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Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu/Eevee RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
Walked in Mr Moon and found a shiny Geodude by accident =]
Is the shint rate higher in these games?
Internet says...
“The base odds of getting a shiny in Pokemon Let's Go can be as high as a 1 in 4,096 chance. However, with a lure, shiny charm and catch combo these odds can decrease to 1 in 273.07.”

And it’s the same rate as Sun & Moon I think yet I’m rather pleased too. ^_^ I got at least around 10 before I even beat the game.


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I just spent the last two hours rigorously busting through the Elite Four and Trace just do I could become Champion and go to Cerulean Cave and catch Mewtwo so I can level it up to Lv. 100 and use it to take down Max Raid battles in Shield.

It took nearly 40 Ultra Balls to do it.


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I just spent the last two hours rigorously busting through the Elite Four and Trace just do I could become Champion and go to Cerulean Cave and catch Mewtwo so I can level it up to Lv. 100 and use it to take down Max Raid battles in Shield.

It took nearly 40 Ultra Balls to do it.
I would have gladly given you a Mewtwo from my plethora of Mewtwos I collected over the years for your Shield game


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I would have gladly given you a Mewtwo from my plethora of Mewtwos I collected over the years for your Shield game

Mewtwo is one of those pokemon I definitely prefer catching on my own. Given the difficulty, being able to catch it is quite rewarding.

I do very much appreciate your kindness, though. Thanks. :)


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I always use the master ball on Mewtwo but something pretty cool I just noticed going back into Omega Ruby to catch Pokemon,I finished the dex for the first time in Omega Ruby and going back to it after so long I noticed I never used my master ball to catch all those legendaries back then


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I feel like restarting this game. Mostly so I can kinda have a theme with Go Park, and update my Trainer name.
I am actually playing Let's Go Eevee for the first time. I already played Let' Go Pikachu. You should def do so. And if you need any help with any Pokemon, let me know. I will gladly help trade.

In my Let's Go Eevee, in Cerulean Cave, I had already caught Mewtwo with the Master Ball (does that little animation with the Master Ball only happen with Mewtwo or does it happen with any other Pokemon being caught with the Pokeball?).

So after leaving Trace, told me that there was a trainer who was looking for the Mewtwo I had just caught. So I went back into Cerulean Cave and saw that it was Pokemon Trainer Green... she is rude throwing pokeballs as me. You already know I smacked her team up with my

- Partner Eevee
- Hitmonchan
- Lapras
- Rapidash
- Exeggutor (Alolan)
- Kabutops

My Pokemon we ranging between 60 and 65, except for My Partner Eevee who was at level 80

She took out her Clefable first and I took out my Partner Eevee. I used 2 Tail whips while Green had Clefable. Used Reflect. My partner Eevee was able to take some hits but we spammed with Dig until Reflect wore off and then hit her with that Ddu-Ddu-du-du.

Then Green's Kangaskhan came out. I used my Rapidash against it, delivering Fire Blasts trying to burn her but Rapidash fell to Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan was weak and I had Eevee use her quick attack to finish it off, Boombayah.

Green's Nintetales came out next. So I threw out my Kabutops. I put up a Stealth Rock and then a Rock Slide and Aqua Jet and finished her off. My Kaputops was at 1/4 health after this, it was Pretty Savage.

Green next brought out Victreebell. I let my Kabutops stay in as it had Leech Life but it fell in the end. Hitmonchan then took care of this one with its Fire and Ice Punches. Hitmonchan was left at 1 HP, As If It's Your Last.

Green's Gengar came up next. I had Lapras handle that with Ice Beams and Surfs. Gengar fell as Lapras was left with low HP as of it was some Lovesick Girls.

Now came Green's Ace, Blastoise, who mega evolved into Mega Blastoise. I continued on with Lapras but Blastoise moved first and took it out. Then I had Alolan Exeggutor have a go but Blastoise was faster and hit him with the Ice Beam, KOing it. Next up was my Hitmonchan who was already weak and definitely made dent with ThunderPunch. But Himonchan fell. It was now all left to my Eevee. Luckily, my Eevee has Buzzy Buzz... Mega Blastoise was at over 1/2 HP and Eevee was at 1/4. Eevee thankfully moved first and used Buzzy Buzz, damaging Mega Blastoise half of its current HP and paralyzing it. This next part was a nail-biter. I was hoping Mega Blastoise would paralyze this turn but sadly he did not. Instead he used Hydro Pump... and my Eevee avoided the attack with one of my shouts!!! So now I used Buzzy Buzz again and BAM, I beat Green and her team. How You Like That?

After the battle she threw several Poke Balls at me and I am livid. And that is where I left off. I want to battle Archer and Red soon...


After so many tries, I now have the perfect partner. She is Eve the eevee. Hardy nature, and capable of taking hits. She's very cute, I love her as my partner.

Himaro Aurora

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Ep 1~ Kanto is where the start is..

The beginning of phase 4 in my Poké-Journeys!
The Kanto adventures have begun & is now long underway! It's great to be back at Kanto, familiar lands yet a new adventure has unfolded..
Ash & Gary in one. I am working hard to conquer Kanto on my journey to be a Pokémon Master.

The journey so far has been a long one, much training & friends met. I have a big & versatile Pokémon team. Not playing games!
Beat Koga, caught my numero uno Dratini soon to be Dragonite and I am circling the power plant where I am soon to face face legendary Zapdos! ZZZ. Oh how mighty a foe this is. It has caused destruction to me in the past. I've told my team we can do this! Before long we will be on a vacation of bonding but for now the test of the electric bird awaits.
This is my first post for this journey and condenses alot of great moments, Pokémon caught and adventures!
Goh my rival has always appeared steps ahead but I'm blazing close! Kanto is evergreen and I've explored it plenty but much to come!

Will I conquer Zapdos? Do I have what it takes! Only time will tell, stay tuned ⚡

Madison M

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I completed my Pokédex yesterday (weirdly Pidgeot was the last one I needed) and got the shiny charm. I then immediately started shiny hunting Magnemite/Magneton (my favorite shinies) again. I ended up getting Electabuzz last night and named him Raijin. Then I got Chansey this morning and named her Joy.


Just got this game today. Pretty fun so far.


Generation 4 was how I got into Pokémon
So let me just address this first, the very first Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Pearl on the DS, I never played the original Pokemon Red and Blue. I did play Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green to get a feel for Kanto and of course the other remake that was HeartGold/SoulSilver. So yeah I am familar with Kanto since I played those games.

When you first start the game, you are met with Professor Oak who we all know is the person that welcomes you to the world of Pokemon. Asks what you look like (which was a new thing added since Gen 6 in Pokemon X and Y) and then asks you what your name was. Strange thing enough the Rival was changed to a more "friendly" type. I know this is one of those things that bothered a lot of people but it never bothered me that much. So then you get your partner Pokemon depending on which version of the game you get. I got Pikachu since this the version I played on. Now you can choose to play without having Pikachu in the party but the game still encourages you to use it when traveling with it.

The major changes in this game compared to the remakes (I don't know much about the original since I never played it) are that there is no Wild Battles. Normally when you encounter a Pokemon you have to send your Pokemon out to weaken and catch it, but here its changed to where you have to see the Pokemon in the grass in the over world to encounter it. The most controversial change this game has it that the catching mechanic has been replaced with the Pokemon Go mechanics. Basically when you see a ring circle it indicates how hard or easy the Pokemon is to catch. There are two ways to do this, if you're playing on TV you have to use the Joy Con to swing it on the TV to catch the Pokemon (which is rely on motion controls and there is no option to turn that off), or in handheld mode where you just press a button to catch the Pokemon which in my opinion is a lot more easier.

One of the things that disappointed me and a lot of other people was that they took out Abilities, Held Items, and Breeding which were the core things that made Pokemon great. I get that this game is suppose to be for the new comers but its a major downgrade from what we are used to from past Pokemon games. As far as the difficulty is I went into this not battling much trainers because I didn't want my Pokemon to be too over leveled. I had a hard time with some battles but when my Pokemon was at higher levels I had a more easier time. This is one of the main issues that many people have with this game is that the game feels like there is no challenge to it. I know this has been a hot topic for a long while since X and Y, but me personally it doesn't bother me all that much.

Despite these flaws, I still had a good time playing this game. I am glad that they removed HMs (Since Gen 7 in Sun and Moon) and replaced them with secret techniques that your partner Pokemon can use to Cut Trees, Surf on Water, Use Flash, and Fly (which is in a balloon fly thing). While I wish there was more Pokemon to catch since in the Remake (Fire Red/Leaf Green) when you beat the champion the Pokemon you catch from Johto appears but for whatever reason they didn't do that in this game. I get it was suppose to be a remake of Pokemon Yellow but still I was disappointed.

Overall Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee is a solid game for new people that haven't played Pokemon before and just want to have a chill experience, while for others like the core fanbase will not like it because its watered down and not really that challenging. So I will rate this game a 7.5/10


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I have been trying for the last two days to find a shiny Ekans outside Mt. Moon. Current catch combo: 325. It's fun though. I'm seeing the legendary birds spawning overhead, trying to tempt me from the hunt. I already broke my streak once when a random shiny Spearow spawned. Not doing that again.

Update: spent the last two nights after work continuing my catch combo. When I called it a night last night, it was at 551, with over 600 Ekans sent to the professor. No shiny in all that time.
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