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Pokemon Levels as of Newest Sagas


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Okay. Serebii.net's Manga Section is long not actualized and Pokemon Levels are outdated. I'm giving you a piece of info and asking for another piece of info.

Red's Pokemon Levels are (as of FRLG Saga):
Pika - Lv. 88
Nyoro - Lv. 80
Fusshii - Lv. 82
Gon - Lv. 89
Gyara - Lv. 84
Pte - Lv. 85

Green's Pokemon Levels are (as of FRLG Saga):
Lizardon - Lv. 89
Golduck - Lv. 88
Kairiki - Lv. 80
Hassamu - Lv. 82
Saidon - Lv. 82
Polygon2 - Lv. 78

Blue's Pokemon Levels are (as of FRLG Saga):
Kame-chan - Lv. 80
Puriri - Lv. 67
Meta-chan - Lv. 50
Pik-kun - Lv. 68
Nido-chan - Lv. 69
Blue - Lv. 22

NOTICE: Levels of Boxed Pokemon weren't shown in FRLG Saga, so the most up-to-date known levels are those from Volume 15 (Serebii.net uses them)

Now, my question.

What are Yellow's Pokemon Levels (as of FRLG Saga)?
What are Ruby's and Sapphire's Pokemon Levels (as of RS Saga Ending)?
And any other character's Pokemon Levels (as of any saga NEWER than GSC), if possible.


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The levels of Yellow's Pokemon have remained static since the end of the GSC series, as the Black Pokedex has recently shown their levels to be the same as in that last page of the GSC series.

However, their levels fluctuate in synchrony to Yellow's emotions, and can soar up to the 80s when needed, as in the climax of the Yellow series and the Viridian Forest showdown in FRLG. They fall back to the baseline afterwards, and the figures we have now are approximately the baseline static values they remain at. In Yellow's Pokemon profile pages in volume 25, their levels are denoted by ???.

Pokemon of Gold, Silver and Crystal have not had new values given, and the levels of Ruby's Pokemon have never been showed, as only the conditions were depicted in the inter-chapter pages. For Sapphire, I don't have the comics with me now, and I'll post them later.

For Emerald, Sceptile was at 51 when he stole it from the Battle Factory. Those of Sudowoodo and Dusclops are unknown.