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Pokemon Music


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One of my favorite things in the world are video game music, and Pokemon has some of my favorite out of all of them. In this thread I'd think it'd be cool if everyone posted some of their favorite pokemon music. (can be from any game or even the anime)

There's so much I can list and ramble about, but I'll keep my post somewhat short and let others have music of their own to post.

For my first post I'll post some of my favorites from HG.

Suicune Battle


All the dogs have similar songs, but there's something about Suicune's that is way better than the other two for me. It's funny, because Suicune is my least favorite out of them.

Kanto Gym Leader Battle


This is the original Gym Leader fight theme, but made ten times better in this game. =p

Route 47


This music was a surprise to me since it wasn't in the original Gold and Silver. It's actually one of my favorites from HG too.

I guess I'll post some from D/P too since that probably has my favorite pokemon music of all time.

Route 216


My favorite route and route theme in any pokemon game.

Route 203


Gotta love the atmosphere this music gives.

Route 209


Same comment as Route 203, haha.

Well, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place or anything. And I'm also sorry if this thread exists and is still active. I'm always a little nervous about posting for the first time in a new forum, haha. =p


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I love the Route 201 theme. It's so catchy and happy!


Kanbei <3 _ <3
Take a look at this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma7dck8bx00

Whenever I watch this, I'm hit with a MASSIVE nostalgia bomb. =') Good ol' Gen. 1. I'll never forget you.

Anyway, I love legendary battle themes, most notably the Weather Trio's from R/S/E. :D


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Haha lots of songs posted already. I listened to them all. =p

I thought that ocarina one was awesome.

Personally I'm not a fan of the first town themes or first route themes. They are a little too happy for me.

Well, might as well post more songs.

Route 113


Ruby and Sapphire were the worst out of the main pokemon games, but I still love the game and it's music.

R/S/E Elite Four Battle Theme


One of my favorite pokemon battle themes here.

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen - Champion Battle


My favorite pokemon song of all time.


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A few of my favorites...

Music has always been one of the most important aspects of a game in my opinion and of course the Pokemon series is no exception.

So I guess I will chime in a little bit on this topic and post a few of the songs I like best.

Kurogame Mine DPpt


The cave songs are usually repetitive, and this one is not unique from that but I still like it hehe,

Rival Battle HG/SS


I feel like this song gives off the right vibe on the intensity of the Rival's attitude and I did not mind hearing it every time I fought him.

Route 1 Red/Blue


Going back to where it all started for me here in 1998. Being only 13 and discovering this awesome series for the first time brings back good memories. To this day I feel this song is a good representation of how a kid of about 10 would feel on the beginning leg of his journey after receiving his first Pokemon

So for now that's all I will post I know there are many other great songs that I could share but I will keep it short and simple. Hope you enjoy.


to me is the battle with the legendaries doggies in johto (crystal), the regis in hoenn (sapphire). hmm maybe the battle with champion gary in firered. i named gary a very atrocious name, so does my character lol, so i will always remember the joy of defeating him all the time haha.


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Miror B (XD), Cipher Boss (XD), Surf (RSE), That One Route Between Fortree And Lilicove (RSE), Maxie/Archie Battle (RSE), Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza Battle (RSE), Frontier Brain Battle (E), and Route to Safari Zone (HGSS).

That basically sums it up.

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Music has always been one of the most important aspects of a game in my opinion and of course the Pokemon series is no exception.
I agree, music brings a lot to a game, it can make you feel different about any of the game places.
My favorites list is here (I did not put any from HG/SS because i hadn't play it)
Here are the categories (yeah, like an awards xD):
1. Best surfing theme
R/S/E surfing theme (the best surfing theme ever made :) ):

2. Best non-Trainer battle theme:

Platinum's fronteir brain battle theme (its so good, the first time I heard it, i stopped playing for listen to it):
R/S/E elite four battle:

3. Best team battle theme

Team galaxy grunt battle (R/S/E its good too, but this it’s the best):

4. Best wild pokemon theme
R/S/E wild pokemon battle theme:

5. Best cave /ruins/Mt theme

R/S/E secret chamber theme (its this theme what really gives it the appearance of ruins):
Pokemon DPP Mt.Coronet top theme:

6. Best route theme
Route 209:

7.Best Legendaries theme:
R/S/E Regis battle theme
D/P/P Dialga & Palkia battle theme:

8. Best trainer battle theme

R/S/E trainer battle theme:

R/S/E music was awesome.
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As two previous posters have also opined, music is one of the most immersive factors of a game, and Pokemon usually hit is dead on, here are a few of my faves:

Routes 42-44 and Lake of Rage GSC:
Quite Possibly my overall fave, it's actually my ring tone as well.
Route 13
Always thought this one was pretty cool, and although it's gernerally remixed well, gotta go with the original.
Route 215
A well put together piece, and I thought the guitar and base sounds were the best.


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I don't really listen to the games music, but I have to say, I love the music for the Battle Arcade in Platinum. It's rather catchy. I also love the bike theme from the First Generation and the surf theme from Gen. 1 is made of win. I also like the link-up music in the third generation (Finally got myself a copy of Emerald. Yeah, the previous owner was as stupid as Fritos from Idiocracy (the worst, most trite nick-names ever, and appaling move sets.) But he did have a number of legendaries I couldn't get other wise...that lv 100 Suicune is sweet....plus, I finally got my hands on a good ol' Sableye!)

~Nemmeh ;302; (Now with 30% More Sableye!)