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Pokemon Online Idea for Game


koledge graduit!!!11
I know this probably belongs in the future ideas thread, but I wanted to post this here so it would be more interacted with. If anyone mod does not want it here, then please move it to the Future pokemon ideas thread. I spent well over an hour on this and I don't want it deleted. Thanks. :)

I have an idea for a Pokemon MMORPG. Here it is:
The game will either be downloadable, or it will come in a box like WoW. If it is downloadable, it'll probably have an item mall that people will be able to buy things from with real money (not poke money).
The game will have Pokemon Collesium style graphics.

Starting Out: In this game, you have the ability to customize your character. In the beggining you have the choice of picking from a Poketch, Pokenav, or the Pokewatch from the Johto game. You will be able to customize so it'll be just as good, or better than the others. Everyone automatically starts out with a pokedex, but you can choose whether or not you'll ever want to use it. (You will be able to pick from different careers as well, but that's later on in the game.)

In the online world of Pokemon:

Maps: The mapping system will obviously be much bigger in this game, considering it's online and stuff. The Pokemon centers, and Pokemon marts will be much bigger, and many new places will be available. You will be able to go to all four regions. You have the chose of starting anywhere in the pokemon world (with civilization of course).

Trainers: Pokemon trainers will have 10 different leagues. The leagues start from 1 to 10. You will be placed in a certain league depending on your pokemon levels (1=lvls 1-10. 2=lvls 11-20. 3=lvls 21-30. Etc.) If a trainer wants to challenge you, you have the choice of declining it. Trainers not in your league won't be able to ask you to battle them and vice versa.

Groups: Like in D/P, trainers will be able to make groups, but because this is world wide, anyone can join your group. The bigger the group, the more popular your group will be (seen on T.V. and things like that). The leader has the choice of making the group an evil group, such as Team Rocket, and you will be able to purchase and do different things depending on whether your group is good or bad. There are consequences to having an evil group though. Police (I'll talk about it later) will be able to arrest and capture these trainers. The police will obviously have to battle them first( I will also talk about that later). People willl have the choice of leaving the group as well, and if you want to join a group, there may be certain qualifications you have to pass (the leader of the group can choose the qualifications).

Careers: Alright. I know there have been many different ideas about having careers in pokemon since probably the beggining. In this game though, you can finally put it to the test. The choices for the careers are:

- Pokemon Police Officer: Police officers can go on missions (single player or multiplayer). Like I said before, they can find, and arrest people who belong in evil groups. There are police HQ's in all the big cities, and that's where pollice can get money for missions, or get new missions. If a Pokemon Police officer ever encounters someone who is part of an evil group, they have the choice of battling them. If the officer wins, then the trainer who was part of the evil group will have to suffer the consequences (not quite sure what they will be yet). Pokemon officers can battle anyone part of an evil group, and the trainer leagues don't affect it.

- Pokemon Artists: Well, this is pretty self explainatory. The artist draws, using an oline drawing feature such as the paint program, and sells the artwork to museums. If they want, they could sell it on the streets where trainers can buy them for their secret base. This comes with an added bonus for the artist, because they can make their own price.

- Pokemon Miner: I find this pretty cool. Miners are probably the best job option for begginers who don't want to be a pokemon trainer. The miner goes underground to dig for treasure. There will be more, and different kinds of treasures to collect, and nearly anything is obtainable (besides berries). The rarer the item, the more you can sell it for. Miners have the choice of going to museums to sell what they collect for a specific price depending on te rarity. If the miner decides to sell it on the streets to random people, they can make the prices (like an artist), or the miner can decide to keep the items they collect.

- Pokemon Coordinators: The Pokemon coordinators job would be tough to make an earning on. This would be recomended <sp> for more experienced players. Okay, here's how it goes: You could make money by winning competitions. Also, the contests would be more competitive because you could battle, make move combinations and have a dress up phase in the beggining. The battling and move combinations would just use ideas from the show. There could also be preliminary rounds and stuff so people would be eliminated if they lose. There would also be a lot more people, just like the show.

- Pokemon Master: Travels the world and bets on pokemon battles or races for money. May also be called a pokemon gambler.
- Treemander

- Pokemon Breeder- Breeds pokemon for themselves and other people. There are 5 levels in breeding pokemon. The higher the breeders breeding level the faster/more types of pokemon he/she can breed. When their breeding level is up to level three, they have the option of mking a little breeding center for themselves. The more money they earn, then the better the shop can become. There can only be one DayCare center per person so place it wisely. From levels 1-2 they use other day care centers.
Pokemon Breeder Asistent (part of pkmn breeder). Can join other DayCare centers as a helper to earn money and when the owner of the DayCare center is away they can take their place. They get breeder exp. for every customer they succesfully help out. People pay to get the there pokemon breeded. You can only spend the amount of money you earn on your DayCare center, but you can also use it for other buying purposes. The more money you put into your DayCare the better it looks. The more customers you get, the more popular your DayCare center would be.
Pokemon Breeders will also be given Pokemon Pouches. These help because it prevents ppokemon eggs from taking up a slot in your Pokemon team inventory thing. Also, another way to indicate what pokmon will come form the egg, is by having each egg different.
For example: A Torchic egg will have a litle orange feather on top of the egg (like the one on top of its head) and the spots on it will be orange instead of green. Some pokemon though won't even have spots. An Elekid egg will have yellow and black strips.
- Treemander
- Guilwolfie

-Pokemon Bounty: Trainers who are given missions to catch and bring pokemon back to the person who gave the mission. You get more money, depending on the level of difficulty for each mission. Pokemon Bounties is a job more experienced trainers should take.

-Pokemon Rangers: The Pokemon Rangers job will be just like the Pokemon Officers job. The only difference is, that the Ranger will work in Safari Zones. The Ranger protects the pokemon from poachers (not sure how this will work out yet). The rangers also capture injured pokemon. Injured pokemon will have purple, moving, animated bubbles over their head, indidcating that it is sick. After the Ranger captures it, he/she heals it and puts it back into the Safari Zone.

- Gym Leaders and Elite Four Trainers: Trainers will finally have the option of becoming gym leaders and Elite four trainers. The way this will work is still undergoing changes, but I have the main idea on how it'll work.
There will be eight gyms per region, and in each gym, there will be nine trainers. The nine trainers fit into 9 of the 10 trainer leagues. You must be in at least the 2nd trainer league to be able take on a gym or become a gym leader. Because there will be many people taking on gyms, and because maybe one of the gym leaders is offline, the computer will use the strategies from previous battles and ise them in the battles. Gym leaders will constantly change.
The same exact thing goes for the Elite Four. The only thing different are the trainer leagues. You must be at least at the 5th trainer league to battle anyone in the E4. There will be 5 different trainers in each of the 4 rooms. There will only be one champion. Unlike the gyms, you have the option have battling anyone in a room. In the E4, trainer leagues don't restrict you from battling anyone.

There is reason why I didn't put in people like Pokemon collectors, pokemon maniacs, bug catchers, etc. The reason is because those aren't really jobs, but more like hobbies. In the beggining of the game you will have the choice of putting those titles in front of your name. You will also be able to change the title whenever you want.

Now for my random ideas I don't quite know where to place:
- Pokemon Centers: Pokemon centers will have the "Do it yourself" kinda check outs. (Sort of like a grocery store). To keep people from crowding up, there will just be rooms for trainers to heal their pokemon up.

- Rival List: Because this game is online, their is no real story to it. Even so, you have the choice of making rivals. You can have up to five rivals at a time, and you can constantly change your list. Your rivals must be people you have already battled.

- Beggining Pokemon: Taking a pokemon quiz. There willl be limitations, such as no legendary pokemon. Or, you will get your first pokemon depending on the region you start out in.
- Treemander

- Beggining Locations: Pick a town or city from anywhere in the world of pokemon.

- Friend List: Works the same way as a Rival list, but there are many more spaces for friends, and you don't have to battle them first. You just need there friend code.
- Treemander

- Pokemon Battles: Pokemon battles will look like that of Battle Revolution. The background will actually show what's going on in the background. For instance, if trainers are walking around, you will see them walking around. If there aren't any trainers around, you will not see any trainers. Also, If people wanted to see the match, they would click, "watch fight". You will also have the ability to cheer on a trainer.
- mario_fan
- Scizito_92
- Treemander

- Legendary Pokemon: Every once in awhile a Legendary pokemon appears somewhere in the world of pokemon, and it will say so in blue letters sort of in the middle of the screen. For example: [Lugia has appeared at Cinnabar Islands]. Then everyone just goes over there hoping not to miss their chance to catch it or battle, or even see a Lugia. If it faints, then it falls to the ground and fades away, but it'll come back the next day or so. If it faints, no one can catch it, and if it leaves before anyone can do anything, then oh well. It'll probably just fly away or dive in the water. Something. Legendary pokemon can appear anywhere at anytime. They appear at level 70, and they attack any of the pokemon attacking it. They are usually much stronger than any of the normal pokemon, and nearly impossible to catch. Even if you have a pokemon at level 100, the Legendary pokemon will usually be just as strong. Master balls don't have the automatic catch effect on them.

-Shinies: Unlike other games, shinies will be much more difficult to catch. You can't just make chains and other such stuff. Shines will only be obtainable until after you beat the E4. Also, if you encounter one shiny, it is extremely likely that you will encounter lots of other pokemon with it. Like in the Anime, pokemon are constantly trying to impress the shiny pokemon, and they will think of your approach as a threat. You will most likely have to battle the other pokemon before even getting close to battling the shiny pokemon, and by then, it may have already fled. Shinies are very likely to flee, because they are often approached by poachers and othersuch stuff.

-Combos: In this game, people will finally be able to pull of attack combinations. The combos will already be programmed into the game, so you won't have to listen to pathetic noobs insisting that they made up a new combo. Some combos, combos that are easier to pull off, will already be programmed into your PokeQuipment. After you pull off a combo it is automatically programmed into your PokeQuipment. You can also program them manually by typing the combo in.

Things to improve: I have some ideas that I really like, but some I want to improve on. Here is a list on what I want improved, and people can post whatever ideas they want on it:

- Beggining locations: Where do you start and how?

- Begining Pokemon: There needs to be a good way for trainers to be able to pick their beggining pokemon.

- New ideas: Just new ideas in general would be greatly appreciated. I will just add on peoples list of ideas. If you want, I'll also write who came up with the idea. :)

Sign up list:
1. Scizito_92
2. Treemander
3. mario_fan
4. .:paden:.
5. TheLegendObsessor
6. shadow_shipper
7. gaspar
8. Guilwolfie
9. coldFIRE-blazichard
10. MewTheForsaken
11. -Summer-
12. martianman40
13. Slick The Vaporeon
14. AmazingChi
15. LucarioRocks
16. ojb100
17. Alkerio
18. absinthexfairy
19. codishkingdom

When the list is filled, I'll email it to Nintendo, and hopefully they'll take it into consideration.
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~ The Wise Cracker ~
- Beggining locations: Start at home town sudden flash comes over the world and pokemon are there

- Begining Pokemon: Doing tasks; Battling a trainer computer system; Take a quiz..

- New ideas: More jobs-Theives(Team-R kinda)-News show host etc.. ; Can become evil group... (get houses) In a pokemon battle it sets a flagged area and people can watch from behind the set area.
I will think of more ideas later

who will make this game though?
(seems to me like you play sro-silkroad)


~ The Wise Cracker ~
Have a friend list, Battle arena- where anyone can battle people - quests to find certain pkmn or somthing... get poke dollars and stuff... uhh Will think of more later :|

this looks like a Colleisum type game more 3distic


koledge graduit!!!11
Yep. I'm a silkroad fan. ;) How'd you guess?

I like the taking a quiz for your pokemon idea. There'd have to be a limit of course. I mean no legendary types. And for the beggining location you could just pick from any town evver created in the world of pokemon. I guess that'd make more sense.

I guess Nintendo could make the game. Otherwise they might sue for using ideas without permission.


~ The Wise Cracker ~
lol thought so the game sounded like SRO kinda (what server you play on and lvl and do you got xfire) but maybe you can ask Nintendo to do it :p it would be cool and you could buy premium stuff like 10 poke tickets for a master-ball or something


koledge graduit!!!11
Yeah. I guess there could be an online mall thing. That could be how Nintendo could make money for this. I'll add these ideas to the main thread.

(I'm on Red Sea and I'm lvl 19. Really close to 20 though. I haven't played in over 3 months, because I was gone. Now I have a Mac and it doesn't work on the Mac, so I'm waiting to get a new PC.)


~ The Wise Cracker ~
Yeah, it would be cool what main thread though going to bed in like 5-10 minutes

(cool im eldorado lvl 33 ^_^)


koledge graduit!!!11
Could more people post here please? I really want more ideas so it'll be ready to email to Nintendo. I also spent well over an hour on this, and the more posts, the better. thanks. :)


~ The Wise Cracker ~
We should make a petition see how many people sign and if its over 100 they might make it :p just post it with ur idea XD.. oo foods done


hmm it would be cool if all the attacks the pokemon do are cooler looking *looks at pbrs petal dance and outrage then crys*

EDIT: looking at my banner gave me an idea team rocket/aqua/magma/and galactic could be in it!


koledge graduit!!!11
hmm it would be cool if all the attacks the pokemon do are cooler looking *looks at pbrs petal dance and outrage then crys*

EDIT: looking at my banner gave me an idea team rocket/aqua/magma/and galactic could be in it!
Yeah. Hopefully the battles could look like that of Battle Revolution. That way it would be much more fun to battle. They could also include the people walking in the background. And if people wanted to watch the battle, they could walk up to the two battling trainers and click "watch fight." Sure that's a great idea. I'll add it.


~ The Wise Cracker ~
I posted about the battles, but if they really wanna make money make it come in a box (like WoW and Archlord) so they can always update with like the nxt gen and stuff.. but it would be cool! arg I needa come up with some more ideas, I will tommorow at school when like I have nothing to do.. just maybe... who knows :p what will come out of this brain XD


koledge graduit!!!11
I posted about the battles, but if they really wanna make money make it come in a box (like WoW and Archlord) so they can always update with like the nxt gen and stuff.. but it would be cool! arg I needa come up with some more ideas, I will tommorow at school when like I have nothing to do.. just maybe... who knows :p what will come out of this brain XD
Oh yeah. I'll add you in with the idea for the battling. ;)

I guess making it come in a box to buy seems more logical if they want to make money. I'll put that at the beggining of the post. :)


~ The Wise Cracker ~
why can't it have pokemon colliseum type graphics..


koledge graduit!!!11
Well my original plans were to have D/P style graphics, but I've been gradualy changing my mind. Yeah. I guess making PokeCollosium style graphics would be better. You keep making me change my mind. xD


koledge graduit!!!11
I just had this idea that I thought was really good, but then.... I forgot it after going to the bathroom. :(

I guess what I'll do now is think of more careers for people, because I'm sure people will get bored after only having three career options (except SRO is still fun :D).


~ The Wise Cracker ~
breeder, cordinator, Pkmn master?

it would be cool to have baby pokemon in this game! :D