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Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon [All Versions] Recent Happening Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Instead of having fifteen hundred threads for recent happenings, I've decided to make them all one big loving thread.

    But first:

    The Rules ~

    1. Posts must have at least four sentences - Failure to do so will result in an infraction!
    2. Mark Game Spoilers in Spoiler tags! - No one wants to be spoiled! You'll be infracted for spoiling!
    3. Don't go off topic.
    4. This isn't the Help Thread, or the I DIED AND I NEED RESCUING thread. :< So none of that. >:<

    Enjoy ~*~*~*~
  2. TR4eva

    TR4eva A Friendly Rocket

    ok, I shall post first! I recently bought Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Time from a friend. It's really fun and my name is Luna (Piplup) and my partner is Sparki (Pikachu) I have also recruited Squidge (Grimer) and Sweeti (Cherubi). I recently beat Groudon after many tries. Now I need to beat the team of Luxio and Luxray, but I'm struggling as I'm a water type and they are electric. I keep losing so my bag gets emptier and now I don't have many items so I need to stock up before my next attempt, I've ben putting my money in the Duskull Bank so I have about 5000 coins in there now.
  3. junpearl63

    junpearl63 their rooms

    I just restart my PMD Sky yesterday. I got a Cyndaquil after a few tries and named her Jun. My partner was Han the Shinx, and we just came back from Apple Wood (without any perfect apples of course)
  4. Viiinc

    Viiinc Well-Known Member

    If I were you I'd just go to the Dojo and train. That's how I always do it. You could recruit an electrike, which would be very useful because of its ability (absorbs all electricity)
  5. Splapp

    Splapp Well-Known Member


    At the moment, I'm trying to complete Zero Isle WEST. I've got some knowledge of ZIW through ZIE, but having no items is annoying. In terms of floors, I've managed to get into the 20's, but after 26 I crash =/.

    I use:
    Mew (it can learn any TM, and I've had awesome movesets such as Pound/Flamethrower/?????/Recycle where I can recycle TMs from my other team members to teach Mew, and as long as I have a Pokémon that can learn 2 TMs out of 3 that I hold, I can do a Recycle Loop)
    Floatzel (it can walk on water, and by Lv.10 it has a moveset of offensive moves, being Ice Fang / Sonicboom / Quick Attack / Water Gun)
    Misdreavus (it's pretty tough and it works wonders as part of the Recycle Loop)

    Hinties anyone???

    @mods: 9 sentences in the spoiler, don't wanna spoil yue :)

  6. The_Shuppeteer_

    The_Shuppeteer_ I LIEKZ SHUPPETZ

    Holy moley--! My Piplup in Explorers of Time was named Luna, too!

    Anyway, on Explorers of the Sky:
    Me (Sienne), a Vulpix, and my partner Spike (a Riolu) went to Cystal Crossing on a mission. Attempted to steal Gummis from Kecleon, with disastrous results.
    Next we escorted a Drifloon to the End of Shimmer Hill, and only lost one Reviver Seed (Thank God for Extrasensory). Got the crap spooked of me when an Espeon used one of those look-alike Gravelrock items, moaned about a lost friend, and gained Endure status.
    Swapped some items for a Sala-Cape, because I felt like it. Once again got the crap scared out of me when I won a prize in the Spinda Cafe and a Ludicolo and some Bellossom burst through the wall and did a funky dance.
    A Trapinch invited me to the Shimmering Desert, and I plant to stock up on food and orbs before I go there.
  7. TheGreatGigInTheSky

    TheGreatGigInTheSky The Jimmy Rustler

    I guess I will try my hand at this...

    I recently picked up Red Rescue Team again as Team Nobody. As if right now, my protagonist is Blastoise and my partner a Thysplosion. I have recruited the weather trio in its entirety, as well as the legendary birds and the eon duo. But, to the point.

    I suffered horrible luck in my second expedition to Mt. Faraway. I was there to recruit Ho-Oh. My team was Blastoise as leader, and Thysplosion and Rayquaza backing me up. All of us were mid 40s in level. My plan was to sacrifice Rayquaza at the top to whittle down Ho-Oh and make room for it when it died. However, the plan went awry. Rayquaza was defeated as I had planned, but Ho-Oh was easily able to kill me, even though I had plenty of Oran Berries. I even tried a Sleep Seed, but it just fell on the ground with no effect at all. I ended up getting killed, and losing everything I had on me: even the Friend Bow I had forgotten to put in storage. I cried even harder than I did at the end of Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. But not out of sadness, but out of rage.
  8. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    Currently sitting near the end of the fifth chapter in PMD: Gates to Infinity.

    I can wholeheartedly say I like this game's story more then any of the previous ones at this point.

    Though that might just be because they managed to make Hydreigon completely adorable.
  9. TheGreatGigInTheSky

    TheGreatGigInTheSky The Jimmy Rustler

    Yay! I finally recruited Ho-Oh! I realized my flaw in my last expedition to Mt. Faraway. I didn't bring any Reviver seeds. So I made another expedition with Blastoise, Thysplosion and Rayquaza. At the top, I set Rayquaza to "Go after foes" and Thysplosion to "Get away". If I killed off Rayquaza, I would have room for Ho-Oh. Me and Thysplosion hung back and I set down my last Reviver Seed and waited for Rayquaza to die (I brought him because I needed his help for the dungeon itself). When he died, I took my Reviver Seed and finished off Ho-Oh, and it was mine!
  10. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lucario Lover

    I started my game and chose Oshawott and Tepig as my team. We got Timburr and Gurdurr to agree to make us a house so we retrieved some gems for Gurdurr. Then Scraggy stole our gems and we followed him and discovered it was all a scheme planned by Gurdurr. We beat him and he agreed to finally build us our house. We saved Dunsparce and befriended him and Emolga. We followed a depressed Dunsparce to a canyon and saved him and Emolga from some bad Pokemon. Dunsparce, Emolga, and Virizion joined our team.
  11. Bliu

    Bliu Professional Lurker

    Restarting GtI to I can copy saves before my favorite cutscenes, of which there are far too many.
  12. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lucario Lover

    I rescued Swadloon from the forest and brought him home. I did some improvements to Paradise and met Umbreon and helped save Espeon. I accepted their offer to join the team and we set off for Great Glacier.
  13. TheGreatGigInTheSky

    TheGreatGigInTheSky The Jimmy Rustler

    Just bought Gates to Infinity. I started as Haxorus the Axew, with my partner being Samurott the Oshawott. I named my team "Team Nobody II" to commemorate my team from RRT, Team Nobody. I have to say, I don't like how they require you to nickname Pokemon you randomly recruit, not the ones you recruit as part of the story. Instead of saying "Would you like to nickname Mincinno?", it said, "Give a nickname to Mincinno." And sent me to the nickname keyboard.
  14. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I bought Gates to Infinity on the day it came out and transferred over my data from the demo. I am playing as Oshawott with Axew as my partner. I have been playing a lot over the past few days and I think I'm getting near the end. Today, I've been mostly doing some missions in Companion Mode in order to get some more items.

    Yesterday, I found my sister's copy of Sky, which she didn't even remember having...anyway, she decided to give it to me. :p
    I restarted it and I'm playing as Skitty with a Pikachu partner.
  15. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I've been grinding magnagate dungeons in hopes of getting some interesting items like devices and gifts, but they don't seem to be present in those, unfortunately. I do have probably almost all of the TMs and dozens of stat boosting items, at least.

    I've also been trying to find and defeat all of the legendaries within them, and have so far beaten Ho-Oh, Lugia, Kyurem, and Black Kyurem. When your options are limited in terms of Pokemon and items, fighting them is a lot more interesting then it is in the main mode, even though you're forced to go it solo there if you don't have friends.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2013
  16. TheGreatGigInTheSky

    TheGreatGigInTheSky The Jimmy Rustler

    I just made a successful expedition to the Silver Trench in RRT. I brought along Articuno for the One Room Monster Houses because it knew Powder Snow. Unfortunately, I had to send Articuno back to its Friend Area to make space for Lugia. But I can really say something about Lugia here: If you have the firepower to get through Silver Trench, then Lugia is an utter pushover. It is only Level 30 and knows only Whirlwind, Safeguard and Gust. Overall, the dungeon was very challenging and hunger can be a big constraint if you don't have a Tight Belt, but the boss is very easy, not what you would expect at the end of a normal 99 floor dungeon.
  17. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I completed the main story in Gates to Infinity a few weeks ago. The final boss was not that difficult for my Oshawott to beat. After that, I finished the post game story. Now, I've just been doing a lot of missions in order to build the paradise, level up my Pokemon, etc. I just managed to build the music place a few days ago. I haven't decided what sort of facilities I will build next, so I'm doing gathering a variety of materials from various jobs right now.
    My hero and partner are around level 50 so far.
  18. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I finished the Slumbering Cave in PMD: Gates to Infinity recently.

    I entered with Keldeo, Timburr, Virizion, and Meloetta, but the party got thinned down to only the last of the four by the time I made to the end. Largely due to a stupid mishap with a Kecleon shop where Kecleon randomly decided to just brand me as a thief instead of asking if I wanted to pay for the merchandise like usual.

    It honestly seemed like I was going to end up failing on the 98th floor due to appearing in the room with the stairs, but with a huge mob of Pokemon present, and seemingly no way of being able to reach it without getting swarmed. I ended up using a Pounce Orb to get some distance, then took a very roundabout route to the stairs with the mob of the Pokemon chasing me while other Pokemon kept coming from the other direction to bar my way. It was a little tense, to say in the least.
  19. TheGreatGigInTheSky

    TheGreatGigInTheSky The Jimmy Rustler

    I finished quite a lot in Mystery Dungeon recently, in both RRT and GTI.

    In RRT:
    •I cleared the Meteor Cave. It was only 20 floors, but considering I had to find a very elusive Pokemon on each floor as well as the stairs, hunger was a big constraint. Thank Arceus for the Tight Belt! It not only brought my Belly depletion to a screeching halt, it also gave me room for a Friend Bow. After plenty of return trips, I successfully recruited Deoxys
    •I cleared the Western Cave, which was filled with powerful Pokemon, such as every fully evolved starter Gen 1-3, and every single member of team ACT. Because of its difficulty and longness, I had to bring my partner and Articuno with me. On my second visit, I successfully recruited Mewtwo
    •I returned to the Fiery Field, Lightning Field and Northwind Field, and recruited Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Entei was very uncooperative with me, but persistence was key! I stuck at it, and he was mine soon enough. Raikou was a bit easier, but still challenging. Suicune, I got on my second visit.
    •I rescued Medicham from Wish Cave. Afterwards, I escorted Gengar up Mt. Freeze, where I learned a dark secret of Gengar. I then had to escort him through the Murky Cave, which would've been very easy had I not been protecting a weak Gengar. But in the end, I managed to recruit the Gardevoir that always visited me in my dreams in the Pre-ending. It was only Lv. 5, but it was still a Gardevoir.

    In GTI:
    •In a series of events I will not spoil, an Espeon and Umbreon joined my team. Both were at Lv. 20. Because of its usefulness during a large expedition I will not disclose the details of, Umbreon is close on par with Virizion. Now Umbreon is a regular member of the party. Espeon, I never used, but seems to be all right. Will probably get more use out of Espeon then I will that weak-as-crap Dunsparce I had to take with me.
    •I expanded Paradise, building a Pleasant Plain, a Cool Creekside and a Fertile Forest. I have already built many facilities, like various fields, and shops like the Berry and Seed store and the Detour Guide (I still am not sure how a detour works...) and the Prize Palace. I am looking forward to filling up Paradise and having more facilities.
    •I am currently traveling on Kilionea Road with my partner, going on yet another momentous expedition, of which's content I will not reveal for those not wanting the story to be spoiled. Unfortunately, I was not able to take Virizion or Umbreon with me, so it is a lot harder than it would've been if I had been able to bring companions. But I did recruit a nice Conkeldurr, an he is my weapon of choice now in Companion Mode.
  20. Paladin of Arceus

    Paladin of Arceus Grey Warden

    I bought Gates to Infinity back in January--my first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game ever (and as such, I started out with the most recent one)--and I had no clue this thread existed. Dead thread is dead.

    I started with Axew and picked Pikachu as my partner. I played thru the story, and it was freaking AWESOME! I LOVED IT! I loved the battle system, the dungeon system, the partner and team mechanics, and how the boss fights are actually challenging! PMD:GtI is, by far, the BEST Pokémon game I have EVER played! I'd recommend it 9001% to any Pokémon fan I know! I could not be any happier with it!

    My team is completely finished, all Lv.100 with fully optimized movesets and hold items! I have my Haxorus in the lead, clear-cutting the narrow hallways with melee attacks, my Raichu and Volcarona blasting whole rooms with AoE attacks, and my Musharna as the healer+ranger. Also, my Paradise is completely finished! Every building I wanted to build is fully upgraded and painted the colors I want.

    I bought the Kecleon Bazaar, Mt. Travail, and Skill Treasury DLCs, and got several useful item from them. I have also recruited every available Pokémon through normal gameplay, and fully evolved them all. I've only cleared two multiplayer boss battle dungeons, I haven't done either of the 99-floor dungeons, and I haven't done any of the hunger-enabled dungeons, but I truly count this game as cleared!
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
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