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Pokemon Nicknamers Club

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Welcome to the Pokemon Nicknamers club for all the people who love to nickname there Pokemon! Love to nickname? Come here!

1. All SPPF rules apply
2. No bashing, just because we like to nickname our Pokemon doesn't mean you can make fun of us.
3. You must nickname at least almost most of your Pokemon
4. Have fun!

None yet, I'm making one though

~Owner and two Co-owners~
Owner: Legendary Suicune Girl of Pokémon
Co owner 1: ~Espeon~
Co owner 2: Prof. 9

1. Canis Lupus
2. Roy G. Biv
3. Yukio-dono
4. game_mayhem
5. Russian May
6. kennychan007
7. Tabby Catty
8. Hamstar
9. FlamingRuby
10. ~Ampris~
11. Celeste
12. -Sonansu!-
13. Chaos Sneasel
14. Exxthus
15. zangoose32
16. Grovyle002

~Starting topic (All new Members will answer this)~
What is the most stupid, ridiculous nickname have you ever given a Pokemon?
Me I nicknamed a Rhyhorn Idiot because the Pokedex entry said it was stupid.
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Yay, I'm happy!
Can i join as Co-owner?

Alex - Cubone.
Aurora - Espeon.
Sara - Dragonair.
Laura - Milotic.
Delly - Delcatty.
Tidila - Ninetales.
Lance - Scizor.
Delila - Chikorita.
Dragon - Salamence.
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Prof. 9

Well-Known Member
Can I also join like a Co-Owner? I've nicknamed almost all my Pokémon!
What is the most stupid, ridiculous nickname have you ever given a Pokemon?
Shipuard to my Shedinja, don't ask me why...

EDIT: My nicknames:
Fasto - Blastoise
Flamer - Charizard
Peridot - Sceptile
Peripoint - Sceptile (another one XD)
Peril - Sceptile (and another one lol)
Skyder - Altaria
Flower - Gardevoir
Exoterror - Tyranitar
Shine - Skarmory
I've got a lot more but I can't remember all of them...
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Canis Lupus

Well-Known Member
Oooh! I'd love to join! Anyways, I have some pretty stupid nicknames, all with reasons behind them! Here they are! NOTE: These Pokemon are all on Emerald, and are the main ones I use.
Huntail: Hunter; derived from Huntail.
Claydol: Dollie; Derived from Claydol.
Absol: Basil; I was reading Redwall at the time, and I thought of Basil Stag Hare.
Houndoom: Duke; My dog's name!
Walrein: Happy Feet; On XD, the Spheal looks like it is dancing so I named it Happy Feet.
Sceptile: Skeppy; derived for Sceptile.
Raichu: Chuchi; Derived from Raichu...

There they are!

Roy G. Biv

roar roar roar roar
I'll join, I have done some dumb stuff like name a lugia Chad and a plusle Pittsnagle after a college basketball player. I also named a caterpie stinky in G/S/C because of it's smelly horn thingy. I do nickname most if not all of my pokemon GOOD nicknames.


Nicknames: (question: they are all the stupidest xD)
Ralts; Malts
Alakazam; Alakaboom
Gengar; Yarshi
Chimeco; CoCo
Mr. Mime; Mr. Slime
Misdraveous; Missay
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I'm too coo', foo'
Hey can I join I nickname my pokemon either something that rhymes with their names or some thing that describe them in their pokedex. example I nicknamed my wishcash blingbling which is pretty funny to me.

Russian May

Well-Known Member
Hiya! Can I join? I have given many nicknames to my Pokemon!
Blaziken - Blaze
Mightyena - Striker
Beautifly - Ninjara
Manectric - Electra
Gardevoir - Sakura
Milotic - Sharmania
Flygon - SkySlasher
Charizard - Zhu-Rong (Chinese god of fire)
Butterfree - Haruka
Pidgeot - Aira
Gyarados - Krakena
Dragonite - Aquana
Aerodactyl - Raptor
Kyogre - Sapphire
Grondon - Ruby
Rayquaza - Emerald


Ok ok! You can all join and the two that asked can be co-owners! Don't ask about all my nicknames I've named them ALL. Really I have. The only one nickname I couldn't name was Mewtwo...


Saiyan-Human Warrior
Here's my team,

Most of Pokemons' nicknames are given from Kings, Emperors in Middle age or acient age. Only " Kathleen" is given from my classmate.

" Charlene" is from my girl.

"Arthas" is from a Fictional Character of Warcraft 3.


Welcome to the club! My fave Pokemon nickname is Al. I remember when I was really small and I played red, even then I nicknamed, I named my Charizard Alice (Why? No clue). Then when I get firered it was a boy so I named him Al... Strange huh? And I nicknamed my Blaziken Torch from Torchic. And last myt Quilava is Flame because of the flames on it. I'm a really weird nicknamer huh?

Tabby Catty

Courtney loves Ruby
Cool! I'll join most of my names are ridiculous names though I remember one guy in my school who named his pokemon after alcholic drinks like his Bayleef is tequila.

My nicknames:

Bannette: Taylor (like Taylor Hicks)
Clefable: Carrie (Underwood)
Flareon: Bo (Bice)
Venusaur: Constatine (I counldn't fit Constantine)
Camarupt: Taco Bell
Kingdra: Wendy's
Gorbyss: Quiznos
Absol: Ace (Young)
Gardevoir: Crispy Crm
Swampert: Ihop
Sharpedo: Cold Stone
Raichu: Nikko (smith)
Porygon2: Pixel Chix (I couldn't resist)
Articuno: Fantasia
Blissey: Mandisa
Dusclops: Burgar King
Luvdisc: Chaio Bella
Milotic: Angel Faye
Torkoal: Tabitha (my pokemon character crush)

Edit: I think when I get diamond or pearl I'll start naming them after states and countries or maybe grammar terms
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o snp.
OMG! This is like, the BEST Idea for a club! X3

May I join? I nickname almost ALL OF MY POKEMON

some examples of names I have given my pokemon are:

Yeah....I love nicknaming my pokemonz :>


^ You named your Sableye Stitch? Hahahaha! Nice real nice! I'm thinking of nicknaming a Sableye Yezma after a character from The emperorers new groove. XD both of you can join


The magic of Pokemon
Count me in!

I usually name my Pokemon after other anime characters, characters from the anime itself, game characters, Disney characters, words in other languages, fic characters, and names that suit the Pokemon.


Zelda the Gardevoir
Saria the Venusaur
Epona the Ponyta
Ash the Treecko (couldn't resist)
Misty the Togepi
Serena the Persian
Hinata the Plusle
Ariel the Vaporeon
Flit the Swellow
Meeko the Linoone
Peach the Chikorita


o snp.
Legendary Suicune Girl of Pokémon said:
^ You named your Sableye Stitch? Hahahaha! Nice real nice! I'm thinking of nicknaming a Sableye Yezma after a character from The emperorers new groove. XD both of you can join

Yeah....for some reason Sableye reminds my of Stitch (lilo & Stitch)

Yay! I is a member X3


Welcome FlamingRuby! I like your nicknames! XD! Anyway I have another ridiculous nickname: I named a Lotad Catta for some odd reason...


The magic of Pokemon
I've promised myself that if I get a decent level male Lotad, I'll name it Brock...but every decently leveled one I find is female...so I name them Lilly

Some more of mine:

Jessie the Seviper
Maddie the Meowth (in honor of Meowth's old VA)
James the Cacnea
Niji the Beautifly
Lita the Pikachu
Spyro the Dratini
Sparx the Yanma
Hunter the Growlithe


^ I'm sure you'll find one. I've I just caught a Solrock so I named it SolarFlair cool huh? It fits her perfectly! If you've ever played Pokemon Stadium then you knew that when ever battled someone like a gym leader their Pokemon would be shiny and nicknamed. I thought that was always strange.


Slip slidin'
^I have a Ludicolo on my team named Brock, he was caught at level four or something and now he's almost seventy^_^ Yep, he was one of the first pokémon I've ever caught and he's not leaving the team anytime soon:p This is such an awesome club idea, can I join? I've nicknamed every one of my pokémon, sometimes with themes and sometimes just random stupidness^^

Here are my team's names:

Player: Simon (Even though I'm a girl)
Swampert: Garfunkle (Get it now?:p)
Ludicolo: Brock
Wobbuffet: James
Chimecho: Jessie
Cacnea: Megumi (Along with a Seviper named Miki)
Dustox: Mozart (His brother Beautifly is named Vivaldi)

Garfunkle eventually got married and started a huge family, and each of the baby Mudkip got a weird name. Here's the list, almost in the order they hatched in: Mini Mizu, Romeo, Filipo, Trillian, Zaphod, Ford, A. Dent, Marvin, Richard, Tugnut, Sunday, Pineapple, Flannery, LuckyLucky, Puffy, Faiyaa, Rosalinde, Highlight, Citrus, Gnaw, Hi Def, Creole, HUH? Howl, Delta, BlazeHeart, and the adopted Totodile Wrecktembr. Their mother is a Ditto named HartOfGold, named so because she was level forty-two when I caught her, and the source of babies' four through eight's namesXD

I have a couple other families like that, so I'll bore you and post them:)

The Teddiursa Family
Father: missingNo. the Mawile
Mother: Holly the Teddiursa

Kids: Norrington, Debbie, Chica, Watersress, NowhereMan, Adroit, Tippy, Rum Ball, Stranger, Chiriin, Freida, Why, and AstroTurf.

The Feebas Family
Father: Berserker the Huntail
Mother: FEEBAS the Feebas (Traded from my uber-lucky brother who could catch her in one try, but didn't even bother to name her-_-)

Kids: Skwishy, Philly, Bant, CharlesDay, EGG, EGG, and Easter the Milotic, who appropiately hatched and evolved on Easter:p
Jamie the Jigglypuff x Scotty the Raichu
Nicholas the Igglybuff

Brandy the Pikachu x Skipper the Pikachu
Mandy the Pichu

Paige x Robby (Beauty and the Beast FTW)
Teddy the Marill and Kenji the Azuril

Wiki the Wobbuffet x Wild Thing the Wobbuffet
Will the Wynaut

Jessie the Chimecho x James the Wobbuffet
Arthur the Chimecho

Cornrows the Pelipper
Barry the Torchic (he was adopted)​

I kinda give the pokémon more than just names usually. Does anyone else give them families like that?o_O
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