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Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Johto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Brando95, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Johto)

    Damion and his friends Steve, Matt, Karlos, and Andy are riding a large ferry, even cruise-like, for over a week now towards the Johto Region. Their next destination is where the closest Pokemon League and Grand Festival are being held. Also, the best guess as to where the evil organization, Team Universe, is located.

    Damion leaned his back on the side rail that separated him from falling into the ocean. "Can this ferry go any slower!" He was startled by his own voice. It had sounded deeper than usual. Damion had been hitting puberty throughout the Kanto Region and he didn't even notice!

    He then turned around to face the sea. He thought about the pokemon that he left back at Professor Oaks lab. Damion had abandoned them and started a new journey without them. Was that a smart choice?

    The boat was about to approach the shore. The last day on this ship was about to end! "Let's go!!!" Damion rushed passed his friends and towards the exit. He motioned for his friends to come but, didn't bother to look back. When he approached the exit, it started to open. It was the first time that Damion has seen land in a week! "I can't wait to step on that earth. Just because I'm a waterbender doesn't mean that I'm fond of staying bottled up in a ship..." Damion explained to Andy.

    The door had opened fully and Damion was the first to get out. A mob of passengers followed.
    Pearla busted through a mob of people on her own boat. She had been on this boat for a week just waiting for it to hit land. When it finally came time to leave, another boat was parked to the right. Pearla rushed through the mob and procceded out of the boat.

    When Pearla ran off of the boat, she took no hesitation to head towards the Pokemon Lab. It had always been her dream to be a Pokemon Trainer.
    Damion headed off of the boat and waited for his friends to come off. But, apparently they were lost in the mob so, Damion decided to head towards the Pokemon Lab and meet them there.

    He approached the Lab with amazment. At its standards really, he was amazed at how different it was. It was much smaller than the one in Pallet Town which Damion was used to.

    He walked inside where he was happy to find Professor Elm ready for his appointment. "Hello! I'm Damion and I'm here to pick up my pokemon." Damion said coolly.

    "You sound rather calm. Have you done this before?" Professor Elm replied in a dull voice. He had that same look as on the Picture Phone.

    "Yes! I'm a coordinator that made top two in the Kanto Grand Festival last week." Damion answered.

    "Oh yes! I remember now!" Professor Elm smiled. "Damion right?"
    Pearla entered the Lab to find a boy talking to Professor Elm. "Hello! Is this a bad time? I just came for an appointment to pick up my pokemon." She stared at the boy talking to Professor Elm. She smiled and blushed.

    Damion smiled back. "Hey!"

    "Ohh... hi! Have I seen you before?" Pearla knew well who he was. She had been a big fan of his when she saw him at the Kanto Grand Festival on T.V. With a big crush on him too. She always wished that she could watch his other contests but, the regular contests are only shown throughout the Region. Only the Grand Festival is shown worldwide. Pearla always wanted to meet Damion in person and it was finally her chance!

    Damion answered. "Did you watch the Kanto Grand Festival? I was in that." He smiled widely back at her. He didn't notice that she was blushing though.

    "Ohh... that was it! Thanks..." Pearla blushed even more and tried to act natural. Which, ultimately failed...

    ((Take it from here! And don't control any other character but, yours or a made up one. No matter what. Matt counts as a made up character. Only Steve is Torpoleon (Bro. 2)'s character.))
  2. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    (Brando, is Damion going to teach Andy water bending in Johto?)

    Andy got off the boat and looked for his friends, but he couldn't see anything through the crowd.

    'Excuse me, pardon me, ow my foot' said Andy as he fought his way through the crowd.

    He finally got onto the dock and had a look around, Johto was just as he remembered it.

    'I can't wait to challenge the gyms here' thought Andy as he eyed the scenery.

    He saw Damion in the distance heading towards a large building.

    'That must be the pokemon lab' thought Andy.

    He decided to head for the lab hoping that his friends were already there.

    As he entered the lab he saw Damion, a girl he had never seen before and a man in a white lab coat who he assumed was Professor Elm.

    'Hi everyone' said Andy smiling.

    'More visitors' said Professor Elm 'what a nice surprise, and you are?'

    'I'm Andy, Professor' said Andy.

    'Ahh yes, i've heard a lot about you' said Professor Elm 'very good job with the pokemon league'.

    Andy found it strange that the Professor didn't appear to know he was the avatar but he didn't mind.

    'Nice to meet you' Andy said to Pearla.

    'You too' she said still staring at Damion.

    Andy could see that she liked Damion, but he was totally oblivious.

    'So what brings you here?' asked Andy.

    'What?' said Pearla snapping back to reality 'Oh sorry i'm a trainer and i came to get my first pokemon'.
  3. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    (Damion will teach bending to Andy and Pearla is my character only!!! Now what did I say about controling characters that are someone else's? Oh yeah! DON'T!!! I'll let it slip this time... but, be warned!)

    Pearla had snapped back into reality. "Sorry... so, where are the pokemon exactly? I don't see them anywhere..." Pearla looked around acting like she was searching for the pokemon when really, she was trying not to stare at Damion.

    "The pokemon should be here somewhere..." Proffesor Elm walked into a back room where you could hear him mumbling to himself. "Now where are they... hmm..." You could hear more fumbling around with the objects when you finally heard him say a cheer. "Ha! I found you!"

    Damion looked at Pearla who seemed to be messing around with her feet. "This might take a while..."

    Pearla blushed again. She was so nervous that she even forgot to speak.

    The Professor rushed back to the trainers with a cart of pokeballs. "There are going to be many other trainers coming today so, these should cover them all. Go!!!" He threw the many pokeballs in the air and 9 pokemon popped onto the table. "There are 3 to choose from. There is 3 for Damion, Pearla, and Andy."

    "Wow! That one is so cute!" Pearla said in her very girly- girlish voice as she pointed at the Chikorita standing in front of her. Pearla knew that it was going to be her's all along. "I'll take her!"

    Damion just looked at the Chikorita in front of him and decided not to take it. It sure was cute and great for contests though. Damion stared at the Cyndiquil and Totodile. The Totodile stared at him and Damion knew that he was meant for Damion. Just by the look on his face alone! "I'll have the Totodile!" Damion said in his new and improved voice.

    The two trainers gripped the coresponding pokeballs and returned their new pokemon. "Thank you!" They said at the same time. Making Pearla blush again...

    "That was fate..." She said without realizing that it was just a coincidence. She was totally overeacting to the outburst.
  4. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    (Just a note. <>= thinking in my posts. And I'm gald this finally started.)
    Leo stood outside Professor Elm's lab.

    "Finally," he said.

    <I'll get a Pokemon and make Team Universe pay,> he added mentally. He stepped forward and opened the door, revealing a cluttered lab with four people inside, the professor and three other trainers.

    "I'm here for my Pokemon professor," Leo said.

    "Oh, yes Leo," Elm said absentmindedly "well, I've got plenty to choose from." He gestured towards a set of seven Pokemon standing on the floor. There were only three different Pokemon, Chickorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Leo looked at them.

    "Chickorita," he said thoughtfully. Chickorita was a strong Grass Type, but if he did any Firebending around it, it could get spooked and run away. He didn't need that.

    "Maybe Totodile," Leo said, looking at the crocodile, who responded by shooting a Water Gun in his face.

    "Maybe not," Leo spluttered. He moved over to one of the Cyndaquil. The fire mouse Pokemon stared at him with a determined stare. This was a Pokemon who wanted strength, who wanted to become the strongest it could.

    "I'll take Cyndaquil!" Leo announced.

    "That is a good choice," Elm said "here are your Pokedex and Poke Balls." He handed Leo the red plastic rectange and the six red and white spheres.

    "Cyndaquil, return!" Leo ordered, pointing a Poke Ball at Cyndaquil. His starter Pokemon was sucked into the ball in a blaze of red light. Leo clipped his Poke Balls to his belt, placed the Pokedex in a pocket in his rucksack and finally checked his Poke Gear. He quickly called his mom on the Poke Gear.

    "Mom, I've just got my starter!" he said excitedly.

    "Good honey," she replied "what did you pick?"

    "A Cyndaquil," Leo replied.

    "Good choice," his mom replied "how was the journey to New Bark?"

    "Pretty easy, Trainers kept battling the wild Pokemon, so I didn't get attacked by one," Leo said.

    "Well, good luck with your journey," his mom said "stay in touch. Bye." She hung up and Leo put the Poke Gear back on his belt. He decided to meet some of the other trainers, to find out who his competition would be.

    "Hi there," he said, walking over "I'm Leo. Who are you guys?"
  5. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion and Pearla turned to Leo. The blush wiped off of Pearla's face after realizing that other people were watching. She then felt embarassed but, tried not to show it.

    "I'm Damion! You might know me from the Kanto Grand Festival." He smiled. By the look on Leo's face, he could tell that he was going to be a tough competitor.

    "My name's Pearla. I'm glad to meet you." Pearla shaked his hand. "I'm so stupid! I should've shaked Damion's hand when I had the chance! To late now..." The girl just smiled at Leo.

    "So, have you decided what you are going to participate in? There are Contests and Gyms. I chose contests..." Damion added to his question.

    "You're very good at them too..." Pearla added before she realized what she had said. "Uhh... I mean... I'm doing Gyms!" She bursted. As if that helped anything... "So.... what are you doing?"
  6. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "I'm going to do Gyms mostly," Leo said "but I might have a shot at Contests if I get the chance. I might learn something."

    <I never knew I could just... relax,> he thought <I haven't talked so normally around people outside the family since... Kris died.> He looked away from Damion and Pearla's faces for a second, looking out of the window.

    "Team Universe are going to pay," he whispered, repeating the promise he'd made on that day three years before.

    <And I'm going to be the one getting the compensation,> he promised mentally, seeing in his head Kris running towards the grunts, words on her lips. Then...

    "I'm not going to think about it," Leo said, forgetting that people were listening.
  7. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    (my turn)

    " finaly off the ferry" Jeff said

    "well better get my starter Jeff then just rushed towards a a white building

    Jeff opened the door and walked inside he saw a man in white coat, a girl, a boy with black hair, a boy with blond hair and... "Oh my god it's Andy" Jeff couldn't help but yell when he saw someone who was Jeff's favorite trainer in the pokemon league.

    Jeff quickly tried to recover and asked "I was wondering if I could have my first pokemon please"
    Professor Elm replied "No problem so which one would you like" he showed Jeff.

    A small Pokémon which vaguely resembles a dinosaur. It had primarily a pale leaf green color with large red eyes. Chikorita the Grass starter of Johto.

    A pokemon with milky color on it's underside. Its eyes closed and four spots on it's back. Cyndaquil the fire starter of Johto.

    And finaly a pokemon like a small blue alligator with red spines. Totodile the water starter of Johto.

    after a few seconds Jeff said " Cyndaquil please"
    "Cynda!!!!" the Cyndaquil yelled in happness and junped on Jeff's shoulder
    "well here is Cyndaquil's poke ball" Professor Elm gave Jeff a red and white ball

    "thank you" Jeff replied taking the ball.

    ( I have Edited it Bando if thats all right)
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2008
  8. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion turned his head when Leo mentioned Team Universe. "Did you say Team Universe? Have you seen them?" Damion asked excitingly. He turned to Andy for any response.

    "What is Team Universe? It sounds like a bad T.V. show." Pearla asked. She looked totally clueless yet admiring Damion for his inteligence.

    Damion still seemed oblivious to anything that Pearla seemed to be admiring about him. He didn't even notice that she was staring at him. "Team Universe is an evil organization that is trying to destroy the Universe and create their own. They aren't exactly push- overs either."

    "So..." Said Pearla still admiring the boy next to her. He was like a celebrity to her. She couldn't keep her eyes off. "...they are a bunch of weirdos who think that they can destroy the Universe?"

    "Not exactly, they have all of the elements on their side. With Earth, Water, Fire, and Airbenders. Plus, they have a great plan that unfortunately is bound to work unless someone can stop them. But, only a few people really know about this organization. I was the first to discover them..."

    "Wow..." Pearla said. Damion thought that she was wowing the organization's power. She was really just admiring again. It seems that she can't keep her mind off of Damion for one second. Just because he was standing near her. Pearla has been dreaming of actually meeting him but, now it is just creepy...

    ((Just to remind everyone, posts must be 7 lines long.)
  9. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "They'll be more than pushed over if they meet me," Leo said "I've got bad history with them. Why don't we work together, just to beat them? After all, we all have one goal: get those guys."

    <Besides, with these guys on my side, I could get Team Universe so easily. And then they would know what happens when you cross a Firebender.> Suddenly his Poke Gear rang.

    "Hello," Leo asked, answering the Poke Gear.

    "Leo," his dads voice answered.

    "You," Leo said.

    "Oh come on, I have a good message this time," his dad said "you have your starter now, so I want you to come to Goldenrod City and meet me. Team Universe is always looking for new members."

    "You are nuts if you think I'd join Team Universe after what they did to Kris," Leo spat "besides, I've met a guy called Damion. Apparently he knows Team Universe. Want to talk to him?"

    "No!" his dad cried "but just think about my offer. You could become really powerful if you joined us."

    "One, two, three," Leo said "thought about it. Answer is... no. Goodbye." He hung up, unaware his shoulders were shaking with rage.
  10. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion watched as Leo hung up the phone. "Who was that? Why were you talking about Team Universe?" Damion became a little worried. But, not trying to show his concern. "They aren't something to announce to the public."

    "I think that he was just talking to someone..." Pearla replied to Damion's troubled voice. "He didn't mean any harm. If I were him I would've told anyone about Team Universe. Like you said... they are trouble."

    "Yeah, but, they are going to cause panic. You wouldn't want to get the world in shock would you?" Damion asked as he remembered when his sister Candice made that outburst in the Indigo League. She shouted out that Andy was the Avatar. Damion decided to keep that to himself for now.

    "I guess not..." Pearla sighed. She realized how much chaos that would cause. "So... who was Leo talking to? Probably someone who already knows about Team Universe I hope."
  11. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Jeff could help but notice that the blond boy called leo looked angry after that call.

    " So Damion, Andy, Leo,Pearla where do you all plan to go from here" Jeff said trying to get conversation away from Team Universe but the name couldn't help but ring a bell most likely something the old man said to him.
  12. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "Its more than someone who knows about Team Universe, it is Team Universe," Leo snapped "my dad. He works for those evil Pokemon torturing child murdering *******." He took out his rage in a stream of profanities.

    "And he thinks I'm crazy enough to join them. Not likely."

    <I'll tear him in half and burn whats left when I see him next,> he promised himself <wow. I'm making a lot of revenge threats today.>

    "As for keeping them a secret, why?" he asked "why keep them a secret? We should tell everyone about them, get the lot of them arrested. Or better, killed. Prison is too good for them."
  13. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    (ashds: You gotta remember to keep your posts at a 7 line minimum!)

    Damion just stared at Leo and Jeff. They both had totally different views about this entire discussion. Damion was starting to agree with Jeff on this one. "We can't tell the public because they will start to get out of control. Kind of like what you are doing right now. They'll start to worry and eventually just go insane..."

    "Yep! That's true." Professor Elm agreed. He just wanted to end the discussion in a non- violent way.

    "Listen Leo, you gotta calm down! You can't just go around and tell people to execute people!" Pearla exclaimed. "It isn't right. Now, I just wanted to have a normal journey but, now we are talking about all of this nonsense. I'm leaving." Pearla started to march towards the door. "Come, Damion."

    Damion was suprised. "Since when was I traveling with you?" Damion asked confused.

    Pearla was embarassed. "Oh yeah! I never asked you yet!" She walked back into the discussion. But, stayed close to Damion.

    Damion blushed. Then, he just wiped his face. "Akward..."
  14. taxfreesobuyme

    taxfreesobuyme Well-Known Member

    Jesse stared out of the window of the train as it sped on it's tracks heading to it's destination New Bark Town. It was a warm and sunny day, perfect for starting a new adventure the young black haired boy thought to himself as he watched a group of pidgeys fly by. Today was the day he'd get his first pokemon and finally starting his journey to be a Pokemon trainer.

    The train arrived in the early afternoon and the small town was very lively and full of friendly people. This wasn't the first time Jesse has been to New Bark town since he didn't live to far away and knew exactly where he was headed. After walking eagerly through the town Jesse was finally in front of the pokemon lab. He walked through the door and saw a middle aged man in a lab coat, it was professor Elm preparing the new starter pokemon to be given to new trainers.

    By the time he arrived there were already a group of trainers at the lab but Jesse decided to ignore them for now and get his starter pokemon.

    "Excuse me professer Elm?" Jesse said quietly. Profresser Elm looked at the blue eyed boy and removed his glasses wiping them with his lab coat.

    "Hello, you must be here for your starter pokemon right?" Elm said with a smile.

    "Yeah I'm Jesse, I was here about a week ago."

    "Oh yeah Jesse, your the boy who request the Cyndaquil am i correct?" Elm said remembering the young boy.

    "Yes sir!" Jesse stood up straight with an eager smile.

    "Right over here kiddo." The Professor walked over to a lab table and grabbed one of the Pokeballs on it.

    "This will be your new partner from now on, treat him well." Professor Elm lectured as he handed the eager black haired boy the Pokeball.

    "Thanks!" Jesse said.

    "Oh, I almost forgot." Elm said handing Jesse his pokedex and five pokeballs. "Wont get too far in your journey without those." Elm chuckled.

    Their conversation was interrupted by the angry voice of one of the other new trainers talking to someone on their pokegear.

    Jesse also heard a girl ask someone to travel with her. "Not a bad idea." Jesse thought to himself. He approached the group of people and introduced himself.

    "Hey, I'm Jesse..." He wasn't used to meeting new people and was a bit shy but tried to play it off cool.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2008
  15. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion looked even more disapointed. "Now someone else knows about Team Universe!" Damion just frowned.

    "Uh... he doesn't know what Team Universe is I believe. He just heard it from Leo." Pearla had whispered to him. She was so close that it was easy to tell that she was worried also.

    "Ohh... than they are a bad T.V. show!!!" Damion said hoping that Jesse would buy it. He had gotten that idea from when Pearla said that it sounded like a bad T.V. show.

    Damion leaned over to Pearla. It wasn't that far of a lean since she stood so close. She was practically resting her head on him. "Do you think he bought it?" He whispered.

    "No..." She replied.
  16. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Jeff looked out the window and saw more than a dozen people in space suits and pirate outfits with blue bannda's.

    "ummmm guys you all may want to get your pokemon out because I think we have some company".

    the windows and doors suddenly smashed.

    "and its name is Team Universe".

    a group of Zubats entered from the broken windows and doors.

    "Cyndaquil use Swift on the Zubats from the front door".

    Cyndaquil jumped off Jeff's shoulder into the air and fried a strom of stars from its mouth hitting the small blue bat like pokemon.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2008
  17. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Pearla jumped at the sound of the glass and Damion shot his hand towards his belt. He hoped to grip Wartortle's pokeball before he remembered that he was with Professor Oak. Then, he grabbed the only full pokeball with him. "Time for Totodile's debut!!!" Damion threw the pokeball up in the air and a Totodile popped onto the ground.

    "Uh... uhh...." Pearla fumbled for a pokeball. "You're up Chikorita!" She threw the pokeball up in the air and the grass pokemon landed beside Totodile. "Now what?!" She looked at Damion for an answer.

    "Now order! Use..." Damion never had practiced with Totodile. But, this wasn't a contest so, anything would do. "Water Gun!"

    The pokemon sent a jet of water flying at a Zubat. "Direct hit!" Pearla yelled. She was really impressed of Damion's skill with handling pokemon. "You use Water Gun too!"

    The Chikorita just stared at her trainer with a confused look. "Chikorita's can't use Water Gun!" Damion assured Pearla. "Try a Razor Leaf!"

    "Okay... Razor Leaf!" Many leaves flew towards the Zubats with a flick of Chikorita's leaf. "Cool!"

    A zubat flew towards Chikorita and bit on its head. It was using Leech Life. "Get off! Razor Leaf!" The Chikorita tried to hit the pokemon but, it was too close to get a good hit on.

    "Water Gun!" Totodile used water gun on the zubat and it flew off of the Chikorita's head.

    "Thanks..." Pearla thanked Damion. She was relieved that was over. But, Team Universe was still here.
  18. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "So you're just going to try and deal with it!" Leo said, clenching his hands into fists "well then, you play it safe. Thats your call. But I'm not going to play Cops and Robbers with them. This isn't a game. You just don't have the guts to do what has to be done. Goodbye." With that he stormed out of the lab.

    "If you want me I'm training Cyndaquil!" he yelled back. He marched out of New Bark Town onto Route 29.

    "They don't get it!" he yelled "you can't just hope you can beat them and keep Team Universe a complete secret! Cyndaquil, go!" He threw his Pokemon's Poke Ball and released it onto the grass.

    "Practice time!" Leo announced. Cyndaquil perked up.

    "Quil, Cyndaquil!" it said happily. Suddenly something rustled in the bushes.

    "Tackle!" Leo ordered. Cyndaquil charged into the bushes and slammed into something. Then it emerged, pulling a brown Pokemon out of the bushes. The Pokemon was basically a round ball of fur with arms, legs and a long brown tail. Leo pulled his Pokedex out of his rucksack, flipped it open and pointed it at the Pokemon.

    "Sentret, the Scout Pokemon. It stands on its strong tail to observe wide areas of land and look for predators. If it sights danger it lets out a warning cry to alert other Pokemon in the area."

    "Cyndaquil, Tackle again!" Leo yelled, Cyndaquil charged into Sentret as the Pokemon drew in a breath, no doubt to use its warning cry. The Tackle winded it and sent it skidding through the dust.

    "Tackle one last time!" Leo ordered. Cyndaquil leapt into the air and Tackled Sentret again, crushing the Pokemon between the Tackle and the ground. Then Cyndaquil leapt away, leaving Sentret lying on the ground.

    "Poke Ball go!" Leo yelled, throwing a Poke Ball into Sentret and holding his breath...

    (If you think Leo is angry now, wait till he meets Team Universe...)

    EDIt: (oh great, now I'm out of place. I'll have to sort this out, majorly. Of course I had to go and have dinner before I finished writing the post.)
  19. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    'I'm planning to challenge the gyms' said Andy in response to Leo's question.

    He was as concerned as Damion about how this discussion was going, but at the same time he was very interested to learn that Leo had connections to Team Universe.

    'Well if you plan to challenge the gyms, you're going to need a partner' said Professor Elm 'have you decided which one you'd like?'

    'I was thinking of a Chikorita' said Andy 'but i can't decide which one to choose.

    As Andy walked past the table, one of the Chikorita jumped into his arms.

    'I think the choice has been made for you' laughed Professor Elm.

    'I guess so' said Andy putting Chikorita down.

    'So do you want to come with me?' Andy asked Chikorita.

    'Chikor' said Chikorita jumping up and down.

    'Well that's settled' saiD Andy.

    'I'll just give you Chikorita's pokeball' said Professor Elm.

    'Thanks Professor' said Andy taking Chikorita's.

    'Ready to go Chikorita' said Andy.

    'Chikor' said Chikorita as Andy called it into it's pokeball.

    'Looks like i'm all set' said Andy.
    He heard the window smash and saw everyone grab for their pokeballs and wondered what was going on.

    Then he heard someone shouting about Team Universe.

    'I can't believe it' said Andy 'what are they doing here?'

    He clutched Chikorita's pokeball in his hand.

    'Well it looks at though it's time to get to work' said Andy 'go Chikorita'.

    The little leaf pokemon appeared.

    'Are you ready for your first battle?' asked Andy.

    'Chikor' said Chikorita nodding.

    'Okay then Razor Leaf' said Andy.

    Chikorita fired off a shower of leaves at the grunts pokemon.

    'I knew it' said one of the grunts 'we've found the avatar'.

    'You might have found me but that doesn't mean that i' going to let you continue with this attack' said Andy.

    'You against all of us' laughed the grunt.

    'It's not just me' said Andy i have friends.

    'A bunch of kids' laughed the grunt 'what can they do?'

    'If you don't leave, you'll find out' said Andy.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2008
  20. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    (Does nobody notice that Team Universe is attacking?)

    Damion jumped out of the way when a Team Galactic Grunt had shot a fire ball at Damion. Pearla's heart jumped but, Damion was still okay. "Water Gun on me!" The Totodile did as told without hesitation and Damion bended it into a whip and smacked the grunt to the ground.

    "Wow!" Pearla admired his strength. But, there were more important things to worry about. With a grunt, Pearla managed to bend a big chunck of earth out of the cement floor. With yet another grunt, she threw the chunck at a grunt. "Wow!" She yelled. This time, admiring her own strength.

    Damion stood there watching the grunts for a while. There is usually a comander leading the pack but, this time... nothing. He knew what was going on. "Everyone! Stop fighting!" They all stopped and watched Damion. "This isn't the real threat!" Damion ran out of the lab.

    Pearla decided that Damion knew what he was talking about and followed. "What's going on?"

    "There is usually a comander leading them. That attack must be a decoy! But, where would they be?" Damion and Pearla wondered as they ran around the town looking for anything suspicious.

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