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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2

What do you think?

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Well-Known Member


Looks great! Can't wait for the release! I have to wonder if there's going to be any differences between the two versions, though...


Pokemon Master
I can wait for the release, since I have Diamond and Pearl and Battle Revolution is about to come out in the US.
But it loooks great and since I liked Mystery Dungeon (the first one), this ought to be fun!


Well-Known Member
Those are cool covers. I can't wait until it comes out.


Well-Known Member
I am eager to play them as well. Hopefully it will have something more so that it doesn't get boring after the main storyline is completed.


Oh man, this is gonna be sooo cool! Newer places than the other mystery dunegons i think..
It's gonna be a hard disistion for me.. i'd pick either chimchar and turtwig or turtwig and piplup, piplup and chimchar.. etc. Since you can't pick what pkmn u are, i'd just go searching for the right awnsers on the quiz to get the pokemon..


Well-Known Member
I Like The Box-Art. Im Gonna Get The Space Team One. Forgot What There Called. Hopefully My Starter Will Be Chimchar


Well-Known Member
You Know What I Love Most About These Games. They Didnt Change The Looks. I Hoped They Stayed The Same. They Have


Well-Known Member
I think the darkness one sounds more interesting and will be buying that one. I'll probably get them both eventually.


I like Time's box art more, but I'll probably get Darkness instead.
I can't wait till they come out. ^^