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Pokemon odiities


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i think ive splet it odities right but my oditie is that i was playing during wi-fi then suddnely out of nowhere my pokemon disserpeard weirdO_0


Up all night
Really? It just vanished? What happened after that?

I've had a weird thing happen to me too. Almost immediatly after I put up a pokemon on the GTS, it was picked, and it littearly happened within minutes. Needless to say, my wifi bugged out and when I restarted my game, I had both the pokemon I put up, and the pokemon I requested!
I was mad when on GTS, I put a lv. 50 Hippowdon with EQ and Stone Edge up for trade. Then I didn't play for 2 weeks. When I checked again, it says Hippowdon fled!

Rudol Ichiga

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Hahaha, yeah pokemon tend to escape when you dont check the GTS for long..