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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Between Time and Darkness

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Piplup-Luv, May 13, 2011.

  1. Piplup-Luv

    Piplup-Luv Piplups Are Awesome

    Before you ignore this story it is nothing like my others and will be much better than them and much better writen as well.

    What if things had gone differently? What if some things never happened?


    [Rated PG-13 for peril, mild fantacy violence, and themes of death]

    This is a what-if story about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky. Ever wonder what would have happened if some things went differently?


    Through the grayscale forest two figures ran at a quick pace, as if they were running from something.

    One of them, a Pokémon, was a green gecko with a red underbelly; forest green leaves grew from his claws and a large leaf on its head, two more grew as its tail.

    The other was a teenage human girl with brown hair and eyes. The faded blue shirt and jeans she wore were slightly torn, the sign of a fugitive.

    Behind them they could hear cackling, their followers weren't that far behind.

    “I think we’re almost out of this forest.” The pokemon panted to his human companion.

    The human girl opened her mouth to speak but didn’t have the chance as a dark purple Pokémon with razor-sharp claws and had gems for eyes jumped onto her back from behind.

    “Get off her!” The girl’s pokemon partner snapped, the leaves on its claws forming into long blades.

    The leaf blade attack hit its target, knocking the dark purple pokemon off the girl’s back and onto the ground.

    “Thanks for that Grovyle.” The girl said to the gecko beside her.

    Grovyle nodded and spoke “We better get a move on Holly. That Sabbleye is only the first of the many that are gaining.”

    The human, Holly followed Grovyle as he took off. They had to escape these woods, and fast.

    The duo eventually found themselves outside the forest and into a large clearing, both of them panted heavily.

    “I think we lost them…” Grovyle said between breaths.

    Holly nodded in agreement before looking around the clearing.

    “This is the place Celebi said to meet up at right?” She asked.

    “Yes. This is the place.” Grovyle replied, looking around like his partner.

    “You don’t think she was captured do you Grovyle?”

    Grovyle was about to reply when a new voice was heard.

    “Me? Captured? You two should know I can’t be caught.”

    Holly and Grovyle turned to see a small, pink, fairy like Pokemon come out from behind a tree.

    “Celebi we…” Holly was cut off as the new pokemon, Celebi, spoke.

    “You found all the Time Gears, right?” She asked in her playful voice.

    Grovyle nodded, “yes. We have found all five and are ready to go to the past.”

    “I’ll take you to the Passage of Time. Holly, Grovyle, you two are our last hope.”

    A large, blue gateway came into view, the pulsing aura surrounding it lighting up the dark grey ground.

    “There it is, the Passage of Time.” Celebi said.

    Holly and Grovyle walked up to the glowing gateway that lie between them and their goal to change their world.

    “Are you ready for this Grovyle?” Holly asked.

    “I’m ready.” Grovyle replied.

    Holly and Grovyle were about to step into the Passage of Time when a voice was heard.

    “You three aren’t going anywhere.”

    Holly and Grovyle didn’t need to turn around to see who spoke; they knew him too well.

    “Dusknoir” Grovyle growled turning to face the one behind him.

    Dusknoir had been targeting them ever since they had started their search for the rare artifacts known as Time Gears.

    Sabbleye quickly surrounded them, leaving no way to escape.

    “You wouldn’t want to leave without saying farewell to me would you?” Dusknoir taunted.

    “Actually you’re more right than you think.” Holly replied cockily.

    A Sabbleye jumped at her, slashing her arm as she held it up to defend herself.

    “Don’t you realize yet? You’ll never change history!”

    The Sabbleye closed in on them, their chance to escape impossible now.

    “Restrain them!” Dusknoir ordered the pokemon assassins.

    The Sabbleye leapt at Holly, Grovyle, and Celebi, claws ready to kill.

    The leaves on Grovyle’s claws once more formed into a long blade before he lunged at the nearing Sabbleye, knocking them to the ground.

    Holly batted a Sabbleye away from her as it nearly landed on her back.

    “Holly, Grovyle, go into the Passage of Time!” Celebi called.

    “What about you though?” Grovyle questioned in reply as he once more knocked back a group of Sabbleye.

    “I can’t be caught remember?”

    Holly and Grovyle exchanged looks as they turned to the Passage of Time. If they hurried they’d be able to make it before the Sabbleye blocked their path.

    “Don’t let the escape!” Dusknoir ordered the Sabbleye from behind.

    Holly and Grovyle leapt through the Passage of Time as the Sabbleye jumped at them.

    The Passage of Time closed behind them; they had escaped.

    Grovyle and Holly looked around them, several openings were torn into the sides of the endless, glowing pathway, each one leading to a different time or place.

    “This is amazing…” Grovyle said in awe, “We can see things that have happened in the past.”

    Holly was in awe too, however, something caught her eye; a black shadow was nearing Grovyle.

    “Grovyle look out!” Holly called, leaping in the way of the shadowed figure’s attack.

    A shatter was heard as Holly hit the ground hard, the glass like path gave way under her, strong winds from a storm quickly blew through, knocking Holly through the opening.

    Grovyle attempted to grab her but failed, suffering the same fate.

    They did not know where they would end up, only hope they’d land in the time they had wanted to reach.

    Hope you enjoyed, feedback is always welcomed:)

    Also, all my past fail-ish fanfics are going to receive rewrites as I have gotten great tips on fanfic writing. This fanfic will not be like them.
    Last edited: May 30, 2011

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