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Pokemon Orange League


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Do you think Pokemon will ever make an orange league game? I think they shuld cuz you can have the four gyms but also have a huge elite four tournament. wut do u guys think?


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That would be good also, but maybe sometin new like an orange leauge would be awsome.

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Circa 2006
The Sevii Isles were supposed to make up for a lack of Orange Islands...

I personally don't want a Orange Isle game...It would just be repeating the FR/LG Games with the same Kanto Pokemon


Well-Known Member
well i agre with maybe adding it as the islands after the whole game for G/S/C. i should call pokemon and tell them to do this


Just as planned.
with only 4 gyms, it could only be usefull as an addon for a G/S remake

and i hope it wouldn't be as boring as the orange isle animé parts...


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lol yeh, but i like the idea of a tourney as the elite four, maybe u can get different ppl everytime.


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well if Ash in the end of G/S/C is like 70-80's im sure the orange islands would be hard also


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think of it as the sevii islands cept theres four and the tourney takes place of the battl tower
I don't like islands and travelling by sea in pokemon

and the orange islands series was the worst in my opinion. It was like a big long drag waiting for johto to come along

nah, just a GS remake plzzz

Misty's Double

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I doubt that the anime will ever influence the games that strongly.

Also, it would be hella boring. Four badges, and a bunch of islands? Spare me.

Two words: Pokémon Yellow.

I remember when rumours were flying that there would be a Pokémon Orange... surprise surprise, it never materialised. :p

I would be all for it as an add onto a GSC remake, on the one condition that they don't make a cop out Kanto. The Orange Isles could be the ultimate challenge, and... ooh, an idea that just came to me.
With the Pokémon in the Orange Archipelago having different markings from mainland species, it'd be a cool touch if all the Pokémon were shiny out there.
But, just to retain the rarity of shinies, perhaps only certain Pokémon appear in the Orange Islands area, like Butterfree, Venonat, Lapras and a few water types. And perhaps there's no infinite number of Pokémon; you only get a few of them.

It'd be cool, but at the same time it'd annoy a great deal of people.


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It would be good, kinda. But a G/S remake is better if it were between that and the G/S.

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
I'd like it as an add on to a GS Remake, as everyone said. After getting the 16 Badges and beating the League twice, a ferry is opened in Olivine or Vermillion lheading to the Archipalaego. Then after you beat the Orange League, they've moved Red so he isn't in Mount Silver anymore, but is instead on an island where you need the Orange League Trophy to enter.


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It would be cool if it did happen, but I doubt it will.
A G/S remake & Orange region in a same game

Like original G/S it is that you go to kanto after the league
Why not go to orange island instead?


Many totodiles can't
It would be good to have a story line that lasted ages! Yeah, complete the Jhoto badges and elite 4, go to Kanto, collect al those badges, re-do a harder e4 and thne travel to the orange islands along a hard route with lots of trainers and wild pokemon, do four battle frontier like gyms and then enter the final tournement and beat a preset ash like trainer at the End, only with better pokemon than Ash!