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Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Johto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Brando95, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion and Pearla looked at J and Brodie. Damion yelled. "There's no way you're stealing another pokemon!" Then he remembered Venomoth which made him shed a tear. "Where's Venomoth?!"

    J chuckled. "I'm sorry. But, Venomoth isn't with us anymore."

    Damion let out a scream. "You sold him?!?!" He yelled. "That does it! Blastoise! Let's get her!" He exclaimed.

    "I guess you're mine, Brodie. I've been waiting for this." Pearla said.

    "I have too, little lady." He responded. "Ditto! Go!" He threw a pokeball into the air, releasing Ditto.

    "Raticate!" Pearla yelled. Raticate popped out of his pokeball.

    "Salemance!" J yelled. All of their pokemon were ready for a battle. "Use Hyper Beam!" J started. An orange beam headed straight for Blastoise.

    "Counter it with Hydro Pump!" Damion yelled. Blastoise did as told. "Now, Water Pulse!"

    "Quick Attack!" Pearla yelled. Raticate sped towards Ditto.

    "Transform and Quick Attack!" Ditto transformed into Raticate and sped towards Raticate. The two identical pokemon collided.
  2. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Zach saw their battle unfold. When J saidshe sold Venomoth, Zach felt bad for Damion and his Pokemon might be next. Arcanine turned to wards Zach to get his attention. "Oh! Right! Iron Tail now!"Zach yelled. Arcanine's tail glowed white as he prepared to hit Entei. Entei stood there and used Iron tail as well. The two tails hit into eahc other to cause a huge explosion. They both were standing but were panting heavily. Entei began charging up energy for an attack. "Fire Blat!"Zach yelled. Arcanine's mouth blazed with fire and the move lunged for Arcanine. At that moment, Entei finished charging up energy and released it. The moves was SolarBeam!

    "Entei can use SolarBeam?!"Zach shouted. Fire Blast and Solar Beam collided and Solar Beam was cancelled. "Jump into the Fire Blast and use a Spinning Aerial Ace!"Zach yelled. Arcanine nodded and ran for the Fire Blast making streaks of white come and started to pin when it got in the Fire Blast. Entei than used Iron Tail once more to counter. The 2 moves collided for yet another big explosion. Arcanine was made the victor. "(The three dogs should wake up and come to their senses soon.)"Zach said as he returned Arcanine. He ran out and went straight to the Pokemon Center to hea his Pokemon. He than ran back when they were healed.

    J saw that he came back and said,"Go Drapion and Ariados!"J yelled. She tok two of her Poke Balls and out popped Drapion and Ariados. "Grr. Go Tyranitar and Arcanine!"Zach yelled. He took two Poke Balls from his belt and threw them into the air. Out popped Tyranitar and Arcanine ready for a tough double battle.
  3. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    "Thanks Zach, but, I got her." Damion said. "Use Hydro Pump, Blastoise!" He commanded. Blastoise shot two jets of water out of his cannons which hit Drapion and Ariados. The bug pokemon were sent flying back. "Use Ice Beam on Salemance!" He commanded, again. Blastoise sent two beams of ice at Salemance which were super effective. Salemance was encased in ice.

    "Grr..." J snarled. "Return, Salemance." J said. "Drapion, X- Sizzor! Ariados, Spider Web!" Ariados trapped Blasoise in a web while Drapion went in for the attack. "Stop, Drapion!" J yelled. She then aimed her lazer at Blastoise. This was the lazer that she used to make Venomoth a statue.

    "No!" Damion yelled. "Use Rapid Spin!" Blastoise spun around which tore up the web. "Hydro Pump!" He then yelled. The Hydro Pump collided with the beam. The beam broke through and headed towards Blastoise. "Rapid Spin!" Blastoise spun around but, the shell wouldn't protect Blastoise.

    He turned into stone. A platform flew towards Blastoise and closed itself. It then flew into J's arms. "This battle is over." She said.

    "No!" Damion yelled. He ran towards J and grabbed a pokeball. "Totodile! Use Water Gun!" He commanded. Totodile shot water at J. The Theif still kept a good grip on Blastoise's giant statue. "Water Gun on me!"

    J chuckled at the sound of that. Totodile shot a jet of water at Damion which he bended at J. He slapped the statue out of her hands and Damion grabbed it. He adjusted the nob that kept Blastoise frozen. "Rapid Spin." He said.

    Blastoise spun around and broke the glass that confined him. "Grr..." J growled again. "We must retreat." She said.

    As Brodie followed orders, a large explosion came from J's ship. "Huh?!" Brodie yelled.

    A few grunts came running out and Venomoth was following close behind. "Veno!" He yelled at the sight of Damion.

    "Sir." One said as he ran up to J. "We lowered the nob keeping Venomoth frozen a little to check up on it. And then, it attacked us with a Bug Buzz, shattering the glass! Then, it used Psybeam to break through a wall and blew an engine."

    "This isn't a time for excuses." J snarled. "This is what we have back up engines for." She said. "As for the Venomoth, she was of no use anyways." She added. "Let's go."

    Brodie followed orders and retreated into the ship. He returned Ditto who had just been bitten by a Hyper Fang.

    Pearla laughed. "I guess I was too much for him." She said.

    J, Brodie, and their grunts ran into the ship. It quickly disappeared into the sky.
  4. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    "Return."Zach said taking two Poke Balls from his belt. Tyranitar and Arcanine returned from a red light appearing from the Poke Balls. Zach saw Damion get his Venomoth back which made Zach really happy and that J and Brodie left. Zach remembered that he had to call Bill to tell him everything is fine.

    "Officer Bill, this is Zach! J and Brodie came but we drove them out of here. My friend, Damion got his Venomoth back too!"Zach said. "Who's we?"Bill asked, confused. "We is me, Damion and my friend Pearla. Pearla battling Brodie; Damion battled J and I battled the enraged Entei, Raikou and Suicune. The dogs are fine and should come back to their senses when they wake up. Bye!"Zacg explained and hung up.

    Zach walked back to the contest with Damion and Pearla andwatched Jeff VS Steve.
  5. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion watched for a while before getting up from his seat. He really wanted to train a little more with Blastoise. But, the poor pokemon is too tired. Maybe it'll help to train with his other pokemon. "I'm going to go train." Damion announced before storming off.

    "Okay, Dazzle 'em, Totodile!" Damion yelled as he threw a pokeball into the air. Totodile popped out ready for an appeal. "Use Water Gun into the air!" He said. Totodile followed orders. "Now, Spin!" Totodile spun around to create a whirlpool.

    "Excellent!" Damion said. "Now, jump and use bite on the whirlpool!" Totodile jumped in the middle and used bite on the whirlpool. The jaw tore through and water rained down on Totodile.

    "No, no, no!" Damion yelled. "We need to work some more." He said. Damion had taken his loss badly and is starting to find everything wrong. "Why didn't it come down as glitter? Maybe if we used a water move?" Damion thought for a while. "What water moves can Totodile learn?"
  6. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Zach was curious to see what Damion was training his Pokemon for. Zach walked outside to see him training his Totodile. "Hi, Damion!"Zach said waving his hand. Damion jumped but turned around. "Sorry for frightening you. Just thought I'd watch you train. Besids, I wanted to train my Eevee."Zach said. He reached for a Poke Ball and threw it into the air. Out popped Eevee who went to talk to Damion's Totodile.

    "(Hi, Damion's Totodile! What re you guys training about?)Eevee, Eevee, e!"Eevee asked and said to Damion's Totodile. "(I guess he's training me with my water type moves. Looks like your trainer wants you to train you some more.)Toto, Toto, Totodile"Totodile explained. Eevee nodded and went over to Zach.

    "Ok Eevee, use Shadow Ball on that tree!"Zach yelled pointing to a tree. A purple ball formed from Eevee mouth which hit into the tree but the tree did not break and just got a big black mark on it. Eevee started to cry and pound her paw on the ground. "Look Eevee, don't get worked up over that. You jut need to concentrate. Now, try it once more!"Zach yelled encouragingly. Eevee wiped off the tears but she started to run really fast to bruised tree leaving back white streaks than a purple ball appeared from her mouth and the tree broke!

    Zach ranover to Eevee and asked,"Was that Quick Attack?" Eevee nodded with a smile. "Awesome! Try it again!"Zach yelled pointing to another tree. Eevee nodded and started to run really fast leaving behind white streaks. The impact to the tree hurt Eevee a lot and broke the tree as well! "Eevee! That ws great! Let's get you healed up."Zach said picking up Eevee. He ran to a Pokemon Center and got Eevee healed up than put her in her Poke Ball.

    Zach ran back and took out another Poke Ball. "Go Croconaw!"Zach yelled throwing the Poke Ball into the air. Let's train, Croconaw!"Zach exclaimed. "(Yeah!) Croconaw!"Croconaw exclaimed.
  7. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Damion walked over to his mingling Totodile. "We have to keep practicing." He said. "Now, come on." Totodile followed Damion to an area rather far away from Zach.

    "Okay, use Water Gun!" He said. Totodile created a whirlpool out of the water gun. "Jump inside!" Totodile jumped inside. The force of the whirlpool kept him suspended in air.

    "Now, let's try Aqua Tail!" Totodile had never used this move before. Totodile gather up water energy in his tail but, it sucked up the whirlpool! Totodile slammed its tail into the ground. Nothing happened.

    "Hmm..." Damion started. "It looks like you can only use Aqua Tail when there's a water source to gather energy from. We're going to have to fix that." He said.

    "Use Aqua Tail!" Damion yelled. Totodile raised its tail but, nothing happened. The moisture in the air began to get soaked up but, it wasn't enough for a strong attack.

    "I know!" Damion said. "Use Water Gun in the air." He commanded. Totodile shot a jet of water into the air. It became sparkles that rained down. "Aqua Tail!" Totodile jumped up and sucked in the sparkles. Its tail became a sparkling Aqua Tail.

    Totodile then fell to the ground. Its tail shimmered in the sunlight.
  8. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Croconaw was watching Totodile's appeal and the amazing Aqua Tail. Zach looked at Croconaw and asked,"Did you want to learn Aqua Tail too?" Croconaw nodded with a smile. "Alright! Jump and use Aqua Tail!"Zach yelled. Croconaw jumped off the ground and tryed Aqua Tail but nothing happened. "Hmm. Perhaps you need another water source too. Oh! Jump and use Water Pulse on the ground!"Zach yelled. Croconaw jumped up and shot a blue ball of water directly below himself. The water expanded around Croconaw. "

    "Aqua Tail than slam your tail down!"Zach yelled. The water from below Croconaw got sucked up into his tail and Croconaw's tail slammed down sending shockwaves through the ground. "Awesome! Return!"Zach said putting Croconaw back in its Poke Ball. He grabbed another Poke Ball from his belt and out popped Arcanine!
  9. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    (Sorry I haven't posted for so long. I've taken a real long time to get motivated.)
    "I accept," Morty said, smiling as he raised a Poke Ball "let's go Gastly!" His black gas ball of a Pokemon appeaered, laughing menacingly.

    "Alright, Murkrow, I choose you!" Leo replied, throwing Murkrow's Poke Ball into the air and releasing it.

    "You first," Morty said.

    "Thanks. Murkrow, Faint Attack!" Murkrow dived at Gastly, his wings glowing with black light. He slammed one of them into Gastly, making the ghost wince.

    "Gastly, Night Shade!" Morty ordered. A burst of purple energy shot from Gastly and hit Murkrow, hurling the crow away.

    "Dark Pulse!"

    "Shadow Ball!" The spiral of darkness collided with the dark purple sphere, making both attacks explode. Murkrow dived through the smoke and slammed a Sucker Punch into Gastly, sending it crashing to the ground with a sweep of his wing.

    "Dark Pulse," Leo ordered. Murkrow fired another dark spiral into Gastly, knocking it out.

    "Gastly return," Morty ordered "go Haunter!" Gastly's older and meaner looking evolution appeared, laughing wildly at Murkrow...
  10. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    (Sorry for not really being on, I had some problems in this loading but it works at Champ's house.....)
    Steve ran onto the stage, a Poke Ball clutched in his hand. Jeff had sent out a Pikachu so the best Pokemon to use is a Pokemon with an advantage. He knew who.

    "Bellsprout stage, on!" Steve yelled and threw the Poke Ball in the air and revealed Bellsprout who made a dazzling appearance by using Razor Leaf at the sun making sparkles come down. Jeff had lost some points when the match just started.

    "I'm not going easy on you!" said Steve to Jeff, and Jeff nodded. Steve started things off with arousing array of Razor Leafs and Pikachu tried to counter with Thunder Bolt but Electric-Type attacks don't work on Grass-Types. Jeff was in a tight spot here.

    "Your move," said Steve cockily.

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