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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Forgotten Life

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by jireh the provider, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Author's Note: Right now, I'm glad to tell you guys tat I have a new story to write this time. Credits to Brutaka for the new banner of this story as well. This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanfic. I hope you enjoy the prologue because this is the start of my travel back in time to my lost works. It's ... a fanfic I did on notebook 5 to 6 years ago.

    Rate: K+ (surely) to T (maybe)
    Small warning: Prologue has some small disturbing content. Chapter 2 has mild sexual themes. Parental guidance is advised.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Forgotten Life​

    This is one of my many dark nights when I sleep in discomfort once more. Life for me has been nothing but a void of unpleasant memories of my life. I’m a human teenage boy. I should normally have an identity. But now, I have nothing on my side now. Adolescence, what cruelty does it will be passed on to me?

    Adolescence is the time when parents expect greater things, goals, and responsibilities. Some teenagers of my age are aggressively demanding perfection, snooty people emerges from the lands of both rich and poor, and egoistic people comes out of those confused souls. When I came to see this people in my early teenage-hood, they destroyed the innocence I’ve been keeping alive for so long.

    All I wanted to do is to find and receive a life filled with equality. A life where one can achieve many things fair and square. Nothing will be so sudden and out of nowhere. I want to start a new leaf completely. I’m tired of my human life, tired of this world’s corrupted society, livelihood, economic crisis, and the human beings themselves as I screamed at my mind and soul on what is left of my innocent and caring soul.

    This night is just of those nights where I can only dream of dreams that come to life in those few moments before reality takes me back. But one whisper, on this night, calls for me …

    “Drink light with an open palm. You hold the light I just gave you now. No need to ask. This light will be your key to the wish you wanted; my piece of light is the key your soul needs to live on. I’m waiting …”

    Following my heart and mind, I sip the light that gives me sleep. Sleeping takes me to a slumber. A slumber where my lungs are burning, my heart beating irregularly, my body aching, eyes and throat are straining, my voice aching, sense of touch vanish, and then breathing. I get the cold touch of death as I feel so weightless. Blindness becomes my world, hearing is shut down, and my voice dead. I can’t feel a thing … what’s a thing?

    My memories, they are disappearing. Disappearing … dis … appear? Memo … ries? Me …… ries? What? Where? When?

    Who am … I? Who … I? I’m … I’m …I.

    Sleepy … really … sleepy.

    … … … … … …

    Warm. So warm. Beatings. Beating all the time.

    Voices? It’s … wonderful. Rhythms of beating wake me up. I see my world glow pinkish orange as it wraps itself warmly at me. I feel something long and fleshy … is sticking at my little body next to my small head.

    But now … I’m hungry. I’m waiting for that feeling to disappear. It’s not fun. Some time passes … then I taste something sweet, something juicy, and lots of bitter things. Those tasty things did … make me feel full. I don’t feel so empty. Thank you. Moments pass. I feel so sleepy. I need a long sleep.

    But … who am I? What am I?

    The more I sleep, the more my head feels bigger. I feel like I’m stretching. My round body is … growing bulges on four sides below my head: two bulges next to my head and two bulges further away from my big head. I feel something pop out of my back. It’s funny. But now, I feel something open in my face. I am … seeing. But what is it? It’s not clear. Is this … my world? How long am I asleep?

    Time repeats itself for me. Voices ringing my world, gentle beats that soothe me, that empty feeling in my body, the tasty feelings that I taste at the thing connected to my body, sleep so much more, and the feeling that I’m getting stretched and growing. When I wake up once more, I feel quite big now. My world is getting a bit tight. I got two short thingys that are long with four little things popping out in the tip of the two stretching thingys below my head. I feel three things popping at the top, left, and right edge of my head. I fell the long fleshy thingy opening something at my body. It’s when I feel something is put something solid and slimey inside my body. Once it’s in me, I can feel my body being closed.

    It’s when I feel something strong and cool all over me, I feel so alive. I can see a lot better now. My world is as big as me that I can reach it unlike last time I woke up. Yet I can touch it now with my big body.

    But … I feel so sleepy again.

    Who knows how long I’ve been sleeping in my world. I’m bigger now as I feel my world constricting me. I feel a bit scared to know that it’s not being big. I hit my world with my own upper bulges. It reacted! The voice is stronger. I must reach it! I hit my little world with my head and I get that voice echo all over.

    “He’s here! It’s time! My child’s ready to go! Ahhhh!”

    I feel happy! I use everything that I had and hit my little world as much and hard as possible. Moments has passed for me. But my world is pushing itself against me. Nooo! I can’t! I’m falling down! My head! It hurts! It hurts everywhere! I’m falling down much further somewhere below. When it continues, I feel like my body is moving up. I’m moving closer to that sound! I can do it! I’m coming soon!

    Just as I finish coming soon, then my world brought me out in a new bright world.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2013
  2. Darkened_Kingdra

    Darkened_Kingdra Whatcha want?

    Okay. I seem to remember you liking my sig a while back.
    Annnnnnnnywho,your story is… is… interesting. I can't say much from what I've seen, but I hope this turns out well.
  3. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Huh. You don't see this very often. I'm left kind of confused here. I should just wait for the next chapter before i get farther. Though I am concerned about the end of the prolouge there. How this all works out is beyond me, but I'd like to see more.
  4. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    In the second half of the prologue, I did some research about pregnancy. Let me say ... the prologue plays itself in two worlds. An unknown place, and deep within a mother's womb. The reason why I made a parental warning on top. I don't know if there' anther story where the story shows the inner depths of the ... you know
  5. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Chapter 1: 8 years later...

    Author's note: by tomorrow, I'll be taking my final examinations. But after creating a chapter for both Feli Chronicles and my recently released PMD story, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Forgotten Life, I am here to give you the next chapter to both Feli Chronicles and PMD Forgotten Life

    “Jirachi! Lunch is ready!”

    “Coming papa!” before I start my lunch, I feel like recalling myself for now. My name is Jirachi. I am now 8 years old. From my own name, I’m entirely the same species of my name: a Jirachi. The one who called me was my papa. I and meema are living on a house nearby Shaymin Village. Unlike the little shaymin, all three of us live in a wooden house built by meema.

    Flying at the kitchen, I can see mama setting up our little table, while papa places our lunch on our bowls. My papa is a Lucario named Curio. My mama is a Cinccino named Cinna. Whatever look they may be, I’m very happy to be raised by a loving family. Even if my mama never resembles me, her love is never replaceable. For my lunch today, papa set up one of my favorite meals: Sitrus soup.

    “How’s your day today Jichi?” the nickname my mama gave me often makes me flutter whenever she spits it out.

    “I had fun with Graci playing hide and seek at Shaymin Village.” When I said my friend’s name, it reminds me of her energetic attitude. Graci is obviously a shaymin, Captain Obvious.

    “So. Are you lucky to tag her this time?” oh papa. You make fun of me in some unfunny ways.

    “No. It is only once in a while that I can find her. But she has a better advantage than me. I’m a bit jealous that she can copy her place so well that I give up in the end.” It makes me a bit sad to say this.

    “Don’t worry Jichi. I’m sure that with more practice, you will find your friend wherever she hides.” Mom said.

    “I know! You want to continue our psychic training after lunch? Maybe it could help you find your friend better in the future.” I like that idea dad!

    “Thanks mom! Thank you dad!” I’m huggable in many ways. While dad seems to be too big, mom on the other hand is just about the same size as me. Dad makes me feel secure and brave: mom gives me warmth and comfort.

    After our lunch, dad and I began training my psychic moves. There is a piece of flower petal, one for each of us. “Do you still remember that day when I trained you to concentrate on meditating?”

    “I remember that as painful and tiring. Why is it like that?” I asked. Those days when I’m seven years old are fun. But when I actually perform it, it is hard.

    “Unlike your move ‘confusion’, using the move psychic requires patience. It is not instantly mastered like confusion.”

    “Papa. Do you think I can learn Psychic like you?” I asked. “Who says you cannot my boy? You just need determination and patience. I’m sure you’ll be able to learn it.” When he pets my yellow head, I feel like I’m the strongest pokemon of all; maybe as strong as Arceus herself.

    “Alright then. Let me see how long you can lift the flower on top of your head.” Just as papa is done talking, closing my eyes, I relaxed my mind and concentrate on the flower using Psychic. I find it hard to explain on what it feels like to do something like I’m doing now. It’s like I can see everything in a different way. It’s like everything is silvery shiny. On my flower, I can see very bright silver lines on the edges of the petals when I tilt my head. A few minutes later, then I dropped the petal and stop concentrating.

    “Jirachi. Not bad. But not that impressive.” Looking at him, his flower is levitating next to his right paw.

    “Papa…” I whined as I sit next to him. “I’m not saying you did it bad. You actually did better than last time.” He said.

    “Reaally?” as I ask him, he uses his Psychic moves to place his flower on my little hands.

    “Of course he does!” seeing mama bring two bottles of Magost juice, as papa stood up, I floated next to her and grab myself one of the bottles. Papa had an easier time drinking it than I. I’m just too small to even hold it properly. So I leave it to meema to help me drink her own-made juice.

    “Thanks mama!” all we can give to each other is another hug.

    “Jichi! Are you here?” with mama opening the door, I knew Graci (grat-see) would be coming here with me to play.

    “Graci!” One thing I can tell you about my friend, she has two personalities that always confuse me. When she looks like a little pile of grass with Gracidea flowers, she’s shy and very touchy to me. But at her sky form: the one that looks like a smaller version of a deerling with a red scarf, and white wings on her back, she’s hyperactive and outgoing. But in both forms, she is energetic and kind. “Jichi—“

    “Graci. Stop saying my nickname. It’s so embarrassing to hear that.” I said with my cheeks getting pink.

    “C’mon now kids. Stop arguing now. We don’t like to see you two point each other like that.” Meema had to step up just to stop both of us. “Sorry for that Graci.” I apologized

    “No problem. Though I kinda find it difficult to say your name. Your mama’s nicknaming made it easier for me to recognize you. I don’t want to mistake you from the queen Jirachi thousands of years ago.” Graci glides on top of our couch. I say to myself that she’s prettier when she flies around.

    “Okay my friend. Why are you here anyway?” I take a seat as mama helped me finish my drink.

    “Did you forget? The Gracidea Flowers are blooming today!” oh! That day today was right now? “I told you yesterday that I’ll be carrying you to the Gracidea Fields today. We’re supposed to be playing there today.”

    “Why didn’t you tell us then son?” as dad ask me that, I can only scratch my head with a small ‘hehehe’ “Is it a secret between you two? I think they’re a perfect match.” Mama…

    “NO WE ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP!” Graci and I shouted.

    “I think that’s enough joking for today. You can play with my son now Graci. But I ask you bring back our son just before the sun sets down completely.” Papa requested my friend since he really cares for my safety.

    “I’ll try my best Sir Curio. Let’s go Jirachi!” waving our paws to meema, Graci carries me to our hangout.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2013
  6. JFought

    JFought Sloooowly writing...

    Review! Now I noticed in this chapter a constant change in between past-tense and present-tense. You usually want to stick to one or the other, so you might have to make that descision. Also with Graci's introduction to the story here, it seems like she might be in her Sky Forme, but you should point this out anyway. And finally:
    Said should be shouted.

    Chapter overall was great. I like the personality you give Jirachi here and I would love to see whats in store for him.
  7. justinjiaxinghu

    justinjiaxinghu class on my back

    Very interesting Jireh! The first chapter was a bit weird and confusing, but the second was great! And yeah, said --> shouted

    Dont know the plot yet, but hoping to figure out soon! And the Gracidea Flowers :3
  8. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Chapter 2: Sky Rack

    Arriving at Gracidea fields, Graci and I landed on the nearby costume shop. You see, she wanted me to wear a costume for me to celebrate with her. But as we entered the store, I get to meet one of my other friends.

    “Celie! Are you here for the Gracidea Festival too?” Graci greeted her before all three of us have a hug with each other.

    Celie is a celebi that is quite timid and often times passes out our offers. I’m not saying that she’s not the type of friend that I wanted. She’s just very helpful. It’s just … she always shudder whenever I hold her hand on friendly occasions. What’s wrong with a friendly handshake? Even petting her shoulder just shivers her out. I just get used to it anyway.

    “Of course. While I like the forest and its natural chlorophyll development, the fruits that it blooms with its sugar cells, and---“ I’m not bothering to stay longer as Graci began dressing up for the festival. Yeah. She is smart. But could I even listen for so long at her? Snoozing is what I could do.

    “Jirachi! Why are you just ignoring me? You will need a rattle shake from me!” Oh Arceus. Being yanked by a girl is very humiliating in my part as she shakes me out to unconsciousness. “Are you even listening to me pal?!”

    “Cee-ehehe—lieee-he. Stoo-uoh-uhho-uhppp…” She didn’t until I passed out in confusion.

    You wouldn’t believe me easily on how my two girls look so awesome when I woke up. As they call me back in our world, the way they are clothed left me in love.

    Graci designed her antlers with wings similar to that of a Togekiss. Wrapped on her neck is a small petal scarf similar to that of a Meganium’s Herbal Petal. It makes me wonder if she can still breathe with it; let alone fly well. Celie gets herself cloth like the legendary Virizion of Paradise Town, minus the four legs and tail. But what makes her distinctive is her Leaf Blade prop (more like 2 sticks tied together like a plusle’s Tail with leaves glued on the longest side and painted green.) “How do we look Jichi?”

    This feeling is very elgyem to me. But I’m awestruck that I’m ready to be their prince charming. “You two … are the prettiest pokemon that ever existed. Let me be your guardian, princesses.” Hearing their giggling made me feel so proud of myself. As we get out of the shop, the three of us walk together to the starting point of the festival.

    “Looks like our guardian needs a little more love. Shall we Graci?” after Celie just said that to me, both of them lay close to me; Celie did hold on to my left hand. I feel as red as a Heatran all over me. Don’t get me wrong. I love them both so much as best friends. But I find it a bit uncomfortable that they are too close at me as our walk continued. “You love it prince charming?”

    “Why not?” I replied sarcastically.

    Location: Central Square of Shaymin Village.

    So many introductions to our festival have passed since I won’t go into great detail of what happened. In short, Graci is the host of the Gracidea Festival. Believe it or not, this is something that Jirachi and I have been betting for the past seasons. Whoever finishes first in the Shaymin Sky race will be rewarded with Gold Gummis. While Graci and Jirachi are enjoying each other’s company, I’m riding up with my other friend who is also a shaymin: albeit shiny.

    “Are you just gonna pet our hostess Jichi? Maybe you have a crush on her Graci?” his name is Sani, the shiny shaymin (already at his sky forme) I’m riding, if you ask. I would say his personality is like is sister … just a bit more tolerant and orderly like me … unlike Jirachi who could end up doing a duty in numel mind speed. “I agree on him though. Why don’t you two just get on bed together after this?” I joined the joke that my friend just made.

    NOO!” both of us laughed when those two blushed so hard at each other.

    “So Celie. Remember that bet we did back then?”

    “Of course. Whoever gets to the finish first will have ten free Gold Gummis. Hope you didn’t feed yourself too much you two?” really, am heavier compared to him.

    “We-we won’t lose to both of you. Hope you won’t get blown away Jirachi.” Geesh. He is a bit boastful at times even if he never meant it at all.

    “Concentrate. The Kriketune could give the go.” I thought.

    “On your wings … set … GOOO!”As I see its arms go in the middle, Sani takes flight. And I get the perfect lead.

    “This is it. My smart, quiet best friend Celie versus me.” I look ahead that both of us are close to each other fighting for the position.

    I can see the checkpoints of Sky Peak Forest. The rule is that we are not allowed to enter the dungeon itself. We’re only supposed to cross above it. As we entered there, Graci and I struggled on keeping ourselves close to Sani and Celie. Celie is using her fforest powers to her advantage by growing the trees and create obstacles for us. The other rule is that we can slow down the enemy by using the environment. This means I’m not allowed to use attacks or crafted tossing items. “We’re behind them now. The other contestants are coming up close.” Looking behind me, I can see the other sky shaymin alongside their contestant. Just behind us were the twin contestants Plusle and Minun in third and fourth place respectively. From what I can glimpse behind the two were the two other contestants: a Kirlia and a Gothorita. “Got any ideas on where we could go to catch up with both of them?” I shouted.

    “I don’t think so! Celie can easily manipulate the forest. She had the advantage from the get go. We just have to figure out her patterns. She will stop using her tricks once she’s out of this place.” This is not for us; more so for the other contestants. That is, until we found a cave.
    “Graci! Look at the mountain! We should go there!”

    “Why should we? It could be a mystery dungeon itself. It might even be Sky Peak Cave!” her point is right. We might disqualify ourselves if we do so.

    “Graci! Trust me on this. Celie could be ahead of us now if we just figure the way!” I said at her.

    “I’d hope you won’t bring us too much trouble Jichi!” It is then that both of us take a new route and enter that mystery cave entrance hanging above Sky Peak Cave.
  9. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Chapter 3: Hurricane of Foreshadwing

    Author's note: Sorry for the delay. I had a bit of writer's block as of the moment. I just had to play a bit more games before another idea popped in my mind. This time, let us fly high. This story, in truth was inspired by this fanfic called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Fate. Found on wikia.com. Checking fanfiction will result in a different one.
    Enjoy, read and give it a comment/review. Hopefully I've improved.

    Somewhere in Destiny Tower, Arceus is watching Jichi’s race in her own made Giant Lustrous Orb: with a heartwarming smile. It seems that she only finds him as the only human that truly wanted to completely become a pokemon. The human who wanted to escape its tragic human life completely: all memories forgotten, knowledge wiped out clean, and spirit becoming guided and fertile by the life of a pokemon. The human boy’s wishes … she granted it.

    Thus, the human’s soul was nothing more than a shiny light of naiveté in the mercy of the pokemon deity.

    Ever since she planted the remains of his soul to the young Jirachi, she watched the “human soul” disappear in a few years … with the “Pokemon mind, heart, and soul” completely removing the humanity that lurks within. When the child finally comes out of its mother’s womb, the pokemon world, as a true pokemon, forever becomes his eternal reality.
    Yet she knew that the future will be inevitable …

    “Your old human world was once your reality. But now, our world is your reality. In the end of your journey, you can either live your life as a human again but sacrifice a life of adventure and your friends here. Or stay here in your new life and live an everlasting fantasy life with your friends, family, and your destined mate. If you go back to your old life, you’ll be taking a choice that no other human ever had for granted. Wasting a once in a lifetime opportunity. I granted your soul’s dying wish. Should the time come you remember on being a human from your past life, remember that your human side isn’t you anymore. It has passed away a lifetime ago. You are now Jirachi. My child. Not called a human. But a pokemon since the beginning of time. Live your pokemon life to the fullest.” She smiled watching Graci and Jichi weaving the corridors of the cave to corner their other friends ahead of them.

    *Back at the Sky Race*

    We’re already at Sky Peak Prarie in first place. Gladly, my tricks with the trees helped me out a lot. “That’ll sure keep ‘em busy!” Sani said to me.
    “Looks like I already won our bet! 10 gummis here we come!” I shouted out while petting my friend.


    “Wh-what is that?!” As I turn around, I can see gray smoke coming out of the mountain rock. But when I turn back in front, both of us got a glimpse of Graci and Jirachi flying high in front of us. But in the process, we got distracted and slow us down. “Sani! Don’t just dawdle! After them!”

    “A-alright then. Geesh! When did those two get so clever?!” as much as I hate him to react, I would say the same thing he just said if I was at his place.

    “Let’s get her!” as Sani just finished that, “What the heck?” Turning back once more, I can see that our field is getting slower. Don’t tell that we are trapped inside their trick room. Both of them, the kirlia and the gotharita, are concentrating their psychic techniques against me.

    “Celie! You better act pronto! They’re gonna pass us!” From his tense movements, he is using tailwind to speed us up even though the rules are reversed.

    THROUGH!” concentrating with my mind, I counteracted the Kirlia and Gothorita’s trick room with my own Trick room. The field around us vanishes as I grab on tight when his Tailwind pushes us fast and far. Just as we burst behind the two young psychics, we sent both of them flailing at the sky. That moment of recovery will buy both of us enough time to catch up to Jirachi and Graci.

    As we head further into the race somewhere near Sky Peak Snowfield, I can feel a wind current blowing against us. It’s not so strong but it certainly is getting windy. It is then we found a flock of flying pokemon flies opposite of our direction.

    When I come across a frightened starly, I asked, “What is going on with you guys? Is there something wrong?”

    “T-tor … TORNADUS AND THUNDURUS ARE HERE!!”FLY AWAY FROM HERE!” just as the poor bird’s about to fly away, I called back. “WAIT! HAVE YOU SEEN ANOTHER SPOKEMON RIDING A SHAYMIN LIKE MINE?!” I asked.

    “Y-yes … they are holding them off for us to escape. I’M OUTTA HERE NOW!!” No. this can’t be happening. The Tornadus and Thundurus of legend? Are here?

    “Sani! Let’s find them now!” he immediately Tailwind the way to where the pokemon are coming from.

    As we find the Cave of Sky Peak’s Final Pass, I’m left in terror and shock. Several fully evolved pokemon (from Staraptor,Braviary, Pidgeot, Mandibuzz, Unfezant, and Noctowl) are holding off the legendaries while Jirachi supports them. It is then I realize that they are giving the young kids enough time to escape. Tornadus is currently at his Therian forme with his green wings and cloudy feathers and beard. Very terrible in fashion I’d say. Thundurus is the same in therian, only he has claws and a very sharp black and spikey tail; just no wings for him. Unfortunately, the adult birds are soon losing.

    “Celie! No time to explain. Just get the remaining kids out before you save me. GO!” with no hesitation, I lead the young ones up until I saw Ampharos’ glowing tail: telling me to bring the kids here.

    But before I could even talk, he pressed his flipper hand at my mouth. “I know what is happening now. Celie. Be careful. Just get your partner out of there now-“ then Graci and Jichi landed next to us. Graci seems a bit exhausted. Ampharos immediately gave both of us a couple sitrus berries for us to eat.

    Then the sky explode with a powerful thunderstorm. “All of you! Go!”

    “But mister Amp-“ this is no time to be hesitant pal.

    “I ORDER YOU TO GO!” he waved an arm toward the beginning.

    “Jirachi! Let’s go now!” Yanking his arm a bit, Graci and Sani carries us as fast as they can back to the goal. But unfortunately for us, we have to get through the dungeons this time if we want to avoid them in the sky. Painful as it is, we hope that help will arrive soon.

    Back at Shaymin Village, various exploration teams arrived on the scene to resolve the distress on Sky Peak. Team Aces, consisting of Lucario and Espeon as leaders, and Walrein, and Butterfree as their supporting allies, just finished packing up their needed things and immediately sprinted to the dungeons of Sky Peak.

    Unfortunately, Tornadus and Thundurus were doing the same after
    seriously injuring Ampharos.

    “Grovyle’s daughter is here huh?” asked Thundurus while licking off the blood from his claws after his battle with Ampharos.

    “That is what Genesect said. Let’s not forget we are assigned by Darkrai to find the Pokemon, ancestor of impure human spirit, to be killed.” Tornadus looks at the distant sky. “But what does it mean for them? Got a guess bro?”

    “Nah. Like I wanted to know. Strange bro’hood those two had about. But we’re just doin’ it for a hobby. Right?” Thundurus flies a bit ahead.

    “Hobby it is. Hobby like a pumping Gurdurr.” Tornadus catches by using its tailwind.

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