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Pokemon Manga Sprite Pics DS Style

Lol, they're pretty good, maybe just change the font for the one used in HG/SS perhaps.. And what's with Oak on the Machoke one.... he's knocked down?? Good work though

Yugure Mukuhawk

Dusk Staraptor
I don't understand - to change the Font you meen like to make to a smaller one? and yes, he is KO. It's just a DS remake of the GBA sprites in the site. I hope the admins will like it and usee my pics.
By Font I meant this, it doesn't seem to be the same as the ones from HG/SS or D/P/Pt..
Yea, it looks like the one on your pics are more "spaced" than what they use to be. But I bet there's a way to fix that, good job anyway.