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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Club V.2

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lol, i is a geenyus.
A few days after the first version was started, the owner was permanently banned from sppf, so I restarted it. This is a club for people who like any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games: PMD Red Rescue Team, PMD Blue Rescue Team, PMD2 Explorers of Time and PMD2 Explorers of Darkness. Members can discuss the games, make banners/userbars for the club, and have club competitions.

Rules: (A rule in parentheses isn't one of the rules you get a warning for breaking)
-Follow normal sppf rules
-No swearing at all, not even censored swear words
-Respect other members
-When you join the club, put the name of your rescue/expedition team, and the word "grovyle" in your post to show you've read the rules. If you didn't join correctly, your name will be in bold on the member list.
-(If you want, you can talk about anything that has to do with PMD/PMD2, not just the current topic. An example would be: "YES! I finally recruited _____!)
-(All members can start topics, convince new members to join, make club banners/userbars, and make suggestions for the club.)
-Only ranks Lucario - Owner can accept/deny new members, award points/rank ups or give warnings/bans.

Break a rule and you get a warning. Get three warnings and you're banned for a week. Get banned for a second time, and you'll be banned for two weeks. Get banned for a third time, and you're permanently banned from the club. A "*" next to your username means a warning, with the date next to it being when it expires. Two asterisks next to your name mean that you were at some point banned. If there's a date next to them, it's when you'll be unbanned. If you post while banned, for any reason at all, you will be permanently banned from the club. Bans, unlike warnings, do not expire.


Club art:
(I've moved this section to my next post because it was taking up too much space)


We've gotten a post from Chelc about the amount of spam and one-liners in the club, so the rules will be stricter. Warnings will be given for them from now on.

Posting in the club = 10 points
Making a professional-looking club banner/userbar that can fit in a sig (I'll be the judge of whether it's professional or not) = 100 points
Making a simple club banner/userbar that can fit in a sig - 25 points
Having a club banner/userbar/link in your sig = 50 points
Convincing someone to join the club (they have to say that you did) = 150 points
Making a suggestion for the club (only if the suggestion is used) = 200 points
Helping the club in some other way - points vary.
Getting a warning = -50 points
Getting banned from the club = -200 points

Member and club rank list

Armored Dragon

Secret - 2000 points
Jonouchi - 2710 points

Lucario - 1500 points

Master - 1150 points
iPokeYou - 1220 points

Hyper - 900 points

Ultra - 700 points
razorsfire - 810 points
>Entei< - 830 points *5/12/08
HookShot - 700 points

Super - 500 points
Shdowgroudon - 660 points
MudkipMagix - 500 points

Diamond - 350 points
Angelic Pika - 440 points

Platinum - 300 points
palkia1 - 340 points
mielad2 - 310 points *5/12/08 *5/16/18
Flamer - 315 points

Gold - 200 points
Puffy Pokemon - 280 points
Dark Arceus - 230 points
Bicoastal Mite - 210 points
metalboy - 220 points *5/21/08
Serene_Jirachi - 210 points *5/17/08

Silver - 100 points
FLAME STRIKER - 130 points
MewHeart - 130 points
Griff4815 - 160 points
celbii - 100 points
Whale55 - 190 points *5/30/08
Hydrohs - 110 points

Bronze - 50 points
Kitsune Winterheart - 80 points
BlazeShadow - 50 points
Riversong - 60 points
Phoenix Fire - 80 points
Firemonkey1 - 70 points *5/15/08
Weakling - 50 points

RyuTamashii - 20 points
InfernapeIZCool - 10 points
~*lopunny diva*~ - 10 points
Koridojo Blaziken - 20 points
Yosh Umbreon - 10 points
Wiimote - 40 points
pokemanic123 - -40 points
ShinyPorygon - 20 points
futuramagirl - 10 points
Matchre - 40 points
pokelover33 - 10 points
ultimate-trainer - 20 points
may white - 10 points
eevee10 - 50 points
darkness blade - 10 points
BlueTheEvolver - 10 points
eeveerose - 20 points *5/10/08
Shiny qwilfish of doom - 70 points
The 2nd Selby - -10 points *5/13/08
Katvine - 20 points
Arceus Owner - 10 points
Mew Fan 120 - 10 points
mastermj61 - -30 points *5/21/08
Sirnight777 - 30 points
braydenandbrandon - 10 points
NinjaBaker - 10 points
ManaphyXD - 10 points
Wellowie - 30 points
Golde - -20 points *5/21/08
Darkeus - 40 points
showers_213 - 10 points
CharizardBlastoise - 30 points
Zabi - 40 points
Pokelova - 10 points
fishyfool - 40 points
Shiny Pickachu - 10 points
Dannytoge - 10 points
Lord of Music - -200 points **5/7/08
Marikunin - 10 points
blazed - -30 points *5/30/08
pit-fall - 10 points
Lucario Master Chris - 10 points
sora247 - 40 points

masteroftime - 10 points
cman2445 - 40 points
Dialkia - 10 points
KingRaichu - 20 points
Rakurai - 20 points

That's all the rules and stuff, so join the club and have fun!
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can i join i play blue rescue team name is Razors


lol, i is a geenyus.
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my team name is Razor and i'm trying to get to lucario rank can i join


lol, i is a geenyus.
Alright, welcome to the club! You still get a warning, though.
May I join I play Mystery Dungeon Red my rescue team name is Cyndakip(fusion name of the pokemon I started with) and I have the LUCARIO(is that good enoguh for you lol just kidding) rank.


lol, i is a geenyus.
Yes, you can join - welcome to the club! At the moment there's not enough members to bother to have a topic, so just feel free to talk about anything that has to do with PMD.
Hi, I have Red Rescue Team, and my team name is Team Tough, and I am a Silver Rank, 4 ranks away from Lucario rank. Can I join?


lol, i is a geenyus.
Sure, welcome to the club! I'll add you to the member list.


Wahoo! I'm ready to join!

Team Name: Team Shadow (Expedition will be Team Fortress, named after the current game I'm addicted to =P)

Passwoid: Lucario

I haven't reached Lucario rank, yet. -_-


totally fired up
hey armored dragon nice club id like to join dont expect me to be active though and my rescue team is called Team PokeGetters and theyre lucario rank you better beleive it

Angelic Pika

i stalk you
Hi hi~! Team Pokemon is my team's name, and PMD: Blue is my game. :3 I have a Lucario statue by my Pikachu house you know. can I join?


lol, i is a geenyus.
Wow, 4 more members since I last checked...Yeah, you can all join! Welcome!

And since we have over 5 members, it's time to vote on whether or not there should be ranks in the club.

#1 Rayquaza Trainer

Iwas Magical Togetic
can I join my rescue team name is MudChick ( fusion name of starters )


lol, i is a geenyus.
can I join my rescue team name is MudChick ( fusion name of starters )

No. Read the first post and try again.

And nice banner, FLAME STRIKER. I'll add it to the first post.
I vote yes for the ranks, and I think it should be something simular to what mystery dungeon has.
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