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Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - HELP THREAD [Ask your questions here]


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You mistaken Path of Solitude with Path of Tenacity.

Path of Tenacity is Fighting vs Galaxy Gang, Pearl Clan and Diamond Clan:)
Yeah but still the defense, its sp defense, and hp that were swapped because of import screwed me over



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I've been trying to catch Starley early in the game for 1 hour. Its impossible to aim with the right joy-con, it hurts your hand and sometimes the balls go off randomly
And then there's a damn 20-second long cutscene before you can try again. Do I need to get a perfect hit to catch it or why doesn't it work?
This reminded me why I quit paying 60 euros for new games (15 years ago) instead of sticking to a few I already tortured myself with for 1-2 years before learning them