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Pokemon Life Expectancy

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by SupremeJudicator, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. SupremeJudicator

    SupremeJudicator Alola bound!

    So I was curious, how long do pokemon actually live for? I know you can feed them and that they grow and what not, but they do die at some point. Otherwise all of the pokemon grave towers and pokemon resurrected from fossils wouldn't exist. I know some pokemons' dex entries touch on their life expectancy, like Wartortle. It's said that it can live to be over 10,000 years old; but does that mean that Blastoise's is also that long? How about ghost pokemon? Since they're already ghosts, can they even die? Would it be pointless to raise small bug pokemon since most bugs don't make it more than a few days? And also, would pokemon constantly kept in a pokeball have elongated lives since they spend so much time in a pseudo-suspended state? What do you think? What life expectancy would you give different pokemon, and why?
  2. Pokemaniac Erika

    Pokemaniac Erika All aboard!

    Maybe ghosts and legendary can live forever.
    Some pokemon's dex said that they can live for a very long time.
    And bugs maybe live in a shorter time than other pokemon.
  3. Tylar

    Tylar Well-Known Member

    Odd, but your right. Who honestly knows perhaps they will implement the answer in a future game.
  4. Olympichero191

    Olympichero191 Embraced by Hatred..

    I've always just chalked it up to like everything else, eventually they die.. except for certain Pokemon. IE: Ghosts and Legendaries.

    I've never thought about the Pokemon kept in Pokeballs. I've never thought of the ball to be a suspended state, but it's an interesting theory. I honestly don't know what happens in there, but I'd hope that if we ever find out it would be interesting. Until that time however I'll let Robot Chicken's episode with Pikachu having a party in his Pokeball be my idea of what goes on in there, lol.

    I doubt we will ever find out about the deaths of Pokemon because death is such a sore subject in childrens programming these days.
  5. Harris73

    Harris73 MAIL ROOM!! NAO!!

    In the anime, the Pokémon in the pokéballs seem to know everything that goes on outside in the world. They probably wouldn't have extended lives...
  6. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    overdone topic served to your burnt tastes madam!

    anyways pokemon die, and some legendaries may do a pheonix thing when they die.
  7. revolvingscott

    revolvingscott Well-Known Member

    I know what Ambipom does (he's got 2 arms! ;-))

    I was thinking of that this morning, I say that one day Nintendo will release a game that will explain it, or Nintendo will die (one or the other)
  8. diablo_200525

    diablo_200525 ミッドナイト ミュウツー

    Well as mentioned before most likely ghost and legendaries would not have life expectancy. And for some regulars live to be very old. Especially on some episodes on Tv. The highest that i can remember was Peuka (pikachu) was like 40 or something. I know for sure that almsot all of them live longer then that...
  9. I think Pokemon would die from sickness if you ask me.
    Maybe they can live long, but they just die of sickness.
    But I've said this many times before, It's just a game. If we were taking about real life here than Pokemon would die from knives, guns [Weapons], Other Pokemon attacks, Poison, etc
  10. Moneyy


    It depends on the pokemon. Ghost pokemon I think should be immortal until they choose to die. I do think legendaries live forever though. And bug pokemon probably live more than a few days. Maybe 2 years, but if they evolve then their life expectancy rises.
  11. Kurusu Lapras

    Kurusu Lapras Member

    I would assume ghosts and the most powerful legendaries live forever. All others most likely live about as long as humans do, except a few, like Wortortle, Ninetales, Bronzong, etc., that are specifically stated in the pokédex to live 1000's of years.
  12. FlyingTotodile

    FlyingTotodile Many totodiles can't

    All I can say is, it would truely suck if your really useful and close friend, your EV'd Scizor died after, maybe three short years of being by your side. Although it does make sense that pokemon would get older and die. It would also make sense to state that as pokemon get older, their bodies deteriorate and their battling prowess falls.
  13. araveugnitsuga

    araveugnitsuga Active Member

    I don't think nintendo will implement that, not because of death itself but because no one likes to have pokemon misteriously disappear after 2 or 3 years with them
  14. Senior Gomez

    Senior Gomez The Trio Trainer

    Life Expenctany?...

    I belive they[pokemon] could live for a VERY long time if domesticated, but pretty long in the wild. They could die in fights and disputes, or being pushed too hard. I truely believe that they could really only die from sickness, or.......... "unnatural causes." :-D
  15. BlitzBlast

    BlitzBlast Busy with School

    I personally believe that due to the strong emotional bond between trainer and pokemon, if the trainer dies, his/her pokemon will follow him/her.
  16. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    I disagree. If you check the Dex, some pokemon can live for hundreds (absol) to thousands (wortortle) of years. Though sometimes that'd be the case, in nature pokemon like that could outlive several humans ^_^ [yay for the squirtle family! I'm going to be 10000 years young!]
  17. BlitzBlast

    BlitzBlast Busy with School

    Again, those are currently legends with absolutely no proof whatsoever, barring Ninetails.

    And really, I imagine if the deceased trainers had a family that also loved that pokemon, the pokemon would stay with that family.

    But the pokemon following the trainer does cut down on pokemon angst.
  18. Pokemaniac Erika

    Pokemaniac Erika All aboard!

    But there still nothing that can exist forever, right?
  19. Love and Diamonds are forever, so Dialga ;D

    But seriously, Tracey's Scyther's getting old, Prof. Oak made a comment on that in a special.

    Obviously ghosts are already dead, so when Pokemon die, they'd turn into Ghastly right? WRONG, look at the Marowak from Pokemon Red/Green, it was represented as a "Ghost" like the other ghosts around did, to scare people away, but then it said she was finally put to rest and went on to the after life blah blah blah. Still maked me wonder, though, Cubone wearing his mother's skull means he was at some point showing his face... Did he seriously take his mom's head after she was killed to wear her skull? Gah! But that's a whole different subject.

    Anyway, it seems that unevolved pokemon age drastically, too, since that Treeko seen in the anime protecting the tree was old looking. But what about pokemon that exist outside our dimensions and are not affected by the same rules of time and space? (thinking of Unown)

    If you're just gonna say that ghosts and legends live forever, piss off.
  20. revolvingscott

    revolvingscott Well-Known Member

    Well pokémon do die, we all can accept that, I saw an episode of the animé and Pikachu lost badly to a Raichu and had to be taken into Pokémon Center Hospital and there was a moment where his/her poor little heart stopped beating but they zapped with some electricity and he was alright in the end! YAY!!! ^____^

    I think they wouldn't add death into the games because of outcry from the public upon discovering that when trading your Eevee that's like 9 years old into this new game it dies soon after due to being too old! :'( (I rather like Eevees/Eeveelutions, that's why I used it as an example plus it's cute and we wouldn't want to see one of them dead!)

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