtle?” Squirtle jumped up and down happily and climbed up onto Adam’s shoulder. Adam picked up the Pokeball and attached it to his belt. He then looked over at Joe’s glum face.

    “Professor, the Pokemon sent from Johto has arrived,” said a young blonde girl as she approached Gary holding a Pokeball in one hand and a bunch of papers in the other, “Plus a lot of unorganised paperwork!”

    “Oh thank you Bianca, you’ve been a great help these past weeks, it is such a shame you’re going back to Unova tomorrow,” Gary replied, taking the Pokeball and turning towards Joe. “Well I suppose you could take this Pokemon, Joe. You could help us gather data.”

    “But it isn’t Charmander!”

    “Charmander isn’t the only Pokemon in Kanto, you know. If you’re going to take on the Gyms you’ll need all sorts of Pokemon and I’m sure that Larvitar will help!”

    “Larvitar?” Joe’s mouth hung open, “Larvitar are so rare… and powerful!”

    “Well then I’m sure you won’t mind battling your big sis on your birthday then!” said a proud voice from the doorway.

    To be continued…
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2013
  2. Psuedo-Axew

    Psuedo-Axew Member

    The Larvitar was unexpected but glad to see it in the spotlight and I am curious to see him battle his sister and what pokemon she'll have! Props on Nuance but quite a surprise! Keep me posted :)

    Check out mine since we both have that anime style teehee :-D
  3. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    thanks, its good to see my first comment is positive:) As for the larvitar, there is a little suprise coming.
    I'll definately read your story thank you again
  4. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    Although the story is mosly dialouge, it seems pretty fine to me. The Larvitar is in unexpected twist, just make that your character doesn't become a "Mary Sue". A Mary Sue is a character where every good happens to that character. Just a Larvitar will be fine, because my character Sam started with a Dratini, another Hyper Pokemon. In fact, Sam originally wa going to have a Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Gible, and Axew! Unfortunetly, that turned him into a Mary Sue, very uninteresting. But having one power house on the team is also important too, just don't get overzealous and starting throwing legendaries at your character.

    But still, it all looks good. I hope your take on the Kanto story goes great, and I'll be reading it all the way!
  5. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2: Beginner's Bad Luck
    “Sammy?” Joe said in a puzzled voice, as he turned to see a tall girl with long pink hair standing in the doorway of the lab and in front of a beautiful backdrop of a clear sky and grassy hill.

    “Well, I’m not going to miss seeing my baby brother get his first Pokemon now!” Sammy chuckled.

    “I’m not your baby brother!” Joe gritted his teeth.

    “Whatever, Joe. Anyway, hey Adam, welcome back!” Sammy added shaking her head.

    “Hey Sammy, how is your Bulbasaur? I remember you got it on the day I left,” said Adam.

    “I… I really don’t want to talk about that!” An awkward silence swept across the area and a mystified and inquisitive look stretched across everyone’s faces, all of whom had now congregated outside. “So Joe let’s get going with that battle then!”

    “Bring it on sis!”

    “Wait, take a Pokedex to check Pokemon’s data and find out Larvitar’s moves, it will be great throughout your journey,” Gary called out, “Do you want red, black or blue?”

    “I’ll take a blue one please.”

    Gary tossed a blue Pokedex through the air and into the grasp of Joe, “Good luck!”

    “Let’s go Sammy!” Joe cried out.

    “Fine, Go for it Venonat!” A Venonat rose from the flash released by the Pokeball. Its body sparkled in the sunlight as it jumped up and down, eager to begin the battle.

    “Ven, Venonat!”

    “Okay, here we go. I choose you, Larvitar!” Joe tossed the Pokeball but nothing happened. A baffled look crossed his face and he bent down to pick up his Pokeball. Joe scratched his head with confusion, but then the Pokeball opened with a flash and a pink blob grabbed on to Joe’s face. Joe shook his head vigorously, but the blob wouldn’t budge. Joe mumbled something, but it could not be properly heard. He than grabbed the Pokemon and threw it on the floor.


    Joe looked down to the floor to see a Snubbull looking up at him. “A Snubbull?” Joe cried, “But they’re so ugly!”

    “Joe, don’t be like that! Snubbull is a great Pokemon just like a Larvitar or a Charmander.” Sammy yelled with fury, “Now let’s battle.”

    “Hang on a minute. Bianca, where’s the Larvitar? This piece of research is incredibly important.” Gary said.

    “Well, that’s the Pokemon I received.” Bianca declared.

    “So Snubbull, do you want to battle that Venonat with me?” Joe looked at Snubbull with a broad smile.

    “Snuuuub, Snub Snub Snubbull!” Snubbull cried joyously, jumping up and down.

    Joe flicked open the Pokedex, “Snubbull, it has an active, playful nature. Many women like to frolic with it because of its affectionate ways. Its known moves are Ice Fang, Tackle and Scary Face.”

    “Well, are you finally ready to battle?” Sammy asked.

    “Come on Snubbull, we can win this!” Joe smiled.

    “Venonat, use Tackle!”

    “Hmmm, use Tackle too Snubbull!” Joe declared as the two Pokemon began to charge at each other.

    “Jump, then use confusion!” Sammy cried. Venonat jumped over Snubbull as they were about to meet, causing Snubbull to face plant into the ground. Venonat’s eyes then glowed and Snubbull became covered in a purple glow, as it was tossed through the air. “Now, disable,” Snubbull was then covered in a blue aura.

    “Grrrrr, Ice Fang!” Snubbull stuttered back to its feet, forcing itself to leap through the air, and gripped Venonat with its ice covered fangs.

    “Confusion!” Snubbull now flew through the air once again while Venonat dusted off the previous attack with ease, eager to win. Snubbull laid flat on its back by Joe’s feet, defeated.

    Joe slumped to the ground and returned¬ his saddened Snubbull. He began to weep and, with tears dripping down his face and his hair in a mess, he said, “I don’t’ know why I even become a trainer? I’m rubbish!”

    “Well I know,” Sammy said, in a soft and sympathetic voice. “You want to prove Paul wrong! But, with that attitude you’re only going to prove him right.”
    Joe wiped the tears from his face and began to remember his encounter with Paul. It was a windy day and the leaves were falling from the trees, a teenager with long hair was sitting on a rock and talking to a young Joe and Ben. “I don’t think you’ll ever make it as a trainer,” Paul declared as he stared into Joe’s eyes, “You’ll never bring out a Pokemon’s true potential by being soft, you need to be strict!”

    “Will I be a good trainer, Cousin Paul?” Ben asked.

    “Hmmm… With experience you could do okay, better than your little friend.”

    “He’s not my friend,” Ben replied adamantly, “Mum invited him, not me!”

    Paul turned around, about to leave, and noticed a strange mist coming from a group of trees in the distance. He squinted his eyes, “Strange, very strange!” Paul whispered to himself, though keen not to show his discomfort. He continued to walk away.

    Joe stood firmly and looked into his sister’s eyes, after thinking about what she had just said. “Well done for winning,” he addressed Sammy.

    “Thank you, I’m sure it’ll be a lot harder for me next time, eh?”

    “You bet!” Joe smiled, “Well I think I should be on my way now, bye all.” Joe began to walk away before Adam ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder.

    “Wait!” Adam yelled, “Can I come with you?”

    “Well, I don’t see why not. It would be great to share my journey with my old best pal!”

    “So, shall we get going towards Viridian City?”

    “Yeah, there’s a Gym there as well.”

    “Bye!” Everyone called out as the boys departed heading for a small path surrounded by bushes and trees.

    Out of everybody’s view there was a dark mist in a group of trees, with a shadowy figure in the centre.

    To be continued…
  6. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much, I'm sure after reading this next chapter you'll see he won't be a Mary Sue
    I hope you enjoy
  7. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    Hmm... This makes me remember my first Trainer battle in Pokemon Blue... I nearly broke my Gameboy Color after losing (I'm an angry gamer.) I just wish that there was someone there to tell me its okay to lose after that loss. I still like the story, keep it going!
  8. Psuedo-Axew

    Psuedo-Axew Member

    Even more unexpected was Snubull who is underappreaciated and I like how you expressed that. I adore Venonat! :) I hope Snubull sticks around though

    I'll continue to follow your fanfic and hope you return the favor <3
  9. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3: Trouble Time
    The sun had just risen and there was a lilac streak across the hidden sky, Joe awoke under a large tree but Adam was nowhere to be seen. Joe wiped his eyes in an attempt to wake up but to no avail, “Urghhhh, I should probably get an alarm clock!” Joe murmured, still half asleep. He twisted his head from side to side, looking for Adam, and then took a Pokeball from the multicoloured backpack which was by his side, “Snubbull come on out and help me look for Adam,” he mumbled.

    “Snub, Snub” Snubbull called out joyously, as he emerged from the Pokeball. He then began to stutter through the trees, before he looked back to see Joe asleep again. “Snuuuuuuub!” Snubbull growled as he jumped through the air and covered Joe’s face.

    “Mmmmmrrr,” Joe rumbled as he shuck Snubbull off his head, “Okay, okay I’ll get up!”

    “Good morning, lazy!” said Adam as he emerged from the trees. “I see you still love to sleep. Anyway, Squirtle and I made breakfast!”

    Joe smiled, “Cheers pal, and it smells great!” Joe looked up to see Adam holding two full plates of food, as well as Squirtle holding two bowls of Pokefood. All four began to eat, but before they could finish a Paras ran by and stole the remaining Pokefood, stuffing it all into its mouth.

    “Muhahaha, nice one Paras!” laughed a deep voice from behind Joe and Adam. They turned around to see two figures wearing dark jumpers with a lightning bolt down one side and a huge letter S in the centre. “Thanks for the food doofus, now give us your Pokemon!” one of them demanded.

    “No way!” Adam shouted.

    “Hang on, aren’t you those bullies who picked on all the pre-school kids! I remember you,” Joe said.

    The boy on the right began to cocky and said “Maybe we are, but maybe we’re not. Though what we are, are Team Storm members and we’re gonna’ take your Pokemon so that the boss can take over the world! Then we’ll be rich and you’ll be poor.”

    “Shut up doofus! Don’t tell the doofus our plans! You mega doofus,” The other boy said with great anger in his eyes

    “Wait a minute Azim, I’m not a doofus. That kid is the doofus here!”

    “You are a doofus, Etick, and that kid is a doofus as well, and his little friend is a doofus too!” Azim yelled.

    “Okay whatever, let’s just get their Pokemon! Bellsprout come out and get us those Pokemon.” Etick demanded, as a Bellsprout emerged from a Pokeball held in his hand and sent vines darting towards Snubbull and Squirtle.

    “Quick Snubbull, use Ice Fang!” Joe ordered. Snubbull’s fangs became ice cold and he bit into Bellsprout’s vines. Bellsprout then sent the two vines towards Squirtle.

    “Squirtle, go for a Rapid Spin!” Adam called out to a shaky Squirtle. The vines grabbed on to Squirtle’s legs and began to pull him towards Bellsprout. Squirtle then began to spin, constantly gaining speed. Soon, Bellsprout had been flung onto Squirtle’s back as its vines wrapped around Squirtle’s body. “All right Squirtle, now use Withdraw,” Squirtle stopped spinning and Bellsprout flew into the air and hit a tree. A big grin crossed the faces of Adam and Squirtle, while Joe and Snubbull gawped in awe.

    “A little help would be nice!” Etick said with a sense of panic in his voice.

    “Paras use Scratch!” Azim ordered. His Paras raced across to Squirtle and scratched the side of his face.

    “Squirtle, squirt!” Squirtle proclaimed as he fell backwards.

    “Snubbull, help out with Tackle.” Joe screamed. Snubbull then flung himself into the air and hit Paras with the side of his body, sending it flying towards Team Storm.

    “Come on, get a grip Paras. Go for a Leech Life.” Paras jumped towards Snubbull and bit him on the arm, sucking blood. It then did the same to Squirtle.

    “Tackle!” both boys cried, before Snubbull and Squirtle both launched their bodies at Paras. Paras’s eyes swirled, it had fainted.

    “Bellsprout get them, now.” Bellsprout shot more vines towards Snubbull, hitting him like a whip. Snubbull struggled to stay on his feet.

    “Rapid Spin.” Squirtle spun over to Bellsprout and hit it’s legs, causing it to fall.

    “Grrrrrr, come on Etick lets get out of here before we get our arses kicked by these doofus kids!” Azim ordered as he and Etick returned their Pokemon before running off through the trees.

    “Well, that was strange.” Joe said in a perplexed voice.

    “Team Storm, I’ve never heard of them.”

    “Me neither, didn’t they say they wanted take over the world, though? That sounds pretty evil.”

    “Yeah, but why would they need our Pokemon, I wonder.”

    “It beats me.”

    “Anyway, should we get going to Viridian City, then?”

    “Yeah, we need to get our little guys heeled up”

    The pair headed through the trees. Many Pidgey and Spearow flew from tree to tree, while Rattata scurried around. There were few other trainers around.

    Meanwhile, in a dark room filled with computers and high-tech gadgets there was a shadowy figure sat in front of a blank screen. A short man, in the same uniform as the grunts that attacked Joe and Adam, entered the room.

    “Status report?” The shadow demanded in a deep voice.

    “Mission P1 has failed. The designated grunts failed in the attempt to acquire the targets’ Pokemon. They fled the scene and there current whereabouts are unknown. It seems the targets are intrigued regarding our operation.”

    “Good, excellent in fact.”

    “Excuse me, sir, but how is this good? We failed to acquire the targets’ Pokemon and they now know basic details of our plans.”

    “Exactly, Agent 5. There are certain fundamental elements of humanity, one of which regards curiosity and is essential to our operations. One must know to want to know, for if one doesn’t know there is nothing for one to want to know. If one knows too much then one will not want to know.”

    “What are you saying, sir?”

    “I’m saying that we must get him interested, but not overloaded with information.”

    “But, why?”

    “To lure him into our trap.”

    “Sir, I’m sorry but I’m struggling to…”

    “Now, if there is nothing else, I suggest you are on you’re way.”

    “Well, there is one thing, sir.”

    “Spit it out, then!”

    “What shall we do with the Larvitar?”

    “Give it here.” The shadowy figure held out his arm, “I will do with it as I wish.” The grunt tossed a Pokeball into his open hand and rushed away.
  10. LadyLady

    LadyLady Well-Known Member

    I love he got a Larvitar instead of one of the usual starters, and I'm interested in bulbasaur, well done!
  11. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Thanks its good to see you're interested in the bulbasaur scenario, i am aiming to develop that throughout the entire story. Regarding the larvitar, if you continue to read chapters 2 and 3 you'll see there is another twist to do with the starter pokemon
  12. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    I like how you invented a new team instead of the generic Team Rocket. Doesn't it open up a new world of criminal activity to you? Ha :)

    But really, your ending here with a shadowy figure is great. Love it.

    Also, I love your use of the word arse. One of my more favorite words to use.
  13. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4: Disaster strikes
    The boys emerged from a group of trees and looked on to the city that stood before them. Viridian was a small city, consisting of a few grey buildings. Right in the centre was a large red building that the boys recognised as the Pokecenter. Holding their injured Pokemon, they dashed towards it.

    Inside, there were many people and many injured Pokemon. Adam rushed over to a Nurse Joy, who was sat by a desk, and asked for assistance.

    “I’m ever so sorry,” the nurse said softly, “but we’re overrun with ill Pokemon!”

    “Why? What’s happened Nurse Joy?”

    “It seems there’s a virus going around, and all the Pokemon in the city have become ill. We just can’t seem to find a cure though.”

    “Wait a second!” Joe interrupted, “I remember our teacher said something about old woman who made miracle cures from herbs. I think she lives near hear.”

    Adam stood in shock; he couldn’t believe Joe had remembered something from school.

    “We know, but all the nurses are busy. We can’t afford to leave.”

    “We’ll go then!” Adam declared, “As soon as our Pokemon are ready.”

    “Oh, you will? Thank you so much. I’ll take your Pokemon to the healing machine as soon as I can.” Nurse Joy took Squirtle and Snubbull and walked out of the room. Joe and Adam tried to find a place to sit, but the place was too full.

    “Well now what?” Joe asked.

    “We wait.”

    “I know, I’ll go and check out the gym before I take the challenge. See you” Joe walked out of the Pokecenter and strolled down the empty streets. He came to a large brown building that towered above him. There was a sign that read: ‘Viridian City Pokemon Gym’.

    He walked over to the entrance were there was a tall man with short brown hair talking to himself. “I’ll get you back, I promise. I’ve put my past behind me, I’m a reformed man. It could just be me and you, I’ll be home again. I’ve got rid of those stupid goons who steal Pokemon and I’m only focused on being a Gym Leader now. I’ll stop at nothing!”

    “Excuse me, you’re blocking the entrance.”

    “This Gym is closed, now scram!”

    “Err… okay grumpy” Joe walked back to the Pokecenter and met up with Adam.

    “Here are you’re Pokemon.” Nurse joy called out happily as she handed the boys their Pokemon.

    “Thanks, Nurse Joy.” Adam replied, “Let’s get going then Joe!”

    The boys walked out of the Pokecenter, holding their Pokemon in their arms, and Joe led the way to a rocky path to the east of the city. The path was dry and it crumbled under the boys’ feet. The further they walked, the more desolate the path became. The boys remained silent as they trekked further, the path sloped uphill and steep cliffs struck fear into the heart of the boys on both sides. “How much further?” Adam panted after a while.

    “I have no idea – wait, there it is!” Joe grinned and ran forwards towards a small, wooden hut. The boys reached it and knocked on the old door. There was no answer. They wandered around the outside of the house, ducking under many empty flower pots.

    “Maybe she’s out getting some ingredients.” Adam pondered.

    “Yeah, I guess so. Hang on, what’s that?” Joe yelled, seeing a large bird flying towards them from the distance.

    “Fearow, with its huge and magnificent wings, it can keep aloft without ever having to land for rest.” Joe flicked the Pokedex open to examine the Pokemon.

    The Fearow edged closer to them and started pressing its beak against the ground and spinning its entire body. Snubbull jumped out of Joe’s arms and began to run at the charging Fearow. Its fangs became covered in ice and it went to bite Fearow’s neck, only to be smashed into the air and land straight back in Joe’s arms.

    “Squirtle, help us!” Adam cried out. Squirtle jumped from his arms and fired bubbles that slowly crept towards Fearow. The Fearow crashed into them, but it didn’t appear to take any damage, continuing to rampage towards them. The Fearow was about to collide with the boys, but it was stuck by a powerful blast from behind, sending it flying. A large blue serpent-like creature danced its way to in front of the boys. The Fearow’s beak spun around and it crashed into the serpent’ body.

    “Dragon Rush, Dragonair!” demanded a creaky voice from a distance. An old women with short, white hair emerged from behind a group of boulders. The Dragonair became surrounded in a bright blue aura and it charged at the Fearow, striking it on the neck.

    The Fearow then weakly flipped over and it became covered in white streaks and hit Dragonair on the pearl that sat under its head. The Dragonair struggled to stay upright, but managed to shake off the damage eventually, “Aqua Tail, now!” demanded the old woman as her colourful skirt flapped in the winds. Dragonair’s tail glowed blue and it was covered in spiralling water. Fearow’s beak then began to spin and the two charged at each other. The tail and beak crashed against each other and they flew apart.

    Dragonair fell at the feet of the old woman with spiral eyes, but Fearow still struggled to its feet. “Snubbull, it is weak, you can take it down easy! Use Ice Fang.” Joe cried out with confidence. Snubbull jumped out of Joe’s hands again but just fell to the floor with a glum face. Squirtle then tried to help Snubbull get to its feet, but it too fell to the ground.

    “I guess I better catch it.” The old woman squealed. She threw a Pokeball at Fearow, it wriggled a few times then stopped. “Thank God that’s over. Well, I guess you came here to cure your Pokemon of that virus they seem to have.”

    “What? We came to get a cure for all the Pokemon in Viridian City. Our Pokemon don’t have a virus.” Joe declared

    “I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure they do. It has been a while since a conjured a cure for this virus, though.”

    “How can you tell?”

    “When you’ve had as much experience as me, you can see anything wrong with Pokemon. Now let’s head inside.” The entered the hut. It was full of old rugs and ornaments and the place was covered in dust and cobwebs. The boys took a seat on a cranky sofa. “Now I think I have the ingredients, so I should be able to make the cure rather quickly and in the large quantities needed.”

    The old lady searched her shelves and gathered several liquids, plants and other such items. She mixed them all in a bowl and soon they made a green liquid. She handed the two ill Pokemon small cups of the medicine and encouraged them to drink it.

    “Thank you so much for this!” Adam smiled.

    “Your welcome. Your Pokemon need to get some rest so you can sleep here for the night.” The boys took their Pokemon to a room with two beds and fell into a deep sleep.
  14. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    Pokerus, huh? that's something I haven't seen. But I do like the man outside Viridian gym. I want to know who that guy is!

    Keep it going!
  15. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the positive coments everyone! I'm going to go through all the comments i haven't replyed to now:
    I'll start with Klizcool. From the top:
    1. Haha its good to see my fans can relate to a character, i too am an angry gamer and a lot of Joe's characteristics are based on mine
    2. I've always wanted to have my own evil team, it does give me so much more opportunity, but there will be some Team Rocket related twists. The shadow figure thing, had been an idea of mine for a while and i was wondering when to include it but it seems i have put it in the right place.
    3.The man outside the gym will be appearing again and have a MAJOR inpact in the end of the story, i hope you'll stick around to see it. About pokerus, i didn't specify the virus and never planned to, however, this has given me a few ideas THANKS

    Thanks Psuedo-Axew, i will obviously return the favor. I showed snubbull as i did because i personally haven't used it very often and didn't like it very much, but now i am writing a fic in whic it is a main character i'm starting to love him, i think i'll use some other pokemon i don't really love so i can get to know them as well. Its good to see you liked what i did with it and venonat, though. THANKS
  16. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5: A Hero's Reward
    The sun climbed over the horizon, and blinded the small room where Joe and Adam sat. They sipped some tea and looked over at their resting Pokemon. The old woman walked through the archaic door, slowly staggered across the room and gazed out of a window. A Fearow and Dragonair were coiled together in their sleep, both battered and bruised. Glum faces swept across the room.

    “They should recover fully by the end of the day, however, they might not.” The old woman groaned.

    “What do you mean?” Joe asked.

    “Well, some Pokemon can recover quickly, while others can take some time. Though, the sooner they recover, the more of an impact the side effect of the virus will have.”

    “What side effect?”

    “Well, Pokerus can make Pokemon stronger for a short while.”

    “Wow! I can’t wait for Snubbull to get better!”

    Out in the fields by the cottage, Etick and Azim were sat up high in a gargantuan tree. They looked through a pair of red binoculars to see into the room with the boys. “Come on, let’s get them back!” Azim declared.

    “But, what about the boss? He’ll get really angry.” Etick murmured with a worried look on his face.

    “I don’t care. We’re gonna’ get revenge on that doofus!”

    “But, we were told to return as soon as we had completed the mission.”

    “We won’t have completed the mission until we get revenge. Now come on, or I will leave you here.” Azim jumped down from the tree and made his way to the cottage, while Etick slowly stumbled down the trunk.

    Once at the small building, Paras and Bellsprout were released from their Pokeballs and combined a scratch and vine whip to smash the petit window. Inside, the boys were horrified at the sight of the grunts and looked down at their still weak Pokemon. The Tem Storm duo rushed over and snatched the Pokemon, before attempting to flee.

    “You will never take our friends!” Adam yelled as he and Joe returned the Pokemon. Bellsprout and Paras then ran up to them and glared into their eyes. The old lady looked out an un-smashed window to see her Dragonair and Fearow still frail and all three began to panic. A burst of light then covered the room and Snubbull emerged from his Pokeball.

    “Snubbull, are you ready to fight?” Joe asked full of hope. Snubbull nodded and rushed towards Paras. His face turned red and he slammed his body into the side of tiny mushroom, sending it flying backwards with swirled eyes. “Wow! I guess Pokerus really does add strength.”

    Bellsprout then quickly shot two green vines at Snubbull, who replied by biting them with icy fangs. Snubbull then rushed over to Bellsprout and smashed into its side, before swiftly clamping its head into his gaping ice covered jaws.

    “Okay, so maybe we should head back to the boss.” Azim squealed. He and Etick returned their Pokemon and sprinted off into the distance.

    “I was just about to say use Ice fang.” Joe leaped to Snubbull and gave him a huge hug before letting him rest in his Pokeball. The old lady then congratulated and thanked Joe and told him he deserved a reward.

    “Joe, do you think she’s going to give you that Fearow?” Adam whispered once the lady had left the room.

    “I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.” The old lady then entered the room again, now holding a white egg. She handed the egg to Joe and told him that this was his reward. Joe looked at it in awe and pondered over what was inside. He thought so hard that after a while he lost his balance and fell to the floor.

    “Maybe I should take the egg back.”

    “No, please don’t. I promise to take good care of it, no matter what it is.”

    After some more rest, and once Squirtle had fully recovered, the pair departed from the cottage and began to head down the long, dusty track back to Viridian. Joe spent mot of the time gazing down at his new egg. Adam started to become jealous, then angry, then upset. “I have to go, I’ll meet you at the Pokecenter.” He mumbled as he ran off in the opposite direction, not giving Joe any time to reply.

    After some time, Adam found himself by a river and sat down on a smooth rock. He sighed and looked down at the water. There were many Pokemon he hadn’t seen for years but could still recognise. There was an orange crab-like creature, he recognised as Krabby; a creature that was merely a shell that he knew was a Shellder, a blue seahorse he knew was a Horsea and many more. He thought about catching one, but then decided against it. Squirtle now by his side, he trekked onwards.

    “Hey, is that a Squirtle?” A voice shouted from behind. Adam turned to see a young girl holding a Caterpie. She had a fishing rod over her shoulder and a bright cap on her head. “Can we trade? Please, please, please!”

    “Sorry, but my Squirtle is not up for trade.”

    “Come on, you’ve got to help me. My dad sent me out to catch a Water Pokemon, but all I’ve caught is this lousy Bug type.”

    “No Pokemon are lousy, young girl and it shouldn’t matter about the type of a Pokemon.”

    “Try telling my dad that, he is the greatest fisher in all of Kanto and now he wants me to start fishing.”

    Adam fell silent. He thought for a few moments and then came up with a solution. He took the girl to the stream he had sat by and explained that he would help her catch a Water type.

    They arrived and the girl looked down at the stream. She pointed at a white fish with red spots and demanded she had that one. “A Goldeen? Well then, use an attack with Caterpie.”

    “Caterpie only knows String Shot though.”

    “Well drag it out the water and I’ll weaken it with Squirtle.”

    “You will? Thank you so much. Now Caterpie use String Shot.” Caterpie jumped to the floor and spat string into the stream, it coiled around Goldeen and dragged it to the surface.

    “I’ll take it from here. Come on Squirtle, it is time to find out what effect that virus had on you. Go for a Tackle attack.” Squirtle ran up to Goldeen and bashed into the flailing fish. Goldeen then sent bubbles from its mouth towards Squirtle, who did the same. The bubbles smashed together, but Squirtle had the edge as his bubbles flew to Goldeen and hit it on the horn. It lay on the land weak.

    “Okay, here goes.” The little girl threw a Pokeball at the fish and it was captured. “Thank you mister, goodbye!” The girl ran off into the trees and Adam was left to wander back to Viridian city with his powered up Squirtle.

    When at the Pokecenter, Adam told Joe what had happened. Crowds of people then rushed to thank them for helping get rid of the virus. The boys stumbled out of the crowds and began to head to Viridian forest before Joe felt a tug at his trouser leg. He turned to see Sammy’s Venonat smiling at him. “It is a good job I managed to catch up with you, you left before the professor had a chance to give you some Pokeballs.” Sammy handed the boys five Pokeballs each and then ran off again.

    The pair then set off into the sunset and strolled towards Viridian Forest.
    Thanks to Klizcool for the idea about Pokerus that had a major impact on this chapter:)
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  17. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    It's great to know that I influenced someone :)

    Not to nitpick, but when you talk about the Shellder, you forgot the k in knew. Also, You spelled forest wrong at the very end. There's on one r. Other than that, looks pretty good. Is this young girl going to play a bigger part in the story? Or is she just a side character?
  18. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the spellings i have updated them. As for the girl, it is not fully decided but probably, i guess you will have to wait and see:)
    Actually the girl was going to be a boy in my first draft, but then i thought that i had too many males and a possibly re-occuring female character other than Joe's sister was needed
  19. infernape100

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    sorry for the long wait, time's been evil recently but here is the new chapter:

    Chapter 6: Small Battle, Huge Destruction
    Joe and Adam woke to find themselves lost inside a maze of trees. They knew Viridian Forest was large, but they never thought they would get lost so easily. The boys communicated merely through tired grunts and flicks of the eyes to suggest possible routes out. Then Squirtle popped out of his Pokeball with a broad smile. Snubbull then also burst out of its Pokeball. They looked at each other and then at their respective trainers.

    “A training session, eh?” Joe smiled as he looked from Snubbull to Adam.

    “That’s fine by me, but we won’t hold back!” The gang found an open area and set themselves up in a battle position.

    “Are you watching?” Joe asked the egg he was grasping in his arms. With that he ordered Snubbull to use Tackle and he slammed into the side of Squirtle.

    “Grrr, go for a spinning Bubble!” Adam ordered, gritting his teeth. Squirtle then started spinning wildly on its back, spewing out bubbles in every direction. Several bubbles smashed into Snubbull, but he shook them off and went for an Ice Fang attack. With ice covered teeth, he charged through an onslaught of bubbles and bit the edge of Squirtle’s shell. Squirtle flew back, still spinning and throwing bubbles out of its mouth, and collided with a colossal tree. The tree creaked and fell to the flaw with a huge crash, knocking many more to the floor like dominos.

    The boys stared into each others eyes and returned their Pokemon. They began to pace back and forth, full of panic. Then, they heard an angry voice from behind a bunch of the fallen trees. “What has been going on here?” cried an angry purple haired guy with a huge net.

    “Well… erm… you see, we were just training and… erm… the trees magically fell down” Joe replied.

    “I said what happened!?”

    “We were just training, but my Snubbull is so mega powerful that it sent Squirtle flying and it brought down all the trees. We didn’t mean to, I promise.”

    “I suppose it is okay. You didn’t mean to I guess. But if you ever cause any damage to the habitat of Bug Pokemon again, I’ll see that you get punished.”

    “Oh, I remember you know!” Adam declared, “You’re Bugsy, a Gym leader in Johto.”

    “Really? Oh my god, a gym leader.” Joe interrupted, “Could I possible challenge you to a battle?”

    “Well sure, but we are in Kanto so this won’t be an official gym battle.”

    “I’m fine with that, any kind of training before the Pewter Gym is good.” With that, they began the battle. Bugsy selected Scyther to face Snubbull. Bugsy kicked things off with Quick Attack. Scyther sped through the air and struck Snubbull with a wing. Snubbull struggled back to his feet and fought back by gripping Scyther’s head in his icy teeth.

    Scyther easily stood back up and was ordered to use Fury Cutter. Scyther flew over to Snubbull and repeatedly struck it with its scythes.

    “I know you can pull through, pal. Go for an Ice Fang and then a Tackle!” Snubbull crunched down on the scythes and then flung his body at the side of Scyther. Scyther stood firm and continued to strike with its scythes, each time taking bigger slashes through the air. “This is useless; I need to find some way of hitting it from a distance. I know there is a special something hidden within you Snubbull, and now would be a nice time to show it!”

    Snubbull cowered away, but Scyther flew after it with devastating pace. Suddenly Snubbull became engulfed in a white light and several rings floated in the air. A white beam then fired itself at Scyther and pushed it back. “Wow, a fire type Hidden Power. This could get interesting.” Bugsy mumbled.

    Scyther then began to quickly dash around the area and struck Snubbull at random intervals. “The pace is too much, we can’t handle all these Quick Attacks” Scyther continued to repeatedly strike Snubbull with great pace until he fell to the ground with spiralled eyes.

    “Well done, you fought well, young trainer. I’m sure you do well in the Novice Cup.”

    “Novice Cup?”

    “Oh, I presumed you knew. At the end of this forest there is a huge tent where a tournament is about to take place. It is only for those who don’t have a gym badge yet, so you won’t be out of your depth.”

    “Hmmmm, I guess I should give it a try. Hopefully Ben will be there so we can take him DOWN!”

    “Well, I guess I should be on my way now. Busy, busy, busy.” Bugsy laughed as he began to leave the makeshift arena.

    “Wait! You gave Joe a battle so I want one, too.” Adam interrupted from a distance.

    “Oh, okay then. One more battle shouldn’t harm anyone.” With that Adam and Bugsy readied themselves for battle.
  20. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    "Busy busy busy" why does that remind me of Frosty the Snowman? Oh well. Haha.

    Although this is a pretty short chapter, it does seem pretty good. The inclusion of Bugsy in Viridian forest was pretty cool, although you made him seem older than I think he really is. But what do I know, I never actually played the Gen. 2 games. The Novice Cup sounds interesting too. Side quest Get! Haha. And for a couple of seconds, I thought that Snubull would totally have evolved. I guess it's too early then. Oh well. I don't usually evolve until after the first gym. Even then it's my starter.

    Oh, and This is for you Joe.
    Y u no know Bugsy is a third Gym Leader? Lol

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