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pokemon manga

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by uchiha_itachi1234, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. is the pokemon manga{pokemon adventures} still on going?im currently reading the adventures of gold,silver and crystal.i just wanted to kno this.thaanxs in advance
  2. Yes it is. Emerald is expected to conclude in Wonderland this month and D/P is still running at the same time. You still have the whole R/S arc to read through, though, so it'll take some time.
  3. MarshtompMan

    MarshtompMan DestinyTrainer 10yrs

    Not only RS, but FRLG too.
    Are you reading the manga or Coronis' written format?
    And the manga will probably go on as long as the games do.
  4. thanxs guys.ppl here sure r nice^_^
    is is tru that in the FRLG sagas 5 dex holders{rbgys}get turned stone?how r they supposed to get turned back?
    also where do u guys read u pkmn from?i read it from manga fox
  5. -_-;
    You know...Coronis wrote some summaries on the Serebii homepage. (it's not the actual manga, but it's still good)

    Also, we don't know when they get turned back....
    if we did, the wonderland comic would've come out right about now.
  6. how often does a new chapter come out?
    also,i kno that there are some summaries on this site but i like to see the pics and read em myslf.lol
    so anyone kno any other site?
  7. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire scream your self

    Each chapter comes out in a magazine called Pokemon Wonderland, and in volumes. Both come out every few months but Wonderland hasn't been out in a while, although we are expecting one in August or September.

    Please note that none of this is perfectly accurate [or it may be, I am not sure].
  8. what about a place where i can read it?
  9. brelili

    brelili Call me Bri.

    Well, there's omni89 on photobucket, I think, but that's only a few volumes.
  10. Healing-D-Vision

    Healing-D-Vision The Road of Life

    Unless you know something i don't, but Wonderland 10 STILL hasn't even been given a release date[/Frustrated], we know there will be one. But When?

    It's now past July 14th, the date where the previous two volumes were released.

    Unless they're feeling ballsy and are gonna release it in August. But it better come out soon.

    Close :)

    The chapters are released in a magazine called "Shogakukan" a Magazine that spans over 6 elementary levels (meaning that there are 6 different mags. Think from Grade 1 to 6) The Pokemon Special is released in three different chapters usually spanning from grade 3(the lowest I think it's gone) to 5 then after a while, it upgrades (Why, I do not know) to grades 4 to 6(meaning that there is a chapter in the Grade 4 book, the grade 5 book and grade 6 book)

    Emerald was a special exception in why they moved it to Wonderland (I think it's because they wanted to get FR/LG done and start to focus on D/P/P)

    Anyways it's the books that are released over the course of several months.

    I'm still searching for any new info on Wonderland
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