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Pokemon Motto


Metalopolis King
Elekid - She's mah plug in baby! (Muse FTW!)

Snorlax - If at first you dont suceed ah f*** it im goin' to bed

Politoed - Why does it always rain on me..... (More song lyrics)

Nintails - Here comes the sun.... (and more song lyrics)

Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
Arceus- Turning deer hunters into Prey
Mewtwo- The Unborn living evil
Umbreon- Black Cat got your tongue?
Machamp- Living Muhammed Ali in Pokeball


Sarcasm is fun!
Luvdisc: Fear my horribly generic design, underwhelming stats and dry, generic movepool!


Wut are you saying?
Typhlosion: If you can't beat em', Burn em'


Black Triangle
Seedot- Heh they think I'm a nut, the morons!Wait, what's that? Aw crap it's a pachirisu.
Pachirisu-I'm a gunna eat'cha seedot!
Vigoroth-You wanna go get drunk?I already am!
Slowpoke-Wait, wut?


Petals and Leaves
Mew- I am the Queen!

^Arceus- You may be Queen, Mew. But I am God!