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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Temporal Observatory

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This is my first time making a public roleplay, so I may not be familiar with all the rules and conventions. Please point out where I can improve!

This roleplay takes place roughly 300 years in the future after the events in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers series, where the world has a level of technological development similar to the Pokemon anime (just for reference, there is no relation to the Pokemon anime). The roleplay has a focus on the science fiction aspects, but what actually happens will obviously depend on the players, as long as it's SFW!

One requirement, as this is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon roleplay, is that your character be a Pokemon.

I'll start the story with this:

The sun rose over the mountains to the east of Treasure Town, flooding the coastal city in golden light. Pokemon of all shapes and sizes began to rise from their slumber, as the city slowly came to life.

At the edge of the urban core stood a white, cube shaped building, almost camouflaging itself among the snow that had accumulated through the night. A tall, octagonal tower jutting far into the sky was connected by an overhead walkway to the facility, and the sign beside the entrance read "Treasure Town Guild Temporal Observatory and Research Centre".

Inside the building, a Sylveon sat in the empty conference room. A large screen was affixed to the wall behind her, showing a standard "no display input" message. The Sylveon pulled out a tablet from her work bag and connected a cable to it. The screen behind her blinked, before displaying her tablet's home screen. She scrolled to the presentation software she used and opened it, tapping on the first file in the directory. The screen changed to the first slide she had prepared: "Weekly Staff Meeting: January 10, 542", and a subheading under that read "Welcome to the Treasure Town Guild and/or Temporal Observatory!".

"Hey, Ella!", a Fennekin said groggily as she entered the conference room.

"Kira!", the Sylveon exclaimed, "You're the first one here! That's a new!"

"And it only took three Chesto berries and a splitting headache to achieve it.", the Fennekin joked as she dropped her bag on the table.

"I thought you sleepwalked here.", a Vulpix commented jokingly as she sat down beside Kira.

"I wish, Leslie. Then I'd have been asleep for that much longer.", Kira said, a smile becoming visible on her face. "Hey, so in the meeting notification, you mentioned that there will be a couple or new Pokemon coming? What's up with that?"

"Oh, we've gotten a couple of transfers from the main guild's science department, and we've gotten a couple more from other places. It's part of the staff expansion I proposed like, three months ago." The Sylveon replied, "I've decided to let this staff meeting serve as a bit of a welcome party, so they'll be coming around at like 10:30, I think. I figured that having them in the same room as the senior researchers from day one would let them get to know all of you and help reduce the 'we're the outsiders here' nervousness that can crop up."

"So the bureaucrats at IREF finally let that happen, huh?" Leslie said jovially, "Good thing too! The Temporal Observatory seriously starting to have trouble keeping up with all the new responsibilities assigned to us!"

"Hey, at least the government's granted us more freedom to experiment with temporal technology!" Kira commented, "I for one have been making a lot more progress in my own research since then!"

"Yeah, that's true, but the amount of stuff that the staff here need to get done is just ridiculous at this point!" Leslie exclaimed, "We've all been sleep deprived lately."

"Arceus knows how true that is." Kira sighed.

"Hopefully some new helping paws will alleviate that issue!" Ella said, as several more of the senior researchers walked in. Greetings were exchanged and the pre-meeting smalltalk continued.

"Perfect! All the existing members are here!" Ella said after a while, "Everyone, good morning! We're just waiting for the newcomers to arrive, and then we'll get this show on the road!"
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Hiya! Welcome to the RPG Section!

First of all, I'd like to direct you to the Section Rules. Here, you can read up about the dos and do nots of the section. As happy as I am to see a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPG, you do unfortunately need to post a Sign Up thread in the Sign Up section prior to posting your RPG in order to garner players for said RPG. As such, I will unfortunately need to lock this thread, but feel free to try again after reading the appropriate rules!

- Hydrangea
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