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Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Johto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Brando95, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    (Bro. 1, you do know what reluctant means, right? The way that you used it sounded kind of wierd.)

    Pearla panted a bit from fatique and answered. "Maybe we should get the door down. Whoever's in there needs help." She said. Then, without another word, she bended a huge rock with a great amount of energy. "Now, let's just..." She started as she aligned the rock with the wall. Then, she screamed. A pokemon had emerged from a pokeball on Justin's belt. It was a Garchomp.

    "Garchomp!!!" Damion screamed. "Totodile, use Water Gun on it!" He commanded. Garchomp is a ground type so, Damion excpected the Water Gun to be a big help. But, it didn't work. "Clefairy, use Metronome!" He yelled. "Use Water Gun again, Totodile. Keep it going!" He commanded, again. Totodile sent a rapid jet of water towards Garchomp as he waited for Clefairy's move.

    Pearla grabbed a pokeball. "Chikorita! Charge up a Solarbeam!" She yelled. Chikorita popped out and started to store energy.

    Garchomp roared and ran full speed into Totodile. It was Dragon Rush! "Totodile!" Damion yelled. "Use Water Gun and keep it coming!" He commanded once again. "Venomoth, use Bug Buzz. Beedrill, use Twineedle! Keep it going!" He yelled. All of his pokemon were rapidly firing waves of sound, needles, and water at Garchomp. But, the attacks were making no effect.

    Chikorita shot a Solarbeam at Garchomp after charging enough energy. "Don't stop!" Pearla yelled. It was obvious that the attacks were dealing damage. But, it wasn't enough to stop Garchomp from sending meteors down from the sky which destroyed the ceiling of the abbandoned home.

    All of the pokemon around Garchomp were being attacked by the move. They all got badly damaged and lost concentration. Damion yelled. "Keep attacking. No matter what!" He yelled. All of his pokemon resumed their attacks.

    "Chikorita, use Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard!" She yelled. A rainbow dome surrounded all of the pokemon to protect them from attacks. "Now, use Razor Leaf and don't hold back!" She yelled.

    All of the pokemon fired their attacks. Clefairy's fingers stopped swaying. It let out a yell as Rain started falling through the broken ceiling. She used Rain Dance. Totodile's Water Gun began to power up by the rain. Damion smiled. "That's great!" He said.

    Damion bended the water and froze all of the drops. They became ice spikes that were floating in midair. Damion let out a grunt as he hurled them towards Garchomp. "Garchomp should be wet enough by now." He panted. Damion then gave out a large blow out of his mouth.

    Garchomp became frozen in a block of ice. He was drenched with water from the Rain Dance and Water Gun. "That's good." Damion said. "He won't be bothering us anymore. Ice is super effective against Ground and Dragon Types." He said. "Now, let's get that door down."
  2. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    (I know what it means,. How would it sound weird?)
    Zach watched as Damion and Pearla beat the Garchomp. "Croconaw and Tyranitar, come on out!"Zach yelled. He grabbed 2 Poke Balls from his belt releasing Croconaw and Tyranitar. "I want you 2 stand gurd in case Garchomp breaks free. When he does than tell us."Zach explained to his 2 Pokemon.

    Zach, Damion and Pearla wlaked to the door and tried to open it but the door was locked! "Go Arcanine and use Flamethrower on the door!"Zach yelled. Arcanine appeared and a jetof fire shot from his mouth to the door. The door broke of the hinges and Zach returned Arcanine and the trio entered the room. "It's Zach, Damion and Pearla to save us!"Matt exclaimed trying to tell Sreve. The trio untied them and Matt explained the whole thing. Zach saw Steve's Poke Balls and handed them to him. "They sure sound tough but we handled it."Zach reassured and heard and loud roaring sund. "Oh no!"Zach yelled and the 5 of them rushed out of the room.

    Garchomp was free from the ice and brushed of the water. Tyranitar motioned to Zach that would mea 'Let Croconaw and myself handle this.' Tyranitar used Dark Pulse but Garchomp blocked it with his wing. But, Croconaw nailed it wth Ice Beam knocking it out. "Wow! Thanks you guys! Return."Zach said joyfully and they went back into their Poke Balls. Zach turned to Damion, Pearla, Steve and Matt and asked,"What should we do about Garchomp and those boys?"
  3. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    "Hmm... let's see." Damion began thinking.

    "Let's just leave them here." Pearla answered. "They'll eventually wake up." She said. "It'd be best not to mess with them. I don't think that they desierve to be hurt anymore." She said. The group headed out. Pearla started to head out. Damion looked at Garchomp, Justin, and Chuck who were lying on the ground.

    Pearla turned back to make sure that Damion was okay. "Are you okay?" She asked. He was just staring at the two and their pokemon.

    "Huh?" Damion asked as he looked up to Pearla. "Oh... yeah, I'm fine."

    "Okay... I'm just making sure." She said. "Now, come on. Your contest is tomorrow and it's getting late. You need all of the rest that you can get."

    "Okay..." Damion answered. He walked past Pearla and out the door. Pearla smiled, blushed, and followed him out.
  4. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Zach, Steve and Matt followed them to the Pokemon Center to rest up. "Hi! Woudl you each like a room?"Nurse Joy asked as she greeted us. "Yes please."Zach responded. Nurse Joy motioned for them to go to their rooms. Zach was in his dream state dreaming about his future gym matches in Johto.

    "Arcanine come on use Flamethrower on Steelix!'' dream Zach said. A jet of fire shot from Arcanine's mouth knocking out the Sttelix. The setting changed to another gym.

    "Thunder than Thunder bolt."dream Zach commanded an unknown Pokemon of his. Two amazing electrical energies shot rom this unknown Pokemon knocking out another one.

    After that, the dream ended and Zach awoke to find out that it was daytime and fogot what happened in his dreams! "Time for Damion, Jeff and Steve to start the contest."Zach said and got dressed to meet everyone at the ground floor of the Pokemon Center.
  5. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion woke up the next morning, ready for a battle. Pearla woke up also. She wanted to cheer everybody on during the contest. They both headed down stairs and met at the lobby with Zach. "Hm... not everybody's up yet." Damion said. "What should we do while we wait?" He asked.

    "Um... I don't know." Pearla answered. What Pearla wanted to do was to explain to Damion about how she felt after her Gym Battle. But, she didn't think that it was a good idea. Unfortunately, she knew that it was the right thing to do. "Say, Damion... can I speak to you for a moment." She gave in.

    Damion nodded. "Sure. What's up?" He asked as the two walked to another side of the lobby, leaving Zach alone.

    "After you kissed me..." She started. "... I had mixed emotions. I was happy but, I was also kind of shocked and confused." She looked to down to her side and grabbed her arm, trying not to make eye contact. "I really like you but... I don't think that you did that at the right time. It was kind of awkward."

    "I'm sorry." Damion said. "But, it felt like something that I had to do." He said, remembering about what Leo had told him. "It's just that... when I had my conversation with Leo, he told me about what happened with him and Kris. I didn't want the same thing to happen to me. I'm trying to make the most of my life and... I got a bit carried away." He explained.

    "That's okay." Pearla said. "It's in the past now. I just needed you to know how I felt. It felt like the right thing to do." She said. "Also, it was kind of awkward... in front of all of those people."

    "Yeah... I should've thought it out first." Damion laughed. They were both silent for a moment. Pearla looked up from the ground at Damion. They waited for a moment until Damion gave her a kiss. "Was that less awkward now that we're alone?" He asked.

    Pearla was silent. "A bit..." She answered. She turned away so that she could hide that she was blushing. "Let's get back to Zach." She said as she turned back to Damion.
  6. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Leo looked on as Damion kissed Pearla. He still felt kinda sorry for what had happened the day before, but at least it seemed to have worked out.

    <Unlike with me,> he thought. He looked away from the two and turned his gaze to the outside world.

    "Time for Morty to meet me," he said "or maybe I should go fro the Kimon Girls again." He had lost the battle against Sakura and Kairi, the Hyper Beam had dealt too much damage to Quilava for him to continue and Furret hadn't been able to beat the two Eeveelutions.

    <Well, at least she evolved,> he thought <that's always good.> He stayed still, listening to the sounds around him for a while. He heard some music, a quiet song.

    It's like catching lightning,
    The chances of finding someone like you,
    It's one in a million,
    The chances of feeling the way we do.

    Leo felt sad as he heard the song. Kris had loved the song, he remembered her singing it for the school talent show. Her soft, sweet voice singing the beautiful words...

    He clenched his fists and shook, trying not to cry. Why did it still hurt to think of her, so long after her death? Why did he feel this way when he was reminded of her?

    What was making him like this?
  7. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Steve woke up and yawned, Matt still sound asleep. If Steve was with friends he would have gotten kidnapped and ad have everyone stop what their doing. At least Steve and Matt are safe, that is all that matters."I hope Cuck, Justin, and Charles go to jail and die in their." He muttered in an angry tone. "If I had seen that coming I would have summonded my Pokemon out so the 3 studges wouldn't have kidnapped us." He muttered. He said that a little to loud and Matt woke up with a start.

    "What happened?" He asked.

    "Oh...uh.. I was just getting my clothes." He said. Matt looked up at him in a suspcious way and walked away to put his clothes on. Matt got his clothes and Steve eventually got his clothes on because the kidnapping was floating around in his head. Steve and Matt made it to the lobby and gave Nurse Joy her key back, and they met up their friends.
  8. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion smiled as he walked over to the group. Leo, Steve, Matt, and Zach were there. "Where's Jeff?" Damion asked them.

    "Hm... where did you see him last?" Pearla asked.

    "At the Contest Hall." Damion said. "Let's go!" He said. The group all walked to the Contest Hall. Everybody but Leo, that is. He seemed to be thinking about something. "Knowing Leo, he's probably thinking about Kris" Damion thought. "He must've seen Pearla and I kiss."

    The group approached the Contest Hall. "I'm going to get a front row seat." Pearla said. "I need you guys to hear me cheer you on." She said as the group went inside.

    "I'll go get a seat." Pearla said. "Good luck, Damion." She said as she turned to Damion. "Oh... and Steve." She said. Pearla ran through the doors with Matt and Zach to find good seats.

    Damion and Steve headed backstage.
  9. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Zach, Matt and Pearla found a good seat and sat down. Zach was a little bit uneasy because of his dream. "(Maybe I should tell Matt and Pearla. It just seemed so weird. Was the electric type Jolteon?) Hey Matt and Pearla, I had a weird dream last night. I was in a gym battling a girl's Steelix with my Arcanine to win."Zach explained. Matt and Pearla motioned for him to go on.

    Zach was boggling through his mind and remembered the rest of the dream. "I remember the rest. The scenery changed to a different gym. I was using an electric type. The weird thing is that it appeared as a question mark and so did the gym leader's Pokemon and himself. Same withthe gym leader in the part. I think this was more of a vision. What about you guys?'Zach asked them. "I honestly don't know."Matt replied and Zach and Matt looked at Pearla to see if she knew the answer.
  10. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    "I think that it was probably just you dreaming about what your battle is going to be like. It probably doesn't mean anything." Pearla said.

    Damion looked up at the screen which showed many Coordinators and their pokemon make amazing appeals. He couldn't believe how strong the competition was. "Next up is Damion, from Snowpoint City, Sinnoh!!!" The MC yelled.

    "It's my turn..." Damion smiled. He walked up to the stage. When he got on, the crowd roared, just as they did with all of the contestants. But, nobody yelled as loud as Pearla.

    "Go, Damion!" She yelled. This outburst got Matt and Zach to look at her with puzzled faces.

    "Clefairy, Dazzle 'em!!!" Damion yelled. He sent Clefairy out of her pokeball. "Use Metronome!" Damion commanded.

    "Uh-oh! Metronome is a move that can be almost anything. This could make or break Damion's performance." The MC commented.

    Clefairy's fingers stopped swaying and started to glow an eerie black aura. The little stubs of Clefairy's hands became an eerie black claw. Clefairy was using Shadow Claw.

    "Great! Jump up and use gravity, head first!" Clefairy jumped high into the air. She then face head first towards the ground and plummeted at full speed. The claw exploded into a dark aura around Clefairy.

    "Wow! That shows how flexible Damion can be!" The MC commented again.

    "Use Light Screen!" Damion yelled. Clefairy created a Light Screen dome around herself. "Pound!!!" He commanded. Clefairy's hand turned a silver color and smashed through the Light Screen and silver and green glitter rained upon Clefairy. "That was Meteor Mash." Damion thought.

    "Wow! What a great appeal!" The MC yelled. "Let's see what our judges have to say!" She said as she turned everybody's attention to the judges. They all ruled that Damion should get a 28/30.

    "Wow! Thanks!" Damion yelled as he ran offstage.

    Pearla cheered for Damion as did the rest of the crowd.
  11. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    Andy woke with a jolt, because Unown was hovering above his head.

    'Unown' it said Unown cheerfully

    'Ahhh, don't do that' said Andy in shock 'what's going on?'

    Unown looked out of the window towards the contest hall.

    'Don't worry, the contest doesn't start for ages yet' said Andy smiling.

    Unown hovered over towards the clock on the wall, according to the time the contest appeal rounds had already started.

    'Damion's going to kill me' thought Andy as he hurried to get dressed.

    He ran out of his room with Unown in hot pursuit, and headed straight for the contest hall.

    The doors were bolted shut.

    'I don't believe this' thought Andy defeatedly.

    Then he had an idea.

    He put his hands by his sides with his palms facing downwards and he launched himself upwards on the contest hall roof.

    'Made it' sighed Andy with relief.

    He looked down and just managed to see the end of Damion's appeal.

    'Oh wow' said Andy 'i can't believe how far he's come with Clefairy, it's going to be a great appeal pokemon'.

    Unown appeared next to him.

    'I'm sorry i shouted before' said Andy 'i know it's not your fault i was late'.

    Unown just nudged him to show that he was forgiven.

    'Come on out guys' said Andy releasing Bayleef and Noctowl.

    They both looked puzzled.

    'I know it's not the best seat in the house, but it'll have to do' said Andy.

    They both smiled in agreement and looked down to watch the next round of appeals.

    'Togepi' said Togepi yawning.

    'Good morning little friend' smiled Andy 'have you been asleep this entire time?'

    'Togepi' smiled Togepi before yawning again and falling back to sleep.

    Andy, Bayleef, Noctowl and Unown sat down around the roof dome and watched the rest of the conest appeals.

    'We can still cheer our friends on, even if they can't see us, right Guys?'

    'Bay, Hoot, Unown' agreed the pokemon.
  12. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Jeff woke up on a bench in contest hall locker room he found Poilwhirl nearby and he then pick his guiltar from under the bench he looked around and found both Damion and Steve but before he could speak to them the MC yelled "up next is Jeff from Pallet Town" Jeff walked up to the stage with his hand on the neck of the guiltar and Poilwhirl following "Poilwhirl it's show time use Water Sport.

    Poilwhirl jumped in the air and fried two small jets of water from its center "Ice Beam" Poilwhirl fried a light bule beam freezeing the Water Sport just as it hit the floor makeing two spirls of ice

    "Bubble Beam" bubbles shot out of Poilwhirl's center "Psychic" Poilwhirls eyes glowed bule as he made the bubbles crucle the spirals

    "okay lets see what our judges have to say" Jeff saw on the score broad 25/30 he walked back with Poilwhirl to the locker room and over to Damion and Steve, Kurt then walked over to them and said "you go luckly Jeff" his Raichu then walked up with Kurt.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
  13. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    "Wow this is a tough Contest." Steve thought.
    "Our final contest is a well known co-ordinator named.......Steve from Cinnabar Island!" The MC cried. The whole room cheered, a lot of people were louder thn other because Steve knew most of them from Cinnabar Island, mostly the girls he knew from Cinnabr Island cheered really loud and had signs, saying 'We *insert heart here* you!' 'You are #1'

    Steve hid a blush as he approached the stage. "Heracross come on out a show 'em what you got!" He shouted. Heracross started flying around the audience and used Silverwind on the sun and sparkles came down.

    "Lovely appeal won't you say?" The MC asked. The audience screamed in agreement.

    "Now," He started,"Use aerial ace around the stage and use Silverind." He commanded. Heracross went streaming fast around the stage and was covered in the SilverWind. In no time at all, a Tornado appeared with the Silverness from the wind."Use WhirlWind on the Tornado!" He said. Powerful winds made3 the Tornado go away and a huge amount of sparkles came down.

    "That was great!" The MC complimented to Steve." The Judges and myself think you deserve...... 30/30!" Steve was in shock. He knew his appeal was good but that high? Excellent. Steve remembered when he was just beginning, how childish his appeals were. He knew he was going ot the battling round of the Contest, anyhow.See you here tomorrow for the battling rounds!" The MC shouted.
  14. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    Andy woke up in the pokemon centre, the next morning.

    'How did i get here?' he thought looking around.

    Nurse Joy walked in with a smile on her face.

    'I'm glad to see you're awake' she beamed.

    'What happened?' said Andy leaning up 'ow my arm'.

    'You had a bit of a fall' explained Nurse Joy 'what on earth were you doing on the contest hall roof?'

    'I was late for my friends contest appeal and i didn't want to miss it' explained Andy.

    'You foolish person, don't you realise you could have been badly hurt?' she scolded.

    'I didn't think about it at the time' joked Andy.

    Nurse Joy stared at him with a stern look on her face.

    'If i fell, what am doing here?' asked Andy.

    'The doctor didn't want to move you too far, so i said i'd watch you, and if there was anything wrong, i was to call straight away' explained Nurse Joy.

    'Well i feel fine' said Andy wincing in pain.

    'It looks that way' smirked Nurse Joy 'you're not going until the doctor gives me the ok'.

    'I don't have time' said Andy with a sense of urgency 'i need to get going'.

    'I said no' said Nurse Joy.

    'You don't understand, i promised i'd be there, and i've wasted too much time already' pleaded Andy.

    'Very well' said Nurse Joy, knowing that his mind was made up.

    'Thank you nurse Joy' said Andy as he collect his things together.

    'I'll go and collect your pokemon for you' said Nurse Joy turning to walk out of the room.

    'Are they ok?' asked Andy.

    'Perfectly fine, they're just worried about you' smiled Nurse Joy as she left.

    Andy hurried to get dressed, and walked into the lobby.

    'Here you are' said Nurse Joy handing him his pokeballs and backpack, with Togepi inside.

    'Topegi' said Togepi happy to see that Andy was ok.

    'Don't worry little friend' Andy said 'it'll take more than a little fall to stop me'.

    Togepi started to clap with excitement.

    'I really wish you'd re-consider' said Nurse Joy sounding worried.

    'Don't worry about me Nurse Joy' said Andy cheerfully 'i can look after my self, i'll be fine'.

    'Just make sure that you do' said Nurse Joy firmly 'and stay away from roof tops'.

    'I will' said Andy as he walked out of the centre, backback over his shoulder and his arm in a sling.

    He walked towards the contest hall.

    'Welcome' said a young woman behind the counter, 'are you here to compete?'

    'Oh no' said Andy 'i'm a spectator'.

    'Straight through that door, you can't miss it' she said cheerily.

    'Thanks' said Andy as he pulled open the door and walked inside.

    He looked around but no-one seemed to be around, so he walked up to the very back of the stands and sat down.

    'Looks like i'm early' he grinned 'at least i can get a good view from up here'.
  15. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion watched the rest of the appeals. "Wow..." He said. At first, he didn't realize that he was saying it out loud. After coming back to his senses, Damion watched the MC as she announced that the Battle Rounds were about to begin. Damion congradulated Steve and Jeff as the eight coordinators who were moving on came on the board. Damion, Steve, and Jeff all made it.

    To Damion pleasure, he had the honor of versing Kurt. Kurt was Jeff's rival and Damion wanted to show how good he could be. Damion knew that Jeff had probably wanted to face Kurt. But, Kurt had really gotten on Damion's nerves. If he was going to battle Kurt, he had better win.

    A strange man with an odd costume on was watching over the contest. He seemed to be observing something. The man imediately noticed that Pearla was watching him with an odd look. He responded by running back to the entrance. A few seconds later, a calm gentleman walked into the room and took a seat.

    Damion smiled in excitment as he ran onto the stage with Kurt. Kurt didn't bother to shake hands before the match. "Let's get started! Start the Clock!" The MC yelled.

    "Venomoth! Front and Center!" Damion yelled. Venomoth popped out of her pokeball. She flew around the stage in excitment and was ready for a battle. She eventually stopped in front of her trainer.

    "Weavile!" Kurt yelled. The pokemon appeared on the stage and made a menacing pose. It seemed strong. Damion just had to be stronger. Bug type was already stronger than Dark types. He had the advantage!

    "Bug Buzz!" Damion commanded.

    "Sucker Punch!" Kurt yelled. Weavile sped up to Venomoth and attacked it before it could attack. "Shadow Ball!" He commanded. Weavile then sent multiple Shadow Balls at Venomoth. They all exploded on contact which created a dark aura around the stage. You couldn't see a thing.

    "Use Gust, Venomoth!" Damion yelled in an urgent manner.

    "Slash!!!" Kurt yelled. Since the dark aura wasn't clearing at all, it was apparent that Venomoth's move didn't work. It was probably disrupted by the Slash attack. "Keep going!"

    "VENOMOTH!!!" Damion yelled. "Bug Buzz!" There was no shockwave of sound that surrounded the arena. It was obvious that Venomoth had failed.

    The aura faded and Venomoth was on the ground, fainted. "The winner is Kurt!" The MC yelled.

    (I knew that Jeff was going to verse Kurt. I decided that Damion would lose this battle so that Jeff can verse him. Damion isn't winning the contest anyways.)
  16. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Leo stood outside the door to the Ecruteak City gym. He was kind of reluctant to open the doors and challenge Morty.

    <I'm not scared,> he thought <I'm upset. I don't want to battle anyone, not while I'm here. Not so near that tower.> He looked at the shining pinnacle, remembering Kris' words. Her dream.

    He forced himself to look away. Damon and Pearla kissing had reopened his emotional wounds and the scars hurt. Had he ever imagined himself and Kris like that someday, kissing somewhere secret and hidden away?

    "Yes," he breathed. He had imagined that and so much more. He felt so angry at himself for daring to believe his life ever could be perfect. His dreams had been torn away like stray cobwebs when those grunts had snuffed out Kris' life just as easily.

    He pressed his hand to the door and opened it. That was what did it, that last thought. This journey wasn't just for him anymore. It was for Kris. It was for the entire world, becuase the world was depending on him, Damion, Pearla and the others. He couldn't let his past hurt him anymore.

    The inside of the gym was dark. At the other end stood a blonde haired man dressed in loose, casual clothes. Morty.

    "Morty, I challenge you to a battle," Leo said quietly. His voice echoed around the gym.
  17. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    "(Who is that weird gentleman? Is he that odd dude in disguise?)"Zach asked himself. Zach arose from his seat and whispered to Matt and Pearla,"I am going to see what that weird gentleman is up to. Something is not right about him." He walked a bit feeling a bit scared. He triedto think of any possibe people the guy might be but no one matched.

    "Hello! May I sit here for a bit?'Zach asked. "Um sure!"replied the gentleman. "do I know you from anywhere?'Zach asked the man who was focused on the something before looking back at Zach. "I don't believe we have ever met before. "the man replied. "Ok, sorry. Oh looks like I'll get a better view from my previous seat."Zach said and walked from that seat to his origink on with Matt and Pearla.

    "He appears to be a normal gentleman. He could be hiding something. let's just focus on the contest for now."Zach said to both of them. He returned his attention to the contest to see that Kurt's Weavile had beat Damion's Venomoth! "(Kurt's one tough cookie that's for sure.)"Zach said in his mind.
  18. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    "Hmm... I don't know." Pearla said. "There must be something fishy about him." She said as she pondered about the man. "I'm going to check him out." She said. Pealra released Hoothoot and told him to exit the Contest Hall. Pearla then got up from her seat and walked over to the old man. He was in a back row so, Pearla walked behind him in an aisle.

    Pearla walked behind him and tapped on the mans shoulder. "Hello, may I speak to you?" She asked. "I just need a little help. You see, I lost my Hoothoot and I can't seem to find him anywhere. Maybe you can help me."

    "Um... uh... sure." The man answered, hesitantly. "Where should we look first?"

    "I don't know." Pearla answered in a sweet voice. "Maybe the Pokemon Center?"

    "Um... okay." The man answered again. The two exited the Contest Hall and started to go to the Pokemon Center.

    Hoothoot was waiting there for Pearla. "There you are!" Pearla said, trying to act surprised. "Thank you, sir!" The said to the strange man.

    "Um... okay. I'm going to the Contest now. My... uh... son is about to battle." He answered. It sounded like he was thinking of this right on the spot. He hurried away.

    "Use Foresight." Pearla whispered to Hoothoot. Hoothoot used the move and it appeared that under the old man's clothing, it was the same wierd guy that Pearla had noticed before. The man wasn't looking so, Pearla had the time to react.

    But, what if this was some nice guy? That would be a mistake to attack. Maybe Pearla should just expose him and get him to answer a few questions. If worse came to worse, Pearla can Earthbend and use her pokemon.

    "Okay, Hoothoot." Pearla said. "Use Confusion to lift that man's disguise off of him!" She whispered. Hoothoot followed orders and the man was revealed as the strange man.

    "Hey!" He said. The man was about, maybe, 25 years old. Definately not as old as his disguise made him look. This was definately a master of disguise.

    "Who are you?" Pearla asked.

    "Well, if you must know." He said. "I am Brodie, the Phantom Theif. AKA, the Man of a Thousand Faces." Brodie had an orange mark under his eye. "Go, Ditto!" He yelled. A Ditto popped onto his shoulder. "I'd suggest that you don't make any attempt to attack. Whatever you send at me, I can match it." He said.

    "You're not getting anywhere!" Pearla yelled. She made an earth wall that surrounded the two. "Let's battle!"

    "Not today, my dear." Brodie answered, cooly. He used his own, stronger Earthbending to shatter the walls. "Bye- bye!" He said. A big airship picked Brodie up and flew away.

    To Pearla's amazement, Brodie's ship looked much like Hunter J's. Could it be that they're working together? The ship turned invisible and Pearla could follow its tracks any longer.
  19. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Zach was impatiently waiting for Pearla and looked outisde for her. Zch go up and Matt said,"I'll wait here! Give me the scoop on what happens!" Zach gave a simple nod and ran out side.

    Zach saw Pearla and went over to her. "Hey, where is the guy?'Zach asked. Pearla told Zach everything that happened. "Brodie?! I have heard of him. He could be working with Hunter J. Luckily, I have a frindin Goldenrod City who happens to be a police officer."Zach explained and dialed Officer Bill'a phone number on his phone.

    "Zach? What's up?"Bill asked. Zach explained everything and Bill said,"We will try to search for him. I don't know if he has a connection with J. I'll call if we find him."Bill said and hung up. "Ok, the police are on the case. Let's not worry."Zach said and him and Pearla sat with Matt and told him what happened and continued to watch the contest.
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    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    "up next is Jeff vs Scott" the MC yelled Jeff walked to the stage and had a good look at Scott he was short with short blond hair and had the build of a body builder "Let's get started! Start the Clock!" The MC yelled.

    "Pikachu, it's show time" Jeff said "Go Machamp" Scott yelled releaseing a humon shaped pokemon with four arms "Cross chop" Machamp's hands glowed and then it formed an X with them. It then hited Pikachu with them. "Pikachu Spark" Pikachu ran towards Machamp covered in bule electric and ram it in the gut

    "Now Thunder" Pikachu fired a a massive beam of electricity but Machamp shock it off "Mach Punch" Machamp's uper left fist glowed light bule as he changed towards Pikachu Machamp nearly hit him until he jumped on to it's arm and voltackled it at the side of the head knocking it out "The winner is Jeff" the MC yelled "up next is Steve vs Keven"
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