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Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - Recent Happenings Thread


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
I finished the game today. It is a good concept, but I wish I had known about the boss battle system. For me, a person affected by a disability that impacts the function of one hand, this game was unfortunately, a trap. I most likely won't play this again.
I know what you mean, I have trouble with my hand joints so my reactions aren't as fast as they need to be for the boss fights, I can't do any of them without being defeated at least twice, I only get through them because of the continue where you left off option.


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
After three weeks of playing, I'm at the 9 star rank, I've managed to get 164 Dex entries fully registered, and the next thing to do in the story is the infamous Volo battle. However at this point I've lost the motivation to continue playing the game, so I may either take a long break and start a Violet playthrough, or delete my current save, leave it for a while and start again with a new team. If I do that I think I'll move all of the Pokemon that it'll be a pain to get again (Ursaluna, Wyrdeer, the Eevee family, the stone evolutions, Porygon-Z....) into Pokemon Home then move them into the new save.
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Evolved a Petilil and Ursaring (brought over from Sword and BD respectively) that I intend to transfer over to Violet once Home compatibility for Gen 9 opens up and obtained a few more I also intend to bring over (mostly Hisuian forms). In the process I was able to catch three Shiny Pokemon, H-Sneasel, Combee (sadly a male) and one that I wanted for a long time, Roselia. Unless I happen upon another shiny of the Roselia line this one is likely remaining in my LA save file.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
Decided I was going to travel back to Hisui this evening. Been playing a lot of SV so I needed something to break up the monotony of jumping from raid-to-raid. Anyways I went on a couple outings for shiny hunts and massive mass outbreaks. On one such outbreak I encountered a shiny alpha Ursaring which is beyond lucky. I decided to move it into Home and check its IVs given that its speed GV was 0… and wow. Its speed IV was 0! I moved it back into PLA and evolved it into Ursaluna after forcing a full moon and proceeded to give it a brave mint. Now comes the long wait of it sitting in Home again until I can use it in SV. I felt like I won the lottery there.