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Pokemon Mafia: New Bark, New Bite

Discussion in 'Games' started by fongerman, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. Wind?

    Wind? My name is Quiliver.

    I am casting my vote for Mr. Mach. We need to lynch someone and have nothing to go on. I know he correctly lynched Fango, but he also tried to lynch me, so his method may not be 100% correct. A couple other people are on my radar, but he is most suspicious at this time.
  2. Sasukat

    Sasukat Back from the dead

    Honestly Mr Mach has come off as very suspicious, I didn't want to vote him at first since he pushed on a mafia member but throwing people under the bus is a valid tactic. Unless anyone has a better lead idea, I'm voting Mr Mach
  3. Chalis

    Chalis Victorious

    Voting Sasukat.

    Voting me despite acknowledging that only makes me more suspicious of you.
  4. Sasukat

    Sasukat Back from the dead

    I acknowledged that you voted out a mafia member and that it could be throwing under the bus. I was second guessing myself, but after that reaction I'm really not anymore. Instead of saying anything at all to defend yourself, you vote me for suspecting you. No other reason, no other statement, no other anything. You are by far the most suspicious person in the game at this point.

    Also "more suspicious"? This is the first time you've said anything about being suspicious, so please do tell us what else made me seem it
  5. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    I'm hesitant to vote Mr. Mach, since he and Fango Pango were pushing for each other's boot pretty hard early on. However, I would like to hear some more reasoning from Mr Mach. Didn't he say he had more information for us? Now would be as good a time as any to tell us.
  6. Chalis

    Chalis Victorious

    Me saying more suspicious was a mistake. However, I still suspect you for that. I voted you because I don't see how you could acknowledge I wanted Fango out and then vote me.

    Nah. I actually found a Mafia member. You voted me while knowing this. You're definitely more suspicious.

    @Enjolras, here are my thoughts:
    Infernobat: Pretty sure he's innocent.
    Grey Walrus: Not too sure, still a bit suspicious as he voted me along with Fango.
    Enjolras: Not too sure, veering towards innocent.
    Chihaya: Going at Fango pretty much confirms he's innocent.
    Aegon: Pretty sure they're innocent.
    Crimson_Penguin: Either them or Grey Walrus is mafia.
    Mr. Mach: I know I'm Town.
    Sasukat: Pretty sure they're Mafia.
  7. Wind?

    Wind? My name is Quiliver.

    I voted you out along with Fango because you both were acting pretty suspicious to me and didn't know who was mafia. At this point you could still be mafia.

    I will keep my vote on you until crimson or Sasukat become even more suspicious in my eyes.
  8. fongerman

    fongerman The Mafia Godfather

    I'll give it another 48 hours since you guys are having some good discussion and we're still missing some votes. If nothing really happens between now and then, I'll post the execution scene

    3. Infernobat.....................
    6. Grey Walrus.................. Mr. Mach
    7. Enjolras........................
    8. Chihaya01.................... infernobat.
    9. Aegon.......................... Grey Walrus Crimson Penguin
    10. Crimson Penguin..........
    11. Mr. Mach.................... Grey Walrus Sasukeanditachi
    13. Sasukeanditachi........... Mr. Mach

    Vote Count:

    Mr. Mach-1
    Crimson Penguin-1
  9. Chalis

    Chalis Victorious

    Before you go on to vote out a town member, I'll just reveal my role: I'm Scizor. I protected Chihaya, then MarshtompMan, then Infernobat.

    Honestly, Sasukat (as well as you, Wind) I've repeated this enough: if you aren't Mafia, why would you vote me? What gain would I get from voting out Fango? Give a reason more than "you're the most suspicious". It's rather illogical to vote me by your reasons.

    Believe me, I'm still open to removing my vote, since you only have four posts so far, which makes it hard for me to be sure. That is, when you have a legitimate reason for voting me, I'll remove my vote.

    And the rest of Town, please vote. There isn't much I can do alone to vote out Mafia at this point.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
  10. Infernobat.

    Infernobat. Negative

    I'm kind of torn between voting Sasukat or Crimson Penguin but since it appears to me that Sasukat was trying to bandwagon on Mr. Mach, who I'm pretty confident is innocent, I'll vote for Sasukat.
  11. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    I suppose I'll vote for Sasukat as well, just to put the pressure on. They have been pretty under the radar throughout their time in the game, and I'd like to hear a defense from them.
  12. Wind?

    Wind? My name is Quiliver.

    I am starting to believe Mr. Mach.

    I will switch from him to Sasukat. The guy has flown under tge radar.
  13. fongerman

    fongerman The Mafia Godfather

    I've got nothing. Day phase has gone on for awhile so Sasukeanditachi is executed for having the most votes. He had the role of Forettress and was mafia. It is now night time
  14. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    Filler if required.
  15. fongerman

    fongerman The Mafia Godfather

    “I’ve called you both to my house because it’s time to investigate these bad guys” Celebi’s trainer addressed Sudowoodo’s trainer and Scizor’s trainer. “Sasukeanditachi left us one last message before he was brutally murdered in front of all us. He said that Chris is the key.”

    “So we investigate Chris,” Sudowoodo’s trainer added

    “I’m confused,” Scizor’s trainer began to speak. “Why did you bring me here? You 2 seem to know each other.”

    “We’ve been working together.” Celebi’s trainer responded. “We’ve been keeping tabs on you and found that you are on our side. I need your protection for what is to happen next.”

    “What is that?” Scizor’s trainer asked.

    “We’re going to to back in time,” Sudowoodo’s trainer explained. “To Pallet Town, where Sasukeanditachi said it all began. We need you to keep guard. Protect the portal, we’re about to open at all cost.”

    “All right,” Scizor’s trainer accepted their proposal. “I’ll do it.”

    Celebi’s trainer released Celebi and it opened the portal. The 2 trainers jumped in


    *Professor Oak’s Lab

    The 2 trainers came out of the portal and immediately hid behind some bookshelves. They saw someone sitting at Professor Oak’s desk and another trainer standing in front of it.

    “I need you to take your team to New Bark.” The trainer sitting down ordered the other trainer. “Celebi is there, Professor Elm has been using it to Mega Evolve Pokemon. Kill all of them and capture Celebi, no matter what the cost pokemon-expert-chris”

    “Yes sir!” Pokemon-expert-chris responded. “Soon the Johto region will know to fear you F.M.”

    “That’s their boss, F.M.” Celebi’s trainer said. “We got the information we need.” The 2 trainers jumped back into the portal


    *Celebi’s trainers house

    “He’s dead. He died protecting this portal, Rest in peace Mr. Mach and Scizor”

    Mr. Mach has died. He had the role of Scizor. It is now the day phase. Vote for whoever you think is the last member of the mafia
  16. Chalis

    Chalis Victorious

    It was fun playing. Good luck Town, you've got this!
  17. Infernobat.

    Infernobat. Negative

    Everyone should just role call at this point. We can kill both the people who claim the same role by using Celebi's power to skip the night phase.
  18. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    Just went through the past day of posts again. Aegon, Chihaya, and Crimson have not claimed a role yet.
  19. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    I'm Typhlosion. We should be able to pull this off.
  20. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    Aegon claims to be Typhlosion,
    Infernobat claims to be Sudowoodo
    Wind/Grey Walrus claims to be Wobuffet
    Enjolras claims to be Meganium
    Crimson Penguin and I have not give out roles.

    Infernobat and Enjolrs aren't connected to the mafia which is a fact because they both said their actions and they lined up. Enjolras could still be questionable, since I can't BELIEVE the mafia would let that role live over Scizor and they might have just made up their statment to conviently go along with Infernobat's role.

    Oh and Crimon Penguin hasn't really been doing much.
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