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Pokemon Link - v2.0

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Please forgive me for solving this set, at the risk of making the answer look obvious, guys.

They can't learn Rest/Protect...


I hate my brotha. XD

Now, I honestly forgot who made that set... x_x

Whoever did, I'm so sorry...please speak up to be honored. =D

Before I open the next set, I also lost the guest set for Set 39...so if you were the one who made Set 39, please PM me that set again. ;)


Set 38
~ Goldeen ~ Piloswine ~ Spinda ~ Cherrim ~

Difficulty: 4.2/5

I like this set...


Charizard pwns it!
They all have some kind of facial feature?
Goldeen's... horn?
Piloswines... fluffy face?
Spinda's funny eyes?
And Cherubi's cherries?
*wild guess*


Charizard pwns it!
Anything to do with games/anime?


Charizard pwns it!
Anything to do with games/anime?


"Dark Lightning"
I hate my brotha. XD

Don't worry, I hate you too...
(Not really; I was only as serious as you was.)

Is the similarity that they can learn a "Dance" move?
Cherrim - Petal Dance
Spinda - Teeter Dance
Goldeen - Rain Dance
Piloswine - Uhh... Swords Dance?

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
They all contain two words in it when you mix the letters around:
Goldeen: Need Log / Neo Geld
Piloswine: Spoil Wine
Spinda: Sad Nip / Sin Pad
Cherrim: Crim Her
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Ummm they can be pink (God knows I'm just guessing)

They all have different forms?
Goldeen - males have larger horns
Piloswine - males have larger tusks
Spinda - 4 billion+ spot patterns
Cherrim - Sunny Day form vs. Overcast form

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Is it that none of them have any hands?

This is probably nowhere near, but its all i can think of.
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