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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Forbidden Chapters

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Primal Crusader V, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    PMD: The Forbidden Chapters



    Discussion thread

    1.All SPPf and RP rules apply
    2.No bunnying whatsoever
    3.Do not post anything that doesn't regard to the RP unless you post OOC before your statement.
    4.Please try to post your continuing story here when you have the chance. An absence of 7 days or more will automatically take you off the members list.
    5.No flaming
    6.No Godmodding/Power Playing
    7. Please make your posts long. And by that, at least 5-7 paragraphs per post. That'll do.
    8.Remember, I control all major characters in the RP
    9. Have fun! That should go without saying so.

    -Just a side note, you may start off either in the Human realm or the Pokemon Realm depending on your background story posted on the SU.


    -Falcario97(Team Omega)

    -xXZeroXx (Team Omega)

    -Takatheeducatedkid (Team Omega)

    -Zapphire (Array of Light)

    -EonDragonFTW (Rogue Edge Clan)

    -President People (Team Omega)

    -Chidori___O (Rogue Edge Clan)


    Many eons ago, there lied a new creation of the mighty Arceus. The creation in which pokemon would be born in their own realm rather than the realm of the Homosapiens. In that realm lied three distinct continents also known as regions. There was the Variable Region, an area that slowly shifts between seasons and is governed by Arceus' disciples, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. These three pokemon controlled the balance of the seasons in the Variable Region and protected them with their lives. Kyogre, Bringer of Rainfall, protected all of the Variable Region and ranked higher than the three legendary beasts.

    Arceus then created the Coromia Region, a region with numerous valleys and green pastures. The Coromia Region was governed by Cobalion, the Iron Will, Terrakion, the Adamant Guardian, and Virizion, the Knowledgeable Paladin. They were assigned the role to protect all inhabitants of the Coromia Region and promise a plentiful environment to ensure a healthy life. Groudon, King of the Lands, brought a special warmth in the atmosphere that could comfort Coromia's pokemon. With this, all Coromia's Pokemon remained happy.

    Lastly, Arceus' third creation was the Xereon Region. The mighty Arceus donned enormous trees and bellowing mountains that surpassed even the sky within this region. Everything was colossal, but the Alpha Pokemon created a hidden staircase towards the sky that only the Xereon Regions' pokemon could use. This staircase led up towards a vast expanse of treetops and enormous buttes in which the pokemon could settle and live. The region was governed by Moltres, bringer of warmth, Articuno, warrior of winter, and Zapdos, King of thunderstorms. And finally, the ferocious Rayquaza led all Xereon's pokemon through hardships and provided an endless array of knowledge.

    Arceus continued his pursuit in creating the new Realm from the other side of the three regions. All was going in well in Arceus's will until he was interrupted by the God of Space, Palkia. Palkia informed the God of Pokemon that a collision between a planet and a star in the Pokemon Universe took place not so far from where Arceus was. Afterwards, Palkia stated that he felt a malevolent energy circulating throughout space. By his tone of voice, Palkia was shaken by this and worried most of what evil force could emerge from it's slumber and slaughter all existing pokemon.

    But Arceus laughed. He reassured the mighty Palkia that he had never heard of such a thing. If a collision between a star and a planet were to take place, Arceus would notice before even the mighty Palkia would. Though Arceus wasn't convinced, Palkia persisted in his unnerving conversation. Arceus slowly grew irritated, even after the Guardian of Space praised him for his help, Arceus wasn't convinced. The Alpha Pokemon warned him, but Palkia retorted once again flailing aimlessly in a way of a needy mortal rather than a disciplined god. Arceus began to feel more agitated with Palkia upon his presence. And by this, Arceus would be rid of him.

    Arceus rose higher above Palkia and glared with rage. The entire realm began to shake and the seas rose higher towards the sky. Soon, the earth shook even harder, and the seas plummeted down towards Palkia, crushing him under an unbearable impact that could overthrow the God of Pokemon himself. Palkia was then sentenced to a century of banishment. Until then, The Guardian of Space was no longer acknowledged.

    But it wasn't until 3 decades later that Arceus began to understand what Palkia meant by the infamous force.

    Still enraged by His disobedience, Arceus called forth Dialga, The God of Time, to keep a constant vigil from space and keep the balance of time flowing while doing so. While Dialga kept watch of things from the sky, Arceus entered the very depths of the Pokemon Realm and rested to settle his outrage. With the absence of Arceus, the Pokemon Realm fell to the hands of the lesser Legendaries that dominated their individual regions. Rayquaza, Xereon's Master pokemon, could no longer gain any new intel from a source as great as Arceus, causing the Legendary Birds to become unsure of their tasks aside from the control of weather.

    After Arceus's disappearance, Coromia began to lose it's warmth. Groudon slowly started dying off from the Alpha Pokemon's absence. The three Musketdeers, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion begin to send their troops in the search for Arceus. Or at least what's left of him in that world.

    Afterwards, the Variable region lost it's balance as well. The shift of the seasons came to a halt, but on the most brutal of all seasons, winter. Snow ravaged all villages and towns that stood in it's path. Blizzards began to stir up in the climate, wreaking havoc upon whoever stood in the way. Variable was, bar far, the most dangerous region to inhabit. But the Legendary Beasts struggle to keep the everlasting balance of their elements. By the outcome of Arceus's absence, only Variable's pokemon can withstand an unbalanced force of nature.

    You may think that despite this destruction is only occurring within the Pokemon Realm, the claimed collision was so great that the aftermath of the explosion traveled between dimensions. Small particles, as we humans may call it pathogens/bacteria/disease are spreading around our world and taking a rather awkward turn of events. Strangely, no symptoms have been produced by this disease. Our "Realms'" top notch scientists (those include the one's that will be foretold from a pokemon ranger organization IRO) haven't concluded their experiments yet. As a matter of fact, the structure of the pathogen is so complex that it seems it has been created from something, but not of our world. The disease, now concluded as Pokerus X, consumes a hosts' brain cells and transforms them into a cell in a state filled with hallucinogenic properties mixed with a strange power that makes the hallucinations a reality. But other than the scientists' exploration, many Medium's and Psychics claim that it is just otherworldly magic that has come to take us to another life. No one knows for sure, but we are being transported into the Pokemon Realm. This is where the Mystery Dungeon series begins, and where the Forbidden Chapters will be told.

    ~Team Omega: -Originally founded by former humans Raphael and Tom, they soon find themselves lost within the Pokemon Realm after being assigned a crucial task by IRO's lead scientist, Dr. Apostle. Raphael, now a primitive Treecko, searches throughout the Pokemon Realm in search of Tom, who separated from Raphael during their transformation. Throughout the Treecko's adventure, he gathers many pokemon throughout the Pokemon Realm in order to stop these morbid pokemon by the name of Deoxys, along with the Deoxys family.

    Primary Goal(s): Stop the Deoxxys from their harvest of both worlds alike and return home safely. (If you're a transformed human, your goal is to return to the Human Realm while vanquishing the Deoxys. If you're a Pokemon from the Pokemon Realm, you will remain in the Pokemon Realm.)

    ~The Deoxys Quartet:
    -An alien civilization from light-years away, The Deoxys travel around the galaxies in search for a proper home. As pokemon themselves, they do recognize their brethren, and they will be more than willing to conquer a planet that suits their needs as pokemon. As their neediness grows into ruthlessness and futility, they are then driven into a mindless greed that causes them to purposely destroy planets in complete irrationality. Soon, the Deoxys have their ambitions settled, and no one can stop them from dominating both realms and promising an eternal colonization of both worlds alike. Their knowledge surpasses even the great Arceus, making the Deoxys highly unpredictable. But perhaps they do have a significant reason behind their outrage aside from agitation or home sickness...

    Primary Goals: Carry out the task of domination by the Deoxys by dominating the two Realms in your way.

    ~Metal king Alchemists

    -The Metal King Alchemists was originally started by an adamant pokemon by the name of Iron Arm Conkeldurr. This hefty pokemon have participated in many harsh battles led by King Cobalion. He specialized in espionage and weapon transportation. But then one fateful day, he had his arm cut off by a Scyther in battle, and later retired. While drowining in self-pity, Conkeldurr began to build himself a replacement arm over time. After a few months, his creation became a success, restoring his self-esteem and later led to the establishment of his business, "Metal King Alchemists".

    One day while polishing a few steel broadswords, the Iron Arm began hearing gossip of a collision between two stars and a massive aura began to radiate during the aftermath. Upon hearing this, Iron Arm Conkeldurr swore to provide the best services to all pokemon in the realm. But after hearing about the appearance of an alien invasion occurring, Conkeldurr decides to build an army of his own.

    Primary Goal(s): Stop the Deoxys and bring unity to the Pokemon Realm through the art of forge.

    ~The Rogue Edge Clan
    By appearance, the Rogue Edge Clan may seem like nothing more than a bad of petty thieves led by juvenile administers. As a matter of fact, each pokemon living in the Rogue Edge Clan have been molded from harsh experience. A few of them have been made ruffians due to their traumatic past, making them the most vicious killers out of all three known regions in the Pokemon Realm. They are a clan shrouded in mytery, and their only known goal is to survive and steal a great power from the Deoxys. The use of it is unknown.

    Primary Goal(s): Defeat the Deoxys and survive throughout the story.

    ~The Array Of Light

    -One large crowd of nomads led by the famous Clefable, or better known as 'The Healing Seer'. The Array of Light was started by a Clefable, along with the Psychic legendary Cressalia. Due to Cresselia's high responsibility as a legendary, she wasn't able to guide Clefable in the right direction in person. Instead, Clefable was blessed with the ability to use psychic powers along the way of eternal peace, no matter how hard the journey may be knowing a new force will be coming their way.

    Primary Goal(s): Stop the Deoxys and assist any pokemon in need.

    IRO Units
    Ranger Base 12

    Raphael paced around nervously outside of Dr. Apostle's lab. Just what the hell was happening out in space? There were reported disturbances in the atmosphere that had caused both pokemon and humans to shudder. Lead scientists in IRO concluded that there were mysterious pathogens traveling around our realm. Though upon finding that, the scientists were still investigating of how the pathogens entered our planet and what function they serve.

    The door slowly opened revealing Raphael's partner, Tom. Both of them together made Team Omega, one of IRO's elite specialists. "Dr. Apostle wants to see you, Raph"

    "Alright," Raphael sighed "I'll be there in a few".
    "It's kind of urgent" Tom persisted with a scowl. "Oh, alright. This better be good news" Rapheal replied.

    Raphael entered the quiet office of Dr. Apostle. There, the scientist had his head down upon his desk. Was he crying or sleeping?

    The scientist looked up towards the two prodigy's with a strict stare. "As you may know, it has come to our attention that an alien virus has entered our atmosphere. Little do we know how it has got here, better yet what it does to our human bodies. Though we do know it is affecting both people and pokemon throughout many regions. These pathogens are said to be magnified by some of our world's most spiritual areas like Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh, Ruins of Alph in Johto, Cerulean Cave in Kanto and et cetera"

    Raphael came up with a quick reply, "But what is our job, sir?"

    Dr. Apostle cleared his throat and replied. "Your job is to go up travel up north from Johto and Kanto. There are ruins there that only we have knowledge of. These ruins are by the name of Sinjoh Ruins. We have noticed a strange energy emanating around that area and we want you to gather as much information and evidence as you can. You will arrive there via airplane."

    The sudden pause from the Doctor made Raphael and Tom quiver.

    "It will be done, Doctor." Tom replied in confidence.

    The next few days of preparation were painstaking. As Raphael readied his equipment for the journey, he couldn't take his mind off of this new mission. Of course, Raphael believed that Tom was thinking the same. Raph thought of his family at home and their safety. Then he thought if he were ever going to return home safely to meet his brothers and sisters. The young ranger tried reassuring himself on the plane, but instead he napped to keep his stress from getting the better of him.

    He awoke by the vigorous movement of the plane's exterior. Turbulence? Not at all. They were landing right outside of their destination. The fields were covered in snow. A blizzard howled across the vast expanses of the land signing that the area was indeed dangerous. The skies were of a blackish hue in the sky covered with the ebony silhouettes of storm clouds. The plane then went into a sudden stop that jerked everyone on board in an instant. Raphael shook off his doubt and gathered his equipment from the planes' rear. At the thought of it, it was a good idea to make the supply area of the plane accessible from the inside. Raphael took his belongings and followed his good friend and ally, Tom, along with Dr. Apostle who was already shivering from the cold outside. He entered the arctic environment along with his associates. The wind nearly threw Dr. Apostle off balance as he began to restate the current objective.

    "The ruins should be located further north," Dr. Apostle screamed over the screeching tone of the wind "You should be able to make your way there safely". Raphael nodded, not even bothering to scream out a 'Yes, sir' to respond to the doctor. He then turned around to re-enter the plane. It slowly took off and disappeared within the endless landscape of clouds. Raphael led the way for Tom, feeling that this mission would be their last.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2012
  2. Zapphire

    Zapphire Active Member

    (Ooc:Not sure how to start... aw well. This should suffice)

    Mariami Regional Hospital

    Dreams. Some are prophetic. Some are poetic. Some... mean nothing. On the night of July 15th, Zapphire Fidelus's was vague. It could've meant anything. All he saw were five words. Very distant, too. He had to turn his head to see them, which ended up messing up the order. The order of the words that made most sense to him we're as follows.

    Follow the passage of Light

    He woke with a burst of nausea on July 16th. For unknown reasons, he burst through his bedroom door and rushed to the bathroom. After an hour, he emerged from there, blood stained on his face. When he did, Zapphire heard his mothers voice on the phone.

    "Yeah, he should be back to school by tomorrow. He has developed some common sense, but not much. You can understand the reasons, right? Okay, bye?" His mother turned around and was terrified by the blood in Zaph's mouth. "Zaphy! What happened!"

    Zaph had an expression that was painful, yet contempt. "I just threw up some blood. Don't worry, I worse has happened. Remember the experimental chemotherapy with Oddishes?" Zaph chuckled, but felt weak. He grabbed his side and fell to the ground. "Never mind," he faintly spoke. "9...1...1." Then he only saw flashes of what happened after. First was the car ride over, the marble mountains glistening in the sun. Next was a hospital, the murmured words of the doctors while he's in a hospital bed. Lastly, a heart monitor slowly beeping. He slowly closed his eyes, and the line fell flat.
    (OoC: I'm going to post in the Pokemon realm later, and it will be longer, but I wanted to at least get a post up.)
  3. [ACE] Zero

    [ACE] Zero Just Sayin..

    Pokemon Realm
    Charmander's Cave

    It was dark and a thunderstorm was brewing, Charmander stood at the edge of a cliff looking out towards the Realm. He kept hearing those 3 familiar cries but they were too far away everytime he thought he was getting closer. He kept searching until he saw 3 streaks of light run by, he gave chase towards the bottom of the cliff where he came face to face with the ones responsible for the light effect, it was none other than his 3 mentor's, the Northern Wind Suicune, the ThunderStrike Raikou and the Blazing Volcano Entei, these 3 were not only his mentors and guardians but also his family, they took him in when his life was in peril and showed him the Arts of the Legendaries to fight for the greater good.

    The spoke to him about a great danger that was about to occur due to the Pokerus X that the Deoxy's had brought witht them many years ago, they told him he was to search for the pure hearted companions that would aid him in saving the Human and Pokemon World from destruction, then Blammm a bright flash and ligthinig strike struck the ground which awoke Charmander from his sleep.

    "Geezh that nightmare again, who am i suppose to look for?!?!? I can take out the Deoxys punks out all by myself!" Charmander said. But deep down Charmander knew his mentors were right and he would have to team up with those that they mentioned... but how long would it take for him to find them and avenge his family??
  4. Takatheeducatedkid

    Takatheeducatedkid Eevee Devotee

    Kigai had just left home. He wasn't sure where he was going, but the young Eevee did not want to be made fun of anymore. His father's death wasn't his fault, yet he felt responsible somehow. The forest was lonely as he aimlessly traveled, looking for something he wasn't sure he'd find. He needed someone like his father, someone who could make him better at fighting. However, the idea of having to train hard tugged at him, he was a little afraid of it. But Kigai knew he had to get stronger, it was all he could do if he wanted to go back, back home.

    OOC - Sorry for the small post! Didn't really know what to say, but I felt I should say something!
  5. EonDragonFTW

    EonDragonFTW Well-Known Member

    Iron Island, Sinnoh
    Aaron woke up to a start when he heard the crashing of rock and steel in his "empty" home.
    "They're back again," he grumbled with hate.
    Pokerus X infected Pokemon had been following him in his mountain home and attacking him for no known reason. Aaron had been dealing with this for quite a while. He quickly equipped himself with his armor and Chaos Ripper and headed out of his little cave to ward them off. He'd grown tired of them attacking, and his rations had grown low. He needed to finally leave home, all he had known his whole life, to continue his quest for power elsewhere. When Aaron entered the main cavern of the mountain, his heart sank. Hundreds upon hundreds of hostile Pokemon where present, and all of them had noticed his presence. Showing no fear, Aaron drew his sword and charged into the army. Plunging into the heart of the crowd, Aaron knew he wasn't strong enough to take them all down. He used a spinning slash attack with his sword to temporarily repel the Pokemon and forcefully used Iron Tail on the ground to send himself skyward. Landing near the exit to the mountain, Aaron used Metal Claw to mercilessly slash all who stood in his way.

    Once he had exited the mountain, Aaron ran as fast as he could.
    "There must be some way off of this blasted place," he thought aloud.
    Vigilantly scouting the area, Aaron found a boat which humans were loading steel beams onto.
    My lucky day he thought. I just need to get onto the ship without being noticed.

    The humans knew that Iron Island had been infested with Pokerus X Pokemon. They came there to do their last hauling of Iron before they shipped it back to Snowpoint and blew up the Iron Island dock. It was Aaron's last chance to escape his once peaceful home before it would be overrun by Pokerus X and destroyed.
    Knowing the importance of the situation he was in Aaron thought fast. He used Metal Burst to knock over a crane to make it look like the Pokerus X Pokemon had came.

    "They're here!" exclaimed one of the workers. "We're leaving, NOW! Anyone not on the ship when it leaves WILL be left here!"
    The workers quickly scurried onto the ship and were setting the charges. Aaron then hid under the shadows of a cliff near the ship and fired another Metal Burst at the top of the mountain to make a rockslide tumble towards the ship.
    "Other way!" cried a worker. "We NEED this steel and the ship intact if we're to fix this mess!"

    The ship started to head towards Aaron's cliff. Knowing this was his only shot, Aaron backed up a bit, and charged using all the power he had to leap onto the ship. He landed with a thud onto the ship, making a noise that a few workers noticed. Aaron quickly opened a steel container and hid in it, pretending to be the steel. The workers came to the crater Aaron had created on their ship and looked around, but couldn't find anything. Confused, they headed back.
    "Set a full speed course to Snowpoint!" cried the captain.

    Aaron finally had the strength to leave his past and escape to torturous memories of his home, but the dangers of his long, harsh, and solitary journey had just begun...

    [OOC (Can someone tell me wat this means?), sorry for the really long post, but I needed to kill some time]
  6. Chidori__O

    Chidori__O Well-Known Member

    Pokemon Realm
    Location: ???

    (I don't know what POV (point of view) were doing this so I'll do mine for now)

    "Ugh...where am I...?" I mumble aloud.

    I awoke with a start. I saw several pokemon running. Why were they running? Why aren't I? I start walking but why? Somethings up. It's as if I don't know anything. I see a Staraptor chasing pokemon. How do I know what it is? Why is it chasing people? Why would it hurt people? I don't know why or how. But I know I have to stop it.

    I start running towards it. It sees me. It's wings turn white and it rams right into me. I crash into a rock. My conciseness is fading. I know I can't handle this anymore. But I manage to get up. How? It seems impossible to even take a step. But I do it. Why? I can't even get up. I notice a black scarf on me. My parents gave that to me... how do I know that?!

    I see the Staraptor hovering above me ready to strike. I notice it looks like it's in pain. Something seems wrong. But I must protect those helpless pokemon...

    I launch some electricity from my body and it hits the Staraptor in the chest. It falls to the ground. I know what I've done and I'm not proud of it.

    I walk away so it won't look like I'm making a scene. As I walk I see a pokemon in front of me. It seems I don't know what this one is.

    "You're the one we want. " That was all he said. He took me to a tree and explained to me some things. The pokemon explained to me how the move I used was Thunderbolt and how I can join the The Rouge Shadow Clan so it can help me regain some lost memory's. I had no idea how it knew but frankly, I didn't care. That was how I joined The Rouge Shadow Clan...

    (What do you think? Change the POV? This part was just explaining how I joined The Rouge Shadow Clan, should I change it?)
  7. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    OOC: I am doing a third-person POV. Anyone can do whatever POV they'd like. And as a response to Eon's post, OOC stands for 'Out Of Conversation'. And just so you guys know, I'm naming my own "scenes", so you can do the same thing. Alright, let's roll.

    Sinjoh Ruins
    Approximately midnight
    -The Wind Never Dies-

    Raphael trudged along the snowy path towards Sinjoh Ruins' main entrance. So this was one of the epicenter's of the pathogen. Raphael's muscles grew achy as he made his way towards the dark entrance of the mysterious ruins. As he entered, a grim aura began to generate throughout the silent corridors. He felt his way by strafing against the side of the ancient walls. After doing so, Raphael noticed that the ruins were just one big room, nothing more. Then, something beckoned him.

    Raphael looked down at the center of the room, and he felt a strange energy radiating throughout the veins of his body. Raphael felt his hand reach for the floor. The ground was unshakably cold. He also felt a strange pattern engraved beneath his finger tips. By the ways of the pattern, it felt similar to Unown language.

    Suddenly, the ground shook. Raphael shot right back up from his position. He lost the mysterious vibe of the Sinjoh Ruins, and slowly, the ruins have become dangerous. As the ground shook vigorously, embers of light appeared out of thin air latched onto the cavern walls. Slowly, the grew brighter and revealed the torches they were lit upon. Despite the tremors, the torches held up in their place without any sign of disturbance. The young ranger then looked around for his associate, Tom, wondering if he as astonished just as he was. Was a door opening? Or were they now taking their last breathes until a vicious strap snared them? Either way, they were paralyzed by not of fear, but of awe. Then as if anything couldn't get any stranger, the walls appeared to be moving haltingly. The speed of it all began to increase, and Raphael's heart was beating robustly. A light shook him, and he slowly drowned within a void of light.

    "Why am I?" Raphael found himself speaking aloud. His body was under a great pressure like no other. He closed his eyes in order to avoid getting blind from the light. There was no saying if Tom was caught in this or not.

    Memories everywhere. They all flashed throughout Raphael's memory. His first pokemon, the birth of his brothers and sisters, his sixteenth birthday. Every single detail of his life screamed at him. Then suddenly the image of Dr. Apostle appeared in his subconscious. His grey hair and crystal clear complexion lay in front of him. His eyes opened in the same, stern display manifested with his obscure ambitions. What did Dr. Apostle really want? Who was this man shrouded in mystery, heading the IRO with his perplexing intelligence? No one knew, not even the IRO's elites.

    He began to drift off into another dimension, in another body, leading another life.

    He awoke, feeling compressed in what seemed to be another body. Raphael saw the light shine through his eyelids. This wasn't an abnormal light at all. It was a light of comfort and warmth. Sunlight, to be precise.

    It feels human, he thought with his eyes steadily opening. It was too blinding to see where he was, but he wasn't in the Sinjoh Ruins for sure.

    Raphael felt for his carry-on bag that should've been strapped around his shoulders. It was there, but strangely it felt colossal. He stretched out his hands, looking at the silhouettes of them made by the sunlight. He nearly screamed aloud. They were small and stubby. Raph felt around his chest. It was rather round and circular. And he felt a numbness circulating from the bottom of his spine. He reached down and it felt as if he had a tail. A tail! What was all of this? Did Pokerus X overcome him? Or was this just some crazy dream generated by his paranoia? Nothing made sense anymore. Sadly, Raphael lied back down hoping that he would at least wake up into a world that made sense. Better yet another body.
  8. President People

    President People Eat The Path

    (OOC: I'm pretty sure OOC stands for Out-Of-Character… Different interpretations, I guess.)

    "Engage Dimension-drive."

    Deimos glanced to his side. His friend and master, President People, had given the order.

    "Yes sir!", the captain of the Righteous Fury replied. He turned to the crew manning the flight deck and passed on the order. "Engage Dimension-Drive!"

    The bridge was filled with a chorus of hasty replies. "Yes sir!", the crew acknowledged and began going about their task, tapping away at the control boards before them.

    As the ship thrummed to life, President People turned to his companion. "Are you prepared, my friend?" Still looking in his trainer's direction, Deimos nodded in reply. He then turned his vision to the viewport, eyes narrowing with anticipation.

    "A new world awaits us.", the President spoke again, now of the event at hand, perhaps out of anticipation himself. "What sort of civilization will we find? Will they need our help? It is our duty to protect those in need, to free them from oppression…"

    As his master was speaking, the stars had begun to lengthen into streaks, passing the viewport as the flagship picked up speed. Deimos felt like his insides were lifted, being suspended in midair, a feeling he was used to getting during hyperspace travel. A white light shone from the distance onto the bridge as they travelled between dimensions. But then something unexpected happened. Deimos felt as though he was being lifted higher, and the light started to envelop his vision. As he faded from both consciousness and from between dimensions, Deimos could barely make out his trainer finishing his sentence, seemingly unaware of his Pokémon's situation. "…for the greater good, to bring balance to the Force."

    And then he was gone.

    (OOC: I'd continue, but I'm rather tired, I can't save drafts, and I'd also like to know what season the Variable Region is currently in, so I can describe it when Deimos comes to.)
  9. Ampharos_Dude

    Ampharos_Dude Go go MR Rangers!

    The Pokémon Realm, Tiny Meadow

    It was a beautiful day in the Pokémon Realm. The sun was shining brightly, with the greenery gently swaying in the wind.
    Suddenly a nearby bush started rapidly swinging back and forth, until something dustball-like flew out of the bush, and hit a nearby cliff after rolling on the ground for a while.
    "Ouch... I seriously need to enchance this exit!" Fresco thought as he made the bush look like an ordinary bush.
    "It's a little rough to exit this thing, but at least nobody will never figure that this regular looking bush is really the entrance/exit to the tunnels of the Metal King Alchemist!"
    Fresco walked in circles for a while, trying to remember why he came to the Tiny Meadow in the first place. He turned quickly into a ball of wool, covering his body with the wool like produce on his back.
    "Now where did I put that list?" He wondered, searching for inside his wool like produce.
    "There!" He shouted, and joyfully bounced up, revealing his body once again.
    "It says here that I need to go to Treasure Town to do some shopping."
    Fresco curled up once again, and started bouncing towards Treasure Town...
  10. Chidori__O

    Chidori__O Well-Known Member

    (Thanks for the heads up! And now, the plot! PS, we all meet up with each other near the end, correct?)

    Pokemon Realm
    Location: The Rouge Shadow Clan Hideout
    Scene: An awkward encounter... and a memory?

    A couple months have passed since I've joined The Rouge Shadow Clan. I have not uncovered anything about myself. I have however, learned some things about myself. For example, did you know I can back flip, front flip and move quite quickly? I didn't.

    On every job I do, I don't do it without my black scarf. I am approximately 17 years old. For a Pikachu, that's about a young age. I am apparently resourceful. Well, that's what everyone says. Everyone seems to tell me how great I am. But I also have the feeling everyone is watching me...

    Of course, I still remember how the leader of the clan told me to join them. I was actually looking for them myself, but it was a bit difficult. With no help, leader was indeed surprised that I was close to finding them first. I think one of the reasons leader made me join was because I was looking for them. They don't want people finding them. That's not how they roll.

    I am lying outside when I hear leader calling me.

    "Chidori!!" leader yells. Chidori is my nickname since I can't remember my real name at all. Of course, I didn't really care what my name is. As long as it isn't stupid like Pika or something like that.

    "What is it leader?" I say lazily. That was a mistake. Leader doesn't like people speaking to him in a disrespecting tone.

    Leader took no notice. "I got a job for you. There is a suffering pokemon out there. They are going to die soon. I need you to take whatever they own and leave. I'm sending Sableye and Shedinja with you."

    I groan. "Can't I do it myself?"

    Leader nods his head side by side. "No, I can't let you do this on your own." Leader walks away meaning no more requests.

    Several minutes later, I am joined by Sableye and Shedinja shortly. Sableye got to join because she has no weakness except if she sees a jewel...she also has the ability Prankster and is part Ghost which allows her to sneak past guards and what not. Shedinja joined because it was left alone somewhere. It needed help. Leader found it and found out it had the Wonderguard ability. Wonderguard prevented Shedinja to take any damage at all. Shedinja is also part Ghost which allows it to go through walls just like Sableye.

    "Well, lets go sweeties!" said Sableye.

    "All right..." I say.

    We leave the hideout and head west just like Leader instructed. I start using Quick Attack to speed myself up. We meet several aggressive pokemon. These pokemon are aggressive because of a virus called Pokerus X. Of course, leader forbids even mentioning it so we know little about it. "No questions." leader would say.

    We make it to the clearing when we see the pokemon we're supposed to rob.

    It's Staraptor. The same one I fought before.

    But it doesn't look like him at all. He has scars all over him. Something must have attacked him.

    "Well...let's...go...." says Shedinja. He (or she?) starts walking when Staraptor jumps up. Staraptor tries to fly up but falls. Shedinja walks towards him when he unleashed an Aerial Ace. I know this because leader taught me to recognize moves we see. Shedinja gets cocky and goes right towards it. But surprisingly, Shedinja falls against it.

    "Shedinja!" cries Sableye. I immediately use Fake Out which hits the already hurt Staraptor. Staraptor was suffering.

    Sableye mean while, was staring at Staraptor.

    "Might as well put it out of it's misery." she said. "Might as well..." I notice her claws out and ready. But before we can do anything else, we see another shadow. The pokemon...it looks like Raikou...is it Raikou? The Raikou? But we never did find out for sure. Why, one might ask? The moment we saw Raikou he jumped right at us.

    Raikou jumped in front of Staraptor and unleased a Shock Wave on Sableye. Sableye flew backwards and hit a tree. I however, stared at Raikou. Raikou stared back. Then it used Shock Wave. I activated my Lightning Rod ability. The pain was intense but I absorbed it. Nobody was kidding when they said the legendary dogs were powerful. They were indeed. Yet, I noticed Raikou wasn't aiming to kill. Just enough to knock someone unconscious. Had Raikou had been aiming to kill, I wouldn't have been able to absorb that. But I did.

    Raikou stared at me. I stared back. Then, right behind Raikou, Staraptor used Close Combat. I didn't expect that. I don't think Raikou expected that to because he flew in the air but landed on the ground, feet first.

    "Don't strain yourself." said Raikou. I jumped! Raikou's voice was deep and husky like. I swear, I think I heard thunder in the sky when he spoke.

    "Let me help you." Raikou said and then an aura went around Raikou and Staraptor. The scars disappeared and it starts to rain. Staraptor goes to sleep. Raikou turned around and looked at me. "You be careful. Someone wants you out of the way."

    "...what?" I say.

    "Here." Raikou says. He throws a small lightning bolt at me. Small enough to hide in my scarf. "Take it. It will help recover an important piece of your memory."

    And, without warning, he disappeared.

    Staraptor awakens. He looks at me. "Sorry about attacking you. I was just aggressive. Can I join you?"

    Of course, I allow him to follow us. Shedinja awakens and so does Sableye. All they remember is that they were knocked out by a shadow and Staraptor and I defeated it. I went along with their story. Back at base, leader says he has to test Staraptor and now that he knows where the base is, if he fails the tests, he dies. Staraptor has no choice but to accept.

    Meanwhile with me, I go outside alone. I was planning to look at the lightning bolt but I felt I was being watched again. I chose not to at the time. Maybe some other time...

    (How was that? And, do we meet up with each other later in the RP? Please and thanks.)
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    Human Realm
    Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
    Scene: Being.... Watched?

    Aaron had rested well on his way to the snowy city. He had used the steel in his container to repair his armor and sword, and ate the rest because he didn't know where his next meal would be coming from. He was startled a bit when he felt the contaoner rumbling.

    "I must be at wherever they had to go. That's my cue to leave now," Aaron noted to himself.

    Aaron opened the door, and was astonished by the sight. It was... white. And... cold. This strange white stuff was all over and was falling from the sky. But Aaron had no time to collect his bearings or take in his surroundings. His container was being lifted by a crane. Moving quickly, Aaron leapt off from the high altitude and used Heavy Slam to help control and soften his landing. He landed on the snow with a very huge crash and tumbled awkwardly. He scared away a few Sneasel and Deliberd. Aaron got up and bushed the snow off of him. He then heard the leaves of nearby trees rustle. Quickly turning, he only saw what appeared to be the sillouthette of a Weavile, rushing off in the direction of Mt. Coronet. Aaron then started to notice the increasing number of presences in the area. Not wanting to take that chance of running into another horde of Pokerus X Pokemon (for he sensed the negativity in them), Aaron rushed to the edge of the mountain, drew his sword, and started to unleash a barrage of slashes and attacks until he made a cave big enough to start burrowing into the main mountain cavern.

    Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh
    Burrowing for a while, Aaron felt like he could take a break. He leaned against a wall and sighed deeply.
    "Why am I still here? What purpose do I have left?" Aaron sadly asked himself. He then heard a faint voice, but it felt powerful at the same time.

    Follow your Ideals, and they'll come true.

    Ignoring the voice, thinking it was a hallucination, Aaron continued to talk to himself.

    "Melvin... Larry... I miss you both. Mom, Dad, everyone... I couldn't save them. I wasn't strong enough. And now I'm all alone. Please, someone, give me the power I need to overcome anything... no, everything in my way. No one should have to suffer like you all did."

    Melvin was a Beldum, Aaron's best friend, and Larry was Aaron's younger brother, but they had fallen to Pokerus X along with many others. The tragedy he had experienced as a child had sheaped who he was today.

    "What's this? A tear? No I can't cry now... I'll, I'll rust," Aaron stated to himself as he wiped the tear, got up and kept going. Where he was going, he didn't know, but he knew he had to start moving again, for he had heard the faint cries of Pokerus X infected Pokemon, angrily heading towards Aaron's location.

    (don't worry guys, he'll be in the Pokemon Realm soon enough)
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    It was quiet and lonely as Kigai continued through the empty forest. The sun shone through the leaves overhead, but it was still cool under the shade of the trees. The young Eevee stopped at a small freshwater spring to take a drink of the crystal clear water. Suddenly his ears twitched. "What was that noise?" he thought. Trying to decipher what direction it had com from, he backed away from the spring. "Agh!" Before he could react, a large Pokemon had picked him up by his tail and dangled him high above the ground. Kigai craned his neck to get a look at the Pokemon.

    "What's this...? Looks like somebody's traveling alone..." a Rydon about twenty times larger than himself smiled down at him.

    "Oooh, it's an Eevee, Grinder," a Sneasel came out of the bushes to examine him. "keh heh, a good one, too." it rubbed it's hands together. "Yes, veeery nice..." it's high-pitched voice annoyed Kigai to no end.

    "Calm down, Randal," the Rydon's grip tightened on the young Eevee's tail. "We'll have fun with this..." his grin widened as he too, examined him.

    "What do you guys want?" Kigai demanded, squirming about.

    "Isn't it obvious?" the Sneasel made a frown of a sort, his teeth showing. "We want to fight you! Keh heh!" he screeched, his strange frown turning into a grin.

    "Well I don't want to fight you!" wriggling around again, Kigai tried to get loose. But the Rydon's grip only tightened more.

    "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" the Rydon's deep voice boomed.

    "I said, I don't want to fight," Kigai grunted. "now let go of my tail!" he squirmed about for a third time.

    "Let me give you some advice, kid," the Sneasel said, still grinning. "nobody, says no to Grinder... Keh heh heh!"

    Kigai gulped. "H-Help!" he yelled, flailing around wildly.

    "No use," the Rydon pointed out. "nobody can hear you..."

    "HEEELP!!!" Kigai yelled louder, hoping desperately that someone was really there.
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    Deimos was awakened by a ray of light. The sun had peeked out from a cloud passing through the blue sky overhead. "Where have I ended up?" Deimos thought as he climbed up from the grass and onto his feet. The wind brushed through Deimos' ashen fur. He was of a light build, with a sleek dark coat complimented by cyan rings on his legs, forehead, and cylindrical ears and tail; to his mind typical of an Umbreon. His yellow eyes scanned the surrounding area.

    He was near a forest, from the edge of which stretched a large expanse of plains, dotted with trees. Deimos could make out silhouettes of some creatures wandering around in the distance. The closest one to him looked small and rodent-like. "Prey, perhaps?" Deimos contemplated hunting down and eating the first creature he saw. He didn't know how he was going to get back to his ship, but he would have to learn how to survive on this planet until he found out. Deimos was about to start off in the rodent's direction when his ears perked.

    Somone was calling for help!

    "HEEELP!!!" came a cry from the forest behind Deimos. He couldn't just ignore someone in need. Warily, Deimos bolted into the brush toward the cry's direction.

    As he approached the source of the sound, Deimos silently crept to the edge of a clearing, until a perilous scene appeared before him. A hulking gray plated beast with a large horn held a strangely-colored Eevee high by the tail, and was accompanied by a midnight blue weasel with long claws and red feather-like protrusions. They seemed to be harassing the Eevee into a surely unfair fight.

    Deimos needed to act. The weasel would likely be the easiest to finish quickly, but the rhino might harm it's captive before then. He would have to free the Eevee from the beast's grip at the cost of a head-on confrontation.

    Deimos streaked toward the rhino's arm, having executed a Quick Attack in hopes of forcing him to release the Eevee…

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    Pokemon Realm
    Location: North Winds Cave
    Scene: A memory awakens...

    "Well, we're here!" Staraptor said proudly. "We made it to North Winds Cave!"

    "We have indeed..." I say. Truthfully, the only reason I came here was so I had a quiet place to use the lightning bolt Raikou gave to me. Staraptor and I have made up and settled our differences. And now, to make matters horrible, leader has made us both partners. I really didn't want to have a partner because I liked being by myself but it seems I was mistaken. Staraptor does have his perks though. For starters, he knows the move Fly so I don't have to walk anywhere, rather, I just fly there. Of course, just because we just each other, doesn't mean I trust him enough to show him the lightning bolt. I mean, he did try to kill me before even though it wasn't his fault. Leader has banned us from asking anything about our past. Although I can't find out why Staraptor was aggressive before, it also has it's perks. For starters, no one can ask about my past. Not that I have one. Or remember it anyway.

    "Earth to Chidori!" Staraptor chirped, which made me jump. "Are you all right?"


    He gave me that 'if you say so eye' at me and we start walking into the cave.

    For some reason, I think I was dozing off when leader was telling us our job for being in here. "Umm... Staraptor?"

    He turned around. "Yes?"

    "Can we re-cap what our job is here?"

    Staraptor cleared his throat. "There was a rumor stating Suicune was here and left some orphaned kids here to train. Because they're young, we can take them and manipulate them to show us Suicune's treasures, weapons and maybe take a few orphans with us. Stop anyone who opposes you, blah blah blah. The usual."

    I chuckle. "Usual? Isn't this like, your third job?"

    Staraptor's cheeks reddened. "You can sneer." He said. "But once Deoxys has fallen by my hands-"

    "Your hands? You don't have hands!"

    Boy, that bird looked it was dropped in a volcano, put in the oven, microwaved for 1 hour and then baked for 10 hours.

    Staraptor took a deep breath and mumbled: "Let's just go..."

    We took down a bunch of pokemon along the way. Leader has always said to not show emotion. Yet, Staraptor has shown it way too many times. For instance, whenever he misses one of his attacks, he swears really loudly and he looks like a Torchic. But eventually, we make it to the depths of North Winds Cave.

    When we get there, we see no one is there. It's actually quiet...too quiet. But I don't complain. Plus, I see an opportunity to use the lightning bolt.

    "Hey Staraptor." I say. "You check the west side for clues, I'll check the east."

    Staraptor doesn't seem suspicious. "All right." he says and we get down to work. Well, he gets down to work.

    I walk over to the east end. The west end has lots of waves and splashes because it's connected to the North Sea. This was why I took the easy end. It's just a dead end. No sounds to distract me.

    "Let's get to work." I mumble to myself. "Now, how do I use it?"

    I think. And think. And I still get nothing. Until...

    "Hmmm...maybe I put it in the spot where I think? But where is that?" Talking to myself does help me. I eventually realize where. "That's where the thinking happens. In the brain..."

    I take the lighting bolt out of my scarf and place it on top of my head. All of a sudden I realize something. The grounds shaking! I try to stop the dizziness in my head but it's to much and I let it take control of me...

    Location: ???

    Two figures are talking to each other. One is Deoxys in it's Speed Form. The other is a child.

    "Time to dispose of you brat!"

    "No...please don't!"

    "To late for do's and don't's!"

    Deoxys attempts an attack but all of a sudden...

    Pokemon Realm
    Location: North Winds Cave

    I am thrown right out of the memory. I can hear two voices. Staraptors and another pokemon...

    "HELP ME CHIDORI!!" Staraptor screeched. At the worst possible time to. Just when I was trying to find out what had happened...

    "Coming!" I say. I search the east end, trying to find the lightning bolt when, to my horror, it's gone. It must have been a one time thing. And I was stupid enough to lose it. I hear Staraptor screaming again.


    I use Quick Attack to move fast and see what's going on. When I get there, I see a beast that looks like a snake dragon. It's a Gyrados.

    But somethings wrong...aren't they blue instead of red? And they don't keep using Ice Fang on a bird...unless it's Staraptor!

    I'm about to attempt a Thunderbolt but I realize that I might hurt Staraptor at the same time. Instead I use a Fake Out attack on it's tail.

    The Gyrados immediately spits Staraptor out and looks at me angrily.

    "I tried to keep him at bay with my Intimidate ability." Staraptor says. "But he also does and my attacks were weakened. I don't think Fake Out did a lot of damage to it!"

    I look at both Staraptor and Gyrados. "What does that ability do?" I ask.

    "It lowers the pokemon you want to target physical attacks. That's why that cave was a breeze. I may have weakened his physical moves, but he weakened ours too. That's why Fake Out just got him madder. Also, this pokemon is no aggressive one. He is something must stronger."

    I look at both Gyrados and Staraptor again.

    "Damn." is all I say.
    (OOC Just gonna edit this post later. But I'm going to the pool right now so...*shrug*)

    EDIT: I get to go later so, here's the rest of it! Or some of it. Not finished yet.

    Gyrados lashes out on use with another Ice Fang. Both Staraptor and me dodge with a Quick Attack. Gyrados hits mouth hits the ground. HARD. Gyrados quickly get up and me and Staraptor both jump. We see it preparing to use a light yellow beam.

    Starapter tries to say the most devastating move. "That's..." He can't say anymore.

    "Hyper Bea-" I try to finish for him but Gyrados already unleashed it. Gyrados however, hit the ground and missed us. But the ground shook and we jumped in the air again.

    I couldn't hear anything except the ground vibrating and Staraptor yelling instructions. "It has to recharge! Now's our chance!"

    I lash out a Thunderbolt while Staraptor uses Brave Bird. Both moves hit Gyrados hard.

    Staraptor let out a whoop. "I think we did it!" But I had a bad feeling as I saw Gyrados dive into the water. I kept thinking, is it coming back? Staraptor seems to have been struck by the same idea. Will it come back? And then...

    "Dive...Dive...STARAPTOR!" I yell. "TAKE US UP WITH FLY! HE'S GOING TO USE-" but I didn't get to finish. Staraptor has already grabbed me by his talons and used Fly allowing us to fly higher then normal.

    (OOC I'll finish later. Gotta go.)

    EDIT: Back.

    We flew all the way in the air but Staraptor wasn't fast enough. Gyrados burst out of the water and slammed right into Staraptor.

    "No..." I said. "Staraptor, don't lose me!"

    But after being attacked by Ice Fang multiple times and a Dive from a Gyrados, I knew he wouldn't make it. I wanted to know my destiny once I joined The Rouge Shadow Clan. And now I know it. To help pokemon. Not destroy them. Something is making them mad. Aggressive. Distorted. But I know what I'm gonna do. And I had to see my partner...my friend...get hurt to find this out. I need to stop Deoxys and Pokerus X and find out what made the pokemon aggressive. I jumped off Staraptor and unleashed Thunderbolt. My move hit Gyrados directly in the face.


    I looked him dead in the eye and said "There is no treasure. Leave here now."

    He continued screeching at the top of his lungs. He kept screaming but had no energy to fight. He simply fell in the water, never to be seen again...well, I hope so.

    But Staraptor was in a more dire need of help.

    "Come on Staraptor." I say. I walk towards his body.

    He however, stared at me. "It was my fault Chidori." he said, with an apologetic face. "I found something that looked like treasure so I...I took it and he might have thought we had tons."

    "That's fine, can I see what you found?"

    He pointed beside him and I found a drop of ice shaped like water. But it had a presence like it was worth 1 000 000 dollars. I understood why someone would steal it.

    To Be Contiuned...
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    Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh
    Aaron was sprinting as fast as he could. Where to, he did not know. But there were enemies right on his tail (not literally). Their horrid, distorted cries sounded like they were in pain. But he could not sympathize with them. It would take too much time to stop and fight, lest he get overrun. He finally saw a light up ahead. Not flinching or looking back, he charged through the exit. He emerged in an entirely new place.

    Spear Pillar, Mt. Coronet
    Aaron felt as if he was in a place of great power and importance. Knowing the dangers behind him, he turned around and used Metal Burst above the exit. Rocks came piling down and covered it, sealing the Pokerus X Pokemon out and Aaron in. Now with some time bought, Aaron walked forward and took in his surroundings. In the northeast corner, he noticed something odd.

    "What is that?" he questioned as he walked closer.
    Examining it from a few feet, he noticed something inscribed on the ground.

    Palkia, Ruler of Space

    The portal was actually a rift in space created due to Palkia's banishment. Where it would take him, Aaron did not know. But he ran through, not caring where it took him.

    Shinjoh Ruins, ???
    (note, this scene takes place after Raphael was here)

    Aaron found himself on the floor of a mysterious place. Getting up, he turned to see the rift closing, and through it, he could see the Pokerus X Pokemon breaking through the entrance. Once the portal closed, Aaron was astonished by what he saw. It was a collosal stage. Walking up the stairs, the name Mystri Stage suddenly popped into his head. He saw 3 circular pattern that were complicated yet simple in design. This place definitely felt different and special. Aaron walked to the center of the central circle immediately felt a pang of pain.

    "Ugh, what's this?! I can't fall...not now!" he exclaimed. He felt pain unlike any other. What he didn't know is that he had been infected with Pokerus due to his many encounters with it. He shouted in pain, but the cry was distorted. He looked up to the sky, embracing what he thought was his end. He saw that there was no roof. Through the opening, he was the night sky. Embracing its clarity and beauty, Aaron noticed a meteor with a purplish glow. Closing his eyes for his final peace, Aaron took a deep breath, not noticing the walls glowing and spinning rapidly. He was being teleported to the Pokemon Realm. Aaron didn't notice his surroundings fading away because he felt like he was fading away.

    Pokemon Realm
    Midnight Forest, ???

    Aaron found himself on the ground in a dark forest.

    "What?" he questioned, feeling himself. "I'm still alive?!?"
    His voice was back to normal. For some odd reason, his Pokerus X was gone. Aaron got up and looked around. He noticed that he was in a dark forest. Where, exactly, he didn't know. He started walking. He heard someone behind him following. Aaron pretended not to hear and kept walking. The footsteps grew into a rush, and Aaron drew his sword and quickly turned around, holding the Weavile at swordpoint.

    "Why are you following me?!?" he demanded.

    "Whoa, easy there, fella. Put the sword down, we don't want anyone to get hurt around here. The question is, what are you doing here? Why are you snooping around the lair of the Rogue Edge Clan?" The Weavile retorted.

    "That's enough Weavile, you disappoint us as a sentry," a nearby Gallade jumped in. "You, Aggron, you seem perfect Rogue Edge material. Come, follow me. You must speak to our leader."

    As Aggron followed the Gallade, the Weavile yelled, "That's Madam Weavile to you!!"

    Rogue Edge Clan's Lair, Midnight Forest
    A few hours later

    The same Gallade was briefing Aaron on his first mission.
    "This is very important to us Aaron. Don't fail us. Z will accompany you on your heist of the Metal King Alchemists' lair in Tiny Meadow. They will have loads of Poke and other raw resources we need. Make off with as much as you can." the Gallade told him.

    "And remember," Z the Zoroark added,"Power isn't everything. There are only two of us, and hundreds of them. Stealth is what we need."

    "Yeah, yeah, sure, Aaron replied.
    I can just barge in and destroy everyone in my way Aaron thought. How strong can they be? None of them are a match for MY power

    With that, Z and Aaron headed off to pull off the heist that could decide their lives.
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    Deimos had successfully freed Kigai from the unusually large Rydon's grasp. "Oi! What do you think you're doing?" Grinder yelled loudly, grabbing hold of Deimos instead. He held him with both hands around the Umbreon's waist. Examining him for a while, he opened his mouth to speak. "Sumthin's different with tnis here Pokemon." he decided.

    "Yes yes, I do believe it's a shiny Umbreon! Keheh!" Randal jumped up and down excitedly.

    "So uh, I can fight 'im right?" Grinder shook Deimos around a bit, as though he were a broken toy.

    "I don't see why not," Randal made a strange frown again. "especially since the Eevee was so boring! No skill! No skill! Keh! Heh!"

    Kigai scrambled to his feet. "I have to do something!" he thought. But what could he do? The Rydon was so much bigger than himself, he could probably crush the small Eevee in less than a second!

    "Alright you, you better give me a good fight now," Grinder demanded as he looked Deimos in the eye. "Or I'll not be forgiving you!" he had his face right up to the Umbreon's.

    "Yes, or he won't be forgiving you! Keh heh!" the Sneasel repeated with a sneer.

    "Great, now he wants to fight the Umbreon? This is all my fault!" Kigai thought, scolding himself. What would he be able to do? What was going to happen if he didn't act? What would his father have done in this situation? The questions burned in his mind as he stood doing nothing but doubting his own abilities.
  17. President People

    President People Eat The Path

    Deimos' Quick Attack hit its mark; the rhino's arm was smacked aside as he collided with it, loosening the grip on the young Eevee's tail, sending him tumbling to the ground and to relative safety. He had half-expected a reaction from the beast, but it had come even quicker than Deimos expected; he was already caught around the waist by the rhino's other arm!

    The beast weighed his new catch in it's hand. "Sumthin's different with this here Pokemon." Deimos' captor observed. Maybe not so quick-witted, perhaps. The weasel accompanying the armored hulk got excited at this remark, however. "Yes yes, I do believe it's a shiny Umbreon! Keheh!"

    "Shiny? What on earth are these ruffians talking abou-" Deimos' thoughts were interrupted as his captor shook him around. "Alright you, you better give me a good fight now, or I'll not be forgiving you!" the rhino demanded, now holding Deimos at eye level.

    Deimos didn't appreciate how he was being handled. If it was a fight this brute wanted, he was going to get it now. Deimos' yellow eyes narrowed as he focused his will.

    Deimos unleashed a Dark Pulse right in his captor's face. A wave of shadow burst from his body, enveloping the gray hulk's arms and head. Deimos then prepared to kick away to a more defensive position should he be released…

    (OOC: That should even the playing field. :))
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    "D'oh!" the Rydon let go of Deimos and fell backward, landing on the ground with a crash. "Hohoho! That's what I want to see, little Pokemon!" he exclaimed, immediately pulling himself up. "I can see you're going to be a challenge, so I'm just gonna use my best attack first." the colossal Pokemon planted both of his feet in a defensive position.

    "Wait! Keheh! Grinder, not that move!" The Sneasel waved it's arms in the air. "No! consider what you're doing! Keheheheh!!!"

    Grinder paid no attention to his accomplice, he was in battle-mode. His bulky body shook wildly with anticipation as he roared ferociously into the sky. The ground began to shake, soon it was quaking rapidly, the magnitude of the attack was too much for Kigai to handle. He felt the shock of it coursing up through his legs. Falling off balance, his vision began to blur, the last thing he saw before going unconscious being Deimos. For that brief second, he saw his father valiantly fighting an entire pack of Zangoose by himself, he could almost hear the bitter cry of his mother as he was struck down by the navy-striped leader of the pack. "D-dad, no..." he whispered as he closed his eyes, the shaking did not let up.

    "Grinder!" Randal yelled as he held onto a tree in attempt to sustain the damage. "Keh, heeeh!"

    Grinder did not try to grab deimos again, rather, he continued his Earthquake attack. "How long can you take it, little Umbreon?!" he boomed, much excitement in his voice.
  19. President People

    President People Eat The Path

    (OOC: This is fun and all, but I'm gonna wrap this up; don't want to go back and forth too long lest we start breaking one of the rules.)

    The Dark pulse had knocked the rhino onto it's back, allowing Deimos freedom from the beast's crushing grip. The beast was back on his feet with - once again - surprising quickness, laughing as he did so, and the playing field seemed even.

    "I can see you're going to be a challenge, so I'm just gonna use my best attack first!" the rhino exclaimed as he prepared to lauch an assault, against the advice of his companion. "Keheh! Grinder, not that move!" the weasel warned, flailing his arms. "So Grinder is this hulk's name… But what is the weasel worried about? He's surely about to charge at me?" Deimos thought, unsure of what would follow.

    As Deimos got ready to dodge Grinder's charge, the earth started to quake. "What… sort of attack is this?" Deimos could hardly gather his thoughts as the shaking crescendoed, and saw the young Eevee he had just saved fall to the ground.

    Deimos didn't like to admit it, but attacks weren't an Umbreon's strongest point; it was their defense, the ability to endure. He would have to hold on as long as he could. But Deimos was not prepared for this sort of attack. "I can't… take much more…" Deimos was starting to fade. He didn't want to fail the young Eevee, or to fail… his master, who had saved him all those years ago.

    This world was proving more dangerous than Deimos had first thought. It looked as if he was the one that needed saving now.
    Barely able to concentrate, Deimos shot a Shadow Ball up into the sky, hoping that someone would see. "May the Force guide us to safety…" was Deimos' last prayer as he allowed himself to succumb to the violent shaking…

    (OOC: I'm hoping Team Omega saves us at this point, but Raphael has only just awakened. We could pretend this whole thing happens after Team Omega is formed here in the Pokémon world, though.

    Either way, it looks like Deimos and Kigai are gonna be out cold until someone saves or finds them.)
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    Metal King Alchemists' Lair, Tiny Meadow

    As they made their way through the lair, they split up to be less noticable and more mobile. Z snuck past everyone, while Aaron KO'd everyone in his way. Finally they met up near the vault room.
    "Heh, that was such a poor excuse of an entrance concealer," Z chuckled.

    "Yeah, yea.." Aaron agreed, though he never would have been able to tell the bush concealing it apart fron the others.

    "Ok, remember, all of the loot is locked up in vaults. What we need to do is convince them that we're clients." Z told Aaron, but Aaron was already walking towards the gaurds.

    "No! Aaron, get back here!" Z groaned. "I'm gonna have to lecture him later on.." Z then used his Illusion ability to transform into a Conkeldurr, for he knew that he was their leader.

    Using his incredible speed, Z outran Aaron and rushed to the guards.

    "My my, Lord Conkeldurr," one of them remarked. "Aren't you feeling a bit well today?"

    "Yea, yea. Listen, I uh, need to do a complete inventory census" Z told them.

    "Of course!" The gurad replied as he opened the door, let Z in, and closed it.
    The other guard noticed that Z didn't have an arm made of iron. Suspicious, he kept a close ear to the door.

    Meanwhile, Aaron was still out of the gaurds' sight. Knowing he had angered Z and the guards were suspicious of Z, Aaron fired a Metal Burst at the suspicious gaurd. He then rushed up and knocked the other one out with a Heavy Slam. He then drew his sword and cut a perimeter around the door's lock. It fell to the floor, and the door came open.

    "You know, I heard you take them out through that thick steel door. It's only a matter of time before more Pokemon show up to investigate the unusual silence of the lair," Z told Aaron without looking at him.

    Aaron grabbed a bag and started looting. Steel, Poke, treasure, there was almost everything.When the bag was full, Aaron got up and started walking out with Z. His jaw dropped when he saw a Conkeldurr standing in front of him.

    "Z?" he nervously questioned.

    "Yeah?" he nervously replied, who was right next to him.

    "Don't tell me that's their leader," Aaron gulped, drawing his sword.

    "SECURITY BRREEEACH!!!!" Iron Arm Conkeldurr yelled, charging at the two warriors.

    Aaron rushed up and tried to slash him, but Conkeldurr blocked it with his arm and countered with a Mach Punch. Aaron received the blow with unwavering valor. If it wasn't for his armor, he would've been knocked out on the spot. Aaron started to go on the attack again. He feinted a slash with his sword and blasted Conkeldurr back with a Metal Burst with twice the power. Z then rushed up for support and hit him with a Night Slash. To try and finish him off, Aaron prepared to rush up with a Head Smash. However, Conkeldurr's military experience told him to block it with his cinder blocks. He then started spinning wildly and attacking with them. Aaron had to step back to avoid getting hit. Unfortunately, reinfocrements arrived. A Houndoom and an Arcanine rushed to Conkeldurr's aid. Knowing they would soon be overrun by enemies, the two warriors retreated and started making their way back out.

    "DO NOT LET THOSE TWO THIEVES ESCAPE!" Conkeldurr bellowed. On his command, the two hounds took chase.

    "Crud, we'll never make it," Z grumbled.
    "I've an idea. But you need to give me your bag," Aaron proudly smirked. With understanding of what his partner intended him to do, Z threw his bag to Aaron. He then turned around and blasted everything around him with a powerful Night Burst/Daze. The blast pushed back their persuers but blew up the concentrated surroundings. The roof crumbled and caved in. Z knew that it would be a matter of time before more reinforcements showed up, so he rushed and caught up with Aaron. They made it out, but with the whole hideout alerted. As they came out, they nearly trampled a Whimmiscott on its way back from Treasure Town.

    "Beat it, kid," Aaron mutered as they ran out into the horizon.

    Midnight Forest
    "Whew, that was TOO close for comfort," Aaron sighed.

    "Yeah, but exciting. It was kinda both of our faults back there. My lack of attention to detail aroused the guard's suspicion." Z replied, r.

    "That's why I took him out. But, in the end, we pulled off the heist. But we definitely are NOT going back there again, Z." Aaron told him,vigilantly scouting for anyone that might have followed them.
    "Word. Don't worry about if anyone followed us, that's what the Sentries/Scouts are for." Z reassured him. With that, they walked back into the Rogue Edge Cla's lair.

    A few minutes later ...

    "Well done," said their leader. "This is outstanding for your first job Aaron. Though you did get spotted, you took advantage of the situation to showcase your power without fear. And you Z, once again you've proven yourself useful. From now on you will be Aaron's partner and mentor. But remember, you two are still equal."

    When they walked out of the room, Gallade reported to them. "Master wants you two to have a small share of the loot you've taken," he stated, handing each of them a treasure chest. "And you, Aaron, we have some ore here in the lair for you to use to repair your armor and sword. We are thankful for your good work today."

    Z and Aaron then headed off to their quarters. In his bunk, lying awake, Aaron was thinking to himself.

    What exactly is this place? Is it sort of like another realm, an afterlife? Well, I dunno. But anything seems possible now. I almost took down a Fighting-Type today! My power is growing exponentially. Soon my... Ideals (that word's not him thinking, it just sort of jumped in)... will be fulfilled. I will be the most powerful warrior ever! But if this is an afterlife, then... Melvin... Larry. They must be here somewhere, too. I will not rest until I find them.
    With these thoughts, Aaron fell asleep, his first well rest in a long time. Thus started his dangerous life as a bandit and warrior of the Rogue Edge Clan.

    (OOC, Aaron will soon meet another Rogue Edge Clan member, and that could be in their next post)
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