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Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu/Eevee RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread


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I won’t be able to trade until tomorrow evening. But I will do my best and get what you need.
Thanks. I'll make sure to be on then.

Is around 8-9pm eastern time ok with you?

Do you need anything, Pokemon wise?

(I'm up to sixth badge (got five of them so far) -- so no Cerulean Cave yet).

TeamRocketLeaderMarty‏ @DocMcfly
This battle was a pain, Thunder hit every time. Unlike when Pikachu tries to use it. Then it usually misses. #PokemonLetsGo #NintendoSwitch


It was one of the battles in the Seafoam Islands. Drove me batty.


@Captain Jigglypuff Are we still on for tonight, trading wise?


Got the sixth badge tonight against Sabrina. It was a challenging battle! :) Working on some training tonight before challenging Blaine for the seventh badge.

Ended up changing my mind on that one lol. Took down Blaine and got the seventh badge. Now onto some training.


Did a little bit of shiny hunting last night and ran into a Shiny Pikachu (it only took 23 to reach it -- shortest shiny hunt yet).


Just battled and took down Giovanni for the 8th badge last night and did a little battling on Victory road.


Nothing like trolling during a Ditto battle. Brought in a Magikarp. :p
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Well lesson learned.

When you transfer Meltan over, he is going to be a pain in the butt to catch. In addition to how the pokemon at the park will flee from you. (Though you can try again!)

Mine is a modest nature... which is good for Meltan since his only good moves are special. I'm never going to use him and I got another candy for the Melmetal project!


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Ran into and caught a random shiny Machoke in Let's Go while trying to hunt for a shiny Geodude. He surprised the heck out of me! Working on training up some more for the Elite 4 though.


Just found and caught Moltres. :) Now onto more training.


Trying my luck against the Elite 4. And holy Arceus... Lorelai's Jynx is a pain in the butt! It keeps on spamming Lovely Kiss. Made the battle a slog.

Made it through Bruno and Agatha, both pretty challenging. Now onto Lance.

Took him down and then took down my rival and won. :) Now I am the Pokemon Champion.

Worked on leveling up my Charmeleon and then used some rare candies on it for it to evolve so I could go Charizard and Dragonite hunting. Was able to catch both and earlier on tonight, I caught a Snorlax.


Was trying for a shiny Kabuto, but I screwed up and saved the game after getting a regular one. /facepalm Ended up trying again for Mewtwo last night. Decided to just go for a regular one. It was a tough battle, ended up going with Articuno in the end and let Mewtwo hit it with Psychic and then used Mirror Coat to knock out Mewtwo.

Ended up catching it with only 2-3 Ultra Balls. It really surprised me. Thought it would take me a lot longer.

Then I got to work trying to chain Chansey... that didn't work as it ran. But then I tried with Geodude and lucked out at a little over 50 encounters. A shiny one showed up and I caught it and named it Nugget. :) Also went item hunting. Had a really fun time doing it.

Also faced off against Green and it was a real challenge. We both brought our best.

Also, really got a good laugh at the Professor Oak as champion joke after you beat the Elite 4 lol XD. I'll have to see if I can find a clip of that scene.
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Had to take a couple of weeks away from the game due to university (assignment overload is a pain) and I ended up losing track of where I was in the game. Figured a fresh start would be needed, and also decided to do a side project alongside playing Let's Go where I draw my team members after reaching certain stages of the game! These stages also provide perfect points to post progress here on the forums, in this rather lifeless Recent Happenings thread. So here we go.

Started the game, reset a few time for a male Pikachu (nothing against female Pikachu, just wanted one for the name) and did the opening bits like meeting the rival and finding Professor Oak. Caught my beloved new starter and named him Zeus, because Greek mythology is pretty neat. I caught a bunch of wild Pokemon on Route 1, went to Viridian City to collect the parcel for Oak, returned, beat the hell out of my rival's Eevee and worked towards filling my Pokedex. I've planned out what exactly I'll need to catch up to every milestone (which are the gyms, for clarification) which explains why I caught 11 Rattata but only kept about 3 (2 Alolan ones, 1 regular one). I then caught my second team member, a Bulbasaur I named Dionysus! I trained him on Route 22 as I caught my third team member, a Nidoran-Male! Which I named Ares.

I trained my new team members some more, caught more Pokemon in the area and made my way to Pewter City. Brock was no match for Ares and Dionysus, and I stopped there for about a week to draw those 3 Pokemon on my team. When they were complete and all posted onto my Instagram, I continued onwards towards Mt. Moon, capturing my fourth team member - Hephaestus the Charmander - en-route. Mt. Moon took a while (Onix and Clefable are nightmares to catch) but eventually my Pokedex was fairly up-to-date before Cerulean City, albeit my team was borderline under-levelled (Level 15 as we took on the gym). Luckily a battle with my rival evolved Ares, Dionysus and Hepheastus into their middle evolution stages and Misty was an easy defeat thanks to Zeus, and my trusty starter actually got a gym win for the first time. As of now, I'm saved before Nugget Bridge as I try and catch up on my drawings - god do I regret picking the Bulbasaur line as drawing them is a challenge...

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Team:
Zeus the Pikachu, Level 17 [Zippy Zap, Tail Whip, Headbutt, Double Kick]
Ares the Nidorino, Level 17 [Headbutt, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Peck]
Dionysus the Ivysaur, Level 17 [Headbutt, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Leech Seed]
Hephaestus the Charmeleon, Level 17 [Ember, Headbutt, Growl, Smokescreen]


Informed Casual
Found an opportunity to pick up Let's Go Pikachu pre-owned and took it. For the longest time I was pretty sure I was going to go with Eevee because of Alolan Vulpix, but Oddish and the opportunity to save some money eventually won out ;)

Sure enough, Oddish ended up being the very first Pokemon I caught after my starter and it has been a major asset to my team. The fact that its first attack is Absorb in a game without Liquid Ooze is huge, and the Poison typing covers a lot of its grass weaknesses well. I've been able to balance leveling him up with my partner Pikachu, and recently added a Clefairy to my team from Mt. Moon. Just got to Cerulean and I've already caught 50 Pokemon for the gift Charmander, so I'm hoping to add him to my team soon - just gotta make sure schoolwork takes top priority.

So for now my team consists of:

Lucius the Pikachu (Thundershock, Growl, Double Kick, Quick Attack)
Buddy the Oddish (Absorb, Sleep Powder, Acid, Poison Powder)
Pippin the Clefairy (Can't remember all the attacks but the only one I really use is Headbutt)


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Just caught my Mewtwo in LGP! I've loved this game so far, but Scyther still eludes me. Both that I've managed to spawn so far have ran away, despite using gold berries AND ultra balls on the suckers.

I'm actually thinking I would have been better holding onto the master ball for a scyther instead of using it on mewtwo, lol!

Once I've managed to catch the dude, all that I need to do is trade for Eevee version exclusives and the trade evolutions. :D

Captain Jigglypuff

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Made a new profile on my Switch so I could start another game as the female trainer and a female Eevee. I got one and this game I’m doing a Rupaul’s Drag Race Name theme and nicknamed my partner Eevee Oddly after the season 11 contestant Yvie Oddly. It was such a perfect name and rather appropriate. My trainer is named Kim Chi. I defeated Brock and am currently in Mt Moon exploring.


The Procrastination Sensation Sweeping The Nation
Been a while since I last posted, the art took a while to get done and then I had a ton of uni work to do. Luckily I reached the next stage and was able to continue my journey! I made my way through Nugget Bridge onto Route 24/25, capturing my 5th team member, Poseidon the Squirtle, on the way! That Scald TM was a godsend for it. I trained my team and worked on the Pokedex as I continued along to find Bill, who as thanks for helping him gave me some tickets to get onto the S.S. Anne. Seemed pretty neat.

Made my way down the routes, battling the odd trainer as they appeared and generally working on my Pokedex, since the Pokedex is actually kind of fun to progress in this game! The new catching mechanics work wonders for the system. Eventually my team all caught up in levels and I reached Vermillion City and by extension the S.S. Anne! I battled my rival and the other trainers on the boat, taught my Pikachu what was basically the HM for Cut and went to take on Lt. Surge, who was one-shot by my newly evolved Nidoking pretty much despite being 3 levels lower than his Raichu.

Rock Tunnel was pretty decent as you were given the HM for Flash, although trying to catch 3 Cubone for the Pokedex was not overly fun. Still! Whilst in there my Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur and I realised I may actually be over-levelled for the first time in the game. Lavender Town was uneventful, rival got crushed by my team and I watched Team Rocket basically kidnap a Cubone with no resistance. I then spent 2 hours hunting for a Kadabra + Porygon, whilst training up some Pokemon for the Pokedex to avoid my main team over-levelling. The concept of rotation might be a thing for this team, rotate out the 5 main members and keep Pikachu as a constant. Plenty of choices in this game, I feel.

Celadon City held my "final" team member, since the rotation might make it just the 6th team member... an Alolan Sandshrew! Which I can't nickname but would probably go with Alolan Knuckles for the memes, or perhaps Hermes to keep the theme consistent. Anyway, I quickly evolved Sandshrew before forgetting I had to wait a level for it to get Swords Dance... guess X Scissor is a permanent move for it now (when I get the TM) and used Sandslash solely against the Celadon Gym, where it basically 2-3HKOed everything. My main team wasn't even in the party; I ran with a Cubone, Drowzee, Abra, Psyduck and Mankey to evolve them all (only Abra did). I have since saved, and now need to draw Venusaur, Sandshrew and Sandslash. Going to be a while before I play again me thinks!

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Team:

Zeus the Pikachu, Level 34 [Zippy Zap, Thunderbolt, Floaty Fall, Brick Break]
Ares the Nidoking, Level 34 [Thrash, Thunderbolt, Toxic, Dig]
Dionysus the Venusaur, Level 34 [Mega Drain, PoisonPowder, Take Down, Petal Dance]
Hephaestus the Charmeleon, Level 34 [Ember, Dragon Rage, Headbutt, Brick Break]
Poseidon the Wartortle, Level 34 [Scald, Bite, Headbutt, Dig]
"Alolan Knuckles" the Alolan Sandslash, Level 30 [Ice Punch, Dig, Brick Break, Headbutt]


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Got an awesome team so far

A. Sandslash

I'm thinking about replacing Dragonite for Arcanine. I've never used Arcanine before.

Then I could also replace the jolteon for Zapdos and have no repeated types.

I have a shiny Blastoise, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Exeggutor, Chansey, Sandslash, Vileplume, Pidgeot, Geodude (But I have no way of making it a Golem), and probably a couple more I'm forgetting

Edit: I JUST got a shiny Magnemite. I had been trying to get it for 2 days

I also have a shiny Muk I forgot about
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After a break, I've returned back to LGPE and transferred my Machamp and Alakazam from GO to complete the Dex. I now have the Shiny Charm and came across a Shiny Staryu that I've been long waiting to get.


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So I restarted Let's Go and began a new project for Pokemon, where I'm aiming to beat each region before Sword and Shield comes out. I figured I'd reach an equal point from my last post before posting again. So here we go!
  • Restarted the game, picked Pikachu, gave him an afro because... required
  • Caught a Pidgey and Oddish on Route 1
  • Defeated my rival at Oak's Lab with Pikachu
  • Defeated my rival again at Oak's Lab - Pikachu wrecked his Pidgey, and my own Pidgey defeated his Eevee
  • Cleared Viridian Forest and caught some new Pokemon for the Pokedex as well as to level my team
  • Challenged Brock in Pewter City with Oddish - Absorb one-shot his Geodude and Onix (much better than Bellsprout, perks of a special STAB], so first badge get!
  • Bought a Magikarp on Route 4, which was then a nightmare to train
  • Defeated Team Rocket in Mt. Moon and picked the Dome Fossil (Kabutops is cool, albeit won't be used)
  • Challenged Misty in Cerulean City - Pikachu obliterated Psyduck and Starmie with Zippy Zap, so second badge get!
  • My rival was soundly defeated before Nugget Bridge - Pidgey was demolished by Pikachu, Oddish was beaten by Pidgey, Eevee was beaten by Oddish
  • Cleared Nugget Bridge and Route 24/25 - Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto and Magikarp finally learnt an offensive move
  • Spoke to Bill, made my way towards Vermillion City, had a romantic moment with my rival plucking a Revive from my hair
  • Caught a Growlithe to add to the team, trained it on Route 6
  • Cleared the S.S. Anne, evolved Oddish into Gloom and Magikarp into Gyarados
  • Defeated my rival again - Pidgeotto died to Pikachu, Oddish lost to Growlithe, Gyarados beat Eevee
  • Challenged Lt. Surge in Vermillion City - Gloom defeated Raichu, Growlithe beat Voltorb and Magnemite
  • Made my way to get Flash, then to Rock Tunnel, met Lorelei, caught a Rhyhorn to complete my team
  • Fought my rival in Lavender Town - Rhyhorn crushed Pidgeotto and Jolteon, Gloom fell to Growlithe
  • Trained my team to Level 30 before Celadon City
  • Challenged Erika in Celadon City - Growlithe wrecked Tangela and Vileplume (barely, Vileplume is tanky) and Pidgeotto almost lost to Weepinbell, but emerged victorious (seriously though Mega Drain nearly 2HKOed it)
And done!

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Team:
Thunderstorm the Pikachu, Level 31 [Zippy Zap, Floaty Fall, Dig, Thunderbolt]
Hurricane the Pidgeotto, Level 31 [Headbutt, Sand Attack, Wing Attack, Quick Attack]
Epidemic the Gloom, Level 31 [Mega Drain, Acid, PoisonPowder, Headbutt]
Tsunami the Gyarados, Level 31 [Waterfall, Bite, Dragon Tail, Headbutt]
Magmawave the Growlithe, Level 31 [Flamethrower, Crunch, Play Rough, Dig]
Landslide the Rhyhorn, Level 31 [Dig, Headbutt, Drill Run, Rock Throw]


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Well I've beaten Koga, at long last. Turns out the levelling experience ramps up heavily from Route 12 onwards - being 2-3 levels below expected with stuff like Dodrio 2HKOing everything isn't great, but it was cool to see some challenge in the game and put the team through its paces. So glad Rhyhorn's evolved now, and Pidgeotto. Both were sorely needed, whilst Gloom and Growlithe were doing fine by themselves. Giovanni wasn't an issue, Pokemon Tower with Marowak was pretty sad, but now I'm eternally confused as to order of play. Was I meant to do Silph Co. first? I'm heading to Saffron City next anyway.

Team so far is going good though, my current structure of Fire/Water/Grass/early bird/Electric/Rock | Ground | Steel is going smoothly. Pidgeot does feel useless though, both in terms of being a genuinely bad Flying type (every Dodrio I fight makes me wonder if I should replace it) or just it not being too useful in the game as-is. I mean all it has is STAB, did not think this through at all. Rhyhorn sucked bulk-wise until now, where it also lacked just the right amount of power to KO anything. As Rhydon though, everything is good. Arcanine is pretty swell as expected, Vileplume is awesome and Gyarados is really really solid. Oh and Pikachu works fine, Zippy Zap is awesome.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Team:

Thunderstorm the Pikachu, Level 43 [Zippy Zap, Floaty Fall, Dig, Splishy Splash]
Hurricane the Pidgeot, Level 43 [Headbutt, Fly, Air Slash, Quick Attack]
Epidemic the Vileplume, Level 43 [Mega Drain, Acid, PoisonPowder, Dazzling Gleam]
Tsunami the Gyarados, Level 43 [Waterfall, Bite, Outrage, Headbutt]
Magmawave the Arcanine, Level 43 [Flamethrower, Crunch, Play Rough, Dig]
Landslide the Rhydon, Level 43 [Megahorn, Headbutt, Drill Run, Rock Throw]


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Well, judging by the level differences I encountered in Saffron City, I did things in the wrong order. I guess I should've gone from Lavender Tower --> Saffron City --> Route 12? Maybe? I don't know, I never played the originals or know the order. Basically Silph Co. was a breeze, everyone was defeated, Giovanni was pretty easy to defeat (Gyarados for the win) and I got a Lapras out of it! Which I have no plans on using. But still! I love the Saffron City gym, although the teleporting thing after doing it in Silph Co. for ages was dull pretty quickly. Solid aesthetics though really sold it for me, and damn do Psychic types hit hard! Psychic 2HKOing a good chunk of my team. Luckily, as you can see most of my team is Physical, and half of them have a super-effective move to smack Sabrina's team with. Slowbro died to Vileplume, Alakazam was 2HKOed by Pikachu (who dodged Psychic, so nice), Gyarados massacred Jynx with Crunch and Mr. Mime was obliterated by Arcanine. Easy game, Pidgeot is as useless as ever but we love the birb, so they stay. Really need to rethink the names though...

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Team:

Thunderstorm the Pikachu, Level 47 [Zippy Zap, Floaty Fall, Dig, Splishy Splash]
Hurricane the Pidgeot, Level 46 [Headbutt, Fly, Air Slash, Quick Attack]
Epidemic the Vileplume, Level 46 [Mega Drain, Acid, PoisonPowder, Dazzling Gleam]
Tsunami the Gyarados, Level 46 [Waterfall, Crunch, Outrage, Headbutt]
Magmawave the Arcanine, Level 46 [Flamethrower, Crunch, Play Rough, Dig]
Landslide the Rhydon, Level 46 [Megahorn, ThunderPunch, Drill Run, Rock Throw]
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The Procrastination Sensation Sweeping The Nation
Apologies for the double post, but it's been nearly two weeks and nobody else posted so we're going for it.

I beat the game! Sort-of, if you count beating the Elite 4 and Champion as game completed. I'm not normally one for post-game stuff unless it's stuff like the Battle Frontier or a whole other place like in BW or HG/SS. I might come back to this one day and capture the legendaries and complete the Pokedex, but I think for now this is Kanto over and done with. Onto Johto now I suppose! The end credits always get me all teary-eyed, very strange.

Since my last post I got lost in the Seafoam Islands and the Pokemon Mansion, defeated Blaine rather quickly thanks to Gyarados and Rhydon and then moved on to defeating Giovanni again. Gyarados practically swept the place, so that was simple enough. Cleared Victory Road, and prepared to face the Pokemon League! My team was all Level 55 by this point, perfectly levelled for the challenge ahead. And then we went in.

Lorelei was pretty much a Pikachu sweep, although Gyarados and Arcanine did get some usage versus Slowbro and Jynx respectively. I felt pretty lucky dodging Lapras' final attacks to 2HKO it with Zippy Zap, otherwise we may have had the first casualty on this Elite 4 run.

Bruno went swimmingly, Vileplume wrecking his Onix (but not before it set up Stealth Rock) and returning later on to finish off his Poliwrath. Pidgeot finally gained some actual use and wrecked both Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Machamp! Nice going.

Agatha was the toughest of the Elite 4, Rhydon going in first and unfortunately being paralyzed by Arbok's Glare meaning we had to tank a Crunch first before putting it down with Earthquake. I'd hoped to use Rhydon again versus Gengar (the lower levelled one) but Shadow Ball + paralysis put Rhydon in a weaker position. So I swapped to Gyarados, who got crit twice then poisoned to KO it. Rhydon did return and KO it with Earthquake, then KOed Weezing and Golbat with Earthquake and Rock Slide respectively. Final Gengar fell to Arcanine's Crunch, who proved to be surprisingly fast!

Lance was really easy actually, which helps when 4/5 of his team are weak to Electric. Vileplume beat Seadra in one hit with Mega Drain, Pikachu shocked Gyarados with Zippy Zap, Rhydon crushed Aerodactyl with Rock Slide, Gyarados swamped Charizard with Waterfall and Arcanine battered Dragonite with Play Rough! Easy time.

Then I battled my Rival, who surprise-surprise was the Champion. Kind of didn't like that Lance told me that? I always liked the surprise of seeing your rival as the Champion previously, even if you already kinda knew. Perhaps I'm nostalgic for games I never beat, who knows. Anyway, every team member got to win here. Rhydon beat Mega Pidgeot with Rock Slide, Gyarados beat Slowbro with Crunch spam, Arcanine took on Rapidash with Crunch + Superpower, Vileplume drained Marowak with Mega Drain, Pikachu took on his Jolteon and won with Dig + Splishy Splash, and my own Pidgeot who could not Mega Evolve defeated his Vileplume with Fly into Air Slash. And that, as they say, is that.

Where does my gaming journey take me now? Probably to HeartGold, at least for my own solo adventure. My friend and I are still playing USUM (especially now that I'm finished for the year with uni) so that'll continue. All's good! Figured now it's the end I'd critique my team and explain how I felt about them. Also I renamed them all.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Team:
McLightning the Pikachu, Level 56 [Zippy Zap, Floaty Fall, Dig, Splishy Splash]
My cute afro-wearing starter! Pikachu has remained progressively powerful over the time I used it, Zippy Zap mainly being the move used and the other tutor moves hardly being touched, perhaps simply due to not having to rely on it for anything. Pikachu felt a bit weaker towards the end, but ultimately kept pace perfectly fine. A solid starter for sure.
Big Birb the Pidgeot, Level 56 [Headbutt, Fly, Air Slash, Heat Wave]
Ah, the original regional bird, how they've improved over time. Pidgeot kinda sucked, partially because it had bloody Headbutt and Quick Attack for the entire journey and partially because it didn't have a niche on my team. I love my birb of course, and I'm glad I chose it, but damn did Dodrio and Fearow look better about halfway through the game.
Shroomboi the Vileplume, Level 56 [Mega Drain, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Dazzling Gleam]
Vileplume, finally I get to use you! Accidentally went with Bellossom in HeartGold once, oops. Vileplume is awesome, never really lost a battle, was tanky as hell and its moveset was exactly what it needed. Very reliable Pokemon, wish I got to use it a bit more.
Tsunamisnek the Gyarados, Level 56 [Waterfall, Crunch, Outrage, Earthquake]
My first time properly using Gyarados and I was not disappointed. This thing hits so hard! Waterfall got spammed a lot, Outrage and Crunch were useful and I liked Earthquake on it at the end. Also riding it was awesome. Bit slow to level, but very much worth it, 10/10 would use again.
Legendoggo the Arcanine, Level 56 [Flamethrower, Crunch, Play Rough, Superpower]
The only Pokemon here I've already beaten a game with using it before (in White 2) and it's as reliable now as it was then. It's not an exciting Pokemon per-say, and I did get bored of it at one point, but in terms of Fire types you can't do much better in this game. Solid moveset and stats, can ride it, was awesome.
Dinoswole the Rhydon, Level 56 [Megahorn, Superpower, Earthquake, Rock Slide]
My favourite nickname of the lot, Rhydon was one of my favourites on this team. It hit like a truck, was physically tanky as hell and it beat Flying types for me when I didn't want to overlevel Pikachu. Awesome! Very cool Pokemon I never really rode on, RIP me.


I think my games broken...in a good way, yesterday I got a perfect IV shiny Sandshrew after a pretty terrible experience hunting one for about 3 days which is just rediculous..today I just this second got a shiny clefairy after hunting it for probably 2 hours...and it's IVs are pretty much perfect, 5 perfect IVs apart from attack...which is useless for this Pokémon anyway.. especially as I've gone for a bold nature.

I don't know what's going on but maybe my game has noticed how much pain I went through in order to get my sandshrew and is some how repaying the faith (300-400 chain, thousands of encounters over 3 days)...it's funny what kind of theories you come up with when stuff like this happens, but all I know is I'm due another load of bad luck. I'm sitting on cloud 9 at the moment. :)

Just to add as an update...just caught a shiny drowzee...only 4 perfect IVs this time....but again I lucked out with attack and speed being worst which are it's least desirable stats!
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Got back into Let's Go, Eevee! since I graduated college last month. When the game first came out, I was hunting for Ponyta but never got it. Yesterday, I finally found one! And also a Pidgeotto and Dodou along the way (though they are extras because I already have shinies of those). Now, I'm hunting for shiny Mr. Mime and also leveling up my Pokemon by doing gym leader rematches!