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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Crossover idea.

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Okay, I've been working on an idea for a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, one that could take full advantage of the 3DS' capabilities, and completely revolutionize Nintendo's WiFi forever. The shortened summery is that the game is a crossover of my two favorite video games; Halo and Pokemon. The idea is not quite as farfetched as it first appears; the fate of the world rests on your shoulders, failure results in massive loss of life (even possible extinction in PMD 1), enemies that will kill you without second thought (especially PMD 2, Sableye), a countdown until everything's destroyed, low-to-no-chance of returning (especially in PMD 2, where I consider the difference between "dead" and "erased" to be irrelevant)...surely you see how such an idea was conceived.

So far, it's mostly a rough draft in my head and recorded on a Word document, which means it needs a lot more work before I can even start thinking about sending this to Nintendo/Game Freak for consideration. Among the few details I have include a multiplayer system that works more like Halo's infamous online multiplayer system, semi-customizable characters (you can buy armor pieces for online use, but it will only affect appearance, not abilities), and a radical change to the character you play as; I was thinking that instead of the standard "15-16 year old with amnesia", I was thinking that the character is Noble Six, the main character of the recent Halo Reach game, somehow resurrected from death to save the Pokeworld. The character choice works for two reasons; 1, based on rough mathematical calculations, I've determined that Noble Six's age at the time of Halo Reach is in the early 20's. So, just a bit older than the cliched teenage hero. 2, there's so little about Six's history that's been given that even Six's gender is determined by the player of Halo Reach when customizing their character (default setting leaves Six a guy, but in your copy of Reach, you can change that if you wish). What is known is the following; Six is a trained pilot, Six is a hyper-lethal vector (basically, a living WMD; only Master Chief himself shares this label), Six was part of the second company of Spartan IIIs created, and Six was some higher-ranked officer's "personal grim reaper". Everything else about his/her history is for you to decide (only sharable if you decide to write a fanfic about it, though).

Now, I am posting this here because I have two questions about this idea and would like your input:
1) Would such an idea be a good one? (I've asked around a little, and everyone I did ask liked the idea)

2) What are your suggestions for such a game? This last one in particular I need help with, as I'm at a bit of a roadblock. Plot-wise, the only thing I can think of for the disaster that requires a human to enter the world would be an invasion similar to what is faced in the Halo games (minus the blood and language; this is still a Pokemon game, just with Halo bits attached to it.) Even the Covenant's equivalent needs fleshing out. So far, the following have been recommended;
Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Elgyem, Beheeyem, Deoxys, Sigilyth. The first 6 because they come from outer space (Deoxys should work as the final boss/leader of invading army, while Elgyem & Beheeyem could work as the higher ranked members, the Clef-line because they thematically fit even though they probably won't make the final cut), and Sigilyth because a friend told me that they were a pain to defeat.
I'm open to ideas, and posted this here to get some. Anyone who wants to help, post away (all ideas will be considered).


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This is a bad idea, sorry.

Anyway, there's a sticky for game ideas in the OPG parent subforum. It's the called "The Game Ideas" thread, if you can believe it.
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