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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Poison Ivy Wings


Not thinking twice!
Made this for the "Make Me Laugh" contest from september, err, not sure what else to say here so here it is:

--Wigglytuff's Guild Headquarters--
Nod the human turned into a Torchic, and Piplup from team Birdbrains had gone to the Apple Woods to get some perfect apples for their Guildmaster, Wigglytuff. However, due to an encounter with Team Skull, they were unable to get any. Now, after being denied dinner, they have to do the hardest part of the task: telling Wigglytuff that they failed. Chatot attempted to do some damage control, however it wasn’t enough, and Wigglytuff began to sniff and cry….

At that moment, the ground started shaking, the floor started cracking, it felt as if the world was about to end, but right when it seemed like all hope was lost, a certain voice was heard!

“Sorry to disturb you! We’ve come to deliver a perfect apple!”

Of course it was Skuntank, he had waited for this very moment to get into Wigglytuff’s good side. However…..

“wait, where is it? Zubat, where are our perfect apples?”

“You ate them,chief, don’t you remember?”


Koffing tried to calm him down with an excuse.
“We just didn’t want to disturb your fun.”


Their….touching? moment was interrupted by Wigglytuff’s crying resuming. Fissures were forming all around the headquarters, earthquakes were stronger than ever, and suddenly….it all stopped.


Taking advantage of that small opening, Piplup grabbed Nod by the beak and started running away from the headquarters. Team Skull quickly followed while Chatot was too shocked to even move.


--Treasure Town--
Narrowly escaping the headquarters, teams Birdbrains and Skull reached Treasure Town, shaking with every step. Nod was still trying to process the recent events.

“Piplup…..what just…….happened.”

“we’re screwed, we’re so screwed, what do we even do now?”

“Well I’m not going back there ever again, so one of you better think of something.” said Skuntank.

“You’re the one who got us into this mess in the first place.” said Piplup.

“Heh-heh-hey, quit it on chief, he worked hard to think of our plan.” said Zubat.

“And how did that turn out?!” said Piplup.

“I said quit it! Or what, want another taste of our noxious gas combo?”

Exasperated by his partner’s bickering with their…..fellow survivor, Nod tried to think of anything to divert their attention to something else. Then he remembered something.

“Wait a moment....oh no…….Piplup, remember the guild’s second rule?”

““Run away and pa”-.....oh I see the problem…..”

“Woah-ho-ho, so what, you’re running away like the cowards you are?” scoffed Koffing.

“Wait. As pathetic as these guys are, they may be onto something. This Wigglytuff is far more formidable than we expected, we may have to find a way to calm him down if we want to live. Then we’ll take all the credit, win the guild’s trust, and we’ll be able to steal all their treasure.”

“You…...do know we can hear you, right?” said Piplup.

“Whatever, I’ll take care of you two once we’re done, for now let’s make a raft or something to leave, it’ll take some time for them to start looking for us at sea. Everyone is probably unconscious right now, so tomorrow morning at first hour we search for any clues of where to go and then we leave immediately.”

“You know, you can be pretty smart when you’re not being a jerk. I have a hideout at Sharpedo Bluff, we can make the raft there and stay hidden until the morning just in case.”

Thus, this unlikely alliance gathered whatever materials they could find around town for a raft and despite being at each others’ throats, Nod managed to calm the situation enough for the raft to be built quickly.

--The next morning….--
The newly formed team barely got much sleep, but if they wanted a chance to survive, they’d need to leave as early as possible. Thankfully the two Kecleon were starting to set up shop, so Nod started asking for advice.

“So that’s our issue”
“You guys managed to escape? Talk about lucky, you may be the only ones who have ever managed to do that. I have never seen him out for revenge, but if there’s anything that can get him off your tail, it’s gonna be a golden apple from the mythical Golden Chamber. It can appear in any dungeon at any moment, but it’s extremely rare for one to find it, and going into so many dungeons could be dangerous...”

Everyone was thinking the same thing.
“If there’s even a slight chance to get us out of this mess, anything is worth it.

Zubat was caught staring suspiciously at the TMs, but Purple Kecleon, fearing for everyone’s lives, gave a few to the team for free, including Ice Beam, Explosion, Flash, and Fire Blast.

“These ones are on the house, you’ll need them.
“This bag of apples too. Don’t eat them all at once though.”

“THANKSFOREVERYTHINGBYE” Everyone screamed and disappeared.

Everyone disappeared to the Sharpedo Bluff. Knowing what the best way to get the raft out quickly was, and being the only one capable of learning Ice Beam, Piplup decided to use the TM on herself.

“One ice ramp on the way!”

“Can’t deny it, partner, that was awesome.”

“Woah-ho-ho, so it begins.”

“Heh-heh-heh let’s finally get out of here.”

“GWAH HAH HAH so you losers do know how to have fun.”

Everyone got on, and thus the raft flew off into the distance, letting everyone get their last view of the beach before finally landing on the sea. Their high seas adventures finally begin!

--Wigglytuff's Guild Headquarters--

Wigglytuff kept repeating the second line over and over, much to the guild members’ horror. They were all muttering to themselves.

“What happened yesterday?” “Where are Nod and Piplup?” “Is Chatot okay? He looks hurt...” “I’ve never seen Wigglytuff this angry.”

Everyone went quiet once Wigglytuff started speaking again with a wailing voice.

s-snifff m-m-my p-p-erfect apples…..none..zero.....empp.pty…....we…….mm-mmust….pursue...traitors….


The furious guildmaster then began bolting out of the headquarters and out of town, with the guild members having no choice but to follow for their own good.

--The Sea--
Having had enough time to sleep before finding any dungeons, the team woke up and started chowing on some of their apples. Nod was still somewhat processing the whole situation.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.”

“Then you and your partner better get used to this, we’re all living on the run now.” said Skuntank in an off-hand way.

“Oh yeah, where did you three stay before any of this?”

“Just wandering around here and there, stealing stuff, looking for treasure, getting some grub, the usual stuff you wouldn’t be able to handle.”

That last comment ticked off Piplup.
“Don’t you mean attacking people and then wasting the treasure?”

“At least we get to waste the treasure instead of giving it all to some unstable baby.”

“Well we don’t have to run away after every single thing we do.”

Nod, in an attempt to calm things down had an idea.

“Guys, guys, we’re looking for treasure on our own and sailing around the seas…...doesn’t that make us pirates?”

“Gaw-haw-haw, pirates? I like that. You two don’t have what it takes, but I’m generous enough to let you into my crew, waddaya say ya blue birdbrain.”

your crew? pssh keep dreaming, Nod here is far more of a captain than you.”

“aaaand seems like my plan to calm things down failed. Eh, let’s roll with that.”

“you too?! Really?”

“I don’t like these guys, but hey, whatever keeps us from getting mauled by Wigglytuff.”

“heh-heh-heh, you realize we can hear you too, right?” said Zubat.

“We didn’t say anything that wasn’t clear already.” said Nod.

“Woah-ho-ho, bummer...though ya know what we need? A name, how ‘bout The Skulls Pirates?” said Koffing.

“T-that’s just Team Skull but with an extra S.” said Piplup.

“gwah, I love it, got anything better, birdbrain?” said Skuntank.


At that moment, Nod had a realization.

“I know, we could be the Toxic Bird Pirates!”

“See, Skuntank? Now that’s a good name.”

“I’ll admit my defeat……….see Koffing? Now that’s a better name. Then from here on, we shall be known as the Toxic Bird Pirates! And as the captain, my first order is to ram ourselves to that island on the horizon with an ice ramp.”

Nod are we really following this guy.

“Let’s just...try to not destroy this raft before getting anywhere...

“fiiiiine, ice ramp time!”

--Blizzard Island--
The Toxic Bird Pirates set foot on the island and left their raft on the Kangaskhan statue storage. To their surprise, the entire island was a mystery dungeon! However, Piplup had some worries

“Does anyone else get the vibes that this place could be too dangerous for us?”

“It does feel a bit weird, but I’m sure we can do this, and it’s not like we really have any other option.”

“I just feel like there could be many strong pokemon inside, but you’re right, let’s do it!”

“Are you two worrywarts done? Then let’s get in.”

And thus they entered…..into a monster house.






Koffing used the explosion TM on himself, and thus...well he did the thing.

“and thus ends the story of Koffing the pirate….it was fun while it lasted.”

“ah come on, you’re gonna be fine after we walk for a bit!”

Don’t sour my death scene, Piplup.

“b-but it’s not even a-”

“As the captain, I command you to not sour your crewmate’s death scene.”

Having had a not tragic not loss, the Toxic Bird pirates continued trudging on through, using every item they could find to their advantage. However, they still kept getting beaten up pretty badly.

“I think I’m running out of ember PP guys, this may be the last one for a while.”

“Same here for my Sludge Bombs...”

“I wish I could take care of all these Azumarill, but this is a pretty bad matchup for me...unless….Skuntank, wanna ride the Ice Ramp once more?”

“That’s the one thing I like from you, kid.”

“Then prepare yourself!”

“I’m always ready…..oh wait what are we doing nononononono NO”
c r a s h…..

“I hate you….but well it worked.”

As they kept walking onwards, Piplup thought of a way to pass the time.

“Since we’re pirates and all, we should sing some sea chants! I mean everyone knows Shinx’s Juice at least. Yohohoho yohoho-”

“Gwaaaah stop, your singing hurts me more than your ramp trick.”

“Come on, it’s not that bad…...is it?”

“eeh, 5/10 pal.” said Nod, trying to be honest.

“bummer…..how long is this place anyways? We’ve been here for a while.”

“hopefully not much left….huh there’s this weird crevice….seems to be a branching path..”

“I’d rather use the one that gets us out of here.”

“Gwahah, don’t you want to raise our chances of finding a Golden Chamber?”

“Can’t really find it if we get wiped out, can we?”

“Fiiiine, let’s get out…...wait did we just step into a warp trap.”


--Mt. Travail--
Meanwhile, on Wigglytuff's side of things, things were going pretty badly….for the pokemon in the dungeon. Screams of pain could be heard all around.


"s-snif-sniff HOW COULD YOU, TRAITORS, I-I just wanted some apples… "
In the back, Sunflora seemed most worried of them all.
"Loudred, this is madness even for the guildmaster"

"I KNOW, RIGHT? Those birdbrains just wanted to help. But I fear nothing could stop him now"....

--Limestone Cavern: Entrance--
Some more time passed for the Toxic Bird Pirates, going through a few mystery dungeons but not finding the Golden Chamber. Thankfully there were no signs of Wigglytuff nearby, until…

“I think I’m hearing some footsteps behind us. And they’re quick.” said Nod.

“D-do you think it could be the guild?” said Piplup.

“Well we’re not sticking around here to find out, let’s get through here quick” said Skuntank.

Once inside, the team found a branching path...but then Nod had a short vision of a shadow passing through the wall.

“Which path do we take, chief?” said Zubat.

“Wait, let’s go into the wall.” said Nod.

“Gwahh...did you hit your head or something?” said Skuntank.

“I just...had a vision. It happened once before and it was right, so it may be this time too.”

“Ah yeah, that time in the waterfall cave. I’ll trust you.” said Piplup.

“Fine, go ahead and crack your skulls, birdbrains.” said Skuntank.

The birdbrains then rammed into the wall and…..phased through it, entering the Limestone Cavern through it. Shocked by it actually working, the other three passed as well.

“Whaddaya say, it actually worked. That’s a pretty useful power right there, Nod.” said Skuntank

“Heh, thanks, though I’m still not too sure how it works…..wait did you just call me by my name?”

“You’re just hearing things birdbrain, now let’s get through this place.”

Every floor felt like an exhausting maze. The enemies weren’t all that difficult to handle, but the stairs were always far away.

“I...think I’m hearing the footsteps again.” said Nod

“Are you sure about that? I mean we needed your visions to get here.” said Piplup

“This maze is messing with our heads, you must be hearing things.” said Skuntank

“I don’t know chief, my head seems perfectly fine, he-heh, am I rite mr.floating apple?” said Zubat
“How is this berry talking to me?” said Koffing

“...are these guys gonna be okay?” said Piplup

“Don’t worry bout' em, they always get cranky in mazes.” said Skuntank

“I feel like blowing up.” said Koffing

“Apple piñata!” said Zubat

“nononoonononono WAIT” screamed Piplup

b o o o m

Aaaaaaand the pirates fell through most of the floors straight into the bottom….no Golden Chamber to be found. Instead there’s a treasure chest! Skuntank immediately opened it when he saw it.

“...GWAAAH Nothing? Really? We went through that maze for nothing?”

“I mean we didn’t actually go through all of it.” Nod muttered.

“I’ve gotta say I was hoping maybe we’d be lucky and there would be a golden apple in the chest. What a bummer.” said Piplup

“Whoa-ho-ho, I’m awake again...wait now I’m hearing the footsteps.” said Koffing

“Well I’m not taking my chances here, and it seems past this chest is the only way out of this place. Let’s run.” said Skuntank

Then Skuntank’s voice came out of the chest.

“I cannot let you go that way.”

The chest then transformed into Skuntank and started attacking the crew. None of the crew’s attacks were working well on it, so one by one they all started falling, with Nod being the only one left. The footsteps kept getting closer.

“oh no...oh no….wait...I still have that Fire Blast TM. Please work.” said Nod.

As “Skuntank” was about to throw one last Sludge Bomb to take everyone down, Nod’s Fire Blast managed to stop it...but he couldn’t fight anymore.


Suddenly the footsteps arrived, and a shadowy figure slashed “Skuntank”, knocking it out. It all seemed like a big relief….until a familiar sound echoed in the distance.


The crew then all stood up once more with every leftover energy they had and began to run. As they did, they stumbled upon the shadowy figure trying to take a weird object. Seems like this pokemon is a Grovyle.

“So this is it, one time gear down….Did you guys come to stop me? I don’t think you’re up for a fight right now.” said Grovyle


“I have a mission, I’m trying to stop Dialga from rampag-”


Nod and Piplup then grabbed Grovyle and everyone ran out and went to the nearest shore with their raft just before Wigglytuff arrived. No golden apples or time gears were taken that day.

--Treasure Town--
A new face showed around Treasure Town. It was the recently renowned explorer Dusknoir and his trusty Sableye! It seemed like he was looking for Wigglytuff, but he was told he and the entire guild were absent.

“What a pity, guess I’ll just have to keep looking for him elsewhere...” said Dusknoir.

--The Sea--
The Toxic Bird Pirates kept on going on their search for a Golden Apple, but this time with a new, even if unwitting crewmate.

“So you’re running away from your angry guildmaster and want to make up for it to calm him down. I’d like to help but I have a more important task at hand, which you prevented me from accomplishing last time.” said Grovyle

“Had we let you get it you’d be dead meat, so be thankful for that.” said Skuntank

“What do you say, if we run into any more time gears on the way, you can take them. We’re pirates now after all!” said Piplup

“Hmm, hey, Grovyle with us, let’s call ourselves the Poison Ivy Wings!” said Nod

“Poison Ivy Wings it is!” said Skuntank

I never agreed to any of this.” said Grovyle

“Whoa-ho-ho We need a design for our flag!” said Koffing

“Heh-heh, well our new friend has quite a paintbrush-y leaf on his haid...” said Zubat

“Gwah hah hah Only one thing we can do.” said Skuntank

“What are you...no...nononononononono..whyyyy.” said Grovyle

With their new flag and their new victim crewmate, the Poison Ivy Wings went on for more adventures across many dungeons!

--Oran Forest--

“Gwah hah hah, these guys keep going down like flies.” said Skuntank

“Do you guys actually like him?” said Grovyle to Piplup and Nod

“He can be too much, but he’s soft on the inside.” said Nod

“I wouldn’t go that far, but he’s not as bad as he seems.” said Piplup

“FEAR OUR NOXIOUS GAS COMBO LOSERS” screamed Skuntank in the distance

--Lake Afar--

“Too….many…..water types” said Nod


“You alright there? Errm what’s your name again?” said Grovyle

“I’m Nod, and thanks!”

“Nod, huh….”

--The Sea--
“A grand total of...0 time gears” said Grovyle

“Well if it makes you feel better we have no golden apple either, so I guess we’re all in a pretty bad place” said Nod

“Wanna drown our sorrows in song?” said Piplup

“Piplup I swear if you start singi-” said Skuntank

Then Grovyle started singing...
Gather up all of the crew, it’s time to ship up Shinx’s juice~

“Birdbrain, never sing again. Grovyle, you’re our official musician and paintbrush” said Skuntank

--Crystal Cave--


“We’ve been running around for days and he still hasn’t calmed down…” said Sunflora

“I was angry at those troublemakers too, but even this is too much, they’re just kids.” said Chatot

--Shimmer Hill--

“Now that I think of it, how did you all find how to get into the Limestone Cavern?” said Grovyle

“Heh-heh, this guy said he had a vision!” said Zubat




“This wall looked funny.”

“Is that a juice bar beyond the wall you blew up?” said Nod

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s drink some!” said Skuntank

“Shouldn’t we focus on what we’re looking for?” said Grovyle

“Ah come on, you sang for us, you’re one of us, let’s have some fun!” said Piplup

---5 minutes later---

“We shall never talk about what happened there ever again, agreed?" said Grovyle in front of the mess left of the juice bar.

Everyone agreed.

--Treeshroud Forest--

The guild were still chasing the Poison Ivy Wings, but instead of that they found someone else looking for them…
“So you’re the guildmaster, I’ve been looking for you. I want to talk to you about the dangerous thief Grovyle.” said Dusknoir


Dusknoir was almost knocked out, but with the last bits of energy he had he sucked the guild into a dimensional hole.

“....H-how did he find out about my plans?” said Dusknoir

“Master Dusknoir….you don’t exactly have the kindest face.” said one of the Sableye

--Brine Cave--

With no Golden Chamber or time gears in sight, the team ended up finding the Brine Cave. However, they were having some….difficulties….


“I keep activating them wherever I ste- ARGH ANOTHER ONE” said Grovyle

“I have an idea, let’s hope it works….ICE RAMP!” said Piplup….but all the traps in the floor got instantly activated and frozen, and the team was surrounded by pokemon.


“Do you have any better ideas?” said Koffing

“Actually, yes I do. Grovyle, use this Flash TM!”

“I see what you’re getting at. I hope this works. Now close your eyes and follow my footsteps!” said Grovyle

A blinding light came out of Grovyle, buying the Poison Ivy Wings enough time to stumble into the staircase, almost tripping into each other every other step. The traps cleared up a little afterwards, but they were still annoying.

“Gwah-hah-ah, look at you three, all poisoned. Don’t y’all wish you were poison types?” said Skuntank

“I don’t know, resisting most attacks here is quite nice.” said Piplup, mockingly

“Maybe you’d be jealous if I was also immune to traps like those two flying up there.”

“So even the captain knows when others outmatch him.” said Piplup

“Just eat these pecha berries, you three….wait did you call me captain?”

“You sure you’re not actually poisoned and hearing things?”

Oh you.”

Eventually they reached the final floor. For once things got quiet…...too quiet...

“Where does this place even lead?” said Piplup

“Not too sure, but probably yet another dungeon. Guess that increases our chances at finding the Golden Chamber at least.” said Nod

“Or maybe even a Time Gear.” said Grovyle

s l a s h

Grovyle fell down

“W-what was it? Who’s there?” said Piplup

“Everyone, look around, cover each other’s blind spots.” said Skuntank

“hmm.m……..there they are.” said Torchic before firing off a fire blast

A Kabutops and two Omastar dropped down from the ceiling, narrowly avoiding the attack.

“All trespassers need to be taught a lesson!” said Kabutops

“Taking out our grass type, pretty smart if I say so myself.” said Skuntank

“Your praises won’t save you, thieves!” said the Omastar in unison

“Gwah-hah-hah. Trespassers? Thieves? Such crude words. We prefer pirates. And pirates won’t be stopped until they find their treasure.”

The Poison Ivy Wings fought Kabutops and the Omastar. It was harsh, they weren’t able to hit their opponents very often, while they received a lot of damage.

“argh, this hurts too much.” said Nod

“I can barely focus on them, they’re too quick.” said Skuntank

“That’s what happens when you trespass in our territory.” said Kabutops as he began using Slash on Skuntank, while the Omastar were using Rock Slide on Zubat and Koffing.

Unable to handle seeing the crew being hurt like that, Piplup unleashed an ice beam that covered the entire room, making Kabutops slip.
“Good going Piplup! This may be just what we needed to flip this around.” said Skuntank

The crew’s enemies started slipping every time they tried to dodge, and after much sweat both the Omastar went down, but Kabutops was still standing strong and the crew was on their knees. Kabutops went for a finishing shot on Piplup and Nod, when suddenly….

s l a s h

“W...what do you think y-you’re doing to my crewmates?” said Skuntank, having protected them from the hit.

“CAPTAIN” said Nod and Piplup

“N--Nod….Pip--lup….d-don’t worry……………………………………………………………...…..we won’t go down this easily.” said Skuntank, before Zubat and Koffing slowly came to back him.

“Not even Team Skull would lose to a bunch of walking skulls. You picked a bad day to pick a scratch with the Poison Ivy Wings pirates. Everyone, let’s do our Noxious Gas Combo: Full version!”

Piplup then froze Kabutops’ legs in place, then Koffing, Zubat, and Skuntank used their gas, only for Nod to blow it up with a Fire Blast, and to finish things off, a newly recovered Grovyle came in with a Leaf Blade….

Kabutops was down.

“W...we’re still alive!” said Nod

“H-hehh-eheh That gave me quite the scare.” said Zubat

“Wh-hoah I always knew we’d make it.” said Koffing

“My apologies for not being of much help until the end.” said Grovyle

“Don’t sweat it, I’m just glad in the end we could pull it off.” said Nod

“We wouldn’t have done so without our captain saving us at the end there.” said Piplup

“And neither would we have if you hadn’t frozen the floor….wait I could clearly hear you call me captain there. Gwah-hah-ah and you and Nod also yelled that when I got hit!” said Skuntank

“You know what? Yes I did, I called you captain, and you called us your crewmates! Thinking about it, you also called me and Nod by our names when you got hit!” said Piplup

“You guys…...yes, yes I did….and now as your captain, I order you all to...take a break until THESE INJURIES STOP HURTING SO MUCH”

“Then I’ll watch to make sure those three fossils don’t try to attack us.” said Grovyle

--some time later--

All rested up, the Poison Ivy Wings proceeded onwards. There wasn’t much left in the dungeon, but eventually they found what looked like an exit, with a weird mural in the wall.

“Heh-eh-hey, what’s that weird drawing, chief?” said Zubat

“Gwahahah….I have no idea.” said Skuntank

“Whoah-oh-hoh I feel like I’ve seen it before somewhere though.” said Koffing

“Come to think of it, I think I have too...wait, isn’t that like your Relic Fragment, Piplup?” said Nod

Piplup took out the Relic Fragment

“Yeah it does look like it….” said Piplup

“Heh-heh, oh yeah that thing we stole from you that one time. Good times, good times...” said Zubat

“Never would’ve thought I’d end up travelling with you guys, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun….Either way, I guess I’ll put it in front of this mural and see if something happens.” said Piplup

At that moment, a light came out and beamed towards the sunset. Then a pokemon came swimming towards the crew, a really confused Lapras.

“I am Lapras, the guide to the hidden land, but...why are all of you here?” said Lapras

“What is that Hidden Land?” said Piplup

“It is the land beyond a gap in time, protecting Temporal Tower. It seems you were the ones who had the key to enter it.” said Lapras

“Did you say Temporal Tower?” said Grovyle

“Precisely, were you looking to find it?”

“Well, only after taking the time gears to place them back there to avoid Dialga from going primal, but….things took a weird turn.”

“In that case, shall I tell the time gears’ guardians about averting this crisis?”

Nod came up with a plan on the spot.

“Wait….please...take us” said Nod

“Huh? But you don’t have the time gears, you’d have no business there.” said Lapras

“We’re looking for the Golden Chamber to find a golden apple to calm Wigglytuff, this would be the best place to go since Wigglytuff wouldn’t find us there, so we could just keep going over and over until it appears.” said Nod

“Gwah-hah-hah Quite a smart plan, if I say so myself.” said Skuntank

“So you’re just a bunch of treasure hunt-wait Wigglytuff? Was there a perfect apple incident?” said Lapras

“Yup, we’ve been running away from him for a long time now.” said Piplup

Say no more. I’ll give you a ride….well maybe two, I can’t carry all of you at once.”

Thus, the crew crossed the sea of time, amazed at such a huge land being hidden beyond anyone’s view. After two long trips there, the whole Poison Ivy Wings Pirates arrived.

--Hidden Land--
“So this is it, everyone. We stay here until we find the Golden Chamber, then we go for the apple, we give it to Wigglytuff, and we’re finally safe.” said Skuntank

“Though we’d still have to stop Dialga from going primal.” said Grovyle

“That’s gonna be an issue, but I think we can put it off until we’re done with this.” said Nod

Thus, the crew entered the dungeon and cleared it without much trouble. However, no Golden Chamber was found. So they tried again.

and again

and again

and again…

and again……

and again………

Yeah they didn’t really get anywhere. They even found a few shiny pokemon and some rare items, but no Golden Chamber. They did, however, become stronger as they kept clearing the dungeon.

“Chief…..how many more times are we going through this?” said Koffing

“As many as we need to. This is our best chance to find the Golden Chamber without being chased.” said Skuntank

Suddenly, in the distance there was a sound of a…...portal opening? Along with a familiar, even if slightly different sound…


“HOW DID HE GET HERE” said Piplup


“Where can we even run to?” said Skuntank

“This thing that looked like my relic fragment, maybe if I place it there something could happen.” said Piplup

“To be able to get here like this...this truly is a deity’s wrath.” said Grovyle

“Welp, here goes nothing!” said Piplup

Suddenly, the platform they were in glowed rainbow and started rising…...but it was too small so Grovyle and Skuntank had to hold themselves by the edge.

“Look at this, Grovyle, this is how they treat their captain.” said Skuntank

“I’ve gotta say I’m impressed at your ability to hold yourself like that.”

“Gwah-hah You flatter me please guys don’t let me fall”

“Don’t worry, we’ll pull you up…….even if none of us actually have hands...” said Nod

“Please thing, take us there fast….” said Skuntank

Eventually they reached Temporal Tower and entered the dungeon….but some time after, Wigglytuff grabbed the entire guild and jumped all the way there.

--Temporal Tower, a few minutes before Wigglytuff arrived--
“So this is where Dialga lives, I wish I could’ve come here with the Time Gears.” said Grovyle

“What’s done is done. But with our luck Wigglytuff will be here soon. Let’s hope Dialga can at least hold him back for a bit.” said Nod

“In that case, let’s climb!” said Skuntank

As they advanced, things went surprisingly smoothly. Everyone had gained some levels in the Hidden Land, so they were taking down enemies left and right……...Until the final floor, that is.

“A monster house? Gwah, at this point it’s just a less cake-y cakewalk.” said Skuntank

Porygon-Z used Agility

Porygon-Z used Agility

Porygon-Z used Agility

Porygon-Z used Agility

The Porygons and the other pokemon in the room instantly unleashed all their moves, bringing the crew to their knees.

“.....why” said Piplup

“h-heh-how” said Zubat

“Too….much...porygon.” said Grovyle

“That was just cheap.” said Nod

“Whoa-ho should I do it?” said Koffing

“As your captain, I give you full permission for it. Whaddayall say?” said Skuntank

It’s your time to shine” everyone said in unison


And at once, all the Porygon-Z fell

“ICE RAMP TIME” said Piplup, everyone just slammed into all the pokemon with the ice ramp and ran away to the stairs, holding Koffing.

“D-did I do well?” said Koffing

“You did the best.” said Skuntank

--Temporal Pinnacle--

“We’re barely alive, but we made it….now what?” said Piplup

“I guess we hope for Wigglytuff to come here…” said Nod

“Aren’t you all forgetting something?” said Grovyle

“Like wha- oh…..that” said Skuntank, seeing a certain creature fall


...It was Dialga….Primal Dialga

“Welp, were too late, it’s over for us.” said Grovyle

“Come on, Wigglytuff, what’s taking you so long.” said Piplup


“We didn’t come this far to die against someone like you.” said Skuntank

“If there’s no other option, then we’ll fight.” said Nod

“I’m not going down without fighting.” said Piplup

“I may not stop you, but if it helps at all, I’ll do anything.” said Grovyle

“We’re in this too!” said Koffing and Zubat


Wigglytuff came out of the floor below.

“Welp, nevermind, these two will be at it for a while, so let’s run!” said Nod

Wigglytuff then instantly smacked Dialga and knocked him down, even its signs of being in its primal state started to wane. Everyone started trembling in fear

“W--what am I witnessing?!” said Grovyle

“We’re dead, we’re so dead.” said Skuntank

“Not yet, you know what to do, Grovyle!” said Piplup

After a second of confusion, Grovyle used Flash and everyone started running back down, plowing through every floor at the speed of light.

“W-W-WAIT!” said Wigglytuff, but everyone had already left

Surprisingly enough, the crew got back to the Hidden Land’s entrance without Wigglytuff catching up, and found Lapras.
“Did you find the Golden Chamber?” said Lapras

“N-no.it’s the worst case scenario, W-Wigglytuff is here. Please take us all out of here.” said Nod


“No idea! But please take us all to anywhere but here, we have no time.” said Piplup

“Say no more, I’ll do what I can. Everyone, hop in.” said Lapras

“Also Dialga went Primal” muttered Grovyle after they left the sea of time.

“....what the hell happened over there….” said Lapras

--The Sea, night time--
The crew said goodbye to Lapras and returned to their raft. Everyone was utterly exhausted and fell asleep as soon as the sun went down. That night, they all had a nightmare of Wigglytuff surrounded by fire mauling them mercilessly.

--the next morning...--
A certain pokemon appeared right in front of the crew that morning. However, they only had one thing to say as they were waking up.

“I see you all shared a nightmare.” said this pokemon

“It was worse than a nightmare, it….it was hell.” said Skuntank

“Just to be sure, we all dreamt about Wigglytuff, right?” said Piplup

“Yes, and it was…...horrifying.” said Grovyle

The pokemon that approached the crew introduced herself as Cresselia, and talked about Darkrai causing the nightmares, and being the one behind enraging Dialga. She said he’s trying to lure the team to the Dark Crater.

“So you’re telling me he’s here too….we must go. We have to take him down as soon as possible.” said Grovyle

“But wait, Wigglytuff in our dream….you don’t think they could’ve teamed up, right? please tell me I’m wrong.” said Nod

“We’ve been through a lot of craziness, but I’m not carrying my crew to certain death, we just saw what Wigglytuff is capable of.” said Skuntank

“If we don’t go, the world could-” said Grovyle, before being interrupted

“He.Smacked.Dialga. That’s a big NOPE for me.” Nod asserted

The crew and Cresselia were about to start fighting each other, but then Piplup ended up making a decision.

“We’re going.”

“Gwah-hah-hah….WHAT?” said Skuntank

Even Nod was surprised

“Don’t tell me you’re seriously planning to…”

“I’m tired of just running away, and I’m sure you all are too. We tried playing up our chances and not even that worked out, so if we’re gonna die, then let’s at least do it on our own terms!” said Piplup

“So you’ve finally lost it….GWAH YOUR COURAGE IS INFECTIOUS. Let’s bring the fight to ‘em!” said Skuntank

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this…..but well if we are, then let’s go all out!” said Nod

“Whoahoaho...heheheheh…..We’re in!” said Zubat and Koffing

“Thanks guys, sorry for pressuring you like this” said Grovyle

“I’m joining you too” said Cresselia

The crew then sailed until they reached the Dark Crater, certainly looked like the kind of place where one would think certain doom is coming. However, there was no room for hesitation anymore, it was time to throw it all in….

--Dark Crater--

Monster houses, lava, traps, a new teammate who didn’t contribute at all, screams of agony….to put it bluntly, it was hell.


“Even after all that levelling back then..” said Zubat

“I hope we’re at least halfway through…” said Koffing

“Koffing...that was the second floor….and please don’t blow up now” said Nod

The crew kept trudging onwards. Slowly but surely getting used to the dungeon. Piplup being a water type helped a lot with the fights, and they even managed to avoid falling into traps.
pant, pant, I think that must’ve been the last one. Yet another Monster House down!” said Piplup

“I think we should be pretty close to the end now, let’s go through the stairs and hope for the best.”

….It’s a Monster House!

“Okay, okay, I know what we’re all thinking. “Yet another one?” I’m tired of this too, so well then, let’s make this one the last one. Time to tear this whole place down.” said Skuntank

Everyone on the team used their strongest moves. Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Air Slash, Psychic, and, of course...

E x p l o s i o n

The entire crater was shaking and the floors were breaking into the abyss. It seemed like the fall would never stop until……


The crew opened their eyes on a place that looked nothing like the Dark Crater. The walls, the ceiling, even the floor was made out of gold. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Is this...the Golden Chamber?” said Skuntank

“I think it really is….” said Nod

“So this is what you were all looking for.” said Grovyle

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s grab the golden apple!” said Piplup

“And we can’t forget the rest of the treasure, of course.” said Koffing

They all wandered around, grabbing all the treasure they could find…..However, there were no apples anywhere.

“No…..after all this we still haven’t found it?” said Nod

“We were s-so close…” said Zubat

“And here I thought this would finally be over.” said Grovyle

“Well, at least we had a good run. It was fun sailing with you guys.” said Skuntank

“If I’m going down, at least I’m glad it’ll be we got to have these adventures together.” said Nod
“whoh-hoh...sniff see ya on the other side sniff” said Koffing

“hh-ehe let’s at least enjoy these last moments.” said Zubat

“Wait, we’ve become stronger, maybe we could actually stand a chance here.” said Grovyle

“I’m not that sure, but we have to stay positive until the end. So what do y’all say? Shall we sing?” said Piplup

“Do it.” said Skuntank

The Poison Ivy Wings Pirates (but not Cresselia) went through the last set of stairs singing with all their might.

yohohoho yohohoho yohohoho yohohoho. Gather up all of the crew, it’s time to ship up Shinx’s Juice. Sea wind blows, to where, who knows? The waves will be our guide~

--Dark Crater Pit--

It was that hellish place from the nightmare. Practically an ocean of lava was surrounding everything. As expected, Darkrai was waiting in the middle of the floor for the crew.

“You’ve kept me waiti- wait are you idiots singing?” said Darkrai

After all is said and done, you'll end up a skeleton, so spread your tale from dawn 'till dusk upon these foamy seas~

“Cresselia, can you please tell them to stop ignoring me?”

“They barely acknowledge that I’m here anyways.”

“Tough luck..well anyways...oh I know.”

In an attempt to get the crew to notice him, Darkrai then went on to explain how Nod was actually Grovyle’s partner from the future and how he ended up becoming a Pokemon. This finally made Grovyle’s train of thought from much earlier to rerail.

“It all makes sense now, so that’s why you were able to use the dimensional scream.”

“The what?” said Nod

“Your visions, remember how you all got into Limestone Cavern before meeting me?”

“Oh, that thing...though this is still hard to wrap my head around...”

To avoid anyone from getting too caught up in this revelation, Skuntank decided to start boasting.
“Gwah-hah, so we have a pair of time travelers in our crew, huh? Does that make us even more awesome or what?” said Skuntank

“You bet it does.” said Piplup

Darkrai started to get exasperated at all the positivity, baffled at how everyone could be smiling at a time and place like this
“You’re all supposed to be trapped in a nightmare, how are you all still up like that?”

“It’s simple dumbass, we’ve been chased by our own living nightmare for a long time. You’re just small potatoes by comparison.” said Skuntank

Darkrai, ticked off by Skuntank’s comments, summoned his minions to surround the crew and then attempted to strike a deal.
“Well then, what if I tell you that you’d get rid of said living nightmare by joining me? Doesn’t that sound enticing? Anything to get away from it, right? Unless, of course, you’re glad going down here and now.”

“Gwah-hah-ah Look at this, guys, he’s trying to negotiate, HAH. If you ever wanna manipulate someone, you gotta improve your acting. You sound real desperate for being the one behind everything.” said Skuntank

“As if any of these guys could take us down after everything we’ve been through.” said Nod

“If any of these guys accepted your deal, they’d have to go through me first.” said Grovyle

“And we would never accept it anyway. Enraged or not, Wigglytuff is still our guildmaster!” said Piplup

Just as she said that, a certain voice was heard with a……..happy tone?


Darkrai and his minions got knocked out immediately. Wigglytuff and the guild slowly began walking towards the Poison Ivy Wings Pirates. They all got into a fighting stance ready to give it their all one last time. However, throwing the whole crew off, Wigglytuff just started to talk.

“Nod! Piplup! Skuntank! Koffing! Zubat! I have finally found you! I need to tell you something!”

Knowing he was the one to cause all of this in the first place, Skuntank stepped up first.

“WIGGLYTUFF………...I’M…………….sorry. It was all me, I prevented the Nod and Piplup from getting the perfect apples and ate them myself. Plus I’m their captain now, so if there’s someone you need to punish, then it shall be me. But you must know that while we were running away we wanted to make up for what we did with a Golden Apple….but we never found it.”

Wigglytuff was taken aback by his responsibility, but then started to say what he truly wanted to say.
“....punish?....Skuntank…..all of you…...I.too...sniff….I t-too am sor-ry….sniff sniff

“Wait, weren’t you chasing us for revenge?” said Nod

“Initially he was, however after a while we finally got through to him.” said Chatot

--The Future, Flashback!--
Back when the guild was stuck in the future due to Dusknoir’s Dimensional Hole, they met Celebi, Grovyle and Nod’s friend, and finally had time to sit down and talk as their Dimensional Hole to the past was being prepared.

Sunflora was the first one to step up to talk to Wigglytuff.

“Guildmaster...don’t you think this is too far? Those poor kids must be really scared...”

“B-b-but THEY’RE TRAITORS, I-I just wanted my perfect apples!”

“They just made a mistake, it’s not like they wanted you to go hungry.” said Loudred

“Hey-hey, look where all that has gotten us.” said Corphish

One by one, all the guild members started defending the Birdbrains, and even Team Skull to an extent. Celebi even started telling stories about her times with Grovyle and Nod. Chatot was the last one to talk.

“Guildmaster, please calm down. Look how much you’ve hurt your friends, not even I was left unharmed, it took a while for my wings to recover. So please….forgive them.”

Wigglytuff began to bawl on the floor after realizing everything that had happened. He then proceeded to give the whole guild and Celebi a big hug and kept crying until the Dimensional Hole was ready.

--Dark Crater Pit--
Everyone breathed a big sigh of relief after hearing what happened. Wigglytuff then began crying even more.

“Y-you guys….t-thanks for going so far for me.” said Wigglytuff

“You gave us a huge scare there, guildmaster.” said Piplup

“I thought I’d bite it a lot of times, especially when you slammed Dialga….though why did you take so long to come down from there?” said Nod

“Celebi had told me about what happened to Dialga and what would happen after calming it down, so we stayed there to ask it to let you and Grovyle stay. Apparently a certain higher being also agreed and let the future keep existing. I’m not too sure what happened but I’m just happy for all of you!”

Grovyle then realized what that meant.

“Wait, does that mean...our mission is finally over? Everyone’s safe?”

“Yup! We can set up a dimensional hole and you can return whenever you want!”

“Grovyle….I think I’ll stay. I just...had way too much fun here!” said Nod

Grovyle was saddened at his old partner's decision, but tried to understand it.
“Nod….I…...don’t know what to say….but I won’t deny your wishes. Though I feel we should talk about this more when we go back to Treasure Town”

“Well, seems like my job here is done.” said Cresselia

“But you didn’t do anything.” said Piplup, as Cresselia left without another word.

--Treasure Town--
Everyone then returned to Treasure Town, where the Dimensional Hole for Grovyle was set. It was finally time to say goodbye. Tears poured out of everyone as he approached the portal.

“You were the best paintbrush singer we ever had.” said Skuntank

“Thanks for everything, and don’t forget Flash if you’re ever in a sticky situation!” said Piplup

“The Poison Ivy Wings won’t have any ivy without you!” said Koffing

“If you ever get knocked out by fossils, call us!” said Zubat

“Nod, are you still sure you don’t want to come with me?” said Grovyle

“Hey I was going to ask you the same thing. But….yeah, I’ve made some great friends here, and I don’t want to leave them behind. Plus I don’t know if I’ll ever regain my memories, so it’s not like I would even remember whoever I knew there. Just...say hi from me to everyone, even if I don’t know who they are anymore.”

“Don’t worry, I will……...Well, it was fun to be a part of this crew. Y’all keep singing Shinx’s Juice whenever you’re in need of adventure!”

Thus, Grovyle stepped through the portal and it began to close……..until Dusknoir came in with his Sableye and tried to open it back again.

“Has anyone seen the Time Gear thie-”

“It’s over.” said Wigglytuff


“The future is safe, Dialga is fine, it’s over.”

“Then how am I still….…………..”

Dusknoir, confused, also went through the portal with his Sableye.

With one less member and with their goal accomplished, the Poison Ivy Wings pirates were confused as to what to do next or if they should even stay together.

“So….what now, birdbrains? Should we just...split up and go back to fighting between ourselves? I miss when we all just hated each other Gwah-hah-ah” said Skuntank

“He-hehe-heh Whoah-ha-ho-ho-h yeah, we really, really want to go back to being your enemies.” said Zubat and Koffing

“You three aren’t fooling anyone. We can still be the Poison Ivy Wings, even if we’re not pirates anymore!” said Nod

“And if we were to fight, we’d just end up exploding in an ice ramp anyways.” said Piplup

“In that case…..we shall now be known as Team Poison no longer Ivy Wings!” said Skuntank

“Juuuuuuuuuuust Team Poison Ivy Wings.” said Nod.

Wigglytuff then came bouncing into the new team’s formation, with one proposition.
“Well then, Team Poison Ivy Wings, think you can take the final exam? After all you’ve been through, I’m sure you can take down the evil Grandmaster of all Things Bad!” said Wigglytuff.

“That sounds stupid…….we’re in.” said Skuntank

--Mystifying Forest Clearing--
Team Poison Ivy Wings got through the forest with no issues. No explosions, noxious gas combos, or ice ramps were needed to get to the clearing. Suddenly, they fell down a pitfall and the whole place went dark. Many ominous voices were ringing all around.

Welcome to the world of darkness. I am the Grandmaster of All Things Bad. I’m not alone, a BUNCH of my minions are here with me.

Light came through, revealing….the guild aside from Bidoof.

“Sorry, thought it’d be too hard to see down there.” said Bidoof

“WIGGLYTUFF?” the entire team exclaimed

“Wigglytuff? Who’s that? I am the Grandmaster of All Things Bad! Coming to our lair is the last mistake you’ll ever make! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM- TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


--The End--