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Pokemon: Kazuto Journeys


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“Pokemon: The Kazuto Journey”
Brian “Shadow” Carter
I don’t own Pokemon at all or any of the pokemon from the game at all. Only the ocs and fan made pokemon are mine and yes I am 35yrs old so don’t make fun of me. I enjoy watching the show I hope to use the pokedex from Serebii.net to help me. I’m toying the idea of adding Ash in the fic and having it take place before he goes to the Kalos region. Ash will be the one who battles the gyms and travels with Brian. Brian will enter the league to so he can study gym battles and become a gym leader.
In a world of Pokemon, there are many vast regions like Kanto, The Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. Trainers would travel across these lands to train pokemon and fight in places called gyms. There’s one trainer who wants to travel to different gyms so he can learn how to be a gym leader like his father.
Join Brian Carter from Lavender Town in Kanto as he travels to the newest region Kazuto as he goes on a journey in hopes to become a dark type gym leader in Lavender Town’s newest gym alongside Ash Ketchum.

A/N: I know there is no gym in Lavender Town but hey my story so I decided add one there. It would be a dark type gym replacing the Viridian Gym that was permanently closed by the Pokemon League officials.

Somewhere in Pallet Town, was a group of buildings in a rather small town. One those buildings looked like a lab where a bunch of pokemon were roaming the large field. A few buildings down from there, there was a nice, yellow looking house where a mime looking pokemon was outside cleaning the yard and an older woman who had dark colored hair and was wearing a yellow colored dress with an apron.
“Mr. Mime, good job. The yard looks clean. My Ash will be amazed when he gets home from the Unova region.”, the older woman said as she smiled.
“Mime, Mime!!!!!”, the mime like pokemon yelled happily.
Just then, a younger boy about 13, 14yrs of age walked up to the house. He was wearing a blue vest with a white colored shirt with black pants and fingerless gloves. He had a yellow mouse like pokemon on his shoulder. He walks in the yard removing his red and white hat and fixes his black, spikey hair and greets Mr. Mime and the older woman that was outside.
“Hi, Mr. Mime and mom, I’m back from my journey in Unova.”, he said as he smiled looking happy to be home. They all talked as they went inside the house.
Mr. Mime started cooking dinner and the boy and his mom starting to have a convo as the phone rang. “Hello, Ketchum Residence.”, the woman said.
“Hello, Delia. How are you doin?”, the older gray haired man asked on the video phone.
“Good, Prof. Oak. Ash just got home. We are about to have dinner if you would like to come over.”, Delia said as she smiled.
“Well, sure I would. I was hoping to catch Ash to see if he returned so he could run an errand for me.”, Professor Oak said.
“Professor, what kind of errand is it?”, the boy known as Ash asked.
“We can talk during dinner, Ash. I see Pikachu is doin well.”, Prof. Oak said.
“Ya, Pikachu is great. Say hi, Pikachu.”, Ash said holding Pikachu on his shoulder.
“Pika, Pika!”, the mouse pokemon yelled happily.
“Well, I’ll see y’all at dinner then.”, Prof. Oak said.
A short time later, Prof. Oak came holding a a file in one hand and roses in another. Ash and Pikachu rushes downstairs and sees Prof. Oak and sits at the table.
“So, Ash before I ask about the errand, how was the Unova region?”, he asked as he smiled.
“Good. I caught some new pokemon, saw a lot of new a species plus met new friends and came in the top 4 of the league.”, Ash said happily.
“Nice, oh and Delia, these roses are for you.”, Prof. Oak said as he handed the roses to Delia.
“Why, thank you, Prof. Now, who is hungry?”, Delia asked has she placed the roses in the vase.
“Now, Ash, I need you to deliver this file to Coal City in the Kazuto Region to Professor Lily. The file is important research on Evees and she is trying to study the different kinds of evolutions of them. This file will help her out.”, Prof. Oak said.
“Wow, a new region! Sure, I’ll be happy to make the delivery for you.”, Ash said has he finished eating.
“The train to Amber Town leaves Lavender Town tomorrow. There’s a plane that’ll take you to Lavender Town. I’ll have the arrangements made for you”, Prof. Oak said.
“Ok, I’ll leave tomorrow with Pikachu.”, Ash said.
The next day, Ash woke up and went down stairs for breakfast.
“Hey, Ash, here’s a new outfit for you.”, his mom said
The outfit was a red and blue shirt with a black vest and blue plants. He also got a red and black hat with a white pokeball symbol on it and went upstairs and put them on.
“Wow, nice outfit, mom. I’m leaving I’ll call when I arrive.”, Ash said as he headed to the door.

Ash stopped off at Prof. Oak’s lab where the professor was standing wearing his lab coat as usual. Ash dropped off all his pokemon expect Pikachu and grabbed the file and placed it in his backpack. He then went towards where the plane is at.
Short time later, the plane landed in Saffron City, Ash started walking towards Lavender Town to catch his train to Amber Town. He then notices a large building with a sign on it. The sign reads “Lavender Town Gym”.
Ash thought to himself for a moment, “Nice, a new gym. I’ll check it out.”
As he walked towards the gym, he saw an older gentleman who had grey hair wearing black pants with a black shirt and black leather coat on and next to him was a younger male wearing the same attire as his father except he had brown hair instead of grey. They both saw Ash and walked up to him.
“Hi, I’m Brian and this is my father, Jeff. Sorry but this gym isn’t exactly opened yet.”, the younger male said.
“Oh, sorry I was curious into why there was a another gym here.”, Ash asked.
“Allow me to explain, when word got out that the leader of the Viridian Gym was the leader of Team Rocket, he disappeared and the league closed it down. I hear it’s a hospital now for injured pokemon who can’t be treated at a pokemon center. By the way, I’m Jeff and this is my son, Brian.”, the older gentleman said as he extended his hand out to Ash.
“I’m Ash and this is Pikachu, my very first pokemon.”, Ash said as he shook Jeff’s hand.
“Nice to meet you, Ash. What brings you out here to Lavender Town?”, Jeff asked.
“I’m here to catch a train to Coal City in the Kazuto Region to drop something off.”, Ash said.
“Cool, I’m goin there myself, thinking of checking out the league and study how gym leaders work so I can become one myself.”, Brian said.
“Brian’s mom and I were divorced when he was 10. We originally lived in Myst Town where she heads up the gym there. Brian moved out here with me just recently to help me open up the gym here. I use ghost type pokemon here. Right now we are still in preparations of getting things ready.”, Jeff explained.
“Now that I’m 16, I’m goin to travel to Kazuto, to study how gym leaders battle so I can take over my dad’s gym.”, Brian said.
“Wow, cool. I’m heading over there now to drop something off for Professor Lily. If ya want, we can go together.”, Ash said.
“Sure, it’ll be awesome.”, Brian said.
“Well, Brian, since ya really wanna go, why don’t I give ya this late birthday present since ya like dark and ghost types so much. I befriended this pokemon while we relocated all the ghost pokemon to Mr Fugi’s mansion where he made new graves of all the fallen pokemon. Becareful, he can be bit of a trouble maker.”, Jeff said as he handed the pokeball to Brian.
“Wow, I wonder what’s inside. Pokeball, go!”, Brian yelled as he threw the pokeball.
A white glow came from the pokeball revealing a Gastly as it circled around Brian and looking at Jeff. Ash then used his pokedex on Gastly.
“Gastly, the gas pokemon. This pokemon likes to play tricks on people and pokemon alike. Known moves are Lick, Hypnosis, Mean look.
“Gas, Gastly.”, the pokemon said as he looked confused at Jeff.
Its ok, Gastly. Go with Brian. I want ya to look after him. I’ll be fine. Your friends will be here.”, Jeff said.
“Thank you, Dad. I’ll take care of Gastly for you.”, Brian said as he walked off happily.
Gastly noticed Pikachu and decided to sneak up on it and scare it making Pikachu run and hide in Ash’s bag.
“Pika!”, Pikachu yelled.
“Gastly!”, the ghost pokemon said laughing.
“Gastly, that wasn’t nice, now go say sorry to Pikachu! You two are goin to be on the same team.”, Brian yelled.
“Gastly, Gas!”, Gastly said as he looked at Pikachu.
“Pika! Pika.”, Pikachu said as he stuck his head out of the bag.
“Well, I guess the pokedex wasn’t kidding when it said Gastly was a trickster.”, Ash said.
“Ya, he can be. I knew Gastly for a while now. He can be a good pokemon.”, Brian said as he returned Gastly to his pokeball.
Brian and Ash has went over to the train station to board the train when they were stopped by the conductor who was wearing a dark blue outfit with black hat.
“Hi, do you both have tickets?”, the conductor asked.
“Here’s mine.”, Brian said as he handed his ticket over.
The conductor looked at Ash and remembered he was the one they were expecting when he saw him and Pikachu.
“You must be Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, I was expecting you. Professor Oak sent your ticket and picture over yesterday. We have your sleeper car ready for you.”, the conductor said.
“Nice, if it’s alright, can Brian use the same car as me cause we are traveling together?”, Ash asked.
“Sure can. All aboard, train to Coal City is about to depart!”, the conductor yelled.
Brian and Ash had settled in as the train started leaving. What they didn’t know was there will be dangers waiting for them along the way.

“Attention, Passengers, we will be in Coal City in about 3 days.”, the conductor said.
“Wow, what a name for a city.”, Ash said.
“Coal City is a mining town and also home to one of the league’s gyms. The trainer specializes in ground type pokemon.”, Brian said.
“Nice, I think I’ll challenge the gym when we get there.”, Ash said.
“I wouldn’t. You need at least 4 pokemon and 3 badges to challenge the leader.”, Brian said.
“Oh ok. So what would ya suggest then?”, Ash asked.
“First, we go to see Professor Lily since I believe you mentioned ya had to drop something off. While ya are in Kazuto , sign up for the league there. After all, you did want to challenge the gym in Coal City. I suggest ya travel to Myst Town and challenge my mom to a gym battle.” Brian explained.
“Ok, I’ll do just that.”, Ash said.
A few days later, the train finally arrives in Coal City. What dangers await our heroes?
Next Chapter: “Minor troubles in Coal City!!!!!!!”

A/N: Reviews are welcome. Don’t expect a speedy update. I’m a very busy person and yes there will be fakemon included. I thought of some ideas. If any can help with pokedex info, I’ll be thankful. Pokemon data info I need is Sandshrew and Diglett. The trainer oc I plan on introducing is a ground type trainer. Also, will include some rock pokemon in her roster. And yes, our favorite Team Rocket trio will be in it.

I'll be posting new chapters as often as I can. I wrote the fic before but that was lost so i made massive changes. Check it out.