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Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Johto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Brando95, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Steve saw how good Kurt was. he was a grea co-ordinator, he will be tough to beat. Now it is Steve's turn. Kevin(it is spelt with an i) and Steve, first, shook hands before going to there spot. Kevin garbbed a pokeball first, and threw it.

    A huge Pokemon appeared. This Pokemon was brown and had claws for fet and hands, also a yelow circle on the stomach area. This Pokemon was Ursaring. Steve grabbed a Pokemon, aswell and he was not scared of Ursaring whatsoever. Steve sent out his Ampharos.

    "BEGIN!" shouted the MC. Both Pokemon were in the circle part of stage, the middle.

    "Foucus blast!" Kevin shouted. A big blue bal of energy was forming from Ursaring's hands, and the big bear Pokemon threw it at Ampharos, who just barely dodged.

    This co-ordinator is tough. He has been a co-ordinator for a whil now, and knows wat he is doing."Iron tail." said Steve. The iron tail made contact, but Ursaring blocked it. Ampharos tail went back to normal and Ursaring garbbed Amparos not letting go for a second! Steve smirked."Discharge!" Steve yelled, with a big grin. Powerful bolts of electricity emerged from Ampharos and hit Ursaring head on.

    Ursaring threw Ampharos, and she landed safetly. "Scary face, then thrash!" said Kevin, cooly. Ursaring made a scary face that creeped the audience judges, and everyone in the room, out. Ampharos was even scared and looked away. Ursaring then started thrashing about, hitting Ampharos. After that, Ampharos was super tired, same with Ursaring. The score was tied. Steve had lost 70% and so did Kevin. There was 20 seconds left! They had to use their best moves.

    Ampharos could barely move, and barely dodge. Kevin grinned. Steve knew Ursaring could use hyper beam, but he practiced a certain move with Ampharos he could counter with. "Hyper beam!" Kevin screeched. Power bast emerged from Ursaring mouth aiming for Ampharos, and Ampharos couldn't dodge.

    "Steve will most likely lose!" exclaimed the MC. Steve ignored this and called out a command.

    "Ampharos use thunder on yourself and then use you volttackle!" He explained. Ampharos noded and hit herself, regaining energy, and then running and being surronded by electricty. Ampharos hit Ursaring, but Ampharos was flown and hit a wall. Both Pokemon fainted, and the buzzer went off. Kevin lost 99% and Steve lost 98%! He won!

    "Steve wins!" the MC shuted, excited as always. Kevin and Steve shook hands and left. "Come back again tomorrow for the semi-finals!" the mC excalimed. Everyone left.
  2. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    (Incase you didn't realize, Bro. 2, the entire contest takes only one day.)

    "The semi- finals will begin shortly." The MC announced.

    Damion was sad that he didn't beat Kurt. He had a few tricks up his sleeve. Damion wanted to work hard to beat him, now.

    Damion walked into the stands and sat next to Pearla. "I'm sorry." Pearla said.

    "It's okay." Damion said. "The better trainer won. All I have to do is keep training." He said. Pearla was happy that Damion didn't take the loss hard. Damion put his arm around Pearla, who smiled. "You know that this means that I'm going to have to train extra hard."

    Pearla laughed. "Yeah..." She said.
  3. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    (I know seriously. We need to pick up the pace with the RPG)
    "Hey, Damion! Sorry about your lose. You'll win next time because you have awesome friends, like myself, cheering you on! Oh and I have to tell you something important."Zach said getting serious at the end. "Well, a guy named Brodie came in and disguised himself. He is know as the Phantom Thief AKA The Man of One Thousand Faces. Pearla figured this out outside and he left in a ship similar to Hunter J's with invisibility. He also has a Ditto. I told my friend Officer Bill from Goldenrod City and he will try his best to capture Brodie."Zach said.

    Zach waited for an answer and heard the MC say Steve won but barely. "(Steve always barely wins.)"Zach said in his mind. Matt added to Zach's conversation with Damion,"Brodie came in and had a weird costume than left and a gentleman, Brodie in disguise, appeared."
  4. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    "So, how can we ever know when this guy comes?" Damion asked.

    "Well," Pearla started, "we can always scan anybody that looks suspicious with Hoothoot's Foresight. But, I was only able to use that because I saw the old man come in right after the other guy left. There was absolutely nothing different about that guy."

    "That's a problem." Damion said. "Who's to say that somebody in here isn't Brodie in disguise?"

    "That's unlikely." Pearla said. "I saw him leave on an airship in the other direction." She finished. Damion nodded but then, Pearla looked worried. "Of course, there's no way of knowing when he's around or not. Plus, he might be associated with Hunter J... and we all know how sneaky she is. Remember when we saw her in the Ruins of Alph?"

    Damion nodded again. "Yeah... she was about to kill us all if it weren't for the Unown." He said. He remembered when Kris sacraficed herself for everybody and how sad Leo was. That memory gave Damion th urge to hold Pearla tighter around his arm. He pulled her closer but, she didn't seem to mind.

    "Yeah..." She said, continuing the conversation. "I wonder what Brodie was doing here in the first place..." She said.
  5. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    "maybe he got orders from......Team Universe."Zach said in a hushed tone. "Team Uni-"Matt screamed. "Shh! Do you what everyone to hear you?'Zach whispered. "Sorry."Matt said and focused on the contest.

    "He and Hunter J were probably sent by Team Universe to keep an eye on us. I wonder if Hunter J is searching for Celebi right now."Zach said. "Probably."Matt said now focusing on the conversation. "Yeah well you never know. Let's just focus on the contest now."Zach continued and turned to face the direction of the contest. He looked down at his red and white Poke Balls saying in his mind,"I hope Team Universe does not get Celebi. But I know that my Pokemon will help me and my friends with their Pokemon to stop them."
  6. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    (I'm going to get some excitment going.)

    Damion and Pearla leaned towards the others. "Do you reallly think so?" Damion asked in a hushed tone. Before anybody could answer, the doors of the Contest Hall flew open. A few people in olive green jumpsuits ran inside. After they ran inside, they started towards backstage. Brodie then walked inside along with Hunter J.

    Brodie imediately found Damion and the others. His expression lit up. He gave a snicker and ran over to them. "We meet again, eh?" Brodie greeted Pearla.

    "It's Brodie!" Pearla said. Hunter J then ran over to them.

    "Hmph... it's you twerps again." She said. She took her strange, hi-tech goggles out of her eyes. "You're from the Ruins of Alph. What a wonderful surprise."

    A few grunts surrounded the kids row. They couldn't escape. "Are these your friends from Team Universe?" Damion teased.

    "Team Universe? Haha!" J laughed. "Why would you even compare us to those... wanna-bes?" She chuckled. "This is an elite group of Pokemon Theifs. Not a group of idiots. That team doesn't know a thing about stealing rare pokemon." She said.

    "We've come for another purpose. Celebi is of no importance to us. We stay out of Team Universe's way and they stay out of ours." Brodie said. "We've come for your pokemon. Specifically, your Clefairy, Damion. It is Damion, right?"

    Damion growled. "You're not getting any of our pokemon!"

    "I was afraid that it was going to come to this." Brodie said. He bended a chunk of earth up and flung it at Damion. Pearla broke it in mid air.

    "It looks like we're finally going to have out battle." She said. Pearla ran in front of Damion. "I'll handle him. Just make sure that J and the other grunts don't try anything."
  7. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    "Oh cheese! Matt just stay here!"Zach said, alarmed. "Ok."Matt replied really scared. "Ah, you're Zach. One ofteh brats from Runs of Alph. Drapion come on out!"J yelled. She took her Poke Ball and out poppd a purple Pokemon. "Pearla, handle the grunts. I will handle J. Go Tyranitar."Zach said. He got his Poke Ball nd out popped a huge dark and ground Pokemon.

    "Interesting. Cross Poison now!"J commanded. "Dodge than Water Pulse followed by Thunder."Zach said. A ball of water came from Tyranitar and it hit Drapion dead on followed by the big electrical surge. "Hmm. This Tyranitar can be sold for a high price."J chuckled. "What?!"Zach screamed. J shot a beam of brown from her ray gun like item hooked to her arm. It his Tyranitar and made a huge glass dome go over him and he was put in one of the minions little cars.

    "What did you do to Tyranitar?"Zach asked. "He'll be sold to someone for a high price."J chuckled. "No he wont! Everyone come on out!"Zach yelled. Reaching for more of his Poke Balls, out popped Croconaw, Victreebel, Arcanine and Eevee. "Arcanine, Flamethrower on the minny car! Victreebel get Tyranitar out with vine Whip!"ach commanded. The 2 Pokemon worked together and Tyranitar, in the glass dome was than released from it. "OK. Everyone return. I can't affored to lose any of you. I'll think of a strategy. "Wimp."J muttered and turned to Damion and Pearla.
  8. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Pearla had started to grab a pokeball when Brodie had sent a chunk of earth at her. She exploded it in mid air and began to fire rapid earth balls at him. He redirected it back and she was able to redirect it back to him. The fight was back and forth until J brought out a Salamance. "Use Hyper Beam!" She yelled.

    Salamance sent an orange beam at Pearla's back. Damion didn't have time to react and neither did anybody else. Just when Damion thought that there was no chance of that missing, Hoothoot popped out of its pokeball and used Psychic. It stopped the Hyper Beam and sent it back. Salamance fell to the ground.

    "Dang..." J yelled. "I need to rethink this. But, you can't get all of us." She said. The grunts charged simultaneous jets of fire at Pearla and Damion from all directions. Pearla shot up a dome around them to protect them from the attack.

    "I can't hold it up much longer." She said as the fire pounded against the walls.

    "Clefairy!" Damion yelled as Clefairy jumped out of her pokeball. "Metronome!!!" Her fingers swayed. Damion knew well that this could come to be anything. After a short while, her fingers stopped and numerous bolts of electricity rained down around Damion, Pearla and the others.

    "It's a Thunder!" Pearla yelled. She let down the dome to find that all of the grunts and pokemon were being attacked by the thunder. Unfortunately, as always, Brodie and J had found a way to defend themselves. Brodie had shielded himself with an earth dome while J redirected the lightening into the air. When she saw that the kids weren't defended anymore, she redirected the lightening towards them!

    The strike of lightening headed straight for Matt!!!
  9. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Steve saw Hunter J and some other dude, in the stands where Steve's friends were. The thunder taht got reflected off of J and the mysterious man, who Steve knew as Brodie, then headed straight for Matt!!!"Ampharos come on out!" Steve yelled. Ampharos didn't know why she was called, but itmust have been important. "Everyone is in peril up there, so quickly use quick attack and absorb the thunder before it hits Matt!" Steve shouted and Amphars ran quickly and absorb the thunder when it almost hit Matt!!!

    "Whew." Matt sighed, and he saw Steve coming. "Steve over here!" Matt waved. Steve ran there.

    "I am gald you are safe! Now for you 2." Steve said pointing at Brodie and J."Let's battle who wants to battle with me against them?"
  10. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    "I'm sorry little boy. But, we're done here." J said as she saw her grunts running out from backstage with various pokeballs. "Let's go." She told Brodie, who ran out of the building along with J.

    "No!" Damion yelled. "Use Psywave, Venomoth!" He threw Venomoth's pokeball into the air and Venomoth shot a psywave out the exit. But, it was engulfed in a golden ray of light which froze Venomoth in its place. Venomoth was then turned to stone. "Venomoth!" Damion yelled.

    A platform carried the Bug pokemon before Damion could get to it. Venomoth was then carried away and landed on a truck which drove away with a group of other trucks.

    Eventually, the trucks reached a giant airship which they loaded into and got carried away in. The airship flew away and disappeared.

    Damion ran outside to find that everybody had disappeared. "VENOMOTH!" He yelled.
  11. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    "Damion. I-I'm sorry that I didn't do anything but I was fraid they'd take my Pokemon."Zach said feeling extremely sad for Damion. Suddenly all of Zach's Pokemon came out feeling sad. Tyranitar, though, had a courageous face on looking at the direction of J and Brodie's airship. "(Venomoth, I'l help find you.)Tyranitar, ty."Tyranitar said in his mind. "We will get Venomoth back because they are after our Pokemon. It would help if it was a Riolu or Lucario becuase they're Aura would connect with their trainer and show their location."Zach explained and put his Pokemon back in their Poke Balls. They all went back inside feeling sad and just continued to watch the contest.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2009
  12. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Jeff walked out to stage and held his guitar in the air while glaring at Kurt. Only Jeff’s friends could know the amount of hatred going through Jeff’s body.

    Both trainers released there Pokémon Jeff with his Pikachu and Kurt with his Weavile "BEGIN!" shouted the MC

    “Weavile Metal Claw” Kurt ordered Weavile’s hand turned white as it punched Pikachu “Counter with Thunder Shock” Jeff said Pikachu lighted up and fired a lighting bolt at Weavile

    “Quick Attack” Kurt said Weavile Ran towards Pikachu leavening a white trail behind it “Slam” Jeff said, Pikachu span round and slapped Weavile with its tail “Shadow Ball” Kurt yelled, Weavile’s hands glowed black it then placed them together and formed a black orb and threw it to Pikachu “use you tail as spring broad to doge it Pikachu” Jeff said panicing, Pikachu jump into the the air just before the Shadow Ball hit him Weavile jump up after Pikachu “Thunder” Jeff yelled Pikachu fried a massive beam of electricity in the air at Weavile who soom after fell to the ground kocked out

    “Jeff wins” the MC yelled “up next is Steve vs John”
  13. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    Andy fought his way through the crowd, to get outside and help Damion.

    'NOO' he screamed.

    He tried to use his airbending to stop the airship, but he wasn't strong enough with only one arm.

    'They got away again' he said collapsing to the ground in defeat 'i'm sorry Damion, i tried'.

    Andy could see that Damion was distraught over losing Venomoth.

    'Don't worry' he said putting his good arm around Damion's shoulder 'we'll get Venomoth back and make them sorry they ever came back, i promise you'.

    Damion smiled and walked back to towards the contest hall to join the others.

    'This is all my fault' thought Andy 'some Avatar i turned out to be'.

    He started to walk back towards the contest hall, then he realised that there was something he could do.

    He reached for his belt and grabbed a pokeball.

    'Go Noctowl' he said throwing the ball into the air.

    Noctowl appeared and started stretching it's wings.

    'I have a job for you' said Andy as Nowtowl flew up and perched on his shoulder.

    'I want you to find J and Brodie's airship' instructed Andy.

    Noctowl nodded that it understood.

    'Just find it, and come straight back, and don't let them spot you' he instructed.

    Noctowl nodded, spread out it's wings and took off.

    'Be careful' shouted Andy as Noctowl disappeared into the distance.

    'Hoot' it said in reply.

    As soon as Noctowl was out of sight, Andy went back to the contest hall to make sure Damion and the others were ok.
  14. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    It was Steve turn ; again. he would rather be looking for J and Brodie then do some contest. He had to anyway, if he didn't want to make a mockery of himself.

    He shooks hands with John and they went to their spots and held out a Poke Ball." BEGIN!" the MC screamed into the mic.Steve also didn't feel like doing this because he wanted to protect Matt. He could have been killed by the thunder! Steve did this anyway.

    "Ampharos, come on out!" He shouted. Ampharos appeared right in the middle, John threw a Poke Ball.

    "Gravalor, come on out! John said. Now this was BAD electric type moves won't work, but Steve had other moves.
  15. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion sat back in his seat. He felt so horrible that he couldn't do anything to help Venomoth. Damion held the pokemon's empty pokeball in one hand. "That Hunter J is so cruel." Damion thought. "Brodie also. Why would they steal somebody's pokemon like that? I'll have to do everything that I can to get it back."

    Then, Damion remembered what J had said. She said that Team Universe was just a group of "wanna-bes" and that their group was an elite team of PokeTheifs. What did they have in mind? Were they just trying to get money or did they have a bigger goal?

    Pearla headed back to her seat also and watched the contest. She couldn't keep her mind off of the PokeTheifs. All they wanted was money. Did J realize that there's a better way than to steal pokemon. Also, why did she want Damion's Clefairy? What made her special among the other pokemon? Was it because she is a space pokemon? Pearla remembered hearing that rumour from a while ago. I bet that a space pokemon could fetch a lot of money on the market. No wonder J wanted it so bad.

    But, why was Brodie with her? He used to be a part of Team Magma. That was stated on the news years ago when they attacked Hoenn. Pearla was from Hoenn and knows all about Team Magma and Aqua. Why would Brodie have left Team Magma at Team Universe and joined with Hunter J?

    The two continued to think about the PokeTheifs as they wanted Steve's battle.
  16. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    "Ha! You think you could beat me with an electric-type against my Graveler? Fat chance!" John mocked. Steve was getting angry. This John kid was a cocky kid who thinks if you have a type advantage then you can win. Well, John is sadly mistaken.

    Steve smirked."We will see about that! My Ampharos will win." Steve announced. The clock started and the trainers stopped their side-chat and called out some moves.

    "Roll out!" said John. Graveler revved up on the ground before rolling straight for Ampharos. Steve didn't call out a move. Ampharos was right near the wall and she jumped frward at the last second and Graveler hit the wall hard.

    "Type adantage isn't everything," He shouted. "Now, Ampharos, use quick attack." Graveller read his trainer's mind and used roll out. Ampharos and Graveler were going at top speed. Steve smiled." Use Brick break, then Mach Punch!" The Brick break hit Graveler, and so did the Mach punch. Steve had a handsome lead. It was, John, who lost 50% and Steve lost 0%.

    "WHY YOU LITTLE!" John screamed. He was mad, no furious. "Graveler use rock tomb, then rock slide!" Huge chunks of rocks came down and one hit Ampharos foot and she was stuck. Another barage of smaller rocks came down and hit Ampharos. Rocks had covered her.

    "AMPH!" She shouted. She used thunder bolt to break free, and she was free. Steve could win! He coul finish this off easily.

    "Hyper beam!" John screeched. John was really starting to bug Steve. He was such a baby over almost losing, actually losing.

    "Volttackle and iron tail!" said Steve. The Volttackle wouldn't do much, except reduce the damage of the hyper beam, then Ampharos would use iron tail for the win;and she did. Steve won the gruesome battle!

    "Steve is the winner with one minute left!" the MC announced. Steve breathed slightly and he went to go shake John's hand. He returned Ampharos's Poke Ball as he started walking over.

    "Get away," said John. He ran off like a wussy and he started crying. John was a real baby, the audiece didn't fell sorry for him.

    "WUSSY!" Steve shouted. Steve went to the Pokemon Center to heal up Ampharos and then, he went back stage to look at the results.
  17. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion chuckled. There definately were a few... odd contestants in this contest. "Wow, I never thought that he'd be such a sore loser." Damion said.

    Pearla nodded. She knew what was coming next, though. It was the finals and Steve was going to verse Jeff. Steve definately had the upper advantage. This was Jeff's second contest and he hasn't won a ribbon yet. Also, Steve's a veteran coordinator. Pearla knew the outcome before the match even started. But, will this prediction come true?

    Damion walked backstage to wish the two good luck. When he entered, he was greeted by an angered Kurt. "How could I lose to such a wimp?!" He yelled. "I can't believe I lost to a person who is doing his second contest!!!" He yelled.

    Damion shrugged him off and kept walking. He approached Steve and Jeff. "Hey, good luck." He said.
  18. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    "Thanks" Jeff said to Damion before picking up guitar by it's neck in one hand he then turned around to Steve and said "may the best man win" Jeff left for the stage

    "Alright everyone" the MC yelled "we are now down to the final two frist off from Pallet town...Jeff" Jeff walked onto the stage rasied his guitar high above his head he then placed it down beside him

    "And now from Cinabar Island Steve" the MC yelled over the crowds roar's for Steve who then walked onto the stage
    "And begin" the MC yelled

    "Pikachu, it's showtime" Jeff said releaseing Pikachu

    (who is meant to win this contest Brando)
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2009
  19. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion watched Pikachu pop out of the pokeball. He began thinking. "I have to train more." He thought. "I have to work harder if I want to make it to the Grand Festival." He continued. After a while of thinking, he got up. "I'm going to go train." He told the others as he walked outside.

    Damion walked into the Pokemon Center and back out again. "Okay, go, Blastoise!" He yelled. Blastoise popped out of his pokeball. "Now, I brought you back from Professor Oak's to do a little training."

    Blastoise nodded. "Let's work on a few appeals." Damion said. "Use Water Pulse in the air!" Blastoise shot many balls of water into the air out of his cannons.. "Now, Hydro Pump!"

    Blastoise shot two spinning jets of water out of his cannons and they collided with the rising balls. They started to circle the hydro pump in rings. Then, it reached its peak and fell in all directions. They fell in a sparkle of rainbow glitter.

    Damion sighed. "That wasn't great." He said, doubting his abilities. "Let's try this again..."
  20. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    (What is about to happen at in Tower only involves Zach, Damion and Pearla.)
    Zach was watching the contest not knowingwho he wanted to win. They were both eally good friends with Zach. Zach wanted to go see how Damion was doing with the training. Pearla followed him outside. They noth saw Damion training his Blastoise and Zach said,"Let's-" Before he could continue, there was a loud explosion at Tin Tower! "Let's go see what happened at Tin Tower!" Zach yelled in alarm. Damion and Pearla nodded and Damion returned Blastoise.

    The threesome made it to the tower's entrance and entered it. When they entered, everyone gasped because J and Brodie were there. "What are yu 2 doing here/!"Zach shouted at them. "To steal Entei, Raikou and Suicune of course."Brodie chuckled pointing at the three dogs. The three now enraged dogs growled at Zach. "I'll handle the dogs. You two handle J and Brodie!"Zach yelled. Damion and Pearla nodded and went to confront the villans.

    "Tyranitar, Croconaw and Victreebel, I choose you!"Zach yelled. He took 3 Poke Balls and out popped Tyranitr, Croconaw and Victreebel. Suicune fired an Ice Beam at Victrebel; Entei fired an Iron Tail on Croconaw and Raikou fired an Iron Tail on Tyranitar. "Victreebel, Vine Whip to dodge than Razor Leaf on Suicune! Than use Knock Off with Bdoy Slam on Suicune as well!"Zach yelled forgetting about Tyranitar and Croconaw. The 2 got hit but still got up and Victreebel swiftly dodged the Ice Beam with Vien Whip. He than prepared his stomach for Body Slam and his hand for Knock Off. he 2 moves hit Suicune knocing it out.

    There was no time for celebrations because Raikou KO'ed Croconaw with a surprise Thunder and Entei KO'ed Vcitreebel with a surprise Fire Blst. "Earthquake!"Zach yelled. The whole ground shook causing Raikou to faint but Entei jumped and used Iron Tail. The Iron Tail was really strong and actually KO'ed Tyranitar! "Grr. Go Eevee and used Shadow Ball!"Zach yelled. He got another Poke Ball and out popped Eevee. A purple ball appeared from its mouth and hit Entei but caused no damage! Entei KO'ed Eevee with Fire Blast.

    Zach took out another Poke Ball and out popped Arcanine. "You're my last hope! Use..."

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