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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Journey Into the Frontier [RP Thread]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Billy Mays, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser


    Welcome to the land of Bastion! This is a world where only Pokemon live, as you might've guessed by this being a Mystery Dungeon RP. The world of Bastion isn't the same as the world you know, for a couple reasons. First, Bastion doesn't rotate on an axis like the earth does. There are no seasons; places the polar regions stay in a winter like state year around and get barely any sunlight, while areas around the equator get a ton of sunlight year around, causing them to either be overgrown humid forests or dry deserts where it is so hot that its nearly impossible to get around during the day time. Also, the atmosphere is thicker than earth, but at the same time the pull of gravity isn't as strong. This isn't noticeable at ground level, but at higher elevations you may begin to feel lighter. At over a mile high, you would feel as if you are on the moon, and there are entire floating islands in the sky, the largest having an entire city on it.


    Credit to Avenger Angel for the map of Bastion.

    Other than several mystery dungeons, there are a couple more civilized towns in the land of Bastion.

    Frontier: The town of Frontier is a small village on the northeastern side of the Eastern Continent, at the base of the mountain of the same name. The town of Frontier was started by group of explorers as a base of operations for their explorations on that part of the continent. Eventually, it became a town on its own, but even to this day Frontier is world renowned for its exploration teams, most notablely Team Frontier. The Guildmaster of Team Frontier, Lucca, is a Lucario who is a descendant of one of the original founders of Frontier.

    Sky Citadel: The Sky Citadel is the oldest town in Bastion, and the largest as well. A city built on top of a large floating island over a mile in the sky, it is mostly populated by Flying type Pokemon. In fact, it is actually rare to find Flying Pokemon at any other town. Pokemon from Sky Citadel tend to be intelligent but arrogant, and generally think of themselves as higher than Pokemon from other places.

    Sacatch: Sacatch is a decently sized town, and is also the only civilized settlement on the Western Continent. It is fairly old, being almost as old as Sky Citadel, but it hasn't grown nearly as much as Sky Citadel has over the years. The most noteworthy thing about the town is that it is where the Kecleon Market chain originates from, a chain so popular that even Sky Citadel has one (which is fairly hard since the Pokemon of Sky Citadel tend to discriminate against anyone or anything not from the city).

    Intago: Intago is a small village in the middle of the Sunblaze Desert. It exists mainly as a reststop for anyone passing through. Most Pokemon who live here are Ground types or Rock types who find the dry and hot conditions of the desert tolerable.

    The Ancient War and Modern Times

    Many centuries ago, a huge war happened between two factions of Pokemon. Not many alive today even know such a war ever even happened, and the only signs of it happening are the abandoned fortresses of the two factions: the Stratos Temple, a giant temple on an island floating over a mountain range, and the Ancient Keep, a dark fortress at the southeastern part of the Eastern Continent, near the polar region.

    But things have started to change in the land of Bastion. Pokemon have began to act strange, and attack other Pokemon. Most Pokemon who live outside the more civilized establishments have changed and become wild. Because of this, the exploration teams who used to explore the land of Bastion and discover all of it's secrets are now often working as rescue teams as well, helping innocent Pokemon who are in danger and need of help. One such team is Team Frontier, a world renowned exploration guild who's founding members founded the very town it is established in.

    The Mystic Stones

    Legend has it that the power of all the Pokemon come from 17 stones that each hold the essence of one of the types. No one knows where they are, but it is told that only Pokemon who are destined who unlock their power can find them. Regardless, exploration teams have been trying to find the stones for a long time, but to no avail. Most Pokemon brush them off as simply a fairy tail, but if one was to find the stones, it is said that that Pokemon could accomplish anything.

    An Unexpected Journey

    Off the coast of Canalave City, the boat S.S. Christine vanished. The boat only had a couple passengers on it, but nevertheless the people of Sinnoh were concerned. The next day a helicopter found and picked up the captain of S.S. Christine and it's small crew, who were floating on a life raft in the ocean. The captain explained that on their voyage to Castelia City in Unova the boat ran into a storm. For reasons he couldn't explain, the boat began to sink. The crew immediately saw to it that the passengers got onto to a life boat, then evacuated themselves afterwards. As their boat drifted away and the S.S. Christine sank, the crew watched in horror as the life boat carrying the passengers was drawn into a whirlpool that sucked the boat in.

    The passengers weren't dead however. Somewhere far away, the passengers woke up in a forest. They could not remember their past, but they could remember that they were human, and that they were on a boat that sank the night before. Their memory conflicted with what they woke up to however, as the weren't near any body of water, and they certainly didn't appear to be human...


    1. Serebii rules apply here, obviously.
    2. No Godmodding, please. Your character isn't Arceus, after all.
    3. No bunnying other player characters. NPCs can be controled sometimes, but be sure to notify me before hand since I'll be controlling them.
    4. You WILL be a basic evolution Pokemon, so don't expect to get Haxorus or something. You will be able to evolve later on. And yes, it is possible that you can be a Pokemon who only has one stage, such as Absol or Druddigon
    5. our character will start with 4 moves but learn more later on. You are not restricted to 4 moves, so once you get more you can use any of them.
    6. Posts should state where your character's name and where they are. It should look something like this:
    Billy Mays

    7. Enjoy the RP!

    Accepted Characters

    Toby Kasey-Dawson (SpyroxPikachu) - Ralts
    Cindy K. Black (VampirateMace) - Chickorita
    Aaron Miles (Elysian) - Sandshrew
    Mawill Stonemason (biggggg5) - Scyther
    Alex Morgan (gmoyes) - Magnemite
    Mason Inka (AperatureScience) - Duskull
    Ashton Stone (Cometstarlight) - Eevee
    Jacques de Caix d'Hervelois (goldensteambun) - Cranidos
    Lucas Serenes (Andydemon) - Oshawott
    Irelan Bracken (Cipher) - Zubat
    Harry Jones (deltakurumiru4) - Mienfoo
    Emily Green (Keldminrachi91) - Joltik


    Saber the Axew
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Iron Tail

    "Huh, I might've taken a wrong turn back at that dead tree..."

    Saber look down at a map he's carrying and then up at the surrounding area. He thought a simple rescue mission to Wishcatcher Forest would be simple enough; it is fairly close to Frontier and the Pokemon there weren't really too dangerous. Both of those were true, but he still didn't have much experience exploring.

    Suddenly, he noticed an odd light in the sky up ahead. "What the...? What is that?" Saber watch in awe as the light flashed in the sky, then vanished. He had absolutely no idea what the light was, but he figured that he should see what it is since it is his duty as an explorer.

    Saber ran forward to where he saw the light and immediatey began to notice pieces of metal shrapnal everywhere. As he went farther, he reached a clearing with more shrapnal everywhere, and the wreckage of an odd looking ship.

    "A ship? But I'm no where near water!" He walked forward and looked at writing on the side of the ship. It read, "S.S. Christine", but Saber couldn't tell since he of course had never seen human writing before.

    "Odd...Maybe there's something else around here?" Saber climbed on the ship and looked around from the deck.

    That's when he noticed several Pokemon knocked out over on the other side of the clearing. He hesitated at first to go check on them since he knew it is possible they are evil, but decided it was worth a risk.

    Saber climbed back down and ran over to the knocked out Pokemon and shouted at them, "Hey, you guys, wake up! Are you all alright?"

    (OoC: Post your current moves in your first post. You can have a total of 4 moves, inclding any moves you learn as level 5 or under and at least one Egg move.

    And remember, you remember nothing except your name, being on the S.S. Christine when it sunk, and being human.)
  2. Toyo

    Toyo Wandering Caretaker

    Mason Inca, Duskull
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Leer, Night Shade, Memento

    “Hey!” A red light flickered to life within a skull, before burning out once again. “You guys, wake up!” The light came back. What was wrong? The light became somewhat sentient, looking around at… well, those looked like corpses. OH ARCEUS The Duskull shot upwards, not realizing he could levitate and flew upwards much farther than he intended. What? What happened to… He thought, the light in his head directing its focus to below him at where his legs should be. My body..? While looking down, he saw the others. All pokémon. Were these the people that had been on the boat with him? He saw a flicker of life from one of them, and out of fear, bolted away. However, he left through the slightly less ordinary route: the wall.

    Outside the wall, Mason turned around immediately. Did I just… He looked at his hands-they were barely arms, only grey rags. His legs were gone, he knew. His head… body was more like it. He felt the front of it, a skull shape. It was hard, like bone. So by any logic, he shouldn’t of been able to do that. He walked up to the hull again and stuck his hand onto it, and sure enough, it stayed solid. Maybe if I focus… Mason struggled to focus, but eventually his hand slipped through, and he unexpectedly fell through. He phased out again. He seemed to be getting the hang of this. He slipped back and hid within a bush a few feet away from the boat crash, waiting to see the others waking up. He didn’t want them to notice him, after all.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Cindy the Chikorita
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Heal Pulse

    Cindy groaned, she didn’t feel right, and someone was shouting.

    "Hey, you guys, wake up! Are you all alright?"

    She pulled herself up on all fours and shook her head. Ugh. She proceeded to try and stand up, falling immediately. She groaned again, “I am really out of it…”

    Only pulling herself up a little she looked around. Where was she? This looked like a forest, and there were sleeping pokemon all around her, and some big bulky thing off a little ways from them. But… she couldn’t remember any forests… actually she couldn’t remember much of anywhere... except a boat. What was it? The… S. S. Chris… Christy? Christmas? Christine! She’d been on the S. S. Christine!

    Suddenly she realized what the bulk in the distance was! The ship! Oh dear, what happened? She couldn’t remember. She tried to stand again, maybe she could go find someone to help her and the other passengers. Were there other passengers? She wasn’t sure, she honestly couldn’t remember, everything was so fuzzy.

    Falling a second time she looked at her hands in her frustration. What the..? Her hands were small and green, with a single dull claw for a digit. Panicking she scanned up her arms and down the rest of her body. Somehow, she’d become some green little thing.

    “...but I’m a human”, she cried softly, “aren’t I? what’s happening to me?” On all fours now, she ran around in a circle looking at her stubby tail and panicking some more, “What am I? Where am I? Oh, how frustrating, I’m so confused. What‘s going on?”
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013
  4. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Aaron the Sandshrew
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Defense Curl, Scratch, Night Slash

    Aarom opened his eyes. it appeared he was laying on the grass, and he felt very tired..

    "Hey, you guys, wake up! Are you all alright?" he hears someone shouting.
    "Just 5 more minutes!" he shouted/yawned back.

    He curled up his tail and went back to sleep... Wait.. Tail? He jumped up on his feet, which was way shorter than he remembered. He in a big forest, and noticed a huge piece of metal, which he recognized as the boat. around him was a small group of Pokemon, which was about to wake up themselves.

    Strange.. he did not seem to remember much. Only that his name was Aaron Miles, and he was on a boat heading to.... blanc! It appearedhe suffered amnesia.

    He scratched his head in confusion, and noticed his arms were but two little brown bumps with three tiny claws on. Now, he started to panic!

    "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" he yelled while running around in confusion, as any little Sandshrew would have done if it turned to a pokemon overnight.
    "I am very sure I am a human! not a Sandshrew! What sorcery is this?!"
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013
  5. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lucas the Oshawott
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Air Slash

    As Lucas lay unconscious on the ground he begins to hear an odd sound, as if someone or something was calling out to him.

    However that sound was soon replaced with a voice that shouted, "Hey, you guys, wake up! Are you all alright?"

    Upon hearing this voice, Lucas woke up and slowly opened his eyes, he looks around to see the ship he had been on, only it appears to have run aground. As he thought over what had happened, Lucas soon realized that he can't remember anything besides the incident on the boat.

    He also soon notices a bunch of Pokemon nearby, several of them were still unconscious while the others were awake, with one of them saying that he was human.

    "Huh?" Lucas wondered as his sight turned to his hand only to see nothing more than a white, round digit-less hand.

    "Wha!?" Lucas gasped as he looked at the rest of himself, he first noticed a scalchop on his stomach, which he reached out and removed. After looking at the scalchop for a moment, he looked again to see that he had a round light blue body, and dark blue feet and a tail.

    Upon realizing that he had become an Oshawott, Lucas looked down at the ground for a moment as he asked himself out loud, "What's going on!? Why have I turned into a Pokemon? I was human, wasn't I?"
  6. goldensteambun

    goldensteambun loanshark prince

    Jacques the Cranidos
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Headbutt, Leer, Crunch

    Jacques woke in dimness, light fluttering around him. Seconds of disbelief followed before the thought struck home. The ship, it sank, swallowed by the merciless waves at the sea as far as he remembered it. But as his head hit something hollow with a thud, he realized... He wasn’t on th ship. Defintely not at the sea either. The ground was hard beneath him and the sunshine was shining over his head.

    Was this a dream ? Is he dead or alive ? He wondered briefly as he got up and surveyed the scene around him. It was a clearing he was at, with trees surrounding him and pokemon scattered around, some awake and some unconcious on the ground. And sure enough, Jacques could see the ship S.S.Christine on the other side, or what was left of it. So the shinking ship was not a dream, he pondered, or was it ?

    The boy brought up his hand to brush dust off dust on his sleeve. And weirdly enough, he felt slight pain as his hand came to contact. His hand was... clawed ? Jacques had a mild panic attack as he could see his long finger were no longer there, and instead he got 3 claws on each of his hand. His body, it wasn't the same anymore. At inspection, he seemed to became a pokemon, a Cranidos.... Impossible.

    As usual, he stood back and tried to wrap his mind around the thought, gathering information to the least. All he could remember was the sinking ship, and none before that. Come to think of it, other than his own name he could not recall other memories of his life. But one thing he was certain, he was a human, not a pokemon in anyway. It felt too real to be a dream, and his head ached painfully.

    The best theory he could put up right then, was that it was some kind of incarnation, that his previous life was over as the ship sunk and he has been reincarnated as a pokemon. But why ? Wasn't reincarnated supposed to be total rebirth, erasing any memories of the previous lives and yet he still remember being a human and how he died ? There were still plenty of holes to his theory, as far as it seemed.

    A voice was heard from afar, and as he turned his attention to it,Jacques spotted an Axew. Pokemon wasn't supposed to talk, he thought, bewildered. But it might be that now that he was a pokemon too, he could heard their speech. Jacques are positive that he has never meet this Axew, so certainly they weren't acquaintances. However he seemed like the only one who could inform him off his location and situation right now, and as such Jacques decided to approached him.

    "Pardon me" The Cranidos coughed lightly to get his attention "But could you tell me where I am ?"
  7. biggggg5

    biggggg5 Bigglesworth

    Mawill the Scyther
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: vacuum wave, quick attack, leer, razor wind

    "Hey, you guys wake up! Are you all right?" Was the first thing Mawill heard. He groaned to himself and a muffled "5 more minutes" came from him. It's a shame I woke up when I did. I was having such a nice dream about a boat. He reluctantly sat up and squinted. He patted around until he felt his glasses by instinct. Once he found them he tried to grab them. Wait, why can't I move my fingers? He brought his hand up to his face so that he could see. "Whah! Where did my hand go?" He shouted.

    He studied the scythe as closely as he could and concluded that it was a Scyther's claw. I've turned into a Scyther. Weird. he turned to one of the other pokemon scattered about. "Excuse me! Could someone with hands help me with my glasses?" He points with his scythe. "I'm blinder then a Zubat without them."

    He thought to himself. Wait, how do I know that those are my glasses. I can't remember anything! Ok don't panic let's see what I can remember. My name is Mawill, I used to be a human, and the boat wasn't a dream! But why can't I remember anything else? "Hmm."
  8. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Harry the Mienfoo
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Pound, Meditate, Vital Throw

    "Ugh...." groaned Harry. He was lying on his back, completely out of it. His entrie body hurt like hell, more so than...than....what? Harry kept trying to think why this pain felt so familiar. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, trying to process what he knows. He was on a lifeboat with other passengers during a storm, and he was...hoping for death? The boat edged closer and closer before spiraling down into the whirlpool. Harry shook his head, feeling his ears move along the fur on top of his...wait....what?

    Harry jumped up suddenly, leaping into the air and landing in a crouch. He looked down his arms. The forearms were...puffy, like robes. His hands...were paws....Harry shook his head vigerously, trying to think clearly. He was a Mienfoo, his name was Harry, he was onboard a vessel known as the...S.S. Cristine, right, and....he had wanted to die. He felt depressed, like weights were attatched to every part of his body, but he had to shrug it off for now. It wasn't the time nor place to be depressed about...whatever he was depressed about. He looked around again. He was in the middle of a forest with bits and pieces of metal debrey, along with the main hunk of metal that was once the vessel he had boarded...at least, he thought so. "I'm a Mienfoo...but aren't I human? If I am human, why can't I remember more than the ship sinking and my name?" He growled, and shook his head. He's ears twitched when he heard more voices near by. Pokemon were lying around the area, most of which were unconcious, though a few were up. He turned to a Scyther nearby, who was trying to put...on...glasses....more what.

    "How the duce can I understand you?" asked Harry to the Scyther. He walked over, and picked up the glasses, and looked over the insects face. "Um...how are these supposed to go on..."
  9. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    (I'm guessing that we're using BW2 move sets. Yay for being a pokemon that doesn't have egg moves -_-')

    Alex Morgan, Magnemite
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Tackle, Supersonic

    When Alex awoke, he was in a void. He couldn't see, hear or feel anything. He was aware that he was awake, yet he couldn't move. Just then, voices rang out, one calling out to wake people up, followed by sounds of shock and confusion. Come on, I need to know what's happening, he thought. Then he realized he didn't know who 'I' was. He quickly searched his brain, but all he could come up with was an image of a sinking ship and a name. Al... Alex. Alex Morgan. That's my name. He frantically thought harder to try to dig up some more facts, but there was nothing. Come on, I must be able to remember! I need to know!

    Discovering nothing more, he knew that he should figure out what happened and where he was. But in order to do that, he needed to open his eyes and get moving. But he could feel nothing of his body. Come on, I need to see. Even one eye will do. And then, his eyelid slid open. What he saw was just as odd as how he saw. He only had one eye and it moved around and focused on stuff like a camera. It was like a movie, seeing and hearing stuff without actually being a part of it. But what he saw confused him. He was on the floor of a forest and from his limited range of sight, he saw a couple of different pokemon: an Axew, a Cranidos, a Duskull. And they were talking, mostly about how they've lost their memory and have turned into pokemon. Just then he noticed two screws sticking out below below his eye. He looked to his sides and saw a pair of magnets. Am I really a Magnemite? he thought, stunned. How in the world can that be? Has my brain been hardwired into a Magnemite body? I certainly didn't turn into one by myself, there is nothing biological to support me. If he still had a human face, he would have been frowning, deep in thought.

    Just then Alex saw a huge grey mass on the other side of the clearing. Looked at it and saw the words S.S. Christine printed across it. He had a flashback of him sitting in a small lifeboat with a few other people and watched as the ship sank. If part of the Christine was here along with them, they must have been transported along with it. To wherever here was. But before the ship and after the ship sank and now there was no memories. He realized what he must do. There must be answers on the ship, probably not about how in the world they got in this state, but at least some information about their past might be uncovered. But then came the question on how he would get over there when he was a motionless ball of steel.

    Then he remembered something. Magnemite moved using electromagnets to attract and repel metal in the earth's crust. If he focused, maybe he could manage to hover over to it and start searching. He searched for some energy inside himself and imagined pushingit into the ground to push himself up. Surprisingly, it worked, though it took some work in maintaining it and balancing it so he didn't end up in a midair roll. He firured that there was some Magnemite intincts in him so that he could control it. It certainly beat having to learn everything from scratch. Once comfortable, he locked his sights on the side of the ship. He imagined himself being pulled towards the metal hull and was soon floating towards it. Ha ha! It's working! If he was still human there would have been a grin on his face.

    But as soon as he thought that, his electro-levitation faultered and he ended up bouncing along the ground. He sighed and lifted himself off the ground again. He pulled himself towards the ship again until his body clunked against the hull. He repelled slightly away from the side and looked for an entrance. Rising up he saw a blown out porthole and looked in. He looked inside and saw a small cabin. He looked back to the clustered group of pokemon and voiced his plan. "Everyone, we need to BzzzzzT search the ship to figure what happened. There must be some BzzzzzT information in there about what happened. Come on BzzzzzT." He blinked, he did not mean to put in all of that static. But it's something all Magnemite do. And he wondered how he knew that. He mentally shrugged and headed through the window.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Cindy the Chikorita
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Heal Pulse

    All around Cindy the pokemon were waking up, grumbling about having been human. What was this? This was ridiculous, pokemon that could talk, humans turning into pokemon. But she had been human, she was sure of it.

    "Everyone, we need to BzzzzzT search the ship to figure what happened. There must be some BzzzzzT information in there about what happened. Come on BzzzzzT," announced a Magnemite that had levitated over towards the ship. Cindy stopped mid spin… hey, yeah she’d though of something like that… about looking for other passengers, but his suggestion -was it a he?- made more sense.

    Cindy bounded over towards the ship, looking up at the Magnemite, “I don’t know if we’ll find much information, but we should definitely search the ship for clues.”

    Now, how to get in?
  11. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Emily the Joltik
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Leech Life, Thunder Wave, Cross Poison

    As Emily slowly awoke, her vision was very fuzzy. She was seeing many little tiny hexagons of everything, so many piles of huge Pokémon appeared in front of her face.

    "Where are my glasses?" she wondered aloud, figuring her vision was acting up because they had fallen off. She felt around her yellow feet for them. Wait, yellow feet? She looked down at her hands, which were the same tone as her feet, and screamed. Only, it was more of an shrill insect call than a human scream. She started running around in circles, because her world was turned upside down. Where was she? Why was she here? Why was her vision so crazy? And why were her glasses bigger than her??? she continued circling, wondering why she had undergone such a strange transformation during her trip on the S. S... um, what was it again? She was having trouble remembering anything except that her name was Emily, she was on a boat for some reason (that she couldn't remember) and that she's human. Or rather, was human. She looked at the unconscious Pokémon around her, noting that she was only a small fraction of their sizes.

    "I must have somehow turned into a Joltik!" she gasped. Well, that explained the hexagonal vision. But, why was she a Pokémon? She scurried off the boat, leaving her glasses behind, because her new Compoundeyes ability made them useless, except for seeing hexagons. When she saw another Pokémon stirring, she ducked into a bush (although a leaf would've been fine) and found an abandoned game system. She hopped on it and absorbed the electricity from the batteries. How am I doing this? Is this what it feels like to want to wag your tail?
  12. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Aaron the Sandshrew
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Defense Curl, Scratch, Night Slash

    Aaron was over his little panic-attack, and sat down on the grass, looking at his small hands, thinking. What is the meaning of this? People don't suddenly turn into Pokemon!
    All these questions, and no apparent answer. He noticed a Chikorita and Magnemite, talking. Yep, talking. Aaron struggled to find the logic in it, but went over to them.

    "I overheard your conversation, but what do you think we would find in the ship?" He asked, hoping the two Pokemon, who appeared to be in his own situation, had any answers.
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Cindy the Chikorita
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Heal Pulse

    Before the magnetite had a chance to answer he and Cindy were approached by a Sandshrew. He seemed polite, but skeptical, "I overheard your conversation, but what do you think we would find in the ship?"

    Cindy looked up at the ship, then at the pokemon questioning their venture. That helped her organize her thoughts a bit, “Well, the last thing… the only thing I can remember is this ship. I don’t know if we’ll find any answers in there or not, but maybe we can find some sort of clue about what happened… Ships have logs, right? Maybe there’s something about what was happening in the ship’s log? At any rate, we have to do something…”

    Magnemite was headed into a porthole. Cindy didn’t think she could get up there, but there were several cracks in the hull, spotting one that she hoped she could get through she bounded towards it looking back at the Sandshrew, “You want to come with us? I can’t guarantee anything… but then, I can‘t guarantee anything if you stay out here either.”

    She could see into the ship through the crack, the ship was leaning to one side, causing the deck to be angled. It was also dark, but she figured this was the cargo hold, and to get to the ship’s bridge where the log would be, they’d have to climb almost all the way up.
  14. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Aaron the Sandshrew
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Defense Curl, Scratch, Night Slash

    The Chikorita seemed serious about exploring the ship, but Aaron had his doubts. "I don't think I want to explore in that big ship, what if we get lost?" He did not want to take that risk. at least not yet. there was still answers that needed to come, and logic that had to be provided. Aaron decided he would stay outside with the remaining Pokemon. "But do somehow let us know if you do find anything" He said before he went away from the ship.
  15. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    Alex Morgan
    S.S. Christine
    Moves: Tackle, Supersonic

    Alex saw a Chikorita come towards the ship, answering his call, and followed soon after by a Sandshrew, though the ground type was nervous about exploring the ship and declined in searching. Alex just rolled his eye, the more people who searched the boat, the sooner they can get the information they needed. Right now it just seemed that the grass type and himself where the only ones who took the task of finding about information seriously. Hopefully some of the other pokemon would join them, though he couldn't blame them for taking a while to get a justed to their new bodies. Oddly enough, while his own new body is probably the most alien out of everyone, he felt somewhat familiar to the Magnemite he had become. He might've had some experiance with the species. There's a small clue to his past, as slim as it was.

    He saw the Chikorita looking at the cracks in the hull, searching for a way in. The hole must lead into the hold of the ship. What the ship was carrying might give them a clue about what had happened. He called down to the Leaf Pokemon. "What the Christine might BzzzzzT have been carrying may give an idea of why we're BzzzzzT in this situation. If worse comes to BzzzzzT worse, we can savage some gear that we can put to use. I'll check out BzzzzzT the cabins to see if I can find out some information BzzzzzT about ourselves and the crew. Then let's meet BzzzzzT up in the bridge." With that, he entered through the porthole.

    Inside, he found himself in what looked like the crewmen's bunk room. Everything was waterlogged and there was things scatterered everywhere, from clothes to pillows to pictures. The ship must have rolled while it went under because everything had fallen to the port side of the ship, the side he just entered. He was glad that he had the ability to hover, he certainly didn't want to wade through the soggy mess. It also made it difficult to figure out what was important. But seeing as this was the crew's room, there probably wasn't anything really important in here. It was the passengers' rooms and the captain's quartersthat would be the most important, their own rooms to figure out everyone's past and the captain's room to see if they kept a log in there. Where they were traveling to and from would be a good clue about what they were doing when the ship went down.

    Alex exited the room and entered the hallway. Just then he realized just how dark the inside of the ship was without electricity powering the lights. It was somewhat creepy and it certainly made his job much harder. "Come on Alex, it's BzzzzzT not as if something is going to jump out at you," he muttered to himself. He focused and tried to produce some electricity to light up the area, but only succeeded in producing a couple of sparks that only lit up the hallway for a split second before dying off and causing his eye to rapidly adapt to the changing light levels. Ok, that didn't work, he thought. Maybe at some point we can get the generator up and running to power everything. Now that the engine is no longer needed, we can use the oil to power this place up, provided that we can get it working and the oil isn't too watered down. Maybe while we're trying to figure stuff out we can use this place as a base of operations. The Christine is the only thing that any of us seem to remember and we can't just abandon it. He mentally sighed, lacking the lungs to do so physically, and try to search for the passanger cabins.
  16. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Saber the Axew
    Wishcatcher Forest, Shipwreck Clearing

    Saber just stared akwardly as the Pokemon began waking up one by one. He had thought it was possible they were simply lost Pokemon, or just bandits pretending to be knocked out to raid him, but not this. Every single one of them seemed to be completely of their rocker, at least to Saber.

    What the heck is a human? These guys must've been hit on the head too much when they got knocked out... Finally, one of them, a Cranidos who seems to still have his head in the right place speaks to him.

    "Pardon me" The Cranidos coughed lightly to get his attention, "But could you tell me where I am?" Well that's odd, everyone around here knows this is Wishcatcher Forest. On the other hand though, these guys don't seem to be around here, and its not every day that there's a boat in the middle of a clearing.

    "This is Wishcatcher Forest, near the town of Frontier. You guys...aren't from around these parts, are you?" Saber gestured towards the Cranidos's companions while speaking.

    Saber looked over and saw a few of the Pokemon who woke up were heading over to the boat, presumablely to find out what was going on. That's a good idea actually, though I don't why they wouldn't know what's happening already...


    Inside the S.S. Chirstine
    Affected Players: Alex Morgan

    (As you are going through the boat, you hear scratching noises. You don't see anything as it is too dark, but you are certain that you aren't alone...)
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  17. goldensteambun

    goldensteambun loanshark prince

    Jacques the Cranidos
    Wishcatcher Forest

    "Wishcatcher Forest ?" The name wasn't familiar to him in any level, it didn't even ring any bell at all, despite Jacques's wide range of geological knowledge."I have never heard of such place, I'm afraid... " He shrugged in confusion. Everything just get more and more bizarre and confusing to him. None of those make any sense to him at all, and of all those years studying and researching seemed to go to waste, as his current knowledge could not fathom situation such as one he was in right now.

    As he turned around, he could see other pokemon who were awake and shuffling around, seemingly as confused as he was. By any chance, could they also be human ? Jacques could recall that there were some people travelling on the ship with him. However, he was skeptical of their fates and pondered if they suffered the same thing as he did. There was only one way to find out, he thought, as he step over the clearing near the unfortunate scene of the shipwreck, where the pokemon were moving around.

    "This might sound absurd, but by any chance could any of you be human ? .... Or were human, on that ship over there." Jacques voiced through the clearing, getting the others's attention. He hastily added the last part, since it was obvious that all of them are pokemon and none look human, though Jacques himself looked as much like a human as they did.

  18. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Ashton "Ashy/Ash" the Eevee
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Sand-Attack, Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish

    "Hey, you guys, wake up! Are you all alright?"

    "Hm?" Ashton rolled over until the front of her face was met with soft grass. The fibers tickled her nose until she pushed up against the ground to realize what she was laying on. "Huh, what?" She did a quick dog shake before looking around.

    "What the? How did I get so short?" She said in confusion. Figuring she was on her knees, she pushed up with her hands pretty hard, only to fall over herself and landing on her side. "What is wrong with me?" she bristled after trying again. I can't get my knees to push up. Why can't they support me?

    She looked down at her hands to see that they weren't hands at all! Paws! Little brown paws!

    Ashton jumped with a high pitched cry and looked around again. Shredded metal and tattered parts remained of a ship that layed out in the middle of a forest. While gaining use of her new legs, she wobbled over to see a piece that had the marks, "S.S. Christine" in English. Not only that, but there appeared to be other pokemon walking around in a tizzy as well.

    "But, I was human...right?" she came by a piece of metal that contained a decent amount of water and looked into it. Long ears, fluffy cream collar, brown coat, a bushy tail...if she didn't know any better, she would say that she was looking at the appearance of an Eevee. Everything pointed so except for the eyes. Instead of amber brown colored eyes, she gained mossy green eyes.

    "Waah!" she jumped again. "I'm an Eevee?" she turned around in panic only to see a small green dragon pokemon who called out earlier. An Axew!

    She padded over, still wobbling a bit and tried to keep a firm stance.

    "Uh," her legs felt like jello and she could feel her ears going down. "Could you tell me where I am, or what's going on?"
  19. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lucas the Oshawott
    Wishcatcher Forest, Shipwreck Clearing

    As Lucas wondered what could've happened to him he felt this sudden loneliness weighing on his mind. He couldn't explain why he feels this way, there's plenty of other Pokemon here so he's hardly alone so why does it feel like he is.

    Some Pokemon were heading into the boat, bringing Lucas to believe he may find some hint of his past in there.

    Just when he was about to head into the boat himself however, he heard someone call out, "This might sound absurd, but by any chance could any of you be human ? .... Or were human, on that ship over there."

    Lucas turned to the direction the voice came from and saw a Cranidos, to whom he stuttered "I...I was..."

    He nervously approached the Cranidos as he told him "I was on that ship....and I....I know I was human before."
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  20. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Cindy the Chikorita
    Wishcatcher Forest
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Heal Pulse

    Sandshrew remarked that he wasn’t coming because they might get lost in the ship. Cindy looked into the hull again, yeah, they could, but they were already pretty lost to start with. He continued to request that they let them know if they find anything. Cindy nodded, something on her head felt heavy, “I’ll try.”

    Magnemite called down to her, "What the Christine might BzzzzzT have been carrying may give an idea of why we're BzzzzzT in this situation. If worse comes to BzzzzzT worse, we can savage some gear that we can put to use. I'll check out BzzzzzT the cabins to see if I can find out some information BzzzzzT about ourselves and the crew. Then let's meet BzzzzzT up in the bridge."

    “Okay,” chimed Cindy. Ugh, that wasn’t very Gothic. Cindy took a deep breath and stepped into the ship. The floor sloped upward away from her, but it wasn’t anymore difficult to climb than a kiddy slide, a wet kiddy slide. She could climb up it, or she could just follow the wall, climbing over the ship’s shifted contents, until she reached the stairs to the next deck.

    She could still hear the other pokemon chattering outside. It sounded like one of them hadn’t been human before… interesting.

    Cindy decided to climb up just far enough that she didn’t need to climb on the crates and dislodged equipment. Magnemite suggested salvaging some of it, but it was too dark to read any of the crates. She’d have to get one open and examine the contents to know if getting it open had been worth the effort. That was a lot of work. Still there could be something of value.

    (Hey Billy, do we need to wait for you to tell us if we find anything?)

    Cindy crawled upward a few feet, from here she could head straight to the stairs, stopping occasionally to see if there was anything of value below.

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