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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: A Story with a Twist

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Hello, my friends! I don't care anyone says. I'm going to make a story based on the Explorers of Time/Darkness games. Only thing is, I'm changing the characters.Also, this story is rated PG-13 because of language like the f-word and ***** and some other stuff I can't mention yet.It may be a slow process but I'm sure I can do it.
One final word, can anyone tell me how to transfer aa Word document on to the forums? Thank you and good-bye for now!
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A story where the OP hasn't read the stickies, doesn't have a story and doesn't know how to copy-paste?

What a tweest!


Dude, story, where is the story, I need a story. Also, don't make two topics for one thing.



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What they said. Read the fanfiction rules and don't make a thread until you've got an actual story to post.
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