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Pokemon Nicknames


That's not funny...
Giratina- Deathfrost
Empoleon- Pengonstar (it was a random name I thought up of)
Darkrai- Wanted to name it Darkshadow, but it was from almia, my other darkrai's name it shadowstar
Lucario- Auraspirit
Dusknoir- Duskdawn
Chatot- Echosong
Togetic- planning to rename it Yoko
Dialga- Timeheart
Palkia- Spacedawn
To let you know, Im a warrior cats fan, thats where I got such strange names


Lord of Shuckles
Aww. I already named them. I liked the sound of Sadistic Bug though... If I should train a pinsir, that'd be the name!

I named my Scizor "Knife Rape". Also, Scizor isn;t a flying type. ^^


I tend to name my starters

Charizard- Darigah
Venusaur- Chronic
Blastiose- Blaster
Thyphlosion- Typhiod
Feraligatr- Crusher
Chikorita- Allergie
Blaziken- Blazer
Sceptile- LizardLip
Swampert- Breaker
Infernape- Flamehead
Torterra- Galapagos
Empoleon- Elvis

I also have a few high levels named
Ursaring- Eddie
Raichu- Chueka
Primape- GrapeApe
Garchomp- Chewy
Luxray- Stattik
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My new team:

Trainer Name ~ Ginsberg

Spiritomb ~ Corso
Altaria ~ Johnson
Miltank ~ Kyger
Blaziken ~ Burroughs
Leafeon ~ Kerouac
Azumarill ~ Cassady

I really like these, these are super original


Prepare For Trouble
Meganium~Phyll (as in chlorophyll)
Ampharos~Lucy (Luz is spanish for light)
Miltank~Cookie (cookies and milk)
Gengar~Boo (originally Spooky but changed it after reading To Kill A Mockingbird)
Lopunny~Trixie (as in Trix Rabbit)


Isn't that Dandy?
mt teams nick names are

typhlosion- tyler( went with him)

togekiss- lieto( means happy in italian)

Iya- to notched ear pichu( nickname of my little sis ^_^)

red gyarados- Elesis( like the way it sounds)

scizor- siege( cuz he pwns)

tyranitar- garraa( cuz as a larvatar he looked emo and hes the ultimate emo)
Awesome names everybody :) I always give my pokemon nicknames, but here's a few:
Mewtwo - Melancolia
Skitty - Fragola (the italian word for strawberry)
Kricketot - Tunasalad (I often come up with out-of-place nicknames like this one)
Makuhita - Machupichu
Raichu - Jelly (I also have a pikachu named peanut a pichu named butter)
Slowking - Dude


Isn't that Dandy?
ay as a quick question what is a good name for a male torchic?

to keep from spaming

charmander- charlie

squirtle- Blair
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I named my Scizor "Knife Rape". Also, Scizor isn;t a flying type. ^^

hahaha I love that name ^^ and lol yeah, dunno why I thought scizor was flying. Oh well I think apache works very well anyways.

ay as a quick question what is a good name for a male torchic?

to keep from spaming

charmander- charlie

squirtle- Blair

What about Hot Chick? Sadly it has only one interpretation if it's a boy... :/
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Skitty Chaser
Skitty - Fragola (the italian word for strawberry)

That is a really cute name!

I nickname all of my Pokemon. I almost always name them the first thing that comes to my mind, so here's a few of them:

Minnow - my male Rapidash from Platinum. He just made me think of a minnow when I caught him.. His daughter is named Halibut. (Edit - just caught a Shiny Ponyta. Named her "Arowana.")

Yarra - The Red Gyarados from Gold/Silver/HG/SS. When I caught him in Crystal, I thought the sound clip it played for its cry sounded like it was saying "Yar-rah". So I've named him the same thing every time I've caught him..

Nikki - my male Vulpix, soon to be a Ninetails. This is a name that I often give to characters that are male but seem very feminine, as it was the name of a character from Chrono Cross who was like this.

Itemfinder - my Yanma. She has Compoundeyes.. soo.. yeah XD

LaundryMan - My Rotom. No explanation needed.
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my nick names are horrible

jus added the o

tyranitar- dinatar

hitmontop- spinster





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ay as a quick question what is a good name for a male torchic?

to keep from spaming

charmander- charlie

squirtle- Blair

in the past I have named Torchics: "Marionette," "Caesar," "Quazar," "Lassen," and "Pompeii"


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Usually, when I "nickname" my good Pokemon, I just get rid of the all caps. (e.g. I'd change PIKACHU to Pikachu)
I think it looks ugly when the letters are all in caps.

Though, there are certain Pokemon that I always give certain nicknames to. For example, I always name Tropius "Banana" and Farfetch'd "Duck Soup".


are these good nicknames 4 my ss team feraligator= crox ampharos=lighthouse tyranatar=godzila crobat=stealth aggron=deathmetal magmortar=firestart


Swampert Trainer
Octillery: Paul

named after the psychic octopus and also knows psychic