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Pokemon Mafia: New Bark, New Bite

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Thank you my prince!
My cross fire is aligned on three people. Infernobat, Fango Pango, and Mr. Mach. All three of them have been rather shady. MM brought a good point with Infernobat just agreeing with me out of no where, Fango Pango since he's having communication out of the game, and Mr. Mach for inconsistencies. We do know for a fact that Fango Pango is not Celebi since he was saved by Celebi. One of the other two could have been Ditto, if I'm understanding the role correctly. Two of them could be working together.


The Mafia Godfather
Discussion is the only way for town to have a fighting chance. Being active is very important to this game. I'll extend the day phase for a bit to allow you guys to discuss some more

Yes, Ditto could have been the one to save Fango Pango. The scene was not meant to imply it either way. I really just started using Sudowoodo to tell the story, then Celebi (or Ditto) saved Fango Pango so I added Celebi to the mix. Then I use whoever the target is. I purposely leave so much out to not give hints to roles or actions

2. Fango Pango..................
3. Infernobat..................... Fango Pango
5. MarshtompMan..............
6. Grey Walrus..................
7. Enjolras........................
8. Chihaya01....................
9. Aegon..........................
10. Crimson Penguin..........
11. Mr. Mach..................... Fango Pango
13. Sasukeanditachi...........

Vote Count:

Fango Pango-2


Master of the House
Well as it happens I'm Natu.

Does anyone else remember this?
Am I the only person that thinks its strange that this was never mentioned again? Not quite sure, but seems kinda fishy...

I'll vote Fango Pango for now. They haven't given us any reason not to vote for them besides that a random lynch is a bad idea, and at this point their lynch is far from random.


My name is Quiliver.
I am going to add my vote for Fango. We do not know anything about what is going on and voting him out will give us some insight.


Back from the dead
Gonna put my vote in for Fango, some rules were not meant to be broken again


The Mafia Godfather
The town surrounded Fango Pango. This time in agreement that he had to go

“I have no idea what you guys are talking about,” he pleaded his case

Pokemon began to appear from their pokeballs. Fango Pango reached onto his belt and let out his partner Pokemon, a Magcargo. He began laughing “You will all fail. Caleb will be ours. Kill me but our will lives on. Fango Pango revealed a pill in his mouth and quickly swallowed it. He started foaming at the mouth until he collapsed. The town’s Pokemon decided to finish off Magcargo

Fango Pango has been executed. He had the role of Magcargo. It is now night 3. You have 72 hours to send in an action


The Mafia Godfather
Night 3 Scene

*In the basement of a house

Pokemon Special sat tied to a chair, covered in blood. He was captured 2 nights ago when a Forretress attempted to kill him by exploding. He survived when his Feraligatr mega evolved and shielded him from the blast. He had been subjected to torture ever since

Another trainer stood over him, “It’s impressive that you’ve held out this long.” The trainer said. “We’ll find Typhlosion, Meganium and Celebi soon. That’s for sure.”

Pokemon Special laughed as the trainer punched him again. “You just don’t get it. This is so much bigger than us. You think your boss is gonna let you leave here alive?” He stopped when he noticed a small Pokemon watching him from the window. “Why don’t you just call it a night and continue torturing me in the morning?”

The trainer turned around and left the basement. Pokemon Special looked up and tried to signal the Natu watching him through the window not to come in. The Natu was already gone. Before he could warn it it had teleported into the room with its trainer

“We’re here to rescue you,” The trainer told Pokemon Special

“NO! You have to run MarshtompMan,” Pokemon Special tried to warn him. Forretress was in the corner of the room, guarding Pokemon Special. Before MarshtompMan could turn around it exploded killing all of them

MarshtompMan has been killed by the mafia. He had the role of Natu. It is now Day 4, you have around 72 hours to vote
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