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Pokemon Manga in the UK?


pringle user
Where can I buy a book of the Pokemon adventures manga because whenever I go into a bookstore and ask for Pokemon manga they look at me like I am stupid, and the bookstore seems to have every manga except Pokemon.


pringle user
I Guess i'll Buy it from Amazon


rock dog
You should buy it online.So far as i know a lot of stores dont sell pokemon manga books in Uk


High in the Sky
I had this problem too. The person I asked told me that they did them in Bristol or London I think and I won't go all the way there just to get a manga book. But getting it online is the best option.


Steel Trainer
Forbidden planet normally has a good enough selection, my local one has all the new black and white mini volumes and most of the proper ones but i've only seen them at my local one not anywhere else yet.