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Pokemon mystery Dungeons 3

Discussion in 'Mystery Dungeon (Hidden)' started by jesterquilava, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. jesterquilava

    jesterquilava Member

    Hey guys, I have some facts, info, and news about PKMN MD Blaze, Stormy, and Light adventure squads

    1. At the start, you choose 2 pokemon to go into the first dungeon, but after you beat the first dungeon, you have access to the other 7 starter pokemon

    2. Most people know this but you can evolve in this dungeon, what you may fear is that if 1 of your teammates fall, the pokemon who defeated him/her evolves regardless of level and they are hard to bring down evolved, worse if they are in a tower

    3.I have a list of pokemon or objects in town and there dutys
    Elder Slowking- Check with him to switch pokemon in and out of the party like Chimecho
    Kecleon- Sells Items such as seeds, fruit, and food
    Duskull- Stores and saves your money so you don't loose it (You'll need it)
    Kangaskhan- Stores items so you don't loose it (you'll need it)
    W.Gastrodon- Sells TM's and orbs
    E.Gastrodon- Opens chests found in Dungeons
    Slaking- Move deleter and move mentor (Free)
    Wishing well- Saves your games
    (All I got so far, other pokemon just hang around town)

    4. Traps began to appear on 2nd dungeon, stay aware of the danger

    5. The first Dungeon in the game has 6 levels, the seconds has 11, the third has 14 or more, that is as much as I know

    1. Never try to take on a pokemon tower head on alone unless you know what you are doing, Your in a tower, or your high enough to the point it doesn't matter. Try to stratigies by getting a teamate involved

    2. If you are against a Poketower you think might be to strong or has 3 or 4 pokemon in it, throw a spike, rock, or blast seed and it will knock the tower down

    3. Keep emeny pokemon from getting to close to each other, they form towers that way, this isn't needed in the 1st or 2nd dungeon

    4. If you are at low health and don't think you can make it, no big deal either use a escape orb or switch to another member in your party manually through the menu, or by tapping the 1 button on your wii remote.

    5. Never go alone in a dungeon unless you are way high level compared to the dungeon (Friend has the game and he is loosing at level 20 to abunch of lvl 9 and 10's)

    I know that this game is way harder then the last 2, that is why I say when you get the game, be very propared with your best stratigies and knowledge.
  2. NoDice

    NoDice The Sandstorm Slayer

    Nice info... but theres already a topic for this...
  3. Luigii

    Luigii New Member

    And something what I found.

    - You can catch shiny pokemons!

    I catched a shiny Skorupi.
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