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Pokemon of the Year poll

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Auraninja, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    Excuse me? People's favorites are people's favorites regardless of how already popular or "mediocre" you think they are. Why ever would you expect someone to vote for anything but their favorite? This poll isn't about giving the spotlight to underappreciated Pokémon, it's about finding out which ones are most popular. Maybe you think that some of the less appreciated Pokémon are better, and that's perfectly fine, but clearly most others don't share that opinion, or else the Pokémon you see as underappreciated wouldn't be in the position you're complaining about. Just because you like certain Pokémon better than the popular ones doesn't make your opinion on them any more valid than anyone else's.

    And to be frank, there are reasons those Pokémon got as popular as they are. Maybe those reasons don't appeal to you, but it's ridiculous to dismiss them.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
  2. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    I don't think this poll is a good way to measure anything. By voting based on generation (which is super arbitrary for this purpose) pokémon that were released in generations with small amounts of pokémon like Kalos or Alola have an inherent advantage over pokémon released in generations with a large number of pokémon like Kanto or Unova, simply by virtue of amount of competition. Simply by the way this poll was set up it is already biased.
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  3. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    I do wonder how much of the statistics they'll give us. It would be interesting to see if we can track down the various biases that pop up. Also, it would be just as, if not more, interesting to see what the least popular Pokémon are. Fingers crossed for complete rankings being made public.
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  4. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    Simisear is definitely going to be one of the least popular given how strongly disliked it is for a lot of players and given the fact it was the Pokémon literally voted for as a favorite Pokémon the least by Japanese players which is really saying something. Other less popular Pokémon I expect not doing so well are Simipour (same kind of hate Simisear gets), Unown (generally useless and weak), and Zubat (because of the annoyance of trying to get through caves in some games).
  5. AgentKallus

    AgentKallus Whovian

    I'm not sure that these are my favourite for each region, sometimes it's hard to pin it down, but anyway I voted for.

    Kanto: Zapdos
    Johto: Celebi
    Hoenn: Altaria
    Sinnoh: Torterra
    Unova: Axew
    Kalos: Aurorus
    Alola: Decidueye
    Galar: Drakloak
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  6. Auraninja

    Auraninja Gre-nin-ja!

    I decided to vote different for every region except Kalos.
    Might vote differently for Kalos later. Greninja isn't the only good Pokemon in that gen.

    Kanto: Ninetales
    Johto: Corsola
    Hoenn: Sceptile
    Sinnoh: Uxie
    Unova: Accelgor (so many good bug types)
    Kalos: Greninja
    Alola: Naganadel
    Galar: Frosmoth
  7. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Well-Known Member

    This is a neat idea. I went with:

    Kanto: Venusaur
    Johto: Lanturn
    Hoenn: Flygon
    Sinnoh: Magnezone
    Unova: Golurk
    Kalos: Talonflame
    Alola: Vikavolt
    Galar: Coalossal

    Though I'm not really expecting any of them to win the overall thing.
    NeedsAName likes this.
  8. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Round 1: These were certainly tough, especially given the average of ~110 Pokemon per region. However, I eventually narrowed it down.

    Kanto: Haunter; I absolutely love its design and it's really cool
    Johto: Scizor; It's awesome. Must I say more? Fine, Bug/Steel's a good type combo.
    Hoenn: Gardevoir; Great Psychic-type ( and Fairy-type as of Gen VI) that really helped my team through multiple playthroughs
    Sinnoh: Magnezone; It barely beat out Lucario due to amazing metallic design, and is pretty good in battle though its movepool is limited. It definitely works for defensive coverage as well, resisting eleven types and having an immunity.
    Unova: Venipede; I'm using it now on my Kalos all-bug playthrough, and I love it's evolutionary line. A great take on an overused type-combo
    Kalos: Hawlucha; It barely beat out Malamar, which also has a cool unique type-combo and an amazing design, but only because it's so powerful. I used it on both of my Ultra Moon playthroughs so far because it works very well as a Fighting-type, doing wonders against all the Normal, Dark, and Rock-types in Alola
    Alola: Mudsdale; A wonderfully-tanky and bulky Ground-type that also was good during my playthroughs of Alola. It also gets access to a few nice type-coverage moves, like Double Kick and Heavy Slam for dealing with Ice-types.
    Galar: Toxtricity; This was so close, due to all of the wonderful Galarian Pokemon (like Copperajah, Centiskorch, Flapple/Appletun, Hatterene, Obstagoon, etc.), but Toxtricity definitely wins due to its smashing design, unique type-combo, and its ridiculous(-ly terrifying) gigantamax form
  9. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair ベストチャンピオン。

    Round 1: LINK.
    Round 2: LINK.
    Round 3:

    Kanto: Arcanine.
    Johto: Typhlosion.
    Hoenn: Absol.
    Sinnoh: Leafeon.
    Unova: Chandelure.
    Kalos: Noivern.
    Alola: Tsareena.
    Galar: Cinderace.
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  10. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix Go, Go Power Rangers

    Of course. For Kalos, I voted Chespin since it's my favorite pokémon overall haha

    Voted for Scorbunny on the Galar portion as well since it's currently favorite number 2.

    As for Unova, I picked Dewott. One of the best middle forms IMHO

    I'll vote for those two every day.

    I could cast a vote each day for the Hoenn starters but I'm too lazy lol
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  11. Fairy King

    Fairy King Active Member

    Round 2:

    Kanto - Charizard
    Johto - Umbreon
    Hoenn - Milotic
    Sinnoh - Mamoswine
    Unova - Serperior
    Kalos - Noivern
    Alola - Lunala
    Galar - Grookey
  12. Ignition

    Ignition Champion SZN

    Primeape, Heracross, Sceptile, Infernape, Krookodile, Zygarde, Incineroar, & Obstagoon are my picks.

    I don't see the issue in picking your favorites over the lesser known Pokemon. They're not my favorites because they're popular anyway. No need for brownie points over picking Stantler
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  13. Weavy

    Weavy They call me the one who loves cats.

    Since I don't want feel like I'm spamming this thread here's my round 2 and 3 votes in one post.

    Round 2:

    Kanto: Magikarp (Yes, I'm a lass who loves her memes. Sue me.)
    Johto: Ampharos
    Hoenn: Sableye
    Sinnoh: Empoleon
    Unova: Braviary
    Kalos: Hawlucha
    Alola: Celesteela
    Galar: Frosmoth

    Round 3:

    Kanto: Raichu
    Johto: Kingdra
    Hoenn: Flygon
    Sinnoh: Torterra
    Unova: Volcorona
    Kalos: Chesnaught
    Alola: Xurkitree
    Galar: Flapple
  14. Auraninja

    Auraninja Gre-nin-ja!

    Again, but this time, everything is different.

    Kanto: Venomoth
    Johto: Umbreon
    Hoenn: Lunatone
    Sinnoh: Yanmega
    Unova: Galvantula
    Kalos: Heliosk
    Alola: Incineroar
    Galar: Grapploct

    Edit: I didn't vote Saturday, but Sunday's result is...

    Kanto: Omastar
    Johto: Slowking
    Hoenn: Aggron
    Sinnoh: Torterra
    Unova: Gothitelle
    Kalos: Aurorus
    Alola: Dhelmise
    Galar: Intelleon
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2020
    Ignition likes this.
  15. raichu27

    raichu27 Well-Known Member

    Kanto: Nidoking
    Johto: Heracross
    Hoenn: Sceptile
    Sinnoh: Glaceon
    Unova: Haxorus
    Kalos: Heliolisk
    Alola: Lycanroc
    Galar: Cinderace
    wolf jani likes this.
  16. Kanto: Charizard (yeah I'm a mainstream Zard fanboy.)
    Johto: Feraligatr (still favorite starter of all)
    Hoenn: Armaldo (favorite pokemon of all)
    Sinnoh: Electivire (always liked Electabuzz and liked Electivire even more when it was released)
    Unova: Kyurem (this was actually pretty difficult since Unova has my least favorite batch of pokemon, none ever made it into my postgame teams and I was legit considering Gabodor instead of Kyurem cause I think it's hilarious)
    Kalos: Noivern (was a tough pick between it and Greninja, but I prefer the wyvern)
    Alola: Araquanid (2nd favorite bug of them all)
    Galar: Toxtricity (I absolutely love both of its formes)
  17. Auraninja

    Auraninja Gre-nin-ja!

    Kanto: Starmie
    Johto: Lanturn
    Hoenn: Rayquaza
    Sinnoh: Roserade
    Unova: Genesect
    Kalos: Dragalge
    Alola: Oranguru
    Galar: Duraludon

    I didn't vote for a while.
  18. Ignition

    Ignition Champion SZN

    Well voting ends today. Let’s see who wins
  19. Weavy

    Weavy They call me the one who loves cats.

    It wouldn't let me me vote today for some reason. But 9 days of supporting favourites (And memes) has been rather fun. While I hope some of my favourites end up high, if they don't, at least I know I did my bit for the ones I like.

    The Galar votes will be the most interesting I think. SwSh has only been out for 3 months, so it's difficult to tell who's popular and who isn't right now. If I had to guess a top 5, I think it would be Cinderace, Toxtricity, Dragapult, Snom (Because memes) and Hatterene (Gardevoir 2.0). But we'll see...

    Otherwise, I expect the obvious Pokemon to be in the top positions for certain regions (Escpecially the likes of Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, Mewtwo, Lucario and Greninja). I'd love to be surprised though...
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  20. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    When r the results?

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