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Pokemon of the Week Discussion

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by angrycaterpie, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Yeah, I didn't know if there is one of these.

    So, yeah, you just basically discuss 4th gen POTW's.

    This one...

    Lapras, eh? Never really liked it...
  2. blackrose

    blackrose Well-Known Member

    i like lapras, it is a good water/ ice pokemon.
  3. scizorking

    scizorking Member

    Porygon-Z is one of my favorites but Thunderbolt and Focus Sash should of gotten a mention...
  4. munchlaxboy

    munchlaxboy Catching up on XY

    I like PorygonZ. Probably my best LVL100 Pokemon ever. Before he was even a POTW, I already had this moveset for it:
    Nasty Plot
    Ice Beam
    Tri Attack
    Dark Pulse
    Item: Life Orb
    Ability: Adaptability

    What do you know? Just like Serebii suggested.
  5. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Awesome. Porygon-Z! He's my Special Sweeper!

    Of course, I have to give him Quick Claw because he's so damned slow...

    I always prefer Alakazam over Porygon-Z because:

    1. Alakazam is faster, so assuming Porygon-Z doesn't have a Quick Claw, Alakazam would ALWAYS beat P-Z.

    2. Alakazam is just plain easier to get. With P-Z, they're all mostly fetching items and trading. With Alakazam, it's just trading.
  6. manaphylover

    manaphylover Well-Known Member

    i think that defense curl should be mentioned for the blissey potw

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