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Pokemon of Famous People from History


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Did you just suggest that Jesus Christ would have befriended a Heracross that would help him with his job
and that same Heracross would later aid in his crucifixion?
What, no. I meant Megahorn to break the cross and free Jesus, and later close combating the Romans. I said Heracross, not Judacross.


Cool Trainer
Santa Claus(I know, I know, he's not real) would get delibird, chancy, and alohomola.


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Achilles would get Gallade


Yusarin >_<
is cupid included? if she is she might get luvdisc.

anyway genghis khan should get a spearow, i know it doesn't sound like but because warrior tend to use a weapon to spear their opponents a lot.
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Santa Claus(I know, I know, he's not real) would get delibird, chancy, and alohomola.
Needs some Stantler too, I daresay.


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Adam and a female Ditto have started the whole human population on Earth.
Barack Obama and Aegislash. Both of em can't get along with each other because Aegislash can't detect any innate leadership quality within him.
Hitler and Seviper. Seviper will gladly assist Hitler's troops if he put all Zangoose on the concentration camp.
North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, and Mr. Mime.
I actually think Hitler would have Probopass, for one reason and one reason only, that distinct 'tache!
For some reason i can see Napoleon with Escavilier...


What's Next?
Thomas Edison and... Rotom, maybe? That's the first Pokemon that came to mind.


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Teddy Roosevelt would obviously have bear Pokemon, such as Ursaring, Beartic and Pangoro. Being a bamf, he didn't need to send out his Pokemon to fight them




Too cool for SSB4
How come no one mentioned Chuck norris´ arceus?Jk

Bill gates would have the porygon line i guess.Gabe newell could fit on this as well.


Active Member
Nicki Minaj should have a Jynx.

Becuase she is a Jynx.

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
Hmm... famous people with their matching pokemon counterparts?


So, where do I start?

a. I personally would see Doctor Who with Celebi (time travel on Phone hubs packed with living pixie onions?)
b. Selena Gomez pairs well with Meloetta (as a famous international Filipino star who sang Love you like a Love Song, she is a well known and highly respected artist. Add meloetta which fits her role in today's media, they match in harmony)
c. In fact, Mother Teresa would appreciate company from the Blissey and Gardevoir Line on her purpose to heal others
d. The Rock (you know, hot of The Hero series on AXN) would appreciate Gigalith


I've always had a headcanon that Unova's equivalent of Benjamin Franklin was the one who purchased the land on Liberty Garden and commissioned the construction of the lighthouse to protect Victini. I've got nothing to substantiate this other than the fact that I like the idea of it, but there you go. Benjamin Franklin's companion was Victini.

Also, I could see Julius Ceasar or Alexander the Great with a Charizard. A fiery dragon would fit with the persona both men tried to construct. Napoleon could easily fit the mold of the Hero of Ideals and command Zekrom.

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
Speaking of Zekrom and Napoleon...

a. How about Nikola Tesla with the Magnezone Line and Rotom? You know him as the founder of his electric inventions. What was his name used in the field of electricity (magnets)? Teslahertz?
b. In my own opinion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao (anyone who never heard of him?) will definitely have a Ledian and Hitmonchan comparison. Won 8 divisions in boxing? What's more to ask? as those two pokemon have dex descriptions that their punches are so swift (similarly, Pacquiao is LEFT handed, a training edge most other boxers have yet to overcome. For only a few did overcome him),

For the remaining two, I got the idea from one rap battle
EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!! BILL GATES! VS- (its Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs)
Steve: Lemme just step right in I got things to invent!
Blow: You blow jobs! You Arrogant prick!
==lines from EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY on youtube

c. Steve Jobs would be the Porygon Line (the performer)
d. Bill Gates would have Metagross (the technician)


Back from the Dead
Laura Ingalls Wilder would have a Stoutland, or maybe an Arcanine, because of her dog? I dunno. Maybe Jesus with Arceus? Al Capone with Honchcrow is a definite one, and all his cronies could have Murkrow. Al Capone could also have a Bisharp, and again, his cronies would have Pawniards. More likely Honchcrow and Murkrow, because Bisharp and Pawniard seem almost too honorable and royal than a gang would be. Marylin Monroe would either have a Gardevoir or a Cincinno. George Washington could have Victini, because he lead his troops to victory against all odds.