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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Club: v.3

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Jonouchi, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Jonouchi

    Jonouchi Chibi-cario

    The first version's club owner was permabanned and the second owner went away (Slightly). All hope seemed lost! But then, out of nowhere, came Jonouchi, to revive it. Yes, this is:

    The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Club v.3

    This is a club to discuss the current and past PMD Games for the GBA (PMD Red) and DS (Everything else). The club isn't limited to games. You're welcome to discuss the anime specials as well (Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate and Time and Darkness). That's basically it. Now for all the fun stuff:

    Rules: (A rule in parentheses isn't one of the rules you get a warning for breaking)

    • All SPPf rules apply
    • No swearing at all. Even if it's censored.
    • Respect other members. No one cares how much this poster is a n00b (Except the mods).
    • NO SPAM OR ONE-LINERS! We've had issues in the last club and now we're strict on that.
    • ****THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PART: READ IT!!!**** When you join the club, put both the name of your rescue/expedition team in either game and the word "Grovyle" in your post or title box (either one is acceptable) to show you've read the rules. If you didn't join correctly, your name will be in bold on the member list and you'll get a warning even if you end up correcting yourself a second time. ****IF YOUR NAME IS IN BOLD, YOU WILL BE DELETED FROM THE LIST AFTER A MONTH, HOWEVER YOU'RE MORE THAN WELCOME TO RE-APPLY WHENEVER YOU LIKE. IF YOU ARE IN BOLD, YOU ARE NOT BANNED!****
    • (If you want, you can talk about anything that has to do with PMD/PMD2, not just the current topic. An example would be: "YES! I finally recruited _____! Try to add more, than that, though.)
    • (All members can start topics, convince new members to join, make club banners/userbars, and make suggestions for the club.)
    • Only ranks starting from Lucario, all the way up to Owner, can accept/deny new members, award points/rank ups or give warnings/bans. Anyone minimodding will recieve a warning.

    Warnings and bans will go like this:

    Break a Rule = Warning. Do another offense and it's a second warning.
    Three Warnings = Week Ban
    Three Bans = Permaban
    Posting while Banned = Permaban. NO EXCUSES!!!! If you have an issue, bring it up to me with a PM. Do NOT bring it up in the thread. We've had problems with this before.

    A "*" next to your username means a warning, with the date next to it being when it expires. A "**" next to your name mean that you are currently banned/were banned at some point, along with an expiration date on when you can post again. Bans, unlike warnings, do not expire. Warning Points will be retracted from your score once the warning is gone, however Ban Points will stay where they are.


    • I've been getting quite a lot of these, so I'll say it here. I DO NOT ACCEPT VIA PM!!!!
    • I'm not accepting any more banners until further notice. They will be unaccepted from now on. All rank userbars will be done by Flamer. Anyone taking his job will receive a warning. The decision is final; you have been warned.

    Club Banners:

    Made by Flamer:
    Darkness, Red, Time
    [​IMG] -Returned from the old club
    [​IMG] -Returned from the old club
    Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum, Diamond, Reserved for Jonouchi

    Made by Whale55:
    http://i30.*******.com/2qnnjfs.png -Returned from the old club

    Made by The Man Himself (Me):
    [​IMG] -Returned from the old club (Secondary halves will be redone)

    Made by iPokeYou:

    Made by mielad2:
    [​IMG] -Actually made by Dark Firebird, but submitted by mielad2

    Made by GhostPikachu:

    Made by metalboy:

    Made by Mystery Piplup:

    Made by sleepypaolo:

    Made by Starry Mew:
    [​IMG] -Resized by Jonouchi

    Will edit the others here for the current members. I'll search for them, so you don't have to repost old Banners.

    General Point Info:

    • Posting in the club = 10 points
    • Making a Banner/Userbar, simple or Professional, for the club that can fit in a sig (I'll decide whether or not it is professional)= 25 points (NOT ACCEPTING RIGHT NOW)
    • Having a club banner/userbar/link in your sig = 20 points
    • Convincing someone to join the club (they have to say that you did) = 50 points
    • Making a suggestion for the club (only if the suggestion is used) = 75 points
    • Helping the club in some other way = points vary.
    • Getting a warning = 50 points removed
    • Getting banned from the club = 200 points removed

    Points are decreased temporarily until I spread out the current point system.

    Member and club rank list:


    Secret - 9000 points:

    Lucario - 7500 points:

    Master - 6000 points:

    Hyper - 5000 points:

    Ultra - 4000 points:

    Super - 2000 points:

    Diamond - 1500 points:

    Platinum - 1000 points:

    Gold - 500 points:
    Flamer -785
    mielad2 -540

    Silver - 200 points:
    metalboy -380
    sleepypaolo -330
    Mystery Piplup -275
    GhostPikachu -250
    PurpleMew -220
    Scizor5000 -200
    Whale55 -200
    ArceusOwner -200

    Bronze - 100 points:
    pokemon-expert-chris -180
    sora247 - 170
    MudkipMagix -170
    xrockerboy -160
    Yoshikin -150
    iPokeYou -145
    >Entei< -140
    Hookshot -140
    Overwhelming Latios -130
    Starry Mew -135
    Aerobolt1 -130
    Darkeus -110
    TotodileCharizard -110
    Cosmar -110
    Rakurai -100

    PokemonHero -90
    master mike -80
    Puffy Pokemon -80
    masteroftime -80
    PinkLapras -80
    dark-trainer-gabriel -80
    Lucario Master Chris -70
    Firemonkey1 -70
    Armored Dragon -70
    Raccario -70
    Titanosaurus -60
    Palkia1 -60
    Pikalax -50
    Serene_Jirachi -40
    shiny charizard master -40
    txdaan -30
    Shdowgroudon -30
    Whew123 -30
    pokecool -30
    Agunomuu -30
    Arceusdude222 -30
    eeveerose -30
    cman2445 -20
    Hebi-Kirinsan -20
    Keeper of the Aura -20
    Griff4815 -20
    ~Nidoking~ -20
    thereallittlecomet -20
    Charmander99 -20
    Dither1 -20
    Bugwarrior -20
    Shiny Bashamo -20
    Lord of Music -10
    CharizardBlastoise -10
    blazed -10
    Marikunin -10
    KingRaichu -10
    monsta138 -10
    Its-Sandshrew! -10
    Wiimote - 10
    skenasis -10
    Speed of Jolteon -10
    shiny quilfish of doom -10
    Faliuremon -10
    mega munchlax -10
    Ginji -10
    Mew-100 -10
    ManaphyXD -10
    Mandude -10
    kirby8933803 - -20 * June 6th, 2008 * June 6th, 2008
    Pingouin7 -0 * May 31st, 2008
    awlccl123 - -20 * May 31st, 2008
    primal mew - -30 * June 1st, 2008
    ZeroSlayer27 - -30 * June 4th, 2008
    Ninja Baker - -60 * May 31st, 2008 * May 31st, 2008

    BAN LIST (Don't end up here)

    Moneyman07 PERMABANNED -posting without doing the required things to join

    ***List will be updated with new members everytime someone joins and warnings/bans when given, however points will not be accumulated until each thread page has been made.***

    That's all the rules and stuff, so join the club and have fun!
    Last edited: May 31, 2008
  2. Shdowgroudon

    Shdowgroudon <-- "Fools."

    Shdowgroudon Reapplying! :)

    Hi Jonouchi! I am reapplying for v.3! I have three games:

    -Blue: Team PokemonB : Swampert and Typhlosion
    -Red:Team Aquaflame : Mudkip and Charizard
    -Time: Team Terreign : Mudkip and Torterra
    -Darkness (if I get it): Team Eclipse : Typhlosion and Grovyle

    I think Grovyle is the coolest character in PMD2!!!!!
  3. sora247

    sora247 ~Ding Dong~

    Blue:team Resistance

    what is the best pokemon to do purity forest with on PMD 1?
  4. HookShot

    HookShot Shiny get!

    I have returned!


    Time: Team Hurricane, Made of Munclax and Chimchar! Fear them!
  5. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Hello, I'm back :)


    Blue: Team Champions- Typhlosion and Blastoise
  6. Grovyle

    Blue: Team Bluestar

    Time: Team Bluestar (lol)

    Well, I finished the story, and it was a great game, so yeah.
  7. Enigma

    Enigma lol, i is a geenyus.

    Having passed the Herculean task of owning a fairly active club and keeping track of the points involved to your capable shoulders, I shall rejoin! *cough-Grovyle-Team Enigma/IronDragon-cough*

    Of course, I probably won't be very active and there's the chance that I may permanently leave sppf at any time - but that really doesn't matter since I'm not the owner anymore!
  8. txdaan

    txdaan Who reads this is...

    I want to join:

    PMD1 Red: Team Effays(Daan the charizard, Wolbi the raichu, Muddo the swampert)
    PMD2 Time: (I don't have PMD2 yet) My team will be called Team Destiny (with Chimchar->Infernape as leader, Turtwig->Torterra as partner and a Weavile as 3rd pokemon)

    I like grovyle

    EDITL: i'm completely new to the club, just that you know...
  9. Jonouchi

    Jonouchi Chibi-cario

    Welcome ya'll.

    And welcome txdaan.

    And you just have to post ONE team name. You don't get bonus points for putting all of them in. =P

    Did you beat the main storyline of the game? What about the post storyline?

    EDIT: Shdow, I'll give you the 50 points if you link your current banner to this club.
    Last edited: May 6, 2008
  10. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Made some userbars. I actually made them for the last club but they never got offically reconised because I made them literally a few minutes before AD posted that he was going to close it.
  11. Taavetti

    Taavetti Bad Scientist

    Team kiK-X


    WOOT! I'm ready for V3! I keep dieing at miracle sea, and it really stinks!! I may go back tor recruit dialga, but I don't know yet. Does anyone know what level I should be to go back and recruit dialga?
  12. HookShot

    HookShot Shiny get!

    Good to be back!

    Did you beat the main storyline of the game? What about the post storyline?

    Main: Yes
    Post: Yes
  13. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Did you beat the main storyline of the game? What about the post storyline?
    I've completed everything except Wish Cave on PMD1. Don't have PMD2 yet though, doesn't come out in England for a long time :(
  14. Enigma

    Enigma lol, i is a geenyus.

    I think dialga and palkia join after your first non-storyline battle with them. So any level would work.

    Did you beat the main storyline of the game? What about the post storyline?

    Yes, and yes.
  15. Jonouchi

    Jonouchi Chibi-cario


    I'll only post banners here from the old thread for the current members, rather than everyone's.

    As for my own topic, negative on both, as I'm still in the future world. Not only am I a slow player, I'm too addicted to Team Fortress 2 to focus on anything else. =P
  16. txdaan

    txdaan Who reads this is...

    Alakazam(Teleport+Good defence) or Keckleon(It has a build in Time-tripper IQ skill right?, just like Deoxys-Spd)

    And the dark userbar isn't working for me...(Not in my sig, maybe I shouldn't have tried to make it linking o_O)

    Did you beat the main storyline of the game? What about the post storyline?

    PMD1: Yes and everything exept the lvl1 dungeons(altough i got Medicham from wish cave). So no celebi for me in PMD1

    PMD2: I don't even have PMD2 yet. WHY CAN'T IT JUST COME OUT IN EUROPE!?
  17. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    New Topic: Which Story Line Did You Prefer? PMD1 or PMD2
    Well I haven't played PMD2 yet, so I can't comment, but I would be interessed to know if those of you who have thought it has improved. I hope that it has, cause there was a few issues with the plot of PMD1, eg: one minute you and you partner where best buddies, tackling every adventure together, then suddenly he suggests that you expand the team and part ways, (or something like that, but the realationship is severly weakend very sudenly).
  18. Warfare

    Warfare liverliverliverliver

    I'll rejoin.

    My PMD2 team is Team Contrition which is made up of a team with Zangoose, Luxio and Delcatty. My starter and partner were Mudkip and Treecko [now Grovyle], respectively. My PMD1 team was Team Squipy.
    Last edited: May 6, 2008
  19. Enigma

    Enigma lol, i is a geenyus.

    Which Story Line Did You Prefer? PMD1 or PMD2

    PMD2. The characters seemed better, the post-storyline dungeons still had something to do with the story, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-For-Spoiler-Reasons made a great final post-storyline boss.
  20. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Good to hear that the post-storyline dungeons have more to do with the main plot. That was another thing about the PMD1 storyline, the post-storyline stuff just felt like it was stuck on at the end to give you something extra to do, rather than part of the main game itself.
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