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Pokemon: Nike


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Pokemon: Nike

Ten years ago the Pokemon world experienced a shocking discovery: Mr. Nadeu, renowned man of the Pokemon World and creator of the idea of the PokeDex, would be taking a trip in his air ship for one whole year. He would not be taking this trip alone however. Six Pokemon from his prized collection would be travelling with him and when the world saw how extraordinary these Pokemon were, they began to wonder why Mr. Nadeu would be taking this trip.

Each Pokemon was exquisitely coloured, not like a normal Pokemon. His Jynx’s hair was platinum blonde and sported a pink dress, rather than the normal red. His Quagsire was purple! All of his Pokemon were different colours than what they would normally be and although Mr. Nadeu insisted they were genuine, many people believe he dyed them this colour and was instantly shunned for his cruelty to Pokemon.

Mr. Nadeu proceeded to take off in his air ship and travelled the Pokemon world for one year... and another year... and another year. Mr. Nadeu was never seen again, although many people still claim to see his ship, the Aurora, flying through the air. If Mr. Nadeu was still on the ship, it could be possible that his irregular Pokemon were flying with him too.

It was announced last week that three Pokemon trainers and three Pokemon co-ordinators would be chosen to discover just what Mr. Nadeu’s been working on up in his air ship all these years and you look just like the likely candidate!

The trainers will be determined by competing in the Battle Arena in Lionsgate City, Hoenn. Out of six trainers, three will move on to be air crew while the other three remaining people will continue to stay on ground. The Co-Ordinators will be determined in a similar matter, performing at the Olympian Contest Hall in the same city. Only three will go on to become air crew members while the other three will remain on the ground.

The air crew will be exploring the ship in person while the ground crew will be monitoring them and making sure that nothing out of the ordinary happens. What the explorers will find, no one knows. So now it’s up to you trainer, to take up the challenge. Be successful in the Battle Arena or the Olympian Contest Hall and take on the ultimate challenge: taking on the Aurora.


1. All SPPF Rules Apply
2. No God-Modding
3. No one-liners! I don't even think that it follows the rules but I'd like a minimum of four lines in a post please!
4. Please use Proper Grammar
5. Please make sure that you read what I write. If you have an application and I tell you to change something and you don't, your spot could be taken unless you've reserved it. Don't come running to me with your complaints of not getting in. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: (Obvious)
Gender: (Obvious)
Age: (Ranging from 14 to 19)
Trainer or Co Ordinater: (Only one!)
Description: (4-6 decent lines. Please include what your character wears (contest and normal).)
Personality: (5-8 4 decent lines)
History: (4 to 5 decent lines)
Other: (Anything else that you think I should know)
Pokemon: (Pokemon have their own Sign up sheet for each Pokemon. Note that if you have six Pokemon in your party, you cannot catch any new Pokemon that may be sighted around the city, eg. Urban Pokemon (Zubat, various bug Pokemon etc. etc.)

Name: (Put N/A if it has no nickname)
Gender: (Don't forget to put 'Genderless' if your Pokemon does not have a gender!)
Personality: (3-4 decent lines)
History: (4-6 decent lines)
Other: (Can be used to add any kind of description that is not normal to your Pokemon)
Moves: (4 min and max)

Double-oh-Platypus: Trainer, Sarafina Lindsay
xXBlastBurnXx: Trainer, Tyson Kidd
waqzy: Trainer, Kevin Richards
mitchiscool~: Trainer
Trainer Spots Left: 2
Co-Ordinator Spots Left: 6
Here's my application, so you know what I'm talking about.
Name: Sarafina Lindsay
Gender: Girl
Trainer or Co-Ordinator: Trainer
Description:Sarafina probably has reached the peak in her hight. She only stands at about 5'4", which she finds is just the perfect height. She has gold coloured hair that comes down to about her chest and has lightning blue eyes that seem to pierce your thoughts. Her legs are long and lean and are made for running, and the rest of her body is similarly athletic. She normally wears a pair of black, athletic capris and a black tank top with a white hoodie with mult-coloured squares on it. Her shoes are green and blue Marc Ecko's and her backpack (which holds a variety of different essentials for travelling) hangs low on her back.
Personality:Sarafina is one of those girls that you just can't seem to get to know well enough. She finished top of her class at her trainer school in Jubilife City and had many people who considered her friend, but she didn't necessarily consider them friends. She has that calm and collected attitude with a mixture of bold coolness added in. Sarafina's also quite confident in most things she does, including battling and gymnastics. She's known to be quite sarcastic but can be friendly in general.
History:Sarafina was born and raised in Jubilife City. When she was ten she received her first Pokemon from Professor Rowan and began her Pokemon Journey. She completed the league, but never went on to battle the Elite Four. After that she began travelling in the different regions and when she found Lionsgate City in Hoenn, she decided to stay there, that was when she was thirteen. Two years later she read about the journey to the airship and immediately signed up to compete for a spot in the air crew. Other:Sarafina competes heavily in gymnastics and excels in tumbling. Pokemon:

Personality:Annabeth is a hard worker, striving to achieve her goals and be the best and the strongest. She doesn't hate to lose, but she doesn't like to either and quickly learns how Pokemon move and what they are capable of when studying in battle. She, like Sarafina, is calm and collected as well as powerful in her own way and has a deep passion for swimming. As Annabeth was Sarafina's first Pokemon, it makes sense that she is the one that understands her trainer the most and the one that reacts in many the same ways to different situations.
History:Annabeth was Sarafina's starter Pokemon, learning and growing quickly. She was used in many of the gym battles of the Sinnoh region and also aided in catching the Pokemon that are now on Sarafina's team. As she evolved, from Piplup to Prinplup to Empoleon, she grew more confident in her battling and is now Sarafina's main powerhouse.
Moves:Hydro Pump, Drill Peck, Ice Beam and Metal Claw

Personality:Aipom is like the opposite of Sarafina. He is bubbly and energetic, often spacing out and always having fun. He loves to battle, and doesn't care whether he wins or loses, just as long as he learns or has fun. He often doesn't think before he leaps and this can get him in a lot of trouble. He loves to play though, and is always seen out of his Poke Ball.
History:The second Pokemon Sarafina found, he came to her after she spread some honey on a Honey Tree. After a quick battle, Aipom was caught. He competed in almost all of the Sinnoh gym battles, except for the one in Veilstone and is a powerhouse Pokemon of Sarafina's. He refuses to evolve, feeling more free with his smaller form then he thinks he would as an Ambipom.
Moves:Iron Tail, Swift, Bounce and Brick Break

Personality:Thalia is a bit of a grump. She enjoys sleeping and eating and hates listening to Sarafina unless she feels like she wants to. She also doesn't care for battling much, instead preferring to rest and take life easily. She can often be seen yawning, giving off the appearance that she isn't a bright battler, but when provoked terribly she can let loose a series of powerful attacks.
History:Sarafina found Thalia in a cave near Veilstone City. After a long and gruesome battle, Thalia was caught. In the beginning, Thalia was a happy-go-lucky kind of Pokemon and Sarafina got a shock when her personality changed drastically as she evolved. It took a while for the two to come to a mutual understanding again and Thalia was used in many of the gym battles that came her way afterwards.
Moves:Earthquake, Fissure, Hyper Beam and Yawn

Personality:Blaziken is the resident tough guy on Sarafina's team. He trains hard everyday so that he can succeed in battles. He's also the one to act cool and suave, trying to make up for Aipom's goofy attitude and Thalia's grumpy one. He can be an agressive batter and doesn't need provoking, unlike Thalia. Blaziken is also loyal to Sarafina, fighting for the title of loyalist with Annabeth.
History:Blaziken was a gift from Professor Birch after Sarafina had a battle with his son Brandon and quickly defeated him. Professor Birch was quite impressed with the defeat and gave Sarafina a Torchic as her prize. After many street battles in Lionsgate City, Sarafina easily managed to evolve Torchic to Blaziken and found him to be a major powerhouse.
Moves:Flare Blitz, Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick and Flamethrower
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Name: Kevin Richards
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Trainer or Co Ordinater: Trainer
Description: Kevin has brown eyes and black hair which is covered with a blue cap with a red pokeball on it.He has a black t-shirt which is covered with a blue jacket.He also wears black trainers,blue jeans,a black backpack and a red bandana around his neck.He covers his hands with black gloves.He also has a scar on his right arm.He stands around 5"8.
Personality: Kevin cares for his friends and pokemon.Sometimes he tells jokes but usually goes to far when telling them.He hates fruit and vegatbles.He usually drinks cola which he never forgets to buy.He does'nt like getting angry at all and trys to think of ways to calm himself down.He is alergict to hay but he does'nt let this get him down.He may be a joker but he is serious in battle.
History: When he was young,Kevin lived in Goldenrod city.He used to get bullied by his Rival,David.(who looks like silver from the pokemon mangas).Soon David left for a pokemon journey so Kevin wanted to go too.At first his parents did'nt let him but then he ran away from home without a trace.After getting his first pokemon he found out that his parents had passed away because of Team Rocket.Kevin didn't know what to do but after thinking about it,he continued his journey.

Personality:Torterra cares for his team mates but can often be aggressive towards others.He hates to move around thats why he waits for the right oppertunity to attack.He has a big appetite.He hates when others fight each other thats why he's always seen trying to stop a fight.Being Kevin's starter pokemon he very loyal to him.He sometimes calls the pokemon that live on his back,for help in battle.He is Kevin's powerhouse.
History:Torterra used his speed as a Turtwig to win many battles.But as he evolved he lost his speed and became worried that he would'nt be powerful like before.However Kevin told him that he does'nt always have to rely on speed in battle.He has won many Gym battles through out the Regions.He used to live in Prof.Rowans lab as a turtwig,he was sad because no one picked him as their starter until Kevin came and changed his life forever.
Moves:Wood Hammer,Earthquake,Stone Edge and Rock Climb.

Personality:He is has a vicous personality.He would protect Kevin with his life.If he is angered, he will go crazy with anger and flames would be everywhere since he can't control his anger.He is a very brave pokemon that is only affraid of a few things.He also hates evil beings who be cruel to humans and pokemon.He loves being groomed.Typhlsosion can take sometimes take attacks, and he would still be standing.
History:Kevin got Typhlosion as a Cyndaquil from Prof.Elm.At first Cyndaquil was shy and weak.But as he evolved he became brave and a lot more powerful.When he first evolved into Quilava, he still thought he was weak.But as he faced a wild Skarmory, he found out that he was more powerful.But he lost.As Skarmory was about to finish Quilava off, he went into a complete rage and fire blew across a quarter of the forest.He defeated Skarmory with one hit with a Flame Wheel.Kevin tried to calm him down but it was no good.He returned him to him pokeball but the forest was still on fire.Luckily a Pokemon Ranger arrived to save the day.Quilava evolved again while battling a machoke.Now Typhlosion is a major powerhouse on Kevin's team.
Moves:Flamethrower,Focus Blast,Solarbeam and Eruption.

Personality:Yanmega is very active as it flies around most of the time and rarely lands.Yanmega likes to build up speed in battle so the opponent can't even touch it then it attacks and then keeps dodging.He very rarely gets tired and when he does,he lands on torterra's tree for a quick rest.
History:Kevin found Yanmega as a Yanma near a pond.It was having a brutal battle with a Beedrill but Kevin did'nt want to take advantage of this and capture it,so he helped Yanma to defeat Beedrill and then he had a fair battle against it.After a few minutes Yanma was captured.Yanmega is now a brutal pokemon in Kevin's team.He serves as Kevin's main transportation by going on Kevin's bacpack and starts grappling on to it with it's feet and then taking off.This gives the image that Kevin has wings.
Moves:Bug Buzz,Shadow Ball,Air Slash and Double Team.

Personality:Electivire thinks he can beat any opponent,usually charging in head first without any commands.Electivire talks to the other team members usually while taping there backs.He usually crosses his arms when he is angry,When he's REALLY angry he shocks everything and everyone around him with electricity.
History:Electivire was found attacking wild pokemon with no reason at all.Kevin wanted to battle it and capture it but it put up a really good fight.After a long battle Kevin succeeded in capturing Elekid.He is also one of Kevin's powerhouses.He used to shock Kevin and the other pokemon.But soon they bonded and became a powerful team.
Moves:Thunderbolt,Iron Tail,Cross Chop and Ice Punch.

Personality:Gengar loves playing pranks on strangers but sometimes he plays pranks on Kevin and the other pokemon.He loves to play about.He can be quite scary when he wants too.In battle he likes to hide in the shadows and then he does a surprise attack.He often licks Kevin when he is happy.He has a rival with David's Dusclops.
History:Kevin found Gengar as a Gastly in a abandoned house.Gastly was lonley their,all by himself.Kevin wanted to make Gastly happy by making him join his Team.But Gastly wasn't going down without a fight.He put up a really powerful fight,but was caught.Kevin left the house with Gasly.Gastly missed his home but had a better time with Kevin.Soon he evolved into Haunter who scared Kevin every day.He evolved again after training,and became a powerful pokemon to defeat.Even Yanmega had a hard time chasing him around.
Moves:Shadow Ball,Focus Blast,Energy Ball and Hypnosis.

Personality:Gyarados hates to loose.The other pokemon never make him angry because he has a very VERY bad temper.If he is angered,then he will let loose powerful attacks.He maybe threatening but on the inside he cares for his team mates and his Trainer.
History:Kevin got tricked into buying a powerful pokemon,which was actually a Magikarp.Kevin did'nt know what to do with Magikarp when suuddenly Kevin got attacked by Team Rocket.With his pokemon at the pokemon center and only Magikarp with him,Kevin was doomed.But then Magikarp evolved to save Kevin's life.Since that day Gyarados has become one of Kevin's powerhouses.
Moves:Hydro Pump,Hyper Beam,Ice Fang and Earthquake.
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Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Tyson Kidd
Gender: Tyson is a girl's name, duh! (Male)
Age: 14
Trainer or Co Ordinater: Trainer
Description: Tyson has short light hair, and big, dark blue eyes. He stands about 5"7. he wears red a zip-up hooded sweater over a black tee. The t-shirt is all black and no nothing else. The Sweater is the same also, only red. He wears black jeans, and a black belt that has a small compartment on the side to store Poke Balls. His shoes are black skateboard shoes. He also has a black bookbag he stores his items in.
Personality: Tyson likes to joke around and this often gets him into trouble. He usally is very laid back and sarcastic, but he can be very detirmined and headstrong. He doesn't get angery very much, but when he does, he loses complete control over himself. But no matter what his emotion is, he will never, ever have the first hit, except in Pokemon battles.
History: Tyson was born and raised in Ekruteack City, Johto. When he turned ten, he and his best friend, Brandon left on a Pokemon Journey together. The two eventually made it to the Mount Silver Confrence. Tyson lost in the semi finals to Brandon, who went on to win. The two then went their seprate ways, as Tyson went to Hoenn and Brandon went to the near by Kanto.
Other: His main mode of transportaion is besides walking is not a bike, but a skateboard.

Name: Rizo (RIZO)
Species: Charizard
Gender: Male
Personality: Rizo is a powerful fighter, but is extremely headstrong and disobeant to Tyson, however he now is very loyal to Tyson. He likes to overpower weaker foes, but will not hurt them. He is however very caring to injuried and small Pokemon.
History: Tyson captured Rizo near Mt. Silver when he went to New Bark Town to receive a PokeDex. Rizo soon evolved into Charmeleon and helped Tyson win many Badges. He evolved into Charizard in Dewford Town during a battle againist Brawly. Rizo was severly injured by a Walrein near Mosdeep City. He was nursed back to health by Tyson. He then went on to be Tyson's main powerhouse.
Other: N/A
Moves: Outrage, Flamethrower, Air Slash, Solarbeam

Name: Glia (Gli-A)
Species: Skarmory
Gender: Female
Personality: Glia is very caring and passionet. But if someone she cares about is in danger she is ver viocious and dangerous. She likes to be the center of attention and is very jelious when other Pokemon evolve, because she cannot.
History: Tyson captured Glia at Mt. Silver just before he entered the Silver Confrence. She then helped him win the first round by knocking out a Grovyle with her Brave Bird attack. Glia has battled with many Pokemon, but has won very little. She then was taught Fly and began winning again and became Tyson's only means for transportaion through the sky.
Other: Glia likes to eat Razz Berries and practice on trees at night.
Moves: Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Fly, Spikes

Name: Margo (MAR-go)
Species: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Personality: Margo is very much like his trainer, except he likes to help others and always wants the first hit. He Dislikes Pokemon that are bullies, standing up to them since he was a Totodile. But unlike Tyson, he can control his anger.
History: Margo was Tyson's first Pokemon. He was recieved from Professour Elm, but he chose Tyson, not the other way around. tyson wanted Cyndaquil as his started, but Cyndaquil was taken. Tyson then deciced he was not going on a Pokemon Jouney. But on his way back home he was attacked by a group of Spearow, but Margo, who escaped the Lab followed him and saved him. From then on Margo was Tyson's most trusted Pokemon.
Other: Margo likes to swim while Tyson skateboards along side of the water.
Moves: Hydro Pump, Crunch, Super Power, Ice Fang

Name: Shazer (Shay-ZER)
Species: Raichu
Gender: Male
Personality: Shaze is very curious about other Pokemon and likes to explore. He is very playful and often shocks others, but he is only trying to play. When he is in battle he is still very playful, his trainer uses this to his advantage.
History: Shazer was originally caught by Brandon, but when he and Tyson split up, they traded Pokemon. Tyson traded Koug,his Ursaring, for Brandon's Raichu, Shazer. Shazer was A Pikachu when Tyson received him, but when he fell in the cold Hoenn ocean, he came in contact, causing him to evolve and save himself. Shazer has been very good to Tyson and is a powerful Pokemon, despite his small size.
Other: N/A
Moves: Volt Tackle, Magnet Rise, Rock Smash, Thunder Punch.
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To waqzy: Can you please add more History to your Houndoom? Other than that, it looks fine.
To xXBlazeBurnXx: Can you please change Tyson's height? I find it really unreasonable for a fourteen year old to be 6'5". Most of the kids in my school that are fourteen haven't even hit six feet yet.
Also, I need more History on Rizo, Gila and Shazer. If you read the application in the first post then you should see that I need at least 3 lines in Pokemon description.


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Hows this? I made him so tall because I was gonna make him 16 at first, but changed my mind at the last minute and forgor to change it.


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Looks good. Accepted.
Note:I have to change my sign-up form a little as having the same kind of set-up is not allowed. So the two applicants now are fine but for future applications they must follow the new one I will put up shortly.


OU = Owns yoU.
Can you reserve me a spot as a trainer? Thanks in advance.


Ok i edited Houndoom's history.oh and i'm gonna change Marowak into a Gengar and i'm gonna add a little more history onto Yanmega.
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Looks good. I'll put you in. Accepted.
By the way, you may want to work on your grammar and spelling and such. I'd like to see a RP sample from you, if you don't mind, so can you PM me one? I just want to see if you're grammar is the same in your Roleplaying as it is in you sign-ups. ^^