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Pokemon Manga Shipping Thread

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The general one I made in Shippers Community for only Special is dead, so I thought it would be best to remake it here. :p

The difference between this thread and the last one is that you can talk about ALL shippings, not just Special ones. I know most people are Special fans here, but I'm sure there are fans of shippings in DPA and others as well.

No rules, really, except the general forum ones and to respect others opinions. :) Have fun! I'll post later.


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LuckyShipping. XD

Honestly, I've never seen Blue and Silver as a couple. I always thought of them as brother/sister.


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Well I support a few shippings. Though I've only read the first arc, I've researched the characters so I get to know about them.

SpecialShipping FTW! I can understand about pokeshipping with Ash and Misty, but MangaPokeShipping doesn't seem right to me =/. Though they get along well, I think Red and Yellow are a better couple and are a bit closer. Look at all those moments when Yellow gets jealous and blushes XD.


Silver's luver~
-Preciousmetalshipping~!!! *shot* Just kidding~!!!

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
-Desertionshipping (in the past)
-whatever Mitsumi/Jun is called
And I totally loled at Cynthia's grandmother's crush on Rowan.

-I liked Ruby/Sapphire until the personality switch
-Giovanni/Koga (although more one-sided on Koga's part)

Magical Pokemon Journey
-Whatever Gramps/Mandy is called


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^ The correct place to ask that would be here.

Guess I might as well post my shippings now. I don't really ship anything outside of Special, so that's where all my ships will be from.

MangaPokeshipping - I love Red and Misty together. Their interactions are what made me really love this shipping. Even if it is slightly similar to Pokeshipping, it's still unique in its own way. I hope Misty gets a chance to confess her feelings for Red sometime.

OldRivalshipping - Haha as little hints? or interaction this ship has, I love it. The obnoxious girl and the serious guy. This is probably my favorite out of all the Special ships I support.

MangaQuestshipping - The serious girl and the perverted guy. Lol. Can't help but love it. Someone needs to keep Gold in line, and Crystal is perfect for the job.

Franticshipping - Because it was so obvious and cute from the start. It's pretty original in its own, way, too.

Haughtyshipping - Don't really know, honestly. I just like the idea of them together. Maybe as DPPt progresses, there will be some more interactions and etc between Platina and Pearl.

Gracefulshipping - Too obvious for me to resist.

Incidentalshipping - The scene where we see Silver carrying Jasmine converted me to this tbh. :X I think it'd be really cute if they had spent more time together.

Teashipping - Bill and Daisy. They're together a lot, and seem to be pretty close, so why not?

I think that's it for now. Lol, I'll edit this post if I can think of more/remember them later.


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Well mine are:

MangaQuest for the win XD! Really love how these two balance each other out. Gold needs someone to keep an eye on him before he kills himself and super serious Crys needs excitement in her life XD!

Graceful- It must be the most solid one out there. Like a mature Frantic (Love that one as well for hilarity mostly) It's the most dramatic and above 20 years old too^^.

Commoner/MangaFortune - Well it's actually pretty tame comapred to the three above mentioned but I'm kinda warming up to it^^.


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In Special I'm following the DPPt saga right now so I'll just go w/ that. And yeah I know my pairings are in direct conflict but that's how I roll.

CommonerShipping- I've never felt Love At First Sight so it's kinda neat to see that play out esp as they went for a twist by having the boy crush on the girl. Dia is a loveable little goof so I want to root for him. I know several Dia-like boys (anime and sci-fi fandoms are full of chubby, even tempered, but painful shy men, and they rly need more confidence.) It seems a good message when a chara like that takes a risk and regardless of outcome says "Hey I think you're cute" instead of dancing around the topic by wearing chef's toques and eating pie w/ their crush. Nothing suggestive abt that no sirree... *whistle*
HaughtyShipping- I like my ships to experience some rough waters, I think it makes them truer to life if the couple doesn't get along 100% of the time but manages to stick thru it anyway. I latched onto this pair w/ the bicycle chapter and it won't let go. Pearl cares way more than he'll ever admit and that chap marked the beginnings of increased devotion to Ms. Lady. (He surprised Dia by not only accepting Platinum's wealthy status/not being a tour guide but Pearl even suggests they remain as real bodyguards and cast aside their comedy dreams temp) Altho I don't believe it will ever be canon, she seems to think little more of him than slave labor. XD

I also like some of the pokexhuman and pokexpoke pairs altho the only ones w/ any real "evidence" in Sinnoh are Platinum's Empoleon x Keira's Buneary (from the Hearthome Contest). I keep checking the Bios and Pokedex page to see what genders the pokemon are (for Egg grouping) but it's tough tracking that down. Once you cross into humanxpoke territory breeding is a non-issue. Unless you want a bunch of Ratabilly's running around but I don't. ^^;

Oh yeah! Since other manga is okay here, I'll go record as saying in Ono's Electric Pikachu manga I support Ash x Gary's sister, Jessie x James (Rocket Shipping) Potter x Florinda (Make Room for Gloom ppl) and Mikey (Eevee trainer) x Misty.


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I haven't read much of the manga yet, but I am fully supportive of red x yellow.

Maybe when I read more, I can find more pairings that I like.


Silver's luver~
-NormanxNorman's wife
-YellowxGuy Yellow
-RubyxBidoof!!! hot damn!!!

-NormanxNorman's wife
-YellowxGuy Yellow
-RubyxBidoof!!! hot damn!!!

I already posted the real ships I support up there^
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I'm a shipper of Franticshipping, Specialshipping, Oldrivalshipping, and I can't decide who belongs with Platina so I support Scarfshipping.


This is a title.
Me! me! me! This' mineeeee~

PalletShipping (well =.='')
MangaPokeShipping(I like it a little)
GymLeaderShipping(In manga, I like it, anime, POKESHIPPING XD)

and these dunno the name :
Janine x Falkner
Sabrina x Lt. Surge
Diamond x Platina


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Torosiken: Janine x Falkner is FatherlyShipping. Sabrina x Lt. Surge is AntagonistShipping. Diamond x Platina is CommonerShipping. All those are cute. <3

Just reread the Darkrai manga and recalled how much I adored the overly dramatic, mindless fun of Tonio/Alice/Baron love triangle. Throw a gothic stalker pokemon into the mix and we've got ourselves a winner. Full on AlamosShipper, right here! But it's odd that of all the movie-exclusive charas the Baron could be paired w/ I found NO ship for just him and Tonio. I shld do something abt that, but am unsure what to call it.
Anyone else like the movie adapts? The recent ones are pretty faithful, I've heard the early (pre movie 7) made more changes but that they were lovely reads and wish I could find them. Hearing from all the manga shippers is a blast, so keep 'em coming ppl! ^__^
I... I actually kinda like SilverxYellow. I'm such a lamer.

I don't know the name of the ship though.
Hello! Just so you know, I'm really new...
Um... ships list?
Specialshipping Hehe
Okay... don't kill me for this one but... SpecialJewelshipping FTW!!!! (This is Silver/Crystal for those of you who don't know, once again don't kill me)
Oldrivalshipping YAY!
I kinda like Franticshipping (But not Hoennshipping, never!)
And Haughtyshipping (Platina, Platinum, whatever her name is/Pearl. Basically MangaTwinleafshipping, which is fine with me)
Oh yes, and Palletshipping (I think it's called OriginalShipping for Red and Blue/Green or whoever he is)
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My most favourite manga ship is for sure ChosenShipping. I just can't help myself but thinking as Blue and Silver as a couple.

Besides ChosenShipping, I like also the idea of Gold/Crystal, but since Gold is a bit too funny for my taste, and he always drives himself into odd situations. I like darker characters like Silver more :)
SpecialShipping - It's pretty obvious that Yellow likes Red huh? And Red seens to like her too, soo...
OldRivalShipping - Their interactions are oh so funny xD
Also, they seen to care about each other in their own particular way =3
MangaQuestShipping - Cause Gold needs someone to put him in line, and Crys needs to have fun once in a while
FranticShipping - It's one of the few canons we have, and they are really fun and cute together...YOU DIDN'T FORGET, RIGHT RUBY? >xD
CommonerShipping - Cause Dia seens to worry about Platinum more... and I like chars like him *shot*


doodles are my life~
luckyshipping- LOVE ITTTTTTTT >w<
psychoshipping- LOVE IT! >w<
mangapalleshipping- i dont particularly like yaoi but.... this and poli got to me
polishipping- ahhh i dunno >.< the mount silver
feelingshipping- well its nice =)
buttshipping- its funneh! and the scene in gsc xDDD
ambershipping- i cant explain, its cute? well thats what everyone say when they cant think of many reasons to support a ship but they still like it xDD a default reason maybe? xDDD
viridianshipping-i love lucky and hate special, silver likes blue and yellow likes red so they find comfort in each other? xDD but the viridian scenes in frlg were nice ^-^
darkstoneshipping- the crackshippyness~~~ cant you see gold hitting on platina and teaching her how to play pool and stuff? xDD
lithiumshipping- my fav crackship! i dunno why but i love this ship and treat it as non crack even though i know it is! xDD
magmajewlshipping- well~ main protagonist x female bad guy = epic win in my mind xDD (yes even dia x mars, yes my mind is twisted xDDD)
franticshipping- agh! i never really liked any of the main 4 shipps (special, oldrival , chosen, frantic) but frantic got to meeeeeeeeeee
commonershipping- its so cute i guess >w<
deepblazeaura(redxsapphxgold)- come on! the sempai-ness xDD

and many more~~
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