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Pokemon Mafia: New Bark, New Bite

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Master of the House
Chihaya, it's actually completely plausible that the mafia would let me live, as I cannot determine whether or not Ditto is mafia, and they are the last mafia left.

Voting Chihaya01 as well.


Voting Chihaya01. He could have used his post to claim his role but instead used it to make a weird point against Enjolras.


The Mafia Godfather
Day 5 Scene

Celebi’s trainer and Sudowoodo’s trainer stood over Mr. Mach’s body, not realizing it was already the next morning. They had left the night before but time travel caused them to return the next day.

“hmmm, is this New Bark Town?” The mysterious man that the 2 trainers saw in Professor Oak’s lab had stepped out of the portal before it closed. “If you’re spying on me then I assume Chris was successful.”

“You’re…” Celebi’s trainer stuttered with fear. “You’re F.M.”

“Ding ding ding.” The man began a slow clap. “I want you to deliver a message for me.” He said, turning to Sudowoodo’s trainer. “Tell this town that F.M. is here and he has Celebi.”

He stepped to the side, revealing a Pikachu standing behind him. “Volt tackle.” He said with a smile.

Sudowoodo’s trainer stood, frozen with fear, as the Pikachu ran into Celebi’s trainer killing him instantly. F.M. walked over and pulled the Pokeball off of the trainers belt. “Run” He said to Sudowoodo’s trainer

Chihaya01 has been executed. He had the role of Celebi. It is now night 6. PM your night actions to me
Not open for further replies.