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Pokemon Legacy- Ancient Powers of Kyogre and Groudon

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goodra power

Dragon Master
Post a profile of your character
No double posting
Serebii rules
No spamming or swearing
You can be two characters
No killing unless
Someone else has to be Kyogre

I will be Groudon and Hydreigon

Dex number: 383
Types: Ground
Mega/Primal: Yes
Types for primal: Ground, Fire
Item: Red Orb
Role: Bad Guy
Attacks: Precipice Blades, Lava Plume, Dragon Claw and Solar Beam

Dex Number: 635
Mega/Primal: No
Item: None
Role: Villager in Hakuma Village
Attacks: Dragon Rush, Tri Attack, Drago Meteor and Flamethrower


Really and truly
Hi there! If you would like to run an RPG here, please be sure to read the RPG Rules first. You need to write a plot for your RPG that must be at least 400 words, and you must include sign-ups forms for each character that includes their Personality and History (which must each be at least 100 words). Lastly, you must first post in the Sign-Up forum where other members can apply to participate on your RP, and only once then can you begin the RPG.

Unfortunately, as this does not follow the rules, I am closing this thread. Please be sure to read the rules and get a feel for how this forum works before posting again. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck!

Not open for further replies.