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Pokemon Nicknames

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Crystal Espeon, May 20, 2008.

  1. Crystal Espeon

    Crystal Espeon The Confused One

    Hey! I was just wondering, what nicknames do you give to your Pokemon? So far I've had:

  2. DJDojo

    DJDojo Clefable in Disguise

    Here's my list of nicknames:
    Gabriel the Clefable
    Laurel the Marowak
    Isis the Alakazam
    Capricorn the Vaporeon
    ...those are my favorite pokemon...*sigh*
  3. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

  4. .Mari.

    .Mari. Ohmigosh!

    Porygon Z--Alpha

    Eh... they ain't the best, but oh well.
  5. Raccario

    Raccario Well-Known Member

    I dont usually use nicknames, but these are the ones I have used.

    Lucario - Raccario
    Glameow - Snuggles (my cats name)
    Dialga - Chaos
  6. I've had:

    Missy (Deoxys)
    Cuddly (Arcanine)
    RipperTearerSmasher (Magikarp)

    That's it.
  7. ~xLush

    ~xLush ;-;

    Waffles (Charmander)
    Glitter (Beautifly)
    ...And I think that's it.
  8. Lanther

    Lanther Member

    here's some of my favorites:
    ;107; jack
  9. Ammako

    Ammako Well-Known Member

    Impossible for Magikarp, your Pokémon's name can only be 10 charachters long.

    As for me, I gave to nickname Tyranny for my Tyranitar, Cloudria for Altaria, Walqueen for Walrein, Blazey for Torchic, Tortree for Turtwig and Metapsy for Metagross.
  10. iamnotiangibson

    iamnotiangibson EV Trainer

    I don't name my pokemon anymore. It's too much of a hassle.

    If I do name them it's always a stupid pun of some kind, generally relating to bathroom humor.

    For example:

    Dunsparce - Dungsparce
    Porygon - Pornygon
    Pidgey - Poodgey
    Caterpie - Caterpe...well I don't know if I should say it on these forums.

    EDIT: After reading the above post I thought of Trannytar.
  11. Forretress Fan

    Forretress Fan Let's Go

    Treecko- Leaf
    Tailow - wings
    Raltz - Psycho
  12. MAGAX

    MAGAX Symbol Hunter

    i only name my pokemon i use in battle frontier
    metagross:Fe paladin
    metagross:Fe striker
    latias:drayclaw 2
    smeargle:doom dog
    starmie:avenger 2
    starmie:avenger 3
    blissey:holy egg
    blissey:holy aroma
    slaking:lazy kong
    flygon:dune flyer
  13. I never nickname my pokemon.... the only ones that have a different name would be the unwanted collection of Oddish I accidently would catch in the Safari Zone.

    Theyre something like... AAAAAAAA, pieceofcrap, garbage, BBBBBB, etc
  14. Emeraldia

    Emeraldia *evil grin*

    It's hard to give good nicknames for my Pokemon, since my games are Japanese and the limit is five characters. So far I only have Silva (shi-ru-va in katakana), my Skarmory in PMD.
  15. boomheadshot45

    boomheadshot45 C'mon dolly!

    I have a ton of nicknamed Pokemon in Diamond, but I don't have much in Emerald. I know my Sceptile is Geico, and when I get my shiny Rayquaza, it will be Ray-Ray.
  16. Shiny qwilfish of doom

    Shiny qwilfish of doom Back in White

    squirt the blastoise
    grandpert the swampert

    i cant remember anything else:(
  17. Magiclapras

    Magiclapras Dragon Goddess Flyder

    Ho-oh-Fire Titan
  18. Magiclapras

    Magiclapras Dragon Goddess Flyder

    Ho-oh-Fire Titan
  19. Dokichan

    Dokichan Well-Known Member

    I nicknamed every Pokemon I caught. I'm lazy so I'm just going to post my Hall of Fame team's nicknames:
    Swampert - Halfmoon
    Ninetails - Pix
    Raichu - Luffy
    Pikachu - Piki
    Skarmory - Kazooie
    Azumarril - Dopplepox
  20. knuclear200x

    knuclear200x Well-Known Member

    i hate it when people use a part of the name or switch letters just to make a nickname. at least make something random imho

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