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Pokemon master or gym leader?!

The question which friends have asked me is if this was the Pokemon world would you rather be a Pokemon master or gym leader and I decided to ask you guys so please tell me what you think!
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Toxic to the touch
I don't know exactly what a Pokemon master is; I guess the closest thing would be the strongest trainer. Judging by Red in GSC, it's lonely at the top.

Gym leaders get a permanent residence, a respected position in their city, and a budget to build a gym and recruit trainers in any way they feel like. If you like to travel or use teams with a wide variety of types, it's not that great, but otherwise being a gym leader seems like the better option.


Demon Child
Why not both? Blue dd both.


Shaymin Lover
Regardless of whether you can be both, she's asking which of the two you would prefer.

Personally, being a Gym Leader would be more desirable because not only could I show people the power of my Grass-Type Pokèmon, but I would actually have a job, unlike Pokèmon Masters. Heck, there's too much stress to be a Pokèmon Master – if you lose you're out, unlike Gym Leader where you're only supposed to be a minor impediment, and no one cares if you lose.


Haunter Fan
I would rather be a Gym Leader. You get more money to run your gym, buy supplies and feed your pokemon. I also think being a gym leader would help train your pokemon further than just traveling. (In my Opinion)

Mr. L 500

I'd probably choose Gym leader for the same reasons others have stated.

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
Why cant you become a master then a gym leader. Blue did it...

As far I am aware all Blue did was become Champion and then a Gym Leader.

The term "Pokémon Master" is such a vague term as we have no idea what is require to become one.


Master of the House
Pokemon Master is subjective. If your main goal was to become a Gym Leader, the yeah, after you become one, you can consider yourself a Pokemon Master.


Well-Known Member
I'd prefer to travel and use various types of pokemon/always encounter new ones, so if I can only do one it'd be Pokemon Master.


<- Shiny Hunter
I'd probably travel around first, catch my favorite Pokemon, see the world, gain experience, maybe do some contests and gym battles to gain inspiration and some strategies so I can be a good gym leader. Kinda like Brock did. Although I would travel around first before I want to settle as a Gym Leader. :)


New Member
From my reading the manga and seeing the anime, a Pokemon Master is someone who has completed the Pokedex. That's the first step, then after that you must be recognized as the strongest trainer by becoming champion of the Pokemon League.

I'd rather be a Pokemon Master than a Gym Leader, it's not that lonely, in the manga Red was constantly being challenged once he reached that status.

Gym Leader is too static for me.


Kanto Region Champ
I am the kanto region champion (play me a game of the TCG once and awhile, hehehe). I want to be better then all the rest, better then a pokemon master, better then a gym leader, better then the elite 4, better then the battle frontier and better then any challenger.
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Golduck Is Cool

Well-Known Member
I'd like to be on the Elite Four with a water themed team.



At first blush, I would say I would rather be a Pokemon Master - primarily because gym leaders are restricted to a single type.

It would be so frustrating to be a fire-type gym leader, and have trainers with water-type pokemon coming in day-in and day-out just wrecking you over and over.


Toxic to the touch
At first blush, I would say I would rather be a Pokemon Master - primarily because gym leaders are restricted to a single type.

It would be so frustrating to be a fire-type gym leader, and have trainers with water-type pokemon coming in day-in and day-out just wrecking you over and over.
No wonder Flint had a Drifblim and Lopunny. :p

I could see how being a Fire type gym leader would be difficult, although you could mitigate it somewhat by using an over-leveled team and putting attacks like Solar Beam in it. Rotom-H is also part Electric, so it can put some holes in a Water type team. It's surprising to me that there are no Fire types neutral to Water attacks (Besides Reshiram, but that's a Legendary).
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X&Y Supporter
I would be in the Elite Four, probably with Steel-type. If I were in the Elite Four, I could crush everyone's dreams after coming so far.


Well-Known Member
I'd rather be a gym leader. Probably ice type. I would just like to be a leader in a community. Help make my town or city a better place for people and Pokémon alike. Be a good role model, and challenge trainers, and encourage them to be the best that they can be, whether they win or lose against me in battle. I feel like being a champion is too much pressure. Being a gym leader has it's hardships, I imagine, but I guess I'm just not the type of person that would like to be at the top.

The Chrisco

Dream Collector
Gyms don't necessarily have to be mono-type. Blue is the only example so far of this, though (as far as I know, anyways). For argument's sake, I'd choose to be a gym leader who specializes in fighting types. Being a pokemon "master" in my mind would be lonely.