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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales Of Arrival (PMD X Tales Of Symphonia)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Umbramatic, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Umbramatic

    Umbramatic The Ghost Lord

    This fic is rated Teen for blood, mild gore, adults doing adult things like drinking and swearing, and some dirty jokes and such.

    About time I had another B fic huh? (Greenhorn Prometheus doesn't count, it was a three-parter that was written out ahead of time, shhhhhhhh)

    So, this is a fic that took me some come convincing to write, (I was never really that fond of the actual PMD games, though I generally like the fics better) but in the end I got attached to an idea and was like "hell, let's go."

    I will be up front in saying this is a Tales Of Symphonia/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon crossover, and that you should note three things about that:

    1.There will be some massive ****ing spoilers for Tales Of Symphonia, especially around the character Kratos Aurion, so if you're particularly concerned about that then I recommend playing the game or watching an LP before reading this fic.

    A. That said... If you have not played Tales Of Symphonia, do not care about spoilers relating to it, and are just here because you saw "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" in the title, you should be fine - this fic is like at least 70% PMD, albeit a celebration of what I like about the genre and a satire of what I don't.

    %. This is set in a PMD version of the Yangverse. It's fundamentally the same world, just with no humans and a lot of PMD elements added to compensate.

    But anyway I should go ahead and get into this. But before I do big thanks to MasaeAnela and her Tales of Symphonia LP, without which this fic wouldn't have been possible. Here we go:

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales Of Arrival


    (Banner by @Cresselia92 ! )

    Prologue: New Life

    Kratos could see the vast darkness of space staring out before him.

    Derris-Kharlan had been drifting for a long while. It'd be a while before it'd establish itself as a proper living planet. His communications with Yuan had ceased just the other day. He had already scattered Cruxis' Exspheres into space. He could barely see where he left in the sky anymore.

    Normally he'd pretend it didn't hurt. But leaving everything behind-

    No. He had to.

    He looked in the direction in the sky Derris-Kharlan had drifted from. Lloyd. He was back there. Kratos wondered, hoped, that he and his gaggle of friends were doing alright.

    He looked to where Derris-Kharlan was drifting in the cold void of space. This was the only place for him. He realized now the blood on his hands. The countless people Cruxis had killed he was complicit with.

    He didn't deserve to stay home. He didn't deserve redemption. He didn't deserve a happy life with his son, the only family he had left.

    As he thought this, however, he noticed a strange light in the dark, starry sky. Looking at it, he thought at first it was a comet or meteor shooting through the sky.

    But then he realized it was heading through Derris-Kharlan's atmosphere at incredible speed.

    Heading straight toward him.

    He tried to get out of the way. But it was too late. The light consumed him.


    Kratos woke up in a colorful, pulsating, void. He couldn't feel his body. Almost like he was part of the void.

    Then he heard a voice.

    "Hello? Hello? Kratos, you there?"

    "How do you know my name?" said Kratos.

    "Oh, goody, it is you!" said the voice. "Listen, I know this is kind of sudden, but something's coming to my world and I need your help with it."

    "...Why me?"

    "You're... uniquely qualified. For multiple reasons. But before I bring you over I need to ask you some questions."


    "First question! Do you like groan-inducing puns?"

    "...Spare me."

    "You're lucky I can't think of one. Second question! Do you get bothered by noise and ruckus around you?"

    "I try not to let it get to me."

    "Hmmmm... Third question! Your friend is crying right in front of you! What made that happen?"

    Kratos thought back to Mithos. To Yuan. To Lloyd.

    "...It's probably my fault."

    "Ouch. Not much of the self-esteem type. Question four! Do you occasionally consider yourself to be dull and overly cautious?"

    "Of course not."

    "Sure you aren't. Anyway, final question! Have you ever wanted to communicate with aliens from another planet?"

    "I'm assuming you're one?"

    "I will neither confirm nor deny."

    "Hmmm... Some beings from my world came from the stars, but other than you, Derris-Kharlan hasn't encountered any aliens yet... so yes, I suppose."

    "Okay! Hmmm, let's see, yes, yes... I think I have a form cooked up for you!"


    "Anyway, remember that question about the aliens and how you said you'd like to meet them?"

    "Yes? I'm guessing wish granted."

    "Yep! Wish granted."

    The void turned a blinding white before Kratos lost consciousness again.

    Chapter 1: Welcome To The World

    Kratos stirred, groaned, and finally opened his eyes. What he saw was blue sky, much more blue than on Derris-Kharlan. He tilted his head a bit, saw trees, grass, and -

    "Hey you! You're finally awake!"

    What Kratos saw next to him was a small, black-and-red fox wearing a teal robe, with inquisitive blue eyes staring right at him.

    "I was just about to get help... Are you OK?"

    "Yes... I am alright," said Kratos. "Let me just..."

    He sat up. And then realized he wasn't himself. His body was now much, much smaller in proportion to his head, and fuzzy. And his arms were... wings. Not like his old angel wings, like bat or dragon wings, with claws at the end instead of hands.

    "How... How did this happen?"

    "Someone must have knocked you out!" said the fox.

    Kratos gave the fox a look.

    "It must have been a feral Pokemon... Do you remember anything about it?"

    "No... and I mean... What am I?"

    The fox gasped. "Oh no! You must have amnesia! Uh, you're a Noibat! Though, not like any Noibat I've ever seen. Your colors are all different..."

    "So I'm a creature known as a Noibat, then."

    "Yeah! And I'm a Zorua! My name's Edbark. Do you remember yours?"

    "...Yes. It's Kratos."

    "Kratos? Huh. Sounds foreign. Well nice to meet you Kratos! I'll be sure to help get your memories back!"

    "I don't need-"

    "Come on! I'll take you to a doctor in the city."


    Edbark started to trot off. Kratos sighed and started to try and follow, only to stumble over. Edbark turned back and gasped.

    "Oh no! You've forgotten how to walk!"

    "I'm fine," said Kratos. "I just need to get used to this new body..."

    "Come on," said Edbark. "I'll help you."

    Edbark propped Kratos up with his back, then they walked away together.


    Eventually, the duo reached the outskirts of what seemed to be a city. There were many houses both small and large and dirt roads, as well as towering buildings which Kratos could only fathom a guess at the purpose of.

    Having figured out how to walk by himself, Kratos went closer and saw the city was populated not by humans or elves or half-elves or dwarves or even angels, but by a staggering array of different animals, plants, and even inanimate objects, all moving around as if they were people.

    "What... is this place?" said Kratos. "And what are these creatures?"

    "This is Rainbow Wing City!" said Edbark. "And man, that amnesia really got to you... These are Pokemon! You're a Pokemon, I'm a Pokemon..."

    "I thought you said I was a Noibat and you were a Zorua."

    "Noibat and Zorua are both kinds of Pokemon silly!"

    "...I see."

    The two continued further on into Rainbow Wing City, passing various buildings and a great variety of Pokemon. Kratos marveled at the bazaars and shops and facilities run by colorful creatures he couldn't even count. Eventually the two reached what seemed to be a castle - Kratos noticed one of two in the city, along with a cathedral.

    "And this place is..." said Kratos.

    "The Adventurer's Guild!" said Edbark."They can help you out!"

    Edbark dragged Kratos inside. Kratos noticed more facilities and corridors and dormitories inside, as well as what seemed to be an... Inn? With a bar?

    Eventually Edbark dragged Kratos into a central room. Seated at the end of the room was a strange, cream-and-green mustelid-like creature wearing a red vest, flanked by two floating grayish blue automaton-like beings.

    "Guildmaster, it's Edbark!" said one.

    "And... some Noibat?" said another.

    "I see, I see," said the mustelid. He approached the duo. "Edbark my boy! Who do you have here?"

    "Guildmaster Stoakes!" said Edbark. "This is Kratos! Poor guy has amnesia! All he can remember is his own name... You gotta help him!"

    Kratos was about to object that no, he did not have amnesia, he remembers the last four thousand years or so up until this point fine, but then he realized they probably weren't going to listen and decided to just roll with it.

    "Hmm, amnesia, huh?" said Stoakes, scratching his chin. "He'll need some rest and recovery... But the Adventurer's Guild never turns down a person in need. He can stay here, we'll have Nurse Betania take a look at him."

    "Yay! Thank you, Guildmaster Stoakes!" said Edbark. He turned to Kratos. "These guys have got you covered. I'll be back!"

    He scampered off, and the two automatons escorted Kratos to another room as Stoakes followed.


    A large pink oval with white tufts on her body and an egg nestled in a pouch on her belly now looked Kratos over. She looked him up, down, and sideways as she prodded and investigated his head and body. Kratos begrudgingly obliged as Stoakes watched.

    "Well," said the pink oval, who was apparently Nurse Betania, "This is odd. He doesn't seem to have head trauma or other trauma or any injuries at all! How the hell does he have amnesia?"

    "Well I wouldn't know." said Kratos.

    Stoakes thought to himself a bit. "There's one possibility... Some nefarious Pokemon, somehow, wiped his memories."

    "Well that gives us ****-all evidence as to who!" said Betania, huffing.

    "It seems it can't be helped." said Stoakes. He sighed, then turned to Kratos. "My offer for you to stay here still stands. Though... what do you remember?"

    Kratos paused to think of a convincing reply. "...My name, Kratos Aurion. And apparently your language, basic functions of living, certain basic concepts... I remember nothing of this world or its people."

    "Hm. Awfully specific memory wipe," said Stoakes. "Whoever did this to you must have had a very strange goal in mind... Nevertheless, you're safe with the Adventurer's Guild."

    "Thank you."

    "Hmph. Adopting another one, I see, Stoakes," said Betania.

    "It can't be helped! Rule Number 1 of the Adventurer's Guild! Always help those in need, no matter who they are!"

    Kratos was suddenly reminded of his son Lloyd's fondness for the Dwarven Vows. "I appreciate it."

    "Besides," said Stoakes. "You came to Rainbow Wing City at a good time! The Seeking is soon! There will be a big festival and everything!"

    "The Seeking?"

    "I'll let Edbark explain that one, he gets excited about old myths and legends and stuff like that. Anyway, we should probably find you a room..."

    He led Kratos out of the infirmary and down the stony hall to a set of rooms.

    "Here's an empty dormitory. Since we're hosting you, you get to stay free of charge here instead of at the inn."

    "Thank you for your generosity."

    "No problem, Kratos! Come to us for anything you need!"

    He headed off. Kratos paused, then sat on the bed of his new room and stared off into space.

    What the hell was going on?


    And there you have it, the beginning of this crossover adventure! Before I go, some art:

    Edbark by ToonIRL

    Guildmaster Stoakes by @canisaries

    The Banner ft. Kratos by @Cresselia92

    This will update in rough alternation with Heroes After All until one of them finishes in like 3000 years. Stay tuned!
  2. Virgil134

    Virgil134 PMD Writer

    Heya, here with a review for the prologue and chapter 1 just like I promised! This project caught my interest when you first started talking about it a while ago, so will look forward to reading this. ^^

    I think the fic starts off rather abruptly here, mainly because the first word is already the name of the fic’s protagonist without any sort of prior introduction. You mentioned readers don’t need to have played Tales Of Symphonia in order to read this, but ones who haven’t will definitely have a “wait who?” moment here. While it’s of course not necessary to introduce and explain everything from Tales Of Symphonia (especially since not everything might be important to the story), you should definitely do it with the fic’s main character. Since right now the opening is written in a way that assumes the reader knows exactly who Kratos is.

    Also something I noticed is that you put three newlines between each paragraph. Is that something that was intentional? While it is a matter preference, I think it looks a little cluttered because there’s a lot of unnecessary space in between paragraphs, which makes it a little less pleasant to read.

    Anyway, that’s enough criticism for now.

    Whoever was asking these questions has quite the personality lol. I wonder if it’s Ho-Oh given how prominent you mentioned he (she?) will be.

    Heh, can definitely see the parody part of the fic from the way this typical PMD encounter with the partner is playing out.

    Looks like this one didn’t make it past the swear filter. A good tip to get around it is by italicizing one of the letters, since, depending on what letter you choose, you’ll barely notice it when reading.

    Haha, you can just guess that’s what’s been on his mind the whole time since he woke up. I don’t know anything about Tales Of Symphonia, but I’d imagine it’s a very different from PMD, yet now he’s getting drug along for the typical PMD ride.

    And that’s it for now! Aside from those two bits of critique I had at the start, it was pretty good! Definitely looks promising. Will be fun to see this continue.

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