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Pokemon Nicknamers Club

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Yuffentine Squee!!!!
Hey can I join I love nicknaming my pokemon here are some of my favorites from some of my
Crystal version:
Pika- Pikachu (female)
Turtley- Blastoise )(male)
Bubbles- Pidgeot (don't ask about name I don't even know why) (female)
Flame- Charizard (female)
Vapor- Vaporeon (male)
Saur- Venusaur (male)
Typhlo- Thyphlosion (female)
If you did not notice I use some nicknames from the manga 'cause I love them.
All but Typhlo are from my Yellow version anyway.
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Welcome to the club!
~Ampris~ I don't think anyone has family's like that... Ya... I have something strange to tell:
Once a long time ago, I had a Pikachu named Sandy I breed it and it had a Pichu so I named her Sandy... weird...


Slip slidin'
Heh, I thought it seemed weird. Unfortunately, because of doing that I get really attached to the pokémon, and now my brother wants Easter and FEEBAS back, and not only that but he wants me to give up all the Feebas siblings to my own siblings. But I don't want to;-;

And I just remembered another nickname legacy my pokemon have. I have over twenty level thirty-six Nidoran males named Elrond.*beams proudly*
There's no signifigance there, it was just a random LotR name pulled off the top of my head to bestow on a pokemon I completely fell in love with and couldn't resist capturing dozens of in the Safari Zone. After that, almost every Nido I caught recieved an elven name, such as:

Nidoking - Legolas
Nidoqueen - Galadriel
Nidorina - Tinuviel
Nidorino - Tino (Okay, he's the black sheep here.)
Nidoran female - Arwen

And a few others I can't remember right now. I love LotR names, there was also a Meowth named Samwise and I think an Onix called Gimli.


Not A Happy Camper
Can I join? I nickname almost every Pokemon I get.

Clefarious (Clefairy)
Shocktwo (Zapdos)
Arcticone (Articuno)
Satoshi (Scyther)
Lucky (Blissey)
No Chance! (Chansey)
REM Sleep (Snorlax)
Hit Parade (Hitmonchan)
Hit List (Hitmonlee)
Purrsian (Persian)
Pharrow (Fearow)
Snarock (Onix)
Arbokobra (Arbok)
Hocus (Abra)
Pocus (Kadabra)
Mazakala (Alakazam)
Shoresea (Seadra)
Miniminun (Minun)
Mishroom (Shroomish)
ZiggyZag! (Zigzagoon)
Oddity (Oddish)
Ninkamaru (Ninjask)
Pinch Hit (Pinsir)
Psyclone (Shuppet)
Puu (Mightyena)
Gourikii (Hariyama)
Skarface (Skarmory)
Sonansu! (Wobbuffet)
Why not? (Wynaut)
Primary (Primeape)
RlyCan't (Relicanth)

Personally, my favorite nicknames are the ones for Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Shuppet, Zigzagoon, Arbok, Snorlax, and Clefairy.


Not A Happy Camper
I just took some more to the Name Rater in Emerald and named them. The Whismur trio I actually named after Japanese sound effects. The ones for silence, a hit, and a really big hit, respectively.

Shiiiiin (Whismur)
Doshin (Loudred)
Dokkan (Exploud)

Also named my Poochyena "Wanwan" after how a puppy barks.

Chaos Sneasel

Sneasel of Chaos
Hey, Lil
*wants to join*
Here's some examples, pokemon I actually use-

Shadow- Sneasel
Crush- Feraligatr
Hurricane- Pidgeot
Spyke [bad]- Nidoking
Oblivion- Heracross
Scorch- Charizard
[of course you knew all those already]
Throttle- Houndour
Storm- Blastoise
Alchem- Flygon
Richter- Tyranitar
Brom- Alakazam
Thor- Electabuzz
Cirrus- Skarmory
Caspian- Gyrados
Dozer- Aggron
Flick- Jolteon
Orion- Pinsir
Bullet- Aipom
Abyss- Dragonite
Jet/Razor- Scyther

Those are some, but there are others.

~Chaos Sneasel ;215;
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Head AlwaysHeld High
I nickname like crazy (mostly my shinies*), so I suppose I would like to join. Let's see....

Lithonrum - Tyrannitar (M) .......... Xenith - Xatu (F)
Rose - Skarmory (F) .......... Skystone - Skarmory (M)
Cygnus - Umbreon* (M) .......... Tirya - Ninetales (F)
Elendar - Milotic* (M) .......... Anubis - Armaldo (M)
Sial - Raichu (F) .......... Zorwraith - Mightyena (M)
Shikozen - Scyther (M) .......... Ashenqua - Altaria (M)
Haadkha - Flygon (F) .......... Volcanis - Salamence (M)
Parthen - Sharpedo (M) .......... Gekkon - Sceptile (M)
Aethio - Dragonite (F) .......... Galisesh - Absol (M)
Anast - Aerodactyl (M) .......... Skorpyte - Flygon (M)
Alai - Absol (M) .......... Horus - Lileep (M)
Ain - Espeon (M) .......... Obsedite - Seviper (M)
Elios - Umbreon (M) .......... Daniel - Grovyle (M)
Viror - Mightyena (M) .......... Cadmus - Charmeleon (M)
Farah - Ninetales* (F) .......... Sorandus - Charmander (M)
Seige - Spinarak* (M) .......... Serket - Metagross
Jade - Ninjask (F) .......... Tides - Qwilfish (M)
Virage - Lunatone .......... Qon - Tropius (M)
Taeka - Flygon (F) .......... Kiyoko - Kecleon (F) [after my friend that moved]
Taija - Meganium (F) .......... Damia - Milotic (F)
Cacticide - Cacturne (M) [interesting origin, here] .......... Valor - Omastar* (M)
Angelus - Charizard (F) .......... Caim - Charizard (M)
Fiorec - Charizard (M) ........... Szilinei - Charizard (M)
Ono - Charizard (M) .......... Onu - Charizard (M) [they're twins]
Arken - Charizard (M) .......... Wildfire - Charizard* (M)
Xebec - Flygon* (M) .......... Cobalt - Aggron* (M)
Corm - Gyarados* (M) .......... Solaren - Altaria* (M)
Galvanic - Manectric* (M) .......... Yewnix - Salamence* (M)
Erath - Skarmory* (M) .......... Strike - Absol* (M)
Liquus - Rapidash* (M) .......... Twilight - Houndoom* (M)
Harar - Mightyena* (M) .......... Ivolis - Eevee* (M)
Jysal - Scyther* (M) .......... Sulie - Yanma* (M)
Anor - Torkoal* (M) .......... Wisdom - Alakazam* (M)
Granite - Sandslash* (M) .......... Freedom - Venomoth* (M)
Ignatius - Dewgong* (M) .......... Mercury - Slugma* (M)
Justice - Shellder* (M) .......... Kelest - Feraligatr* (M)
Eternity - Mantine* (M) .......... Orein - Pidgeot* (M)
Ukama - Hariyama* (M) .......... Lapis - Shuckle* (M)
Cruxxis - Metagross* (M)

My scramble team:

Ques - Houndoom (M)
Mahad - Nidorino (M)
Khalis - Arbok (M) [after my latest NPC]
Coro - Typhlosion (M) [in honor of Coronis and CoroCoro]
Raiden - Pupitar (M)
Jehenna - Noctowl (F)

There's also my RPing team, which is now on my Sapphire. Click Aska and search. You'll find the whole list somewhere in the Sign-Ups area.


The magic of Pokemon
Tody's question: Do you have names planned for D/P Pokemon yet?

I do:

Rukario-Aaron (male); Lucca, Yuna, Erin (female)
Bonsly-Brock (couldn't resist)


Head AlwaysHeld High
Not really. It all depends on their gender, nature, etc. I'm rather picky when it comes to nicknaming. (I know. I have a problem.)


Slip slidin'
I don't really plan nicknames in advance, usually I'm just flying by the seat of my pants and choosing a random name/word or a name/word that fits the theme. But Abu is a perfect name for the fire monkey! They look so incredibly similar, and that was the first thing I thought of when I saw itXD I'm forseeing a lot of Lucarios named for Anubis, though mine'll probably end up named GeorgeLucas. I dunno why, it just sort of looks like a George, and Mr. Lucas *is* one of the most important Georges I know.:D

Here are my Treasure Planet themed group, partially comprised of legendaries, naturally.

Rayquaza- Don Hahn
Kyogre- Ron Clemnts
Groudon- Jon Musker
Delcatty- Thompson (Would've been named Emma, but I could only get a male:\)
Mightyena- Peirce (As in 'David Hyde'. Of course he had to match Thompson>D)
Graveler- Roscoe Lee (Brown)
Torkoal- Patrick (McGoohan)
Lileep- Mr. Mop (Lol, I'm still looking for a decent Mrs. Bucket)

I'm also going to get a Tyrogue named 'Joseph' from my brother and a Kangaskahn (sp?) named 'Laurie' if I can ever get my hands on Leaf Green.

This's all reminding me of my lovely Yellow legendaries:

Articuno- Amelia
Zapdos- Charles
Moltres- Chuck
(^Notice a theme?)

Mewtwo- Sherlock


Well-Known Member
I wanna join! xD I actually enjoy nicknamin' my Pokemon!

What is the most stupid, ridiculous nickname have you ever given a Pokemon?
Back in my Crystal verison I named my Totodile "Vector" after a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series who's a Crocodile. Well, that's my stupidest outta all of mine.

My Emerald Team nicknames:

????-Aggron's nickname is pending.


Slip slidin'
Wait, was that a topic? Did I miss it? Ah well, here's my weirdest name anyway.


...An Anorith named HibblyHead. *gasp!* It doesn't mean anything and there's no significance at all, it's just a made up word and a body part!



EDIT: Here I doooo have something planned out for D/P:

Diaruga~ Diamond
Hikozaru~ Farter (It looks like he's farting XD)
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Tabby Catty

Courtney loves Ruby
Since I'll be doing states for my D/P team my starter will be Pochama and be named Alaska and once I'm done with states I'll move onto countries and then landmarks. I named my Kyogre Leviathan just yesterday since thats what Kyogre was based on according to the Wiki.


The magic of Pokemon
Weirdest name, huh?


My names for the Legendary Birds...after pre-evos I created for them:

Furisama the Articuno
Ritureki the Zapdos
Aiyandiku the Moltres
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