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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Generation of Expeditions V2

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Like a champ.
;336; I think they went this way! *starts running off*


The Power of Aura
;216; Theo: Hiya!*brick breaks ;074;*
;074; *KOed*
;216; Theo: Hooray! 1 down, 11 to go, and my arm still in pain. Man, I hope Little Squirt finds me quick!, I shouldn't have run off like that!


I'm baaaack. >:]
Can I make Snap turn evil, and get rid of him? And can I add someone else?

Character name: Crike
Gender: Male
Info: Son of Gatar, he is very polite, but as well very powerful.

OOC: Sure... I don't see why not. =\ I'll add Crike after Snap goes.

;469; Orichalcum: *nods and follows Blade*

- - - - -

*There's a note on Hildebrand's door that reads:*

|Hildebrand's Note|

Dear Explorers,

I've departed for a short trip to Luminous Springs. Although I should be back soon, if the matter is urgent, please seek me there!


~ ;445; Hildebrand

- - - - -

;380; : Oh.. erm... it's a special treasure that belongs to my brother and me. He could describe it a lot better than I could.

Mustachio Man

Safari Zone Trainee
?????: Hello, Slashy boy.

;215; Slash: Huh? Who are you?

?????: Oh, just an old friend.*steps into light*

;215; Slash: Wait? Snap?

;472; Snap: I am Glisc! Now.....prepare to die. Flamethrower

;215; Slash: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Uuuuurrrgggghh.......Dark Pulse!

;472; Glisc: Grrrrrrrrrr! X-Sci-.....What the?

;160; Gatar: HYDRO CANNON!!!!! Crike get him!

;158; Crike: Alright, Dad! Water Gun!

;472; Glisc: GGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back! AAAAKKKKKHHHH!

;160; Gatar: Hey, Slash sorry Snap's gone. So, you short a team member?

;215; Slash: Yeah, why do you ask?

;160; Gatar: Well, my son, Cri-....

;158; Crike: Can I join that empty space? Please, please, please!

;215; Slash: Well......ok.
(OOC: Lol at the "Slashy-boy" part. But remember not to make too much of a plot without permission.)

;055; Rena: Hm. What color is it?


FC: 4855 8997 3020
;442;: Huh, it doesnt seem that he is here, *sees the note* What? well, we need to see someone about this orb...

(OOC: if this confuses you, check the Plot discussion in our group discussion board)


The Power of Aura
;074;*tackles Theo*
;216; Theo: If Little Squirt doesn't get here soon, our first mission will be a failure!


I'm baaaack. >:]
;380; : Color? I-it's... sort of blue-ish...

;373; Demetrius: Urk... there are a lot of blue-ish objects I can think of. *notices Natalie rush by* Huh? Who was that? Maybe another new explorer?


I'm baaaack. >:]
;380; : Why... are they asking all these questions? They don't suspect me of something, do they? *balls her fists and puts them together* Like this.

;373; Demetrius: I wonder how the reconstruction project's going down in town.

OOC: Oh! Thank you! =D


The Power of Aura
;074; Geo!*punches Theo*
;216; Theo: Urg! I...can't...go...on. Little Squirt, it's up to you!*KOed*


I'm baaaack. >:]
;380; : Thank you. Will everyone be able to help? The whole Guild, I mean?

;373; Demetrius: Huh? Wow... do you really want us all working on this?

;380; : Yes. If you could.


Better Than Thou
(Right-o, this is taking too long)

Fumu and Issac stuck to their plan and finally cleared out the Monster House. They then continued to go down the dungeon, which got increasingly odd. Finally, they were facing enemies as ferocious and unusual as Puruglies. When they got to 11F, they ran into a Grumpig. Said Grumpig was wondering around with a wand-like item in his hands and a large bag, full of crystals. Upon seeing the explorers, the Grumpig tried to feint innocence, but Issac wouldn't have it. Finally, they went into a battle. Grumpig, in an attempt to show off his psychic powers, set up various illusions, but each one only for ten seconds, before switching to another one. Issac finally managed to put this together, and Grumpig was stopped. He used an Escape Orb grudgingly, and Issac and Fuyu proceeded. Finally, they were at 13F.

Crystal Crossing 13F

;075; ???: Oh, great, we have explorers.

;309; Issac: Halt, outlaw! We are an exploration team, and we're here to arrest you!

;075; ???: And not a very good one either. A by-the-book introduction, two Pokemon as small as you, and even a type disadvantage. Yep, from the looks of you I'd say you two are downright rookies.

;309; Issac: That may be true, but we still have the skills to rescue such a scum as yourself!

;075; ???: Please stop that. You're making me go into hysterics. Ahem. My name is Rockawn, and you won't be taking this here Rock Dust.

;309; Issac: Oh yes we will!

;075; Rockawn: *yawns* This will be amusing.


;309; Issac: 300/300 HP
;427; Fuyu: 300/300 Hp


;075; Rockawn: 1000/1000 HP

;075; Rockawn: Go ahead, attack me. Not like it will do anything.
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